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Postcard Album Jackson
R.M.S. "Corinthic" 1906
St. Andrew's Church N.Z. 1856-1906
Will - William John Gill 1906

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Postcard Album Jackson

Tyrella Service Garage and Road to Shore
Miss L. Jackson, Craigy, Saintfield, Co. Down from Minnie postmark AINERSTOWN??

To Miss E. Jackson, Craigy, Saintfield, Co. Down 23rd November 1950 from Helen in Rothesay

to Miss L. Jackson, Cregagh, Saintfield, Co. Down from Mrs. Hewitt? & Patsy in Scotland

to Mr. W. McMurray, Greencastle, Kilkeel, Co. Down, Ireland 5th November 1907 from M. A. in Paisley

S S Leviathan
to Mrs. M. Ferguson, McArthur Hall, College Gardens, Belfast 23rd September 1928 from Florrie in Southampton

"Ulster Will Fight Series" No. 13 Brave! Ulster Volunteers

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R.M.S. "Corinthic" 39th March 1906

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Map of N.Z. and Fiji Islands 1906; Weather Log from London to N.Z. 1906; Passenger List;
Programme of Sports; Programme of Concert 12th April 1906

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St. Andrew's Church, Christchurch N.Z. 1856-1906

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List of Office Bearers :- THE SESSION : Rev. J. Mackenzie, M.A., Moderator; Rev. N. McCallum; Mr. D. B. Bowie, Session Clerk; Mr. G. Lambie; Mr. H. J. Herriott; Mr. D. R. Kennedy; Mr. J. Lee; Mr. Alex. Johnston; Mr. John Telford; Mr. R. Nairn; Mr. Chas. Carmichael; Mr. J. Frame; Mr. John McLeod & Mr. John A. Tait, Congregational Treasurer
DEACONS : Mr. C. Bills; Mr. J. H. Lash; Mr. C. Taylor; Mr. J. K. Venables; Mr. T. D. Boag; Mr. G. Calder; Mr. J. McMeekin; Mr. J. Murray; Mr. Geo. Telford; Mr. Hy. Leslie & Mr. W. F. Hilson, Clerk of Deacons' Court
Organist and Choirmaster : Mr. R. Neville Renaud
Church Officer : Mr. Jas. Taylor
Caretaker of Cemetery : Mr. P. Wilson
SABBATH SCHOOL : Superintendent - Rev. J. Mackenzie; Assistant Superintendent - Mr. T. I. Hitt; Junior Bible Class - Girls Mr. Renaud; Junior Bible Class - Boys Mr. Thompson; Infant Class - Miss Anderson
TEACHERS : Miss Polson, Miss Calder, Miss Clarke, Miss Crummy, Miss Dunbar, Miss Greig, Mr. Venables & Mr. Ross.  Miss McIlraith, Treasurer; Mr. A. Johnston, Secretary and Librarian; Mr. Bradbury, Assistant Librarian
CHOIR : Organist and Choirmaster - Mr. R. N. Renaud; Secretary - Mr. Alex. Johnston. Members - Sopranos - Mrs. Dun, Miss Campbell, Miss Clarke, Miss Geddes, Miss Innes, Miss Millie Innes, Miss McCracken, Miss Bruce, Miss Wright, Miss M. Campbell, Miss Dun, Miss Harper, Miss May Innes, Miss E. Sinclair, Miss B. Sinclair, Miss Todd, Miss Mitchell & Miss Waddell.  Altos : Mrs. Powell, Miss Bills, Miss M. Harper, Miss Manks.  Tenors : Mr. Bills, Mr. Johnston, Mr. Wylie, Mr. Lee.  Basses : Mr. McIntosh, Mr. Innes, Mr. Smith, Mr. Venables, Mr. A. G. Thompson
LADIES' ASSOCIATIONS : President, Mrs. Mackenzie; Secretary, Mrs. Chilton; Treasurer, Mrs. Johnston; Committee, Mesdames Deans, Boag, T. D. Boag, Bain, Tait and Frostick.  Ladies' Missionary Association - President, Mrs. Mackenzie; Secretary and Treasurer, Mrs. Moyes.  Young Women's Bible Class - Leader, Mrs. Mackenzie; Secretary and Treasurer, Miss G. Mackay; Librarian, Miss A. Frame; Editor of Journal, Miss S. McLeod; Conveners of Committees, Misses M. Wright, J. Geddes, and E. Alfrey.  Young Ladies' Association - President, Mrs. Mackenzie; Vice-Presidents, Miss Clarke, Miss Anderson and Miss Bowie; Secretary and Treasurer, Miss A. M. McIlraith; Committee, Miss Douglas, Miss Crummy and Miss McMeekin.  Young Men's Bible Class - President, Rev. J. Mackenzie; Leaders, Messrs. R. Nairn and D. R. Kennedy; Sub-Leader, Mr. G. Telford; Secretary, Mr. J. Thorn; Editor, Mr. B. McCallum; Treasurer, Mr. A. Watson; Librarian, Mr. A. Wilson; Committee, Messrs. C. Ogilvie, A, Wright, A. Wilson & J. Innes

BACK ROW - Messrs. C. Bills, J. McMeekin, H. Leslie, T. D. Boag, W. F. Hilson, (Clerk of Deacons' Court), C. Taylor, J. Murray, J. H. Lash, J. P. W. Lee, J. Taylor (Church Officer).
MIDDLE ROW - Messrs. G. Lambie, J. McLeod, H. J. Herriott, D. B. Bowie (Session Clerk), Rev. J. Mackenzie, J. A. Tait (Treasurer), C. Carmichael, A. Johnston, R. Nairn, J. Telford
FRONT ROW - Messrs. J. K. Venables, C. Ogilvie, Geo. Telford

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Last Will and Testament of William John Gill of Leggygowan


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This is the last will and testament of me William John Gill of Leggygowan in the County of Down farmer disposing of all my property and estate in manner and form following. I revoke all previous wills by me at any time heretofore made and declare this to be my last will and testament and I nominate my uncle William Morrison of Currycarnonan Ballynahinch Road Crossgar Farmer, my brother Joseph Robert Gill of Leggygowan Farmer, my brother in law John Hamilton of Lisowen Farmer to be executors of this my last will and testament.  I direct that all my first debts be paid including the sum of 43 with 7 interest thereon (making a total of 50) due my brother Joseph Robert Gill also 49 with two years interest thereon due my aunt Mrs. John Johnston Drumaness Corn Mill.  I leave and bequeath to my wife Elizabeth Jane Gill my farm with stock crop chattels and house, furniture also my share in the potato digger owned by my brother Joseph Robert Gill and myself in common to manage in the interests of my family and eventually to will among the members of my family according to her own judgment on the condition that she remains unmarried.  Should she marry again she surrenders all claim on my property but shall receive the sum of fifty pounds stg (the sum of money she brought with her when we were married)  In witness whereof I have hereto set my hand this 19th day of April 1906. Witnesses: Gawn Hamilton, Stewart Dickson.  219 : 7 : 6

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