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Portadown Parochial Bazaar 1912

23rd, 24th, and 25th October 1912 - In the Portadown Town Hall

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1) Admission
2) Menary Bros.
3) Objects of Bazaar
4) Samuel McGredy & Son
5) Rector - Rev. Chancellor Hobson, M.A.  Curates - Rev. R. S. Morrison, B.S.  Rev. R. H. De B. Cooks, B.A.
Executive Committee: Churchwardens, Select Vestry, Three Representatives of each Stall, and Hon. Secretaries of Bazaar.  Hon. Treasurer of Bazaar: Mr. J. H. Chambers, Ulster Bank House.  Hon. Secretaries of Bazaar: Mrs. Hobson, Mrs. McCarrison; Messrs. G. Smith, S. Green, J. B. McCarrison, W. C. Stedmond.  General Stewards: Select Vestry - Messrs. George Dougan, M.D., J.P., and R. Anderson (Churchwardens); J. W. Willis, C. Courtney, H. Wilson, James McCrory, Isaac Davison, W. J. Green, C. Hamilton, Wm. Gough, John Irwin, F. W. White, Charles Johnston (Hon. Sec. Select Vestry)  Messrs. Girling, McLearn, Edwards, W. J. Magee, Turpin, Grayson, G. Dougan, jun., M.D.; C. Johnston, jun.; D. Campbell, G. Gregory, John Jones, R. Courtney, John Davison, James Wright, S. McGredy, J.P., Henry Dickson, W. Doherty.  Sports Committee: The Clergy; Mrs. McCarrison, Miss Bristow, Mrs. Hallowes: Messrs. George Dougan, M.D. (jun.); Bristow, M.D.; Turpin, W. J. Green; S. Green, Croker, McCarrison, Gunning, Moore, Malone, Morrison, Hallowes, Scale, Grayson, Fry, Charles Johnston, jun.; G. Smith, G. Campbell, Doherty.  General Assistants: Miss West, Miss Bagenal, Miss Annie Irwin, Miss Henrietta Hazelton, Miss Lucy Lynn
6) Hewitt's - James Edgar - John Sandford
7) General Information - Shooting Competitions, Messrs. S. Green, McCarrison, G. smith, Morrison, Gracey, Fry, Stedmond, and D. Campbell.  General Notes

1                      2                    3                      4                      5                      6                    7
1) Wm. Paul & Son, Ltd.
2) Opening Ceremony, Wednesday 23rd October 1912. Opening Ceremony, Thursday 24th October 1912.
3) Hicks, Bullick & Co. Ltd.
4) Opening Ceremony, Friday 25th October 1912. Time Table for Minor Hall.
5) Adam C. Capper
6) Parochial and Unity Stall - Treasurer - Miss Leany. Secretary - Miss Forde. Mrs. Hobson, Dougan, Grayson, Turpin, Anderson, Bryars, Day, Green, Mullen, Pallett, Richardson, Smyth, W. E. Stevenson, Vaughan, Watson, White, Willis, Miss McBride, Purdy, G. Vaughan, Grayson, McDonald, Kerr, Misses McDonald, Miss Mason, Lyons, Bunting, Montgomery, Blevins, M. Smyth, L. Smyth, D. McClatchey, M. McClatchey, Mab. Green, Lily Smyth, Beth Shillington, McGredy, Ivy McGredy, F. Corbitt, G. Davison, Mr. J. G. Gregory, Jones & The Masters Hallowes
7) J. T. Hall. C. Courtney's

1                      2                    3                      4                      5                      6                    7                    8
1) Mothers' Union Stall - Mrs. Johnston, Anderson, Boyle (Hon. Sec.), C. Courtney (Hon. Treas.), R. Courtney, Fairley, Willis, Irwin, Hazelton, Roden, Stanley, Croker, J. J. Brown, Sloan, Gough, Jones, Holland, Tyler, Loughead, Reid, Uprichard, Haack, Mrs. Harry Wilson, Black, Miss D. Boyle, A. King, E. King, Augusta Rountree, Blakeley, Willis, Maud Willis, Lucy Anderson, Evelyn Anderson, Hazelton, Roden, C. Roden, ? Roden, M. Irwin, K. Irwin, Duke, Taylor, Downey, North, Hyde, Wilson, L. Courtney, Stevenson, McQuirk, John Jones, Ger. Stanley & Jack Fairley
2) Hughes' Academy.  Grattan's
3) Flower and Work Stall - Mrs. Young, I. Davison, G. I. Browne, Mortimer, Weir, S. Hall, Jas. Magee, Conn, Sullivan, Atkinson, D. Campbell, Hallowes, Glover, Ferguson, Gilroy, Misses McCollum, Weir, Anderson, Hyde, Church, Magee, Hobson, Dawson, Hughes, Mortimer, Matchett, Bell, Miss Bristow, Stewart, Jennie Wright, Wright, Maud Fry, Watt, Roberts, Hazelton, N. Johnston, Irwin, M. Anderson, J. Armstrong, Annie Bell, Maizie Mullen, Maud Gibson, Calvin, McCullough, Macoun, Gilroy, Mr. Houston, James Magee, Thomas Magee, Geo. L. Bell, Jas. Hyde, Geo. Williamson, D. Campbell, Wright, S. Lee, J. Brien, H. Hallowes, Jos. Vaughan, N. Anderson, Geo. I. Browne & Messrs. Edgar
4) Skerry's College. Inglis & Co. Ltd.
5) Refreshment Stall - Mrs. H. Robb, G. Atkinson, Edwards, Chambers, Morrison, Miss Carleton, Charley, Atkinson, Stedmond, Johnston, Scott, Thompson, M. Grayson, M. Acheson, M. Graham, K. Chambers, Mallon, Pentland, I. Atkinson & The Misses Anderson - The high-class Pastry and Cakes at his Stall were supplied by the Carleton Restaurant, Donegall Place, Belfast.  Sweet Stall - Mrs. Girling, Miss Jean McKell, Miss Millicent Girling, Master Frank Girling
6) H. Johnston's
7) Men's Bible Class Stall, assisted by G. F. S. Committee - Mrs. W. J. Johnston, J. Davison, Gordon, W. Wilson, J. Hyde, C. Hamilton, Downey, Doyle, Hobson (Mahon), Fry, Frazer, MacDonald, McKinney, Quinn, Miss Fry, S. Holmes, Mitchell, Hall, Williamson, M. Cordner, Palmer, Hadden, Ireland, Clifford, MacDonald, E. Frazer, Newell, Lappin, E. Gregg, S. McClatchey, Weatherall, M. Convery, Matthewson, Gillespie, McClean, Misses Brownlee, Grant, Thompson, Cooke, Gracey, McCrory, Cameron, Mr. C. Hamilton, S. Stewart, H. Fry, J. MacDonald, J. Patton, T. Johnston, J. Walker, J. McCrory, Jno. Ruddell, W. Holmes
8) Thanks - Mrs. F. M. Hobson, The Rectory, Portadown; Mrs. McCarrison, Church Place, Portadown; J. B. McCarrison, Church Place, Portadown; Stuart Green, Portadown; Geo. Smith, Portadown; W. C. Stedmond, Portadown - Hon. Secs.