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a collection of mostly letters, a couple of photos etc.

Mr. Nicholas Mercer

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1) Buckingham Palace - 8th October 1900 or 1908 - The Private Secretary is commanded by The King to acknowledge the receipt of Mr. N. Mercers letter of the 3rd inst and in reply to say that applications for Civil List Pensions must be addressed to the Prime Minister.
2) Telephone: 14 Knock  Craigavon, Strandtown, Co. Down - Returned. With Captain Craig's Compliments, and very best thanks. He regrets being unable to make any use of them. 1.XII.10 (wonder what 'them' was?)
3) Telephone 14 Knock  Craigavon, Strandtown, Co. Down, 6th March 1911 - Dear Mr. Mercer, Mrs. Mercer has sent several copies of your fine Poem to my Wife, which I have read with great interest and pleasure. Once again I heartily congratulate you. Will you please accept my warmest thanks for all the generous remarks you make about me personally? I appreciate them to the full. You both have the spirit that will carry Ulster through this great crisis.  Yours very truly James Craig
4) Lansdowne House, Berkeley Square W.  July 21st, 1911 - Sir, I am desired by Lord Lansdowne to acknowledge with thanks the receipt of your letter (undated) which has just reached him.  I am, Sir, Yours faithfully, Marcus Dawkins   Mr. N. Mercer
5a) Telephone 14 Knock   Craigavon, Strandtown, Co. Down  22nd January 1912 - Dear Mr. Mercer, I am very much obliged by your kind letter of the 16th. It is most encouraging to find the old stock still true to the old principles, and I appreciate the encouragement contained in your letter to the fullest extent, especially your reference to your four boys, who are now prepared to follow in their fore-fathers footsteps; they come of the right stock.  With many thanks, and wishing you many years to voice the loyal sentiments contained in your fine letter.  Believe me, Yours very Truly, James Craig
5b) on the back - I am the youngest of the Four Boys mentioned here in this letter. 1768324
6) Telephone 14 Knock  Craigavon, Strandtown, Co. Down  17th July 1913 - Dear Mrs. Mercer, I am very much obliged for your kind letter, and interested to know that you had four sons out here on the 12th. You may rest assured that our leader, Sir Edward Carson, is doing all that lies in his power to save us from Home Rule.  Your suggestions will not be overlooked. With many thanks, Your very truly, James Craig
7) Whittinghame, Prestonkirk, Scotland.  Dec. 18th 1913 - Dear Sir, Mr. Balfour desires me to send you one line in acknowledgement of your letter expressing your views against Home Rule.  Believe me, Yours faithfully, Wilfrid ?????  Mr. N. Mercer

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1) Telephone 14 Knock  Craigavon, Strandtown, Co. Down  17th January 1914 - Dear Mr. Mercer, I am in receipt of your communication of the 13th, the subject matter of which will receive my immediate careful attention. Many thanks, Meanwhile, I am Yours very truly, James Craig  Mr. Nicholas Mercer, 48 Berlin Street, Belfast
2) Mountstewart, Newtownards, Co. Down  24th January 1914 - Dear Mr. Mercer, I am very much obliged by your kindness in allowing me to peruse enclosed covers? - pandence?, which is most interesting and instructive. With many thanks, Yours sincerely, James Craig
3) My Four sons To God And Carson, May the prove themselves men as their Grandfather did At Dolly's Bray
4) Telephone 14 Knock  Craigavon, Strandtown, Co. Down - With Captain Craig's Compliments and best thanks 28th January 1914
5) 10 Downing Street, Whitehall S.W.  Feb. 13. 1914 - Sir, I am directed by the Prime Minister to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 10th inst. with thanks.  I am, yours faithfully, F. W. Leith-Ross  Mr. N. Mercer
6) Telephone 2201 Victoria  5 Eaton Place, S.W.  March 17th 1914 - Dear sir, I have to acknowledge your letter for which I am much obliged.  Yours very truly, Edward Carson  Mr. Nicholas Mercer, 48 Berlin Street, Belfast
7) Adare Manor, Adare, Ireland  16th April 1914 - Dear Sir, I am requested by Lord Dunraven to say he duly received your letter and to thank you for writing to him. Yours faithfully, ????  Mr. N. Mercer
8) 80 Cornwall Gardens, S.W.  June 15, 1914 - Dear Sir, I am directed by Sir Arthur Boscawen to thank you for your letter which he has duly received. Yours faithfully, Reginald R. Hastings.  Mr. Nicholas Mercer
9a) Postmark House of Commons 22 July to Mr. Nicholas Mercer, 48 Berlin Street, Belfast
9b) Private  Aug. 7th, 1914 - Dear Sir, I am directed by Mr. Redmond to thank you for your letter of the 6th instant, the contents of which he has duly noted, and which he is pleased to receive. Yours very truly, ? ? Hanna  N. Mercer, Esq.

  1                             2                                      3                          4                    5
1) Belfast Telegraph, Belfast  25th Sept. 1914 - Mr. N. Mercer, 48 Berlin Street.  Dear Sir, In reply to yours of this date, you might supply us with any brief paragraph which you would like inserted regarding the Poem which you sent to Lord Roberts, and which was acknowledged by him. If we can afford space, we shall by pleased to give you a line or two. Yours truly, Managing Editor  ???
2) Secretary of State for War  War Office, Whitehall, S.W.  22nd July 1915 - Dear Sir, I am desired by Lord Kitchener to thank you for your letter and for the verses which accompanied it. Yours faithfully, H. J. Creedy, Private Secretary  Mr. Nicholas Mercer, 48 Berlin Street, Belfast, Ireland
3) House of Commons  17th Nov. ?? - Dear Sir, I am in receipt of your favour with ? ? which I consider very good. Kind regards, Yours faithfully, H????
3b) Mercer 34 G/Jeffery? Street
4) 10 Downing Street, Whitehall, S.W.1.  27th September 1917 - Dear Sir, I am desired by Mr. Lloyd George to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the ---. Yours faithfully F. L. Stevenson  Nicholas Mercy, Esq.
5) This I think is the poem that Nicholas Mercer wrote and posted to so many people? I won't type it all out, if you want to read it, give in a click.

The Border Regiment Old Comrades Association
President: Major-General E. G. Sinclair Maclagan, C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O., Colonel of the Regiment

W. Cooke

37716 W. Cooke (Granda Cooke)
M.G.C. 1914-1918

B. War and Victory 37716 Pte. W. Cooke M.G.C

inside this envelope was this flattened box
The Manager, Ministry of Health and Social Services, Local Office, Newcastle
Aug. 17th 1972  -  18129 Pte. F. Bennett, Glouc. R.  -  Granda Cooke's Box

William Thomas Mercer

1a) A/30 093745/2804/20/1/21(?) Certificate of Discharge - Regt. No.: M/301251  Rank: ??  Names: Mercer, William Thomas  Unit and Regiment or Corps from which Discharged: R.A.S.C.  Attested on the 15th ? 1917.  Authorised prior to 11.11.1918. Medals and Decorations: Nil.  Medical Category: A1  Specialist Military qualifications: Motor Driver.  Year of birth: 1898.  Discharged: 31-3-20. Signature illegible R.A.S.C. ????wich Dockyard?  (He was awarded a medal in 1960 according to his medal Index Card online)
1b) in pencil on the back I can make out - W. Mercer, 12 Jenny ???? in pen W. Mercer, Tollymore, Newcastle Ref. War 1768324

this came in the box above, I can't make out what it says.. Ballshuston(?) ????land(?) maybe Scotland?


William Taylor Mercer

William Taylor Mercer

on back W. T. Mercer - Edith                          June                     

Certificate of Baptism 1899 Baptism solemnised at Mart Street Primitive Methodist Church in the Borough of Portadown in the County Armagh - 3rd June 1899 William Taylor Mercer, Parents Names, Nicholas & Fanny Mercer - Residence Corcrain, Portadown. Child born 14th March 1898. Baptised by John Taylor.  This Certificate supplied by T. Henry Holloway of 35 Thomas Street - 1st March 1963 Methodist Minister

1                                        2                               3                             4
1a) Certificate of Discharge. Army Number: T/181464  Name: Mercer, William Taylor.  Date of Joining: 21.9.39.  Date of Discharge: 18.12.40.  Service with the Colours: 1 year 89 days.  Rank of Discharge Dvr. (Driver).  Cause of discharge: Ceasing to fulfil Army Physical Requirements paid? ????.  Corps from which discharged: R.A.S.C.  H. Watt, Capt.(?) Hastings 3rd December 1940
1b) Assessments of Conduct and Character for period of Service with the Colours as on Reverse.  Army Number: T/181464  Name: Mercer, William Taylor.  Corps from which discharged: Royal Army Service Corps.  Military conduct: Very good.  A clean honest, sober & industrious man. Year of birth: 1900 (see birth cert)  height: 4 ft. four & half ins,  Complexion: Fresh.  Hair: Dark.  H. Cassell, Major O.C. 909 Coy. R.A.S.C.  21st November 1940  Place: Bellahouston, Glasgow
WARNING - Soldiers on quitting His Majesty's Service are hereby reminded that the unauthorised communication by them to another person at any time of any information they may have acquired which might be useful to an enemy in war renders them liable to prosecution under the Official Secrets Acts.
2a & b) 1941 S 181464 To: Mr. W. T. Mercer, 40 Beechwood Avenue, Bangor, Co. Down - Final settlement of your account on discharge: 50 18 9
3) Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Northern Ireland. District: Lurgan.  Address: Registrar's Office, Lurgan.  Date: 6th January 1958 - Dear Sir, I enclose Search Certificate, stating that I have made a careful search over the years 1893-1903 for your birth entry and that no trace has been found.  This certificate, along with your baptismal certificate is generally acceptable for pension purposes.  The cost if 1/6d. I enclose herewith the remainder of your fee, namely 3/6. Yours faithfully I. E. Bell, Supt. Registrar pp ??  - Mr. W. T. Mercer, Tollymore, Newcastle, Co. Down
4) The Prince of Wales' British Legion Pension Fund, Pall Mall, London, SW1 1959 - Mercer, William Taylor, Tollymore, Newcastle, Co. Down

1                            2                    3                          4 
1) Instructions for the Guidance of the Pensioner
2) Royal Army Service Corps Association. Headquarters RASC, Northern Ireland Command, Lisburn, Co. Antrim.  30th September 1959 - Dear Sir, I understand that you recently made an application for assistance to the Royal Army Service Corps Association in London, which has now been forwarded to me. I have also been in touch with the British Legion, and I understand that considerable help has been given by the British Legion to you.  As you must realise, these is close co-operation between the British Legion and various Regimental Associations in such matters. My committee regret therefore that we are unable to provide you with assistance from the RASC Association in the circumstances.  Yours faithfully Lieutenant-Colonel RASC, Zone Chairman (G. G. Hill)  -  Mr. W. T. Mercer, Tollymore, Newcastle, Co. Down.  (poor man must have been struggling
:( )
3) From: Squadron-Leader David Cheketts, Buckingham Palace, 13th May 1965 - Dear Mr. Mercer, The Duke of Edinburgh has asked me to thank you very much for so kindly sending the copies of your poem about the late Sir Winston Churchill. Her Majesty and His Royal Highness were delighted to receive them.  Yours sincerely S/L Cheketts - W. Taylor Mercer, Esq.
4a) Bank of England, 15th March 1965 - Dear Mr. Mercer, I am writing to acknowledge your letter of the 11th March, addressed to Lord Cromer, with which you enclosed a memorial poem to Sir Winston Churchill. Your suggestion that this should be printed and sold has been passed to the Director General of the English Speaking Union from whose office the sponsors are organising the appeal.  Yours sincerely, R. D. Gold, Private Secretary to the Governor.  W. Taylor Mercer, Esq.
4b) A MAN - Sir Winston Churchill was a man among men,
As a man he put into his country
Everything the Lord has blessed him with.
To rule a people with love and strength,
O Britain, you lost a treasure
More precious than diamonds or gold.
The loss of Sir Winston Churchill
Never again can be retold.
When war or destruction was threatened,
Just with a true fatherly care,
Bowed down in humble submission
To whom in trouble hears prayer.
With all Britain's cares and sorrows,
He took to a King of love,
A loving Saviour has called him
To eternal life above.
He has gone to that beautiful land,
That heavenly land above
To be with a God of love.
W. Taylor Mercer

Alfred Harry Silvester Matthews

Alfred H. S. Matthews

          1                            2                    3                    4                    5
1) Serial No. 12805  Army Form B.108D  Certificate of discharge from (a) Territorial Army No. 2026995  Rank: Sapper  Name: Matthews, Alfred Henry Sylvester  Corps from which discharged: Royal Engineers.  Enlisted at: Manchester on 13.5.1930  Discharged in consequence of Having re-enlisted into the Regular Army (Border Regt.) on 9.6.31  Para 207 T.A.Regs.  In Territorial Army: One year and 27 days.  Date of Discharge: 8.6.31  Year of Birth: 1913  Height: 5ft. 5ins.  Complexion: Fresh  Eyes: Blue  Hair: Brown  Place: Chatham  Date: 17 June 1931
2) Army Certificate of Education  Third Class  This is to Certify that Army No. 2026995  Rank: Private  Name: Matthews, A.  Unit: Depot, The Border Regiment passed at an Examination held under the Authority of the Army Council at Carlisle in August 1931.  Confirmed at Chester with effect from the 20th day of August 1931. 
3) Army Certificate of Education  Second Class  This is to Certify that at an Examination held under the Authority of the Army Council at Holywood in March 1933.  Army No. 2026995  Rank: Private  Name: Matthews, A.  Unit: 1st Bn. The Border Regiment passed in the following Subjects: English.  Army and Empire.  Map Reading.  Mathematics.  Confirmed at Belfast with effect from the 30th day of March 1933.
4) Army Form B.271A  Regular Army (All Arms)  Notice to be given to a person at the time of his offering to join the Army.
Date: 9.6.1931  You )name) Alfred Henry Silvester Matthews are required to attend *forthwith, or at - o'clock - on the 9th day of June 1931 for the purpose of appearing before a Justice to be attested for His Majesty's Army, in which you have expressed your willingness to serve. Conditions
5) Certified Copy of Attestation  Name: Matthews, Alfred Henry Sylvester  Corps.: The Border Regt.
Where were you born: In the Parish of Dudley in or near the Town of Salford in the County of Lancashire
Nationality of Parents at their birth: both English   What was your age in years last birthday: 18
Day, Month and Year of Birth: 14th April 1913   Trade or Calling: Moulder   Not Married and no children

1                                                   2                                                                       3              
1) 1931-1934 Member's Card  A. Matthews, 20 Oval Street, 15 Bloomfield Street, Belfast, N. Ireland (President Regimental Institutes, 1st Batt., The Border Regiment)
2) Travel Identity Card for Great Britain, Eire and Northern Ireland - Name of Holder Mr. A. H. S. Matthews - Telephonist.  Born: Lancs, England.  D.O.B.: 13th April 1913? Home Address: 20 Oval Street, Belfast  Date: February 1st, 1946
Accompanied by Thomas Matthews. Date of birth Nov. 19th 1935 - Identity No. W.A.F.P./254/5
3a) Army Form B 104-80A  No. Cas/85/R.I.F.  Infantry Record Office, Hawkhill, Edinburgh 7  29th May 1940 - Madam, I regret to have to inform you that a report has been received from the War Office to the effect that (No.) 2026995  (Rank) Corporal Sergeant  (Name) Matthews, Alfred Harry Sylvester  (Regiment) Royal Irish Fusiliers was admitted to Botleys Park War Hosp. - Chertsey - Surrey suffering from Petrol Burns.  Any further information received in this office as to his condition or progress will be at once notified to you.  Yours faithfully, Alex. ???? Major, Officer-in-charge of Records.
3b) On His Majesty's Service Postmark Edinburgh 29th May 1940 to Mrs. A. H. S. Matthews, 25 Bloomfield Street, Belfast, N. Ireland.
3c) Copy  Statement of Witness in the case of Sgt. Matthews - To Whom it may Concern - I, No. 6976611. Fus. J. Thompson, was present in the company of Sgt. Matthews during active operations, which took place in May, 1940 on the La Basse Canal. We were detailed to burn barges.  While carrying out these orders, I suddenly heard an explosion on the barge on which Sgt. Matthews and I were working, on looking around I saw flames coming from the vicinity in which Sgt. Matthews was working. I tried to reach him, but could not because of the fire. when next I saw him, I found him in a dazed and burnt condition on the opposite bank of the canal where some refugees had rescued him. He had apparently been blown off the barge on to the far bank of the canal.  I took him back across the canal to the platoon, and arranged for him to be taken to a first aid post. 5975511, Fus. J. Thompson, 1st Bn. The Royal Irish Fusiliers. Clacton-on-Sea, Essex

1                                         2
1) B13/M2/2060  Ministry of Pensions, Awards V, Norcross, Blackpool, Lancs.  12th May 1941 - Sir, I am directed by the Minister of Pensions to inform you that your case has been carefully considered in consultation with the Ministry medical advisers.  It cannot be certified that your disability, Post-Contusional Cephalalgia, is directly attributable to your war service, but it has been possible to accept the disability as having been materially attributable, thereby and you have accordingly been awarded a temporary pension, as shown on the enclosed Life Certificate. Mr. A. H. S. Matthews, 15 Bloomfield Street, Belfast, N. Ireland etc. etc. etc. I am, Sir, Your obedient Servant, J. Paul for Secretary
2) Ministry of Pensions, Tyrone House, 13 Ormeau Avenue, Belfast  Case No. B13/M2/2060  2.6.1942  In-Patient Treatment - Dear Sir, As a result of your recent medical examination, it has been certified that you should undergo a course of medical treatment as an in-patient in the U.V.F. Hosp. Craigavon, Belfast at which institution a bed will be available to you in 1.6.1942. The hours for admission are from 10 am to 4 pm.  Mr. A. H. S. Matthews, U.V.F. Hosp., Belfast

Instructors Guide to Report Writing

no information on this photo

1                     2
Names in part articles 1) Housing Sites: Mr. David Sloan, Dunaven? - Mr. Wm. Newell, Drummond - Mr. Cousins, Glassdrummond
Question of Town Boundary Extension: Kilkeel
Too Many Huts: James A. Dunlop, Dromore Street, Ballynahinch - Mr. Holmes?, Tollymore
Rostrevor Housing Scheme: Mr. McGoldrick, James McSparran, M.P.; Joseph Connellan, M.P.
Electricity: Extension on lighting hours     Water: James Russell, Annalong - Wm. Magill - T. A. Crawford - Miss Gray, Maghera
Letting of a Cottage: Re the tenancy of the cottage at Tollymore formerly occupied by Mrs. Mercer, Mr. Heaney proposed and Mr. Speers seconded that Mr. W. T. Mercer, son of Mrs. Mercer, should get the house. Mr. McKenna stated that he had an application from a family of five for the cottage.  Mr. McGoldrick recalled that at special meeting on housing the matter was to be left over until Mercer produced the key and also Army records, and if these were satisfactory the cottage be granted to him.  Mercer produced the necessary records and after these had been examined it was agreed that he be given the tenancy. During discussion on the letting of another cottage, Mr. McGoldrick proposed and Mr. Colgan seconded that notice to quit be served, as they did not agree with squatters coming into these houses.  The Chairman at this point said the Council would have to take a firmer stand re all arrears of rent. There was a notice of motion by Mr. Colgan to rescind resolution to charge Mr. P. Murney 25 for connection to sewer, was carried as Mr. Murney had done most of the work himself. Re the question of Mr. Dorans connection the Clerk stated that the cost of this connection was 300.  Mr. Colgan and Mr. Murney considered it would be fair to pay the sum of 12 10s for the connection.  The Engineer agreed, and the Council decided to accept the figure of 12 10s. Mr. McGoldrick inquired if anyone was connecting to the sewer with authority, and the Engineer replied on the negative.
Annalong and Rostrevor Dumps: The Sanitary Officer reported that the general public were dumping everything into the dumps at Annalong and Rostrevor and they were not in a satisfactory condition. He asked the Council to erect gates with padlocks at both dumps, and to erect warning notices stating that dumping was allowed only by the contractors. Mr. Russell agreed that the Annalong dump would require a gate, and Mr. Goldrick said that when notices were put up they should be strictly enforced. The Council decided on this and the Engineer was asked to look into the repairing of the fence at Rostrevor.
Boardroom Renovations: Mr. Forsythe suggested that the boardroom be 'done up' especially covering for the floor, and decent chairs, as the forms were most uncomfortable; they would like to uphold the dignity of the Board.  etc. etc.
.....Messrs. Lowry & Lee, two houses at Cranfield, at 3,620; and for Mr. Matthew Murphy, Killroney, at 1,810.  Ministry recommended permits for erection of additions to swelling house at Ballymaderphy for Mr. Wm. J. Norris, Ballymartin; new farm house at Mullartown for Mr. H. McCracken; and reconditioning of farm house of Mr. Patrick O'Hare, Drumee. The following housing subsidies were authorised: H. L. Chambers, Annalong, 225; Dr. T. A. Fisher, Rostrevor, 250; Mrs. Rebecca Smyth, Carnacaville, 225.  Mr. John Speers proposed, and Mr. G. Forsythe seconded, that a sum of 20 be allocated to the N.I. War Memorial Fund, Mr. P. Kane proposed an amendment and Mr. P. O'Hagan seconded that nothing be sent as they were spending the ratepayers' money. On the matter being put to the vote, 11 members voted for the amendment and five against.  The Council adopted a resolution from Newtownards Rural Council requesting the Ministry of Home Affairs to introduce legislation to regulate the erection of tents, caravans, huts, etc.  The Ministry notified that they could not agree to provide fireplaces in Huts 11, 13 and 14 Derryogue Park. The tender of McManus Bros. for 124 10s was accepted for the erection of fencing at Kitty's Road, Derryogue. Mr. P. Nevin, 9 Derryogue Park, wrote complaining that a fence put up by his  neighbour and a clothes line (when clothes were on it) were obstructing his view and making his room very dark. It was decided that Mr. Forsythe and Mr. Colgan look into the matter and report to the Council.  The Ministry of Food confirmed the appointment of Mr. P. O'Hagan and Mr. E. J. Cooper to the Food Control Committee.
Annual Meeting. Names McCartan, Kane, McGoldrick, Russell, Crawford, Heaney, Forsythe, Kane, Miss L. Cunningham, Canon Boyle, Rev. A. V. Henderson, Messrs. H. Benton, L. Sargent, T. Rainey, C. Hanlon, T. A. Crawford, John Hanna, John Morgan, J. P. Walls, J. Trainor, E. J. Cooper
Ballyward Accordion Band: Mr. A. Rowan, Rev. M. Roycroft, M.A.; Mrs. Richard Bell, Miss Nora Crory, Mrs. Thomas Bell, Miss Doris Gowan?, Mr. Jas. Singer, jun.; The Misses J. Trimble, M. Fairley, M. Dickson, M. Callagan, S. Fairley, V. Dickson, E. Crory, Mrs. S. Bingham, J. Magill, W. Bingham, R. Singer, J. Moore, Mr. J. Bailey, Mr. Douglas. Messrs. J. E. Bailey, J.P., M.P., W.M., of Rathfriland District L.O.L. No. 3; W. S. Douglas, J.P., W.M. of Castlewellan District L.O.L. No. 10, and Wm. Rowan, W.M. of Moneyslane L.O.L. No. 569
Sand Building Competitions: Newcastle, Mr. J. Trainor, Mr. T. A. F. Higgins
2) Wanted Ads mostly. Mr. Charles Kennedy, Drumee, Castlewellan of Slieve Donard Hotel, Retires.
Newcastle Rugby Footballer' Demise - It was with deep regret that his many friends in Newcastle learned of the death of Mr. Jack Walsh which occurred recently at his home, 10 Dunmisk Park, Andersonstown, Belfast. Jack, who was still in his twenties, was an ardent member of the Newcastle Rugby Football Team, being their captain last season.  ... Deceased was employed in R.E.M.E. workshops, Long Kesh.  Parents Mr. and Mrs. Michael Walsh, brothers Patrick and Michael, sister Mary.
Mrs. Elizabeth McKibben: The death took place at her residence, Bywater House, Annalong, on Tuesday of Mrs. Elizabeth McKibben, wife of Captain William McKibben. 4 sons, 3 daughters & several grandchildren.

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