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Keown Collection of mostly Postcards

                                                                                          Henry       Maurice 1930    Dales Sandri?

                                                                                                                Stella                                   August 1936

Mother, 2 Ladies waiting & Alice                                                        1                                    
1) SchloB Panker b. Lutjenburg i, Holst to Miss Smyth, Burtonport, Co. Donegal, Ireland - This is the main entrance & looks out on the lake. Thanks for letter, I shall write soon. Hoping you are getting on well. Love from A. ? S.

Tram Terminus, Portstewart                                                  On the Lagan, Belfast

Shaw's Bridge, Belfast                                                     A Bit of Old Ilford

On the Lagan, Belfast                                                       Shaw's Bridge, Belfast

Umfin Island, Co. Donegal                             Mt. Errigal, 2466 ft. Co. Donegal

Bloody Foreland, Co. Donegal                  Gweedore Bay, Co. Donegal                       Dunlewy Lake, Co. Donegal      

Gweedore Bay, Co. Donegal                                         Gola Island, Co. Donegal

1                                                                                               2
1) Laboratory, Strand House School, Londonderry - no date, no postmark to Mrs. Keown, 51 Beechwood Avenue, Derry - Please tell Menie? to meet me Friday at 5.30. I will be lost if she does not. Mary
2) Dining Hall, Strand House School, Londonderry to Miss Essie Keown, 51 Bushwood? Avenue, Derry

1                                                  2                                                           3     
1) 31st August 1904 Postmark Dunfanaghy to Miss Essie Keown, c/o Mr. J. Irvine, Dunfanaghy - We are in Bunbeg on Monday & Menie & Nora bathed. Grannie was very glad to see us, she was lonely. Essie
2) 18th September 1906 Postmark Philadelphia PA United States Mint to Miss Nora Keown, 51 Beech Wood Avenue, Londonderry, Ireland - Your hand I cannot clasp, your face I cannot see but still I send this little note to show I remember thee. Write & tell me how yours are all doing, from Ellen & how is Hugh & Essie & Mennie in remembrance of old times.
3) 9th April 1907 Postmark Londonderry to Master ) M. Keown (E. Keown), Bunbeg, Co. Donegal - Many thanks for your nice card. I am sure you would enjoy a day at Gweedore. Aunt Jennie

1) The Kindergarten, Strand House School, Londonderry (written on photo Ivy? Ne??? - Victor? Ne??? - Mary Smith?) 11th May 1908 Postmark Londonderry to Mrs. Keown, Beechwood Avenue, Derry - I would be glad if the children would be back for the choir or chair exam tomorrow morning, all my ? girls ? well, for which I am thankful. Hoping all are well with you. M. ? D.
                                  1                                                                           2                     3                    4
1) 26th December 1911 Postmark Hot???? to Mrs. A. Robertson, Bunbeg, Gweedore, Co. Donegal - Best wishes for Xmas & the New Year. Madeline Hill
1) 26th February 1912 Postmark Surrey to Miss Nora Keown, 3 Rock Villas, Londonderry, Ireland - Very lonely & got no word from home since I left. Best love, Father
2) 26th February 1912 Postmark Furley, Surrey to Miss Essie Keown, 3 Rock Villas, Londonderry, Ireland - Will be home on Wednesday & hope to find you quite better. Father
3) 9th May 1912 Postmark Bunbeg to Master Hugh Keown, 3 Rock Villas, Londonderry - I hope you are very much better today and will soon be out again now when the weather is getting so fine. Jessie and Madgie are both at school. Love from all Auntie

1                                                                                 2
1) Londonderry, St. Columb's Cathedral 11th May 1912 Postmark Londonderry to Mrs. Robertson, Bunbeg, Co. Donegal - Hugh a great deal better today, Dr. allowed him up for a little while & he is quite proud of himself. Best love to all. J. ???
2) 20th May 1912 Postmark Bunbeg ' The Ideal Wife gives Hubbie a drink when he can't sleep' to Miss Essie Keown, 3 Rock Villas, L' Derry - Hope you are all well. I am glad Bob is well and Maria to. We saw where the train broke down when we were coming here. Love from Hugh

1                                                                                2
1) 23rd May 1912 Postmark Bunbeg 'Where are you going my pretty Maid?' to Mr. Keown, 3 Rock Villas, Londonderry - Dear Father, Hope you are all well, I am going home on Thursday with Tessie. Love from Hugh
2) 23rd May 1912 Postmark Bunbeg 'With this strong arm I'll protect thee against the World' to Nora Keown, 3 Rock Villas, L. Derry - Love from Hugh

1                                                                            2
1) 28th May 1912 Postmark Bunbeg 'I'm Henry the Eighth I am!' to Miss Essie Keown, 3 Rock Villas, Londonderry - Dear Essie, Hope all well. The Fishermen got 65 salmon yesterday. Love from Hugh
2) 29th May 1912 Postmark Bunbeg 'The Ideal Wife Badly Wanted Here!' to Miss Nora Keown, 3 Rock Villas, L. Derry - Dear Nora, hope you are all well. Hope you will like this card with the man and his we wane. Love from Hugh

1                                                                      2
1) 29th May 1912 Postmark Bunbeg 'Home Rule' to Mr. Keown, 3 Rock Villas, L. Derry - Dear Father, Hope you are all well, we are all well. The Lugars? are in how and there is a moter comes down every day. Love from Hugh
2) 29th May 1912 Postmark Bunbeg 'The Ideal Wife I've been looking for her for months & months & months' to Mrs. Keown, 3 Rock Villas, L. Derry - My Dear Mother, Hope you are all well, send Roy down to meet me at the train and tell him to be a good dog till I go back home. Love from Hugh

1                                                                        2
1) 1st July 1912 Postmark Bunbeg 'Father's Box of Tools - The Vicar calls and Mother takes him down to the Tool Shed - Father has just sat down on the Gimlet' to Miss Essie Keown, 3 Rock Villas, L. Derry, Ireland, Europe, the word - Dear Essie, Hope you are all well, how is Roy, hope he is well, wake up punch and Menie and make them write, we are having grand fun playing Dollies with the fishermen man we are. Love from Hugh. P.S. How is the new washer woman getting on, hope well. Hugh
2) 2nd July 1912 Postmark Bunbeg "If you want to be graceful, learn to skate" to Miss Nora Keown, 3 Rock Villas, L. Derry - Dear Nora, please send me a Cricket ball as soon as you can and some more cards and stamps. Love from Hugh

1                                                                    2
1) 16th July 1912 Postmark Bunbeg Good Luck, Best Wishes to Miss Nora Keown, c/o Mrs. Thompson, 13 Clarendon Street, Derry - Don't forget to feed the birds, Mother sends her love to you all. Best love Father
2) 20th July 1912 Postmark Bunbeg 'Daddie' to Miss Essie Keown, c/o Mrs. Simpson, 13 Clarendon Street, Derry - Best love from Father

1                                                                                 2
1) 30th July 1912 Postmark Londonderry Lucky Black Cats. Black cats three I send to thee, With trust, friendliest feelings; I trust thy luck will tripled be, And fortunate thy dealings! to Master H. Keown, Bunbeg, Co. Donegal - Love from Essie
2) Scotch Fishing Girls at Work, Scarborough - 25th July 1912 Postmark Londonderry to Master H. Keown, Bunbeg, Co. Donegal - love from Nora

1                                                                       2                           
1) 1st August 1912 Postmark Londonderry 'The Passing, are you a Mason?' to Master H. Keown, Bunbeg, Co. Donegal - Mrs. Vance asked us up for our tea to-day. Love from Nora
2) The Danger Line 4th August 1912 Postmark Bunbeg to Miss Marie Keown, c/o Mrs. Thompson, 13 Clarendon Street, Derry - Hugh very ill today. Best love Father

1                 2                   3                                                                4                           
1) 28th June 1913 Postmark Bunbeg to Mr. Keown, 3 Rock Villas, Londonderry, Ireland - Arrived safely, train half an hour late. We rode down on our bicycles, Madgie was up to meet us. Give my best love to Menie & Mother. I hope you will have a Happy Birthday. Love from Essie. Please excuse writing as I am in a hurry. Nora & Madgie are away for a ride now, but I stayed with Jessie. Sat evening June 28th
2) 5th July 1913 Postmark Londonderry to Miss Nora Keown, Bunbeg, Letterkenny - You must be very lazy as you never sent me a card since you left. Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself. Best love, Father
3) 11th July 1913 Postmark Londonderry to Miss Essie Keown, Bunbeg, Letterkenny - I suppose you are all at Roshine today. If fine tomorrow we are for Moville. Another ship launched today, no crowd like last time. Best love, Father
4) 30th July 1913 Postmark Londonderry Irish Jaunting Car to Miss Essie Keown, Bunbeg, Letterkenny - Mother could not find your skipping rope so am sending a new one. Best love Father

1                                                       2                                                    3          
1) 1st August 1913 Postmark Bunbeg 'A Little Irish Colleen' to Miss Essie Keown, Bunbeg, Letterkenny - Many thanks for letter recd. today. Mother & Roy went to Buncrana by 3.15 train. Marie & I are going at 6.20. Best love Father
2) 7th August 1913 Postmark Londonderry 'The Spoiled Child. Biddy - Bedad hes more bother to me own ten' to Miss Essie Keown, Bunbeg, Letterkenny - The two old Aunties next door went down by 12 train today to see Mother. Pity 'Daisy' didn't go too. Best love, Father
3) 7th November 1913 Postmark Londonderry to Miss H. Smyth, Princess Gardens School, Belfast - Well write tomorrow. Leaving M so far on way. Forgive great haste. ???
           1                                                                          2                            3
1) 22nd July 1914 Postmark Londonderry 'Nothing Shall Ever Part Us' to Miss N. Keown, c/o Mr. smith, Burtonport - Dear N., I do hope that you are getting better. I intend to go down to Buncranna one evening in August, hope to see you. I remain yours as ever. Hurry home. Bertie. Send me a P.C. to J. Cooke & Co., Strand. We had to part.?
2) 1st September 1919 Postmark Londonderry to Miss Essie Keown, Nad?-na-gedh?, Burtonport, Co. Donegal - Agnes Anderson was buried this evg. just back from funeral. All hands now for Church. Hope you are still enjoying yourself. Best love, Father
3) 4th September 1919 Postmark Londonderry 'Everything is going to the dogs!' to Miss Essie Keown, c/o Mrs. Smyth, Burtonport? - Hope see you Saturday night? Heard you had gone Bunbeg. All well here. Best love, Father

1                    2                     3
1) 28th July 1920 Postmark Bunbeg to D. R. Keown, Esq., 3 Rock Villas, Londonderry - 26/7/20 Having a great time. Bathed today again. Going up to Gweedore tonight on bikes. Best love Menie (this PC from an album owned by Menie R. Keown, 2nd Sept. 1919)
2) 28th July 1920 Postmark Bunbeg to R. B. Kelly, Esq., 3 Rock Villas, Londonderry - 27/7/20 Having a very nice time. Weather lovely since we came. Still no trains. Love from Menie (this PC from an album owned by Menie R. Keown, 2nd Sept. 1919)
3) 29th July 1920 Postmark Bunbeg to Miss Essie Keown, 3 Rock Villas, Londonderry - Don't send my bike now as it wouldn't be worth while. Best love Nora (this PC from an album owned by Menie R. Keown, 2nd Sept. 1919)

1                                                                                           2
1) 8th October 1921 Postmark Bangor Seacourt, Bangor, Co. Down to Miss M. Keown, 3 Rock Villas, Londonderry - I'm enjoying my time here & in Belfast very much, wish you were here, hope you are all well. Ruby (this PC from an album owned by Menie R. Keown, 2nd Sept. 1919)
2) 3rd August 1921 Postmark Moville, Londonderry The Last Car at Moville to Miss Essie Keown, Bunbeg, Letterkenny - Going home tonight, had nice time & fairly good weather. best love Father Tuesday Evg.

1                                           2                                                                   3                 4                 5                6
1) 1921 Postmark Moville to Miss Nora Keown, Bunbeg, Letterkenny - Tuesday evg. Hope you are all enjoying yourselves. Hear Edith went down with Mrs. T. & Bertie yesterday, you will have lots of company. Best love Father? (this PC from an album owned by Menie R. Keown, 2nd Sept. 1919)
2) 29th August 1922 Postmark Bangor to Mr. B. Kelly, c/o Mr. Keown, Rock Villas, Londonderry - Thanks awfully for nice present. Pardon for not writing before this. We are having a lovely holiday here. Kind regards to Mrs. K. & yourself. H. L. (this PC from an album owned by Menie R. Keown, 2nd Sept. 1919)
3) 29th July 1924 Postmark Portstewart to Miss Menie Keown, 3 Rock Villas, Strand, Londonderry - Enjoying myself A1 and not getting too bad weather at all. I like Mrs. McL. very much, she is so good. How is Mr. W. Love ????? (this PC from an album owned by Menie R. Keown, 3 Rock Villas, 7th August 1922)
4) 20th April 1935 Postmark Kronberg, Taunus? to Mrs. Smyth, 27 Springfield Road, Bangor, Co. Down, Ireland - Dear Mrs. Smyth, we wish you & Miss Smyth a happy Easter & many greetings & hope you are well. Henry & Maurice of Hessen Luive?
5) 29th July 1935 Postmark Panker to Mrs. Smyth, 27 Springfield Road, Bangor, Co. Down, Irland -  Dear Mrs. Smyth, How are you? we are very well. Soon we will go to Italy and see Dido. Lots of love to you and Dido's sister. From Dendie? Kindest regards, yours sincerely, Luise Huidt??
6) 9th August 1935 Postmark Londonderry to Miss Keown, c/o Miss Stewart?, Arona? Atlantic? Circle, Portstewart - Thanks for card, glad all enjoying yourselves. Weather has been glorious, Love Mother


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1) 16th August 1939 Postmark Portrush to Misses Keown, 3 Rock Villas, Strand Road, Londonderry - We are having a nice holiday here & enjoying ourselves very well. Love from Laura & Ethel
2) Seacliffe Road, Bangor - 4th March 1940 Postmark Bangor to Nurse? or Mrs. E. Keown, 3 North? Villas, Londonderry - Hope you have been keeping better and able to get out every day, weather has been lovely here, wish you had been with Auntie M. and out in the sunshine, she goes home today so you will hear all the news. Much love from Auntie
3) 15th August 1940 Postmark Portrush to Mrs. Keown, 3 Rock Villas, Strand Road, Londonderry - 14/8/40 Glad to hear you are still improving every day. Eveline is in Portstewart this afternoon with Audrey & Mary. Best love Menie
4) 29th August 1940 Postmark Dun Feannaca? to Mrs. Keown, 3 Rock Villas, Londonderry - Thursday. Glad to hear you are improving & are able to sit up longer. Had a lovely day in Bunbeg on Wednesday, the country looked beautiful but the rain started again yesterday afternoon. We expect to leave on Saturday so will see you on Sunday. Love Jessie

                                   1                                                            2
1) 1943 Loading Peat, Derrybeg, Co. Donegal to Mr. ? R. Keown, "Umphin" 33 Aberfoyle Crescent, Londonderry - Tuesday My dear Daddy, I hope you are all very well. I am having a lovely time playing in the sands & bathing every day. We spent yesterday at Chach? Isle, & going to Carrickfin for the day today, & I may get a ride on Uncle Charlie's donkey. Canon Williams came to see us yesterday & has asked us to tea on Thursday. He is taking us all to Portnabeagh for a picnic on Friday leaving here at 10.30 a.m. in Anthony's car. I am a very good wee girl. Lots of love & kisses to you & Mammy, Grandpa & Nanny from wee Anthea
2) 15th June 1944 Postmark Portaferry to Miss Evelyn Whyte, 108 Glen Road, Londonderry - With best wishes from Portaferry. ?? 15/6/44

                      1                             2                 3                4
1) 26th August 1947 Postmark Portrush 'So I'se going to frow' these at him' to Miss Keown, c/o Mrs. Wylie, 108 Glen Road, Londonderry - I'm having a most enjoyable holiday & the  weather, for so far, has been perfect. Hope all are well & that Gyl? doesn't miss me too much. Love from Essie. Has the prize arrived yet?
2) 19th May 1949 Postmark London to Miss E. Wylie, Norbeck?, Glen Road, Londonderry - Having a smashing time, got a seat for Danny Kaye. How are the Petrol licenses? Jack
3) 21st August 1949 Postmark Wallasey to Mr. & Mrs. T. Wylie, c/o Grand Hotel, Salthill, Galway, Eire - We arrived here safely after a very nice journey (not a bit sea sick!) The weather is just perfect and the place we are staying at is excellent. Had lunch at Martin's Lane yesterday, and were taken out in the car along the Prom in the afternoon. Hope you got away. All wish to be remembered to you. Write soon & have a good time. The No. of the house is 29. Love Evelyn & Cyril
4) 1st September 1949 Postmark Liverpool to Mr. & Mrs. T. S. Wylie, 108 Glen Road, Londonderry, N. Ireland - Had a wonderful day in Wales yesterday, I know you would love it, such glorious scenery. Like all good things on holiday is coming to an end but we have enjoyed every second. We have been seeing to quite a few things for our future. I shall get the train leaving Belfast around 2 o'clock which reaches Derry about 5 o'clock Sunday. Hope you are both well. Love Evelyn & Cyril

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1) 1963 Postmark Donegal to Miss Keown, 19 Richmond Crescent, Londonderry - Thought you would like this view. Hope you are getting on all right. We are having a very nice holiday here & the hotel is most comfortable. You will be going to Flo??? tomorrow & Madgie on Thursday. Tell M. not to forget my fudge! See you all on Sunday. Hope it will be fine. Weather isn't bad at all. Love from Essie
2) 15th April 196? Postmark Cascais? to The Misses Keown, 19 Richmond Crescent, Londonderry, N. Ireland - Cascais. Very many thanks for the pretty card. Hoping you are well. With love from Alice
3) 1967 Postmark Donegal? to Misses N. & E. Keown, 19 Richmond Crescent, Londonderry, Northern Ireland - We are having a great time here. The weather hasn't been too bad. I was in for 2 swims on Sunday and 2 yesterday, (which was Monday). We are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday and, as I am sure you are, hoping that it will be a nice day. Well, I'll be seeing you then. Lots of love, Christine
4) 25th December? 1967 to Misses Keown, 19 Richmond Crescent, Londonderry, N. Ireland - Monday. Came here last Wednesday, go to Derry on Wednesday 27th. Hope to see you, will be here for a few days. Weather not too bad so we will able to have some lovely swims. Jessie
5) 15th August 1968 to The Misses Keown, 19 Richmond Crescent, Londonderry, N. Ireland - Cloonmass. 15/8/68 Having a lovely time here, good company and lots of fun. You must come and see my slides when I go home. I have some lovely new ones. Hope you are both keeping well. All good wishes from Maureen
6) 14th July 1972 Postmark Portstewart to Misses? Nessie? Keown, 19 Richmond Avenue, Londonderry - Portstewart, Thought you would like a copy of this old card (1932) All good wishes H. O.? N. Kegney
7) Villa Italia, Caseais Christmas '73 - Dear Nora & Essie, A wee card to wish you both a warm & peaceful Christmas, & a brighter New Year. With love from, Alice
8) after 1976 - Dear Nora & Essie, Thank you very much for the money gift you sent us for the twins. It will be very useful, babies seem to need to much. We are still very busy with the boys but we are getting a bit more sleep. We still don't know if the twins are identical or not, they certainly look very similar, sometimes I get quite confused. Their names are Rory and Daragh (good Irish name) All the best. Desmond & Merlyn? Bell
9) 25th August 1983 Postmark Chester Clwyd to Mr. & Mrs. C. E. Bamber (address withheld) Belfast, N. Ireland - We went to Snowdonia on Friday, camped with Ann & Vic & some others from Glossop. Managed to do some walking. We are now staying in a cottage between Mold? & Denbigh, we returned to camp overnight in Snowdonia but it was too misty to walk so drove round the coast & I had a swim. Enjoying the break before going back to do some jobs on the house. See you soon, love Christie or Christine & Roy xxx (this PC from an album owned by Menie R. Keown, 3 Rock Villas, 7th August 1922)

1                   2                 3
1) 21st October 1983 Postmark Aylesbury to Mr. & Mrs. C. E. Bamber (address withheld) Belfast, Northern Ireland - Risborough 21-10-83 We are staying with Mollie to help her over a lonely patch. She is better with company & we enjoy exploring the fairly familiar countryside. Thank you for your card. We are sure you enjoyed your holiday. Hope all is well with you. Take good care of yourself Cyril, you are really wonderful. Love Dana or Dara & Tom (this PC from an album owned by Menie R. Keown, 3 Rock Villas, 7th August 1922)
2) 1983 to Mr. & Mrs. C. E. Bamber (address withheld) Belfast, N. Ireland - Tuesday. Arrived safely, children good on the journey. Weather rather mixed but still venture out. The hotel held a firework display for the children on Sunday night, Gavin was in his element. Keith has been good, though still wakening in the morning. See you on Sunday, love from All (this PC from an album owned by Menie R. Keown, 3 Rock Villas, 7th August 1922)
3) 2nd November 1983 Postmark Santayi to Mr. & Mrs. C. Bamber (address withheld) Belfast, Ireland - Hotel Poreut? Playa, Cala D'Or 2.11.1983 Dear friends, We are having a really lovely holiday, we have a very nice room over looking the bay, food and entertainment very good, some good coach outings, the scenery is lovely, also weather. Pleased you enjoyed your holiday, it was nice to speak to you on the phone. Love to all. Glad & Ted Farrow. (this PC from an album owned by Menie R. Keown, 3 Rock Villas, 7th August 1922)


1                                                                                                2
1) Donegall Quay and Mall Steamers, Belfast 30th May Postmark Belfast to Miss Ina Keown? 3 North Villas, Derry - It is lovely ? here Auntie ? I hope see you all tomorrow at either 11 or 1 o'clock Love Mollie?
2) Illustrated Sports, Mountain Climbing to Mr. Keown, 51 Beechwood Avenue, Londonderry - My dear father I hope you are well with best love from Hugh

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1) 26th July Postmark Mov???? Londonderry The Irish Jaunting Car. If you want do drive round Dublin shure you'll find me on the stand, I'll take you to Raheny to pick cockles on the Strand, I'll take you to the Phoenix Park, to Nancy Hands and then, I'll take you to the strawberry beds and back to town again to Miss Essie Keown, Bunbeg, Letterkenny - Roy is quite himself again. best love Father
2) 'I'm fine these days' to Mrs. Keown, 3 Rock Villas, Londonderry - Having a good time here - Weather not too grand. Auntie & Stella have me spoilt. I saw Winnie Maguinness to-day. Hope you are keeping better. Love from Essie
3) Postmark Londonderry ' Pat is often painted with a ragged coat & hat, his heart & hospitality has much to do with that' to Master Hugh Keown, Gweedore Hotel, Gweedore, Letterkenny - This is something like the horse you will drive; get Mickey to teach you all about horses & cars. Love from Father
4) 'Polite to a fault. Aunt: "Auntie's going to have a baths. Would Tommy like to come in too? Tommy: "Will there be any room, Auntie?' - Miss Ina? Keown, Gweedore Hotel, Gweedore, Co. Donegal - May ? in Dell but we are lonely? Hope you & Menie are good. Will send Parcel tomorrow. Nellie was due today. Give ? & Midge? my kisses from me. ? Dorothy is well. Love to all from Maurice?

1) 'His annual Bath. It's Gie Cauld!' to Miss Essie Keown, 51 Beechwood Avenue, Londonderry City, Ireland U.S.A. - I am just back from the swings. Love from Hugh
2) Postmark Gweedore 'Proud Mammas, A Happy Christmas' to Miss Essie Keown, 51 Beechwood Avenue, Londonderry - My Dear Essie, I hope Santa Claus will arrive safely in Beechwood Avenue and that you will all have a very Happy Christmas. Fond love from Auntie

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1) 'Tottie' Thank you for the sugar biscuits, they were very good. I am a werry good boy. How your chickens are. Love from Maurice
2) Master H. Keown, Roshine Lodge, Burtonport, Co. Donegal - Dear Hugh, We will b glad to see you on Monday. Love and xxxx Menie
3) Postmark Burtonport to Miss Nora Keown, The Bungalow, Victoria Park, Buncrana, Co. Donegal - Dear Nora, Thank you very much for your letter. Give my love to all. Hope
4) Postmark Londonderry to Master D. R. Keown, Bunbeg, Co. Donegal, Ireland - Is'int this like Connie. Joe wants to know if you practise an hour every day. I am sure you do Hugh, Love from Essie
5) Postmark Bunbeg to Miss Nora Keown, Fair View, Bucrana (Buncrana) - Thank you very much for your Post Card. I hope you are enjoying yourself in Buncrana, Love from Biddy
6) Miss Essie Keown, 51 Beechwood Avenue, Londonderry - My Dear Essie. Please send me some cards. Love from Jessie
7) Postmark Londonderry to Miss Essie Keown, Roshine Lodge, Burtonport, Co. Donegal - Lily ad Alice were here yesterday. Roy is very lonely without you and Hugh. Best love, Father

1                    2                    3                   4                  5                    6
1) Master H. Keown, 51 Beechwood Avenue, Londanderry - My Dear Hugh, How are you getting on, aren't these nice cows. Please write to me soon. Love from Donnelly
2) Postmark Greystones to Miss N. Keown, 51 Beechwood Avenue, Londonderry - Bethesda School, "Bethel" Greystones, Co. Wicklow. Dear Nora, Thanks very much for Post Card. I get my holidays in August. I will write & let you know the date later. Are you going to Bunbeg this year. I wonder when the summer weather will come. I hope all are well as I am myself. Love to all. Alice
3) no idea, foreign from Bolle or Belle Pasquin?
4) Master Hugh Keown, 51 Beechwood Avenue, Londonderry - Uncle Sandy and I hope you are better. This must be Barney bringing the sheep to Heather Cottage. Auntie
5) 28th June Postmark Ballymena to Miss Valerie Bamber c/o 108 Glen Road, Londonderry - Hope you are having a good time. I am sure you love your new swing. Believe you have great fun with Pat. Hope you are a good girl. Will see you soon. Christine sends lots of love & special kisses. Best love Mummy, Daddy & Christine
6) From Tommie   To Menie
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1) St. Augustine's Church, Londonderry
Unveiling and Dedication of War Memorial Tablet
by the Lord Bishop of Derry and Raphoe
Sunday 19th September 1920 at 11.30 o'clock Service
Band of the 1st Bn. "The Queen's" Regt. (Conductor Mr. J. Buckle) will play and accompany the Choir.
2) Order of Service
3) Names of the Fallen: William Frederick Algeo - James Clenaghan - Thomas Crockett - William Maurice Davin
John Donnell - William Hegarty - Robert Henry Hill - Stewart Hughes - William James Kane - Robert James McElroy
Hugh McKelvey - John McKelvey - John McLaughlin - Thomas McLaughlin - Edward Nutter - Samuel O'Neill
David Quigley - John James Quigley - Samuel Scott - Walter Smith - Andrew Steele
"Faithful Unto Death"
4, 5, 6) St. Augustine's Church Magazine
7) Mother's Union - Mrs. Burns, Mrs. Peacocke, Mrs. Kelly, Rev. S. E. McKegney, M.C., M.A., Mrs. Alex. McFarland, 16 Hawkin Street.
Magazines - Miss Audrey Davin, Miss Hazel Cadden
Roll of Service - Tom Lee, John and Joseph Leslie, Ronald Kelly, Thomas Smith, Fred Carson. John McBride, sen.
Socials - Mrs. Speers, Jack Speers, Mrs. Logue, Mrs. C. Roulston, Miss May Cunningham
Church Choir - Miss Lily Gordon, Miss Phyllis Roulston, A.T.S., Mr. Robert Gibbons, R.E.
Scout Groups - Rover Mate Tom Smith
Congratulations - Rev. Charles Huggins, B.A. Miss Mary Martin, of Hartlepool
Remembrance Sunday - Ven Archdeacon Homan, M.A., Captain Fryer, M.M., Mr. Samuel Bolton, ex-B.Q.M.S.
Baptisms - 7th November Leslie, son of William John and Sarah Carland, Creevagh
24th November Eileen Elizabeth, daughter of John and Matilda Mary Simpson, 24 Belview Avenue
Burials - 3rd November Martha Elizabeth Sproule Keown, Rock Villas, To City Cemetery
12th November Sarah Jane Glenn, 43 Dungiven Road, To Killaloo
26th November Harriett F. McGuigan, Ardverness, Aberfoyle Crescent, To Coleraine
Mrs. Keown was the widow of the late D. R. Keown, who had been prominently identified with our Church life, as Treasurer, Churchwarden, and member of the Select Vestry. Mrs. Keown had been ailing for some time, and passed peacefully to her rest. She was a kindly, motherly, woman and a though she could not attend church she took a keen interest in all that was going on. To her daughters - Mrs. Wylie, Norah, and Essie our sympathy is extended.
Miss Glenn was the last surviving member of the Glenn family who at one time were regular supporters of S. Augustine's. Although confined to the house for some years, she kept bright and cheerful.
Mrs. McGuigan was Mrs. J. Glassey's mother, and lived with her daughter in Derry. She was an old friend of the Rector, who had known her in Coleraine.