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A Beautiful Album presented to Mrs. Dobson from the staff and colleagues of Glencairn/Cairnmartin School

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1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970

part of Dobson Collection (3)
(the rest will be online at a later date)

Dear Mrs. Dobson, How could you forget us?  So much of your very active teaching career has been spent in Glenwood, Glencairn and now Cairnmartin.  You have given so much to the children and staff with whom you have come in contact that perhaps it is presumptuous of us to offer you something in return.  However, we felt that we should and that you might appreciate this photographic album in which are recorded some of the many aspects of the school which, unfortunately for us, you are leaving.
Undoubtedly you will recall all the crises you have weathered, the peace making in which you have been a past mistress, the laughter, the tears and the friendships.  We will no longer have the pride of showing you off as our First Lady.  Perhaps you will derive some pleasure in showing this book to friends.
Thank you from all of us, Your friends and colleagues of Cairnmartin.

The Glencairn building

The New Building from Glencairn
Nancy MacKinnon ~ The problems of the day ahead.
Ada Long ~ studying socially.
Mary Maud ~ at home.
Ann Farrar ~ a stitch in time.
Rene Dickie and 1st Year cooks.
Alan Largey ~ overworked mathematician.

Pat Martin and cohorts.
Ginnie Gibson ~ checking things out.

Florence Smith ~ summing things up.
Rita Wright ~ remedial reading.

Belle McDonald ~ a helping hand.
Mrs. Orr ~ teacher turned secretary.

Muriel Nicholl, Florence Smith, Gladie Kell, Rita Wright, Vera Northridge, Dorothy Watson, Kathleen Craig

Eddie Dickson ~ ladies evening class.
Frieda Parsons ~ taking stock.
Val May/June Beckett ~ lacing things up in a big way.
Wesley Cooke ~ before signs of timetable tension.
Messrs. Artt & Pritchard ~ Purveyors of the dreaded Deputy Slips.

Myrtle Hogg ~ a hard working type.
Harriet Smith & 2nd Form cooks.

The hand at the helm.
Wilfie Foster ~ can anybody find the 4th Form?
Harold Wilson ~ mathematician extraordinaire.
Bill Palmer ~ English-ifying.
Herbie Johnston ~ 'Jack of all trades.'

C. C. Caldwell ~ former captain of the good ship 'Cairnmartin.'

Mervyn Tweedie stretching the G.P.O. to the limit.
Miss Liz. Alexander & 4th Year Mathematicians.

Mr. Bill (C.S.E.) Reynolds.
Messrs. Smith, Lutton & Williamson with hairy friend.
Mr. Alec. McIntyre ~ 'Head of Heavy Craft.'
Mrs. Ruth Hobson ~ 'Sorry we're closed!
Mrs. Doreen Anderson ~ without whom we would all be lost.

Michael Bowden ~ 'Kalama-who?'
Miss Val. Millar ~ 'Well that's one way of subtracting . . .

Mrs. Shirley Boyd ~ I don't care who you are, you're still not allowed to walk on the water!
Miss Val. Bennett ~ in 'circulation.'

Pat Timmins 'Youth Tutor.'
Terry Warke ~ Cairnmartins financial wizard.

In conference in the 'Community Lounge.'
'Cairnmartin Association.'
Helen ~ in the 'Junior' school.
Maureen Brown ~ 'are you being served.'
Garnett Bell ~ projecting his image.

Pat Jordan ~ 'one handed typist.'
Mary Gillespie ~ 'bent on mischief.'

Molly & Agnes ~ 'preparing for work.'
Dawn Braden ~ making the right connections.

The Ladies in the Library.
Madge Hodgens ~ POT-ering about.

The Kitchen Staff

John Trainor & Madge.
Madge & Geraldine ~ 'I still think the answer lies in the soil.'
Mrs. McCluskey.

Geraldine ~ former 'head girl' turned lab technician.
'Putting on the shine.' ~ Lily Branagh.

Mrs. Beattie & George Gillespie.

Artie Branagh & Jim Barr.

'On the right lines.'

'The finger of power.'
'Ping ....'                                                                            Peter Leathem '20' ~ '18'                
'Way out in front.'
Ian Fisher and Gary Buchanan ~ mixing things up.

Book Worms

Val Gardner ~ artistically speaking.
Some of the 6th Form 'resting up.'

William Horner & unusual friend.
'The food's not bad here.'

'I'd like to tell you a story...'

'When I nod my head you hit it.'
Commercial types.

more Commercial types.
Domestic Bliss
The Lord Mayor's 'Clean Up' Campaign ~ Forth River Project.
Look ~ burning enthusiasm.
Ross Morrow. 'The musical backing for Oliver.'

4T. Nursery Project
1st Year Science in the field.
You're lucky we got back before the tide did.

Jim Thompson and his 'motley' crew.
'Can we stop now.'

'Cascade River,' Where's Newcastle?
They don't know what's ahead of them.

'The Float,' Lord Mayor's Show 1979

I'll jump this thing should it kill me.'
'Here, grab it and run like mad.'

A family affair.

'What do you think of the show so far?'

Congratulations, well done.' (This is Mrs. Dobson)

1978 School Production 'The Stranger.'

Community wing ~ Coffee Bar.
Rita Wright ~ business manageress.

Mr. Denis Anderson as 'Fagan.'
Miss Sadie Gillanders as 'Nancy' in Fagin's Den.
Miss Pauline Neilly & Mr. Brian Sloan, (V.P.) ~ 'Widow Corney' & 'Mr. Bumble', 1979 Production 'Oliver'.
A bouquet for success.

A successful performance 'Thank you all.'
Samuel Neilly as 'Oliver' & Margaret Hollyoak as 'The Artful Dodger.'

Womens Summer Scheme '79.   Créche.

City of Belfast Education Committee
Glencairn Secondary School for Girls ~ Lyndhurst Gardens, Belfast
Official Opening by : Mrs. Josias Cunningham
Chairman : Rev. John A. McClintock.
Friday, 26th April, 1963, at 2.30 p.m.

Short History of the School

1939   Glenwood Senior Primary School opened.  This was a great step forward in primary education in the district providing a well-planned school with practical rooms for Domestic Science, General Science and Woodwork.

1948   Glenwood Senior Primary School became Glenwood Intermediate, a co-educational school having a curriculum with a practical bias for pupils aged 11-14 years.

1957   The school leaving age was raised to 15 years.  In September 1957 Glenwood ceased to be co-educational.  The boys moved to a new building, Ballygomartin Secondary School for Boys, and the girls remained ion the Glenwood buildings which they then shared with John White Primary School.  The nature of the Intermediate School was changing; whereas formerly the bias had been towards practical activities a more comprehensive education was now offered.

1962   In September, 1962, the girls of Glenwood and the Senior Girls of Argyle Primary School became the first pupils of Glencairn Secondary School for Girls.

1963   The official opening of this well-designed and beautifully situated school is an important event in the life of this district.  The school now offers a many-sided education to all those pupils who are willing to take advantage of it and thus adequately prepare for the challenge of the future.

'Lord Mayor's Show 1st winning entry.

School Production 1970

Wizard of Oz ~ 1972

Thank you from Management ... and the pupils.

Super presents!

Doreen entertains.

A great speech.

A bouquet from Val.