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Leathem Collection

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Jim Leathem taken in Stranmillis training grounds for teachers (this is the only photo with Jims name on it)

Photographer Newton Stewart

Davy Byrnes, Dublin

Patricia (Turner?)                                                                                                              


1906 -
10th December Postmark Roberts Heights, Pretoria to Mrs. Donald, 79 East Donington Street, Darvel, Ayrshire, Scotland

1932 -
March, The Store Mail - Sunshine Fashions

- 20th December - Royal Balmoral Christmas Circus, Fun Fair and Carniva, King's Hall, Balmoral, Belfast

- 28th January Postmark Carraig Alainn to Mr. J. Leathem, 17 Keswick Street, Belfast - Dear Uncle Jim, Arrived here & am back in harness again (much to my regret) Everything is as per usual. Trusting times are as well with you. I will write soon. Adam

1939 - 8th May Postmark Ballymena to Master James Leathem, 17 Keswick Street, Belfast

1942 - 1st May The Life Boys 44th Belfast Team, Annual Display will (D.V.) be held in Queen Victoria Schools, Durham Street, on Friday, 1st May 1942 Visiting Officer Miss A. Agnew, Chairman, Mr. T. McKeown - on back - Jimmy changed the bed over Wednesday 13th May 1942. Was not at work Thursday 14th May 1942
1942 - Ards Football Club (Players' Function) Grand Drawing of Prizes, Castlereagh Park, Newtownards 28th May 1942
1942 - S.D. Price 7/15/0 Got Suite in Gilpin Bros., High Street, Belfast - Monday 25th May 1942 - Cecil Conn was with me as it was Whit-Mon and he was on Holiday - Sam Flack was married Friday 15th May 1942 in St. Aidens, Blyth Street, 2 o'clock

1942 - 19th October College of Technology, Belfast, Home Work Exercises written by James Leathem - Subject: Sheet Metal Work - Stage: First Year - Teacher: Mr. A. Coates - Date: 19th October 1942 - Geometry

1943 - Tuesday 28th December 1943 - Sunday 28th, 1st Time of Mrs. Haskins, November 1943 - Tuesday 30th 2nd Time of Mrs. Haskins, November 1943 - Thursday 2nd December 3rd Time of Mrs. Haskins - Thursday 9th December, 4th Time of Mrs. Haskins

1945 - To Aunt Lizzie & Cousin Jim, My very earnest good wishes for A Merry Christmas, Happy and Victorious New Year 1945, Your Fond Nephew & Cousin, Billy

1947 - 10th September Postmark Ballymena to Mrs. E. Leathem, 17 Keswick Street, Belfast
1947 - 12th December Postmark U.S.A. to Mr. J. Leathem, 17 Keswick Street, Belfast, N. Ireland

1950 - 6th March Postmark Belfast to Mr. J. P. Leathem, 17 Keswick Street, Shankill Road, Belfast - Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bradshaw request the pleasure of the company of Mr. Jim Leathem at the marriage of their daughter Elizabeth with Mr. John Glass, at Knockbreda Parish Church, Belfast, on Saturday, March 25th, 1950, at 2 p.m., and afterwards at Wellington Park Private Hotel. Tate's Avenue, Ballynahinch Road, Carryduff R.S.V.P.

1951 - Christmas from Mr. & Mrs. J. Armstrong and Family, 59 Jaffa Street, Belfast
1951 - 31st December Postmark Belfast to Mr. J. Leathem, 17 Keswick Street, Belfast, N. Ireland

1952 - 25th January Musgrave Park Hospital, Belfast - Dear Mr. Leathem, I have been making enquiries about work as a Librarian in the Public Libraries in Belfast. Unfortunately, all candidates for these jobs must pass the Corporation examinations which are held each year for persons under the age of twenty-one, except in the case of ex-service men and women. A few temporary appointments are made, but they have a long waiting list of persons with University Degrees, so I am afraid you would have very little chance of getting in there. If, however, I hear of anything more suitable I will, of course, let you know. Yours sincerely, S. Kennedy, Almoner - Mr. James Leathem, 17 Keswick Street, Belfast

1952 - 3rd May Mr. J. Leathem, 17 Keswick Street, Belfast, N. Ireland
1952 - 28th May Postmark Belfast to Mr. Jim Leathem, 17 Keswick Street, Belfast

1952 - 9th July - Sola Strand Hotel

1952 - 7th August Postmark Belfast, to Mr. Jim Leathem, 17 Keswick Street, Belfast from Musgrave Park Hospital, Dear Jim, Sympathy letter from Anna re his Mothers death (suddenly)

1952 - October J. Leathem, 17 Keswick Street, Belfast - National Union of Sheet Metal Workers and Braziers

1954 - 26th September 17 Keswick Street, Belfast, N. Ireland - Dear Sir, I would be very much obliged if you would send me one of your books entitled:- "The Wisdom of Confucius" number (7) on your list of publications. I enclose a postal order to the value of $1.25. Respectfully yours James Leathem

1954 - 7th October - Ballymena United F.C. Supporters' Club (Belfast Branch) Dance in Husband Memorial Hall

1955 - 8th July 1955 Nota Fra Stavangrt Sparekasse J. Leathem
1955 - Lizars
1955 - Christmas and the New Year from Lou, Hong Kong, 12. 12. 55
1955? - 17th August Postmark Curaco to Mr. J. Leathems, 17 Keswick Street, Belfast, N. Ireland, U.K. from H. Early at Sea,  M.V. "Patella" c/o Anglo Saxon Pet. Co. Ltd., St. Helen's Court, Gt. St. Helens, London E.C. 3 - Dear Jimmy, Please excuse the very long delay in answering your letter, you know what the Earlie's are like for letter writing.  A great deal has happened to the ship & myself since I received your letter in March. On April 14th it wad pretty thick with fog & we were leaving New York harbour bound for Curaco. We were just passing the last piece of land (Sandy Hook) when another oil tanker S.S. "Clarks Wharf" collided head on into our Port Side.  She smashed the super structure amidships & rent a hole all right along our side, one of her anchors stuck in our side forward, & her fairheads ended up in the first 3 cabins aft. Luckily no one was hurt. They took us into drydock at Brooklyn, N. York and we discovered we also holed below the water line amidships (you could have driven a double decker Bus through it.) It was lucky for us we were an oil tanker & not a cargo boat or we would have surely sunk.  We remained in Dry Dock for 2 months & I made a good few friends in N. York, mostly I ? people & they made me very welcome. I enjoyed myself & got there & had an offer to emigrate out when I got back home, but I turned it down.  Things went smoothly after we left dry dock untill the 30th June, the ship was at Jacksonville in Florida & due to sail for Port Everglades at 11 p.m.  Another Irish bloke & myself were ashore & got a bit drunk, so we missed it & she sailed without us. Port Everglades is about 360 miles from Jacksonville & we decided to hitch hike it down & arrived at Port Everglades 5.30 a.m. on 3rd July, it was a nice couple of days holiday in Florida but I didn't like the 15 fine for being absent from the ship, (so far 3 people have missed the ship on purpose & not rejoined her for she is such a bad & miserable ship to sail on.) We have been running from the West Indies & Venezuela to the States, & this trip down, we have been dodging hurricanes "Connie" & "Dian" and are now clear of them.  Well Jim, I hope you are keeping fit & enjoying yourself & not working too hard.  Please tell Ken I will write soon. I think that is about all for now so I will say Good Night. Your Friend Haydy, Hagdy

1956 - 17th March Postmark New York to Jim Leathem Esq., 27 Keswick Street, Belfast W., N. Ireland - You'd certainly enjoy this. Billy
1956 - 6th June Alex. M. Hamilton & Co., 29/31 Waring Street, Belfast - Mr. A. J. Dawson, 13 Louden Street, Shankill Road, Belfast - Dear Madam "Invernia" W.B. 3rd October - Liverpool/Montreal - We are pleased to advise you we can offer you accommodation on the above mentioned sailing to Montreal consisting of a four-berth room with cot. for your goodself and four daughters priced at 64. 10. -d. per adult, a three-berth room for your three sons priced at 67. 10. -d. per adult, and a berth for Mr. James Leathem priced at 68. 10. -d. per adult.  This is the most suitable accommodation we can arrange for your family, and whilst it is priced at a slightly higher rate than Mr. Dawson's fare, this is because you are travelling in the high season i.e. when Canadian visitors are returning home from Europe.  We appreciate that you will probably not be in a position to make a decision as to the suitability of the date of travel, but we suggest you contact us before the 12th inst. and discuss the matter, so that we may hold the reservations if necessary. Thanking you in anticipation, Yours faithfully, For Alex. M. Hamilton & Vo., James H. Hamilton, Manager

1957 - 18th September 1957 Postmark Lourenco Marques to Mr. James Leathem, 17 Keswick Street, Belfast, N. Ireland - How are you Jim O'Leathem? Well, we hope. Enjoying our holiday in the Park and saw the animals on the front of this card, only they were sleeping. Thank you for the lovely cloth you sent, we both liked it very much. The weather is a bit too warm for my liking but we'll soon be at the coast in Lourenco Marques. Kind regards. Harold & Betty

1959 - 1st March Co-operative Insurance Society Ltd. Agent: Mr. Robinson, 65 Sunningdale Park - James P. Leathem

1961 - June Post Office Savings Department, Lytham St. Annes, Lancs.
1961 - 5th September Postmark Belfast to Mr. J. Leathem, c/o Butlins Holiday Camp, Chalet No. SH90, Mosney, Co. Louth from J. H. Finn, 33 Naples Street, Belfast - Droichead Atha
1961 - 7th September Postmark Liverpool to Mr. J. Leathem, 17 Keswick Street, Belfast 13, N. Ireland from c/o M.I.H., 75-81 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool 3 - Dear Jim, As you can see I have made it & I surely landed with good weather. We were blistered for a few days but unfortunately it ended with thunder storms. Your holiday will soon be over and I hope your second week was as good as your first at Butlins. Thanks ever so much for your card & it was good to hear that the cousins were enjoying the fun. The change of air & surroundings would do their Mother good. Now Jim, I am thinking of crossing over a week tonight as all good things come to an end although it will be hard to return. I know you will be working & won't be able to meet me but I don't mind that part. Here's the brain wave if suitable to you - if you could name a time & place to meet in town in the evening after work, well I could have that long promised weekend with you if it is convenient, so let me know what you think at above address. John is working in town & we meet for lunch, then we are together in the evenings so it is enjoyable. He is looking well & is getting ready for another session of study. All the best, Bella

1962 - The Rothesay, Eden Quay, O'Connell Bridge, Dublin 1

1964 - 13th July Loyal Orange Institution of Ireland, County Down Demonstration at Tullygirvan, Ballygowan

1964 - 14th July Postmark Ayr to Mr. Jim Leathem, 17 Keswick Street, Belfast 13, N. Ireland - Having a good time at Butlins, weather poor today but reasonable up until now. Regards Myrtle & Herbie
1964 - Mr. Leathem, British European Airways 20th September from London to Belfast 7 14 0

Morrisey's Railway Hotel, Tramore
1965 - 27th August Morrisey's Railway Hotel, Tramore. Mr. J. Leathem Room 16 - 2 weeks full board & accommodation 19 7 6

1965 - Mr. J. Leathem, Motor Insurance 16 14s. -d.

1967 - 21st June - Wilson & Russell, 64 Royal Avenue, Belfast - James Leathem, Esq., 17 Keswick Street, Belfast 13 - Dear Sir, We have received instructions to inform the tenants that the Landlords wish to sell the property. The price sought is 375. If you are interested please let us know on or before Wednesday next, the 28th June. If there is any point on which you are not clear please let us know. Yours faithfully, Wilson Russell

1970 - Halifax Building Society Mr. J. P. Leathem (James Parkinson) 17 Keswick Street, Belfast 13

1970 - 26th May Identification Form for a Motor Vehicle exported temporarily from the United Kingdom - James Leathem, 17 Keswick Street, Belfast 13 - Make and model: Rover 80, Motor Car, Saloon, Dual grey, Engine No. 645000028; Chassis No. 645000053; Reg. No. 3464 XI; Year of Manufacture 1959

1                     2                     3
1) 1970
- 22nd December Postmark Ballymoney to Mr. Jim Leathem, 17 Keswick Street, Belfast
2) 1970 - 22nd December Postmark Belfast to Mr. J. Leathem, 17 Keswick Street, Belfast
3) 1970 - 22nd December Postmark Bangor to Mr. J. Leathem, 17 Keswick Street, Crumlin Road, Belfast

1979 - Postmark London, Ontario, Canada to Mr. James P. Leathem, 17 Keswick Street, Belfast 13, Northern Ireland from Peter & Gail Last, 939 Western Road, #20-A, London, Ontario, Canada N6G 1G3
items with no date

J. Leathem, 17 Keswick Street, Belfast
From Richard To Aunt Liz & Jim with love - H. R. Hanna, D.A. P/U.D./ + 1643 C.A.'s Mess, A.M.S. Philoctetes, c/o G.P.O. London
Mr. J. Leathem, 17 Keswick Street, Belfast 13
Kodak Wallet
Dear Aunt Lizzie, This is the place we have dreamed of for our honeymoon. The island is all as beautiful as these views of Shanklin seem to be. Jack & I are both very happy to be here, and with each other. Best Love, Betty
Christmas Prayer, To Jim From Peggy & Tony, With Best Wishes.
2nd November Belfast Mr. J. Leathem, 17 Keswick Street, Belfast - Musgrave Park Hospital, Balmoral, Belfast, Thursday early A.M. - Dear Jimmy, I was delighted to get your letter the other day especially as I had been wondering if I didn't write would I ever hear from you again.  I'm afraid there is no way for me to explain why I didn't write , because as I told you before you don't understand how my time goes on night duty. At present I have four lectures in the week, so with getting those as well as my sleep I am pretty well occupied. Don't you agree? I'll admit I had nights off since, but as you guessed I had to go home. Seeing I could make no definite arrangement for seeing you I didn't write, I do hope you will try and understand and forgive me. I am honestly! very sorry for it, since you stayed in so late in the evenings expecting to hear from me. I really didn't think of that or I certainly would have written.  I'm afraid I cannot yet make any suitable appointment as my lectures are at 5.30 p.m. which is most inconvenient as you know, but if I can stay here for one of my next nights off I'll let you know. That is about the only thing I can say at present. I hope you will accept this letter and realise there is "no-one kidding anyone" as far as I'm concerned. I hope you are keeping well and that I may hear from you soon. Yours as before, Anna
33 Naples Street, Belfast - Dear Jim, Well you certainly picked the weather for your holidays, hope you are all enjoying yourselves. I am busy working overtime, just finished now, when we get the weather, we get the business. Well Jim, I am afraid I will not be mobile until about next Tuesday. I am very sorry. The cylinder head I got 2nd hand was also cracked so I have to get a new one, which will not be here until to-morrow. Bill says he hopes to have it for me for Tuesday, as he is off on Saturday. Will see you next week. Yours sincerely, Jimmy

Gannion Lake, Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim - Just a little card to remind you of St. Patrick's Day. From yours very sincerely, Gretta - Mr. Jim Leathem, Bungalow, B.M.S., Whiteabbey
CLICK to enlarge, Dublin Large Scale Detailed Street Plan with Index to Streets
James Leathem, arithmetic and grammar
Anne Caroline Prescott, 7 Tweskard Park, Belfast 4 - I-Spy Wild Fruits and Fungi by Chief I-SPY - Strathearn School, Belfast
Hazel B. Dickson, Form IIa - Needlework Stitch by Stitch by Anne I. G. Begg
Join the Broomrang Club and Keep Jolly, Fit and Strong
New Rules of the Belfast Packing-Case Makers Trade Union 1911
Established 1889. Revised 1891, 1896, 1900, 1911