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Alexander (Lex) Hanna

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1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970

Alexander (Lex) Hanna

Alexander Hanna, Colour of Hair - Brown; Colour of Eyes - Blue; Personal No. 278219; Rank - Lt.;
Regt. or Corps - R.A.; Year of Birth - 1920; Issued by - A.P.M. Algiers, North Africa Theatre;
Date of Issue - 11th December 1943; British Military Identity Document Number v 41867

Transport with the 8th (Belfast) Anti-Aircraft Regiment R.A. arriving at Larne Harbour
(I couldn't find him on the nominal rolls for the 8th Belfast but there have been other known names missing)

66th Light A.A. Regiment R.A. (175, 176, 251 and 276 Batteries)
Re-union Dinner, Thompson's Restaurant, Cornmarket, Belfast
Saturday 4th December, 1948

The War Office, Hobart House, London, S.W. 1 - 30 Dec 46
???? to inform you that your claim for the award 1939-1945 Star and Italy Star has been certified by this Department. signed - A. Wallbridge? (unclear) Major, for Colonel, for Director of Organization
Lieut. A. Hanna, R.A., 33 University Street, Belfast, N. Ireland

Captain A. Hanna, meeting the Queen - Saturday 15th July 1950

Capt. A. Hanna, Sunday 9th July 1950 Queen's University War Memorial

NAAFI - EFI Navy Army & Air Force Institutes - The Diana Majestic Officers' Club, Milan
Saint Valentines Day 1946

Lex Hanna Esq. Northern Bank Ltd., O'Connell Street, Dublin  24/12/46 O.A.S. (On Active Service)
make it a good, real ???? New Years Celebration, old man, all the Best from Freddy & the boys of 51
(postcard from Italy)

On Active Service, 28 Oct 1944, Derek Hanna Esq., 33 University Street, Belfast, N. Ireland.
Dear Derek, All the best for Xmas and Buon Anno. Hope to see you by the next one. Lex. A. Hanna

Evacuation - EPW. U17A 'U' Overseas PW Camp. 25 May 45
370 PW Camp
I fwd into your custody the following EPW :-  Italian CRs - 142; Italian Officers - 16; French - 149; Belgians - 8;
Dutch - 70; Danes - 25; Czechs - 35; German Partisans - 9  Total 454
5 copies of nominal rolls are attached {NOT :( }
also papers referring to Italian EPW and German partisans {also NOT :( }
?? Bagshaw Capt. for Lieut. Colonel, Commandant 'U' Overseas PW Camp

Austrian CRs - 446; Austrian Officers - 13; Italian Officers - 7; Italian CRs - 216; Czech CRs - 126;
Belgian CRs - 5; French CRs - 76; German Partisan - 1; Dutch CRs - 3; Luxemberg CRs - 7 = 900
Acknowledge receipt of the a/n live PW.
Also acknowledge the following documents :-
Label concerning 1 German Partisan; AFW? 3000 in respect of UFFZ Fellinger Josef; 1 package the property of Frigate Sante; Certificates of arrest and expulsion in respect of Italian civilians; Certificates in respect of Italian PW; 1 envelope containing 9 packets of impounded monies. 3/5/45  Officer i/c Escorting Party.

Royal Regiment of Artillery - Regular Army Emergency Commissions
2nd Lieutenants  [X = CROSSED SWORDS]

Hamilton-Williams, B. H. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (T/Capt. 22/8/45) 4/6/43
Hamlin, M. P. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
R. Hayes, W. A. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Jelbart, R. W. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Manning, F. B. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Martin, J. F. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Mitchell, F. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Pilling, E. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Welsh, J. F. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (T/Capt. 29/9/45) 4/6/43
R. Wickham, W. G. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (hon. Lt.) 4/6/43
Withers, P. A. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Bailey, F. A. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Baker, W. J. H. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Bamford, W. H. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Bardell, C. J. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (T/Capt. 12/2/46) 4/6/43
Barraclough, N. A. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (T/Capt. 29/1/46) 4/6/43
Beach, G. E. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Benson, M. B. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (T/Capt. 9/6/45) 4/6/43
Bocking, F. E. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Cameron, J. A. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
R. Chandler, R. G. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (hon. Lt.) 4/6/43
Collinson, F. J.  (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Connors, C. W. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Cumming, A. A. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (T/Capt. 8/12/45) 4/6/43
Davies, T. I. (W.S./Capt. 26/12/45) (T/Maj. 26/12/45) 4/6/43
Dingley, S. N. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (T/Capt. 14/11/44) 4/6/43
Evans, E. F. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
R Evans, N. D. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (hon. Lt.) 4/6/43
R Ferrie, B. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Ford, R. T. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
R Franklin, K. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (hon. Lt.) 4/6/43
Hamlin, P. B. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
* Hanna, A. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Hanney, R. B. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Hawkey, A. R. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Heelan, M. J. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Hirst, P. J. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Holmes, C. W. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
R Horrocks, W. H. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (hon. Lt.) 4/6/43
Hughes, L. J. A. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Hurrell, S. R. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
R Jackes, R. E. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (hon. Capt.) 4/6/43
Jones, K. D. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Killick, A. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (T/Capt. 15/11/45) 4/6/43
Kipling, J. E. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
R Lascelles, C. R. S. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (hon. Lt.) 4/6/43
Lewis, S. P. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (T/Capt. 1/2/46) 4/6/43
Lloyd, J. T. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Marsh, J. A. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Maynard, H. M. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
McFarlane, A. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
R Moates, A. W. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (hon. Lt.) 4/6/43
Murray, D. M. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Nicholson, D. L. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
R Nicol, A. C. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (hon. Lt.) 4/6/43
Nugent, E. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
R Owen, R. C. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (hon. Lt.) 4/6/43
Payne, G. S. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (T/Capt. 12/7/45) 4/6/43
R Pretty, C. W. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (hon. Lt.) 4/6/43
Pride, A. D. P. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Prytherch, P. E. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (T/Capt. 12/12/45) 4/6/43
Randall, S. H. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Rose, W. L. B. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Rugman, J. S.  4/6/43
Scally, J. D. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Scott, L. E. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
R Simpson, W. H. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (hon. Lt.) 4/6/43
R Spedding, F. R. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (hon. Lt.) 4/6/43
Stephenson, D. T. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Stewart, D. G. M. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Vallet, L. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (T/Capt. 2/2/46) 4/6/43
Webb, F. W. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Whiteford, J. L. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Williamson, T. K. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Williamson, W. G. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Wills, V. B. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Brown, J. R. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Cox, W. H. F. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (T/Capt. 1/7/44) 4/6/43
Davies, W. G. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Francis, L. E. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Holmes, D. L. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
House, W. B. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Porter, J. E. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Shaw, G. H. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
R Shelton, L. E. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (hon. Lt.) 4/6/43
R Stedman, E. G. R. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (hon. Lt.) 4/6/43
R Vincent, V. T. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) (hon. Lt.) 4/6/43
Warburton, E. J. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Waters, C. G. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Stevenson, P. W. (W.S./Lt. 4/12/43) 4/6/43
Gabb, M. J. (W.S./Lt. 5/12/43) 5/6/43
Adams, R. W. (W.S./Lt. 5/12/43) 5/6/43
R X Blandford, J. W., M.C. (W.S./Lt. 5/12/43) (hon. Capt.) 5/6/43
X Houghton, R. B. (W.S./Lt. 5/12/43) 5/6/43
Reason, G. R. (W.S./Lt. 5/12/43) (T/Capt. 7/12/45) 5/6/43
Bonham, E. J. (W.S./Lt. 5/12/43) 5/6/43
Burt, H. S. (W.S./Lt. 5/12/43) 5/6/43
Cornthwaite, N. (W.S./Lt. 5/12/43) 5/6/43
Davies, T. S. (W.S./Lt. 5/12/43) 5/6/43
Easton, R. G. (W.S./Lt. 5/12/43) 5/6/43
Fouweather, L. (W.S./Lt. 5/12/43) 5/6/43
Gibbons, H. R. (W.S./Lt. 5/12/43) (T/Capt. 1/11/45) 5/6/43
Haines, H. J. (W.S./Lt. 5/12/43) 5/6/43
Haynes, S. G. (W.S./Lt. 5/12/43) 5/6/43
Jones, W. R. (W.S./Lt. 5/12/43) 5/6/43
Lunn, J. (W.S./Lt. 5/12/43) 5/6/43
R McAuslan, E. W. (W.S./Lt. 5/3/44) (hon. Lt.) 5/6/43
Potter, A. R.  (W.S./Lt. 5/12/43) 5/6/43
Scoltock, C. R. (W.S./Lt. 5/12/43) 5/6/43
Scott, D. (W.S./Lt. 5/12/43) 5/6/43
Syborn, V. J. (W.S./Lt. 5/12/43) 5/6/43
Brisland, E. J. (W.S./Lt. 5/12/43) (T/Capt. 29/8/45) 5/6/43
Morgan, M. T. (W.S./Lt. 5/3/44) 5/6/43
Thomas, J. H. S. (W.S./Lt. 5/12/43) 5/6/43
Audland, G. M. (W.S./Lt. 5/3/44) 5/6/43
Meakin, N. (W.S./Lt. 6/12/43)  6/6/43
Fisher, R. J. (W.S./Lt. 6/12/43)  6/6/43
Meaden, J. G. (W.S./Lt. 6/12/43)  6/6/43
Evans, A. A. (W.S./Lt. 6/12/43)  6/6/43
Hughes, T. M. (W.S./Lt. 6/12/43)  6/6/43
R Burt, R. W. (W.S./Lt. 6/12/43)  (hon. Lt.) 6/6/43
Stephens. W. (W.S./Lt. 6/12/43)  6/6/43
Hood, W. (W.S./Lt. 6/12/43)  6/6/43
de Rome, N. (W.S./Lt. 6/12/43)  6/6/43
Barker, C. H. S. (W.S./Lt. 6/6/43)  6/6/43
Cutting, D. H. (W.S./Lt. 6/6/43) (T/Capt. 28/4/45) 6/6/43
Toop, W. G. (W.S./Lt. 6/16/43)  6/6/43
Smith, G. A. (W.S./Lt. 6/16/43)  6/6/43
R Minor, F. E. (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43) (hon. Lt.) 12/6/43
Noonan, E. F. (W.S./Maj. 27/9/45) (T/Lt.-Col. 27/9/45) 12/6/43
Blackburn, J. (W.S./Lt. 21/7/44)  12/6/43
R Blackwood, J. P. (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43) (hon. Lt.) 12/6/43
X Hackston, D. G. (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43)  12/6/43
R Morley, W. H. (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43) (hon. Lt.) 12/6/43
Rider, R. D. (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43)  12/6/43
Tweedy, T. R. (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43) (T/Capt. 9/11/45) 12/6/43
Wagstaff, N. R. (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43)  12/6/43
Wakeman, H. J. (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43) (T/Capt. 6/8/45) 12/6/43
R Walker, J. W. (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43)  12/6/43
Wood, E. S. (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43)  12/6/43
Bannister, P. G. (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43)  12/6/43
Brind, G. B. (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43)  12/6/43
Chipper, A. R. (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43)  12/6/43
Coates, N. A., y.* (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43)  12/6/43
Darby, J. (W.S./Lt. 12/3/44)  12/6/43
Harding, S. C. (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43)  12/6/43
Hawk, J. (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43)  12/6/43
Lovatt, M. R. (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43)  12/6/43
Lunn, R. (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43) (T/Capt. 1/10/45) 12/6/43
Low Mitchell, D. I. (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43)  12/6/43
Moore, N. W. (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43)  12/6/43
Nocton, A. D. (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43)  12/6/43
Sawyer, C. T. (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43)  12/6/43
Smith, H. R. (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43)  12/6/43
Staniforth, G. (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43)  12/6/43
R Ball, F. C. (W.S./Lt. 12/6/43) (hon. Lt.) 12/6/43
Bollon, B. J. (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43)  12/6/43
Carmichael, G. W. (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43)  12/6/43
Clarke, S. E. (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43) (T/Capt. 3/10/45) 12/6/43
Hull, L. E. (W.S./Lt. 12/12/43)  12/6/43

Regimental and Old Comrades Associations
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Queen's University Air Squadron
A personal message from the Air Officer Commanding No. 64 (Northern) Group
There is a strict limit on the number allowed to join Queen's University Air Squadron each year.  Those of you who are accepted will find it exciting, interesting and most enjoyable.  Not only will you learn to fly safely and well, but you will also get some of the training which has made the quality of the Royal Air Force the finest in the world.  I wish to welcome those of you who are about to join the Squadron and I hope that each one of you will do all you can to keep "Queen's" in the forefront of the University Air Squadrons.

Information regarding Queen's University Air Squadron
The aim of the Air Squadron is to maintain the interest of members of the University in flying and the problems associated with it.  It is also intended to promote and maintain a liaison with the University in technical and research problems affecting aviation.  The Air Squadron has a staff of regular Royal Air Force flying instructors who teach members to fly up to the standards required by the Royal Air Force.  The Air Squadron is now equipped with de Havilland Chipmunk T.10 training aircraft, which is one of the best light training aeroplanes in the world.  The course for members of the University covers a period of three years.  It includes solo aerobatics, solo cross-country flying to an advanced stage, and a syllabus of ground training.  Membership of the Squadron is open to all students, including ex-Service undergraduates from all three Services.  However, only a small proportion of medical members can be enrolled each year.  On joining the Air Squadron, an undergraduate becomes an Officer Cadet in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.  His training is arranged so that it does not interfere with his studies or his future career.
A member's main obligations are :-

     (a) To complete at least 40 hours flying per year - The member may make his own appointments to fly from Sydenham aerodrome any day of the week, including week-ends.
     (b) To complete a syllabus of lectures - These lectures are to give a better understanding of the problems of flying and its allied subjects. They are given in the evenings, usually one evening's attendance per week during term is all that is required to complete the lecture syllabus.
     (c) To attend Summer Camp for fifteen days - Normally during July or August, the Air Squadron is attached to a regular Royal Air Force Station from which it flies every day, and at which its members live as Royal Air Force Officers.

On the satisfactory completion of each year's training, every Officer Cadet is paid a retainer fee of 35.  In addition, he is paid per hour of attendance at the aerodrome or for lectures.  Allowances are also made for travelling expenses incurred.  During the Summer Camp, he is paid 12/- per day plus 6/- per day flying pay.
Members of the Air Squadron, on completion of their academic studies, are eligible for consideration for direct-entry Permanent Commissions in the Royal Air Force.  If members are selected for Permanent Commissions and have obtained their degree, they are given an ante-date of fifteen months on their seniority when they are commissioned in the regular Air Force.

We shall be pleased to give any undergraduate further information at the Air Squadron Headquarters, 18 College Gardens, Belfast

Souvenir Programme - "At Home"
Regimental Depot The Royal Ulster Rifles
Held at St. Patrick's Barracks, Ballymena on Wednesday, 17th August, 1949
Major R. M. Parsons Commanding

Programme of Events

During the afternoon the following will be on view :

          Troop Armoured Cars                     Exhibited by the      North Irish Horse
          40mm Bofors Gun and Tractor               "    "                 247 Light A.A. Rgt. R.A.
          Bn. Photographs                                     "     "                 6 (T.A.) Bn. R.U.R.
          Radar Eqpt.                                            "     "                 60 H.A.A. Regt. R.A.
          Signals Eqpt.                                          "     "                 Hq. N.I.D. Signals
          R.A.E.C. Display                                   "     "                 Command Executive Office Hq. N.I.D.

Film  "Dangerous Journey" will be shown in the Lecture Room, Sandhurst Block.  This show lasts 45 minutes and will be shown at approx. 15.00 hrs. and 16.15 hrs.  It is the story of a successful patrol carried out by two private soldiers, and depicts one of the many tasks that have to be carried out by the Infantry.

The following places will be open for inspection :-  Regtl. Museum; Wing of Sandhurst Block; Dining Hall and Kitchen; Gymnasium; Unit Fire Shed

The Cups and Medals won by Major R. M. Parsons, O.C. Depot, at Bisley, 1949, will be on view outside the Guard Room

14.30 hrs. to 15.00 hrs. - Selections by the Band of the Royal Ulster Constabulary, by kind permission of the Inspector-General
15.00 hrs. to 16.30 hrs. - Cookery Display by A.C.C. Personnel                                                                       
 15.05 hrs. to 12.20 (15.20?) hrs. - Drill Display by Recruits of North Irish Horse Brigade Training Centre on Sandhurst Square
15.30 hrs. to 17.30 hrs. Miniature Range .22 Competition (Prizes awarded to 3 best ladies and 3 best gentlemen)
15.30 hrs. Shooting on 25 yards Range Rifle and Light Automatic (For makes only)                                         
16.00 hrs. Children's Sports (Open to children under 12 years of age)                                                              
17.00 hrs. Motor - Cycle Display by 60 H.A.A. Regt. R.A.                                                                               
17.30 hrs. Musical Recital by the Band of the Royal Ulster Constabulary                                                         
18.00 hrs. GOD SAVE THE KING

Short History of The Royal Ulster Rifles (83rd and 86th Regiment of Foot)

     On 28th of September, 1793, Major William Fitch raised the 83rd Foot in Dublin, and two months later Major-General Cornelius Cuyler raised the 86th Regiment of Foot in Shropshire.  The two Regiments were amalgamated in 1881 and became The Royal Irish Rifles.  Up till then the full names of the two Regiments had been the 83rd (County of Dublin) and the 86th (Royal County Down).  On amalgamation the new Regiment was "Royal" because the 86th had been given that honour at Bourbon.
     The green uniform, black buttons, etc., date from the time when the Rifle Regiments were the Scouts, for whom the red uniforms were too conspicuous.  To be made a Rifle Regiment was the greatest honour and compliment, and is an honour shared by only three other regiments in the Army.  When the Partition of Ireland occurred the Regiment became known as The Royal Ulster Rifles.
     The Regiment took part in the following campaigns :- Cape of Good Hope (1805), The Mahratta War, Storming of Bourbon (now Reunion), The Pindari War, The Peninsular War (in which the 2nd Battalion of the 83rd was the only one which fought out the campaign as a complete unit), The Indian Mutiny, The Boer War, The Great War, Mesopotamia (1920), and the 1939-45 War.
     In 1795 the 86th did duty as Marines and in 1801 they performed a most magnificent feat, doing a march of ninety miles in Egypt in 116 degrees temperature, on three pints of water and no food, in forty-eight hours.
     The Battle Honours carried on the Officers' full-dress cross-belts are :- "Egypt,"  "Cape of Good Hope,"  "Bourbon,"  "Indian"  "Talavera,"  "Eusaco,"  "Fuentes d'Onero,"  "Ciudad Rodrigo,"  "Badajoz,"  "Vittoria,"  "Salamanca,"  "Nivelle,"  "Orthes,"  "Toulouse,"  "Peninsula,"  "Central India,"  "South Africa, 1899-1902,"  "Mons,"  "Ypres 1914, '17, '18,"  "Somme, 1916, '18,"  "Courtrai,"  "Suvla,"  "Marne '14,"  "Neuve Chapelle,"  "Albert '16,"  "Struma,"  "Jerusalem."
     In the Great War eleven Service Battalions were raised in addition to the Regular Battalions, and the Regiment won three Victoria Crosses.  In the 1939-45 War the 2nd Battalion earned special distinction in the Dunkirk Retreat.  Later the 1st Battalion became a Glider Battalion, and both Battalions took part in the Normandy landings on "D" Day, the 1st Battalion gliding down a couple of miles from the 2nd Battalion.  The Regiment were the first into Caen, the taking of which was one of the most important operations in Normandy.  Both Battalions again took part in Crossing of the Rhine.
     On the 1st May, 1948, at a parade held at Ballykinlar, the 1st and 2nd Battalions were amalgamated into the 1st Bn. The Royal Ulster Rifles (83rd and 86th).    Ballymena Observer

The Royal Empire Society, Northumberland Avenue, London, W.C. 2
Sunday Tea Dance, Date - 9 May 1943 - 3.30 to 6pm in the Assembly Hall
This invitation is available to Officers and men of H.M. and Allied Forces only

Grand Palais De Danse Lowestoft
on back :- Mrs. Parr, Rodney - 2894, Phone number. Miss J. Breach, 9 Spurgeon Score, Lowestoft, Suffolk 2 & 3

The Ensa Play Company presents "Laburnum Grove"
A Comedy in Three Acts by J. B. Priestley
Cast - in order of their appearance

                         Elsie Radfern                             Cynthia Whitfield
                         Mrs. (Lucy) Baxley                    Cicely Hullett
                         Bernard Baxley                          James Bailey
                         George Radfern                          Charles Carew
                         Harold Russ                               Peter Mitchell
                         Joe Fletten                                  Frank Hammerton
                         Mrs. (Dorothy) Radfern              Jean Stanley
                         Inspector Stack                           Victor Lucas
                         Sergeant Morris                          Bernard Gillman

The whole action takes place in the living-room of the Redfern's House, FERNDALE, Laburnum Grove, Shooters Green, a suburb of North London
ACT I - Sunday Evening
ACT II - Scene 1 - Early Monday Morning
      Scene 2 - Monday afternoon
ACT III - Monday Evening
The Play Produced by James Bailey    Stage Manager: Bernrad Gillman (Bernard)

                                                                                 Tommy Xmas 1944

             W. J. K. Millan or Millar                        NAAFI EFI Officer's Club, Milan Mardi Gras 1946

University of Dublin - Trinity College, Dublin
P.S. As to Liz Milne? I hadn't seen the AD before, but she wrote & told me, asking for my Patronage, as well as that & Tate & ?ilmore - both granted. It seems a very adventurous scheme.

on back of newspaper photo :-
New Zealand D.F.C. Bridal in Belfast
Flight-Lieut. C. L. G. Holmes D.F.C., R.N.Z.A.F., and Dr. A? Elizabeth Burns, M.B., D.Ch., were married in Knock Presbyterian Church, Belfast, Rev. E. A. Elliott Burrows, M.A., officiated, assisted by Rev. John Barkley, M.A., B.D.  Mrs. John Barkley presided at the organ and the soloist was Miss Helen Burns, sister of the bride.  Dr. Burns is the daughter of the late Mr. Matthew Burns and Mrs. ? Burns, King's Road, Knock, Belfast.  The bridegroom's home is in Hamilton, New Zealand.

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