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James McAleenan Family Bible

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Family Bible of the McAleenan Family

there are 2 Bibles and some things that were inside them

Family Register



Thursday the 7th May 1863, in

St. Malachy's Catholic Church, Belfast

by the

Most Rev. Doctor Dorrian

Bishop of Down and Connor

James McAleenan to Kate Trevors


1. James McAleenan, born Saturday, June 25th 1864

2. John Francis McAleenan, born Thursday January 4th 1866

3. Mary McAleenan, born Saturday February 29th 1868

4. Patrick Joseph, born Monday 17th January 1870


Edward Saturday Aug.

Mrs. Annie O'Neill, Maghera, died 2nd October 1912                                                    St. Patrick's Church, Belfast                                                                

Association of the Ladies of Charity of St. Vincent De Paul
Mrs. E. McCloskey has been admitted into the Association of the Ladies of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, 5th February 1905,
Joseph Burns, Adm.; Director - Elizabeth MacErlean, President

Souvenir of the 19th Annual International Roman Catholic Congress
Papal Legates Visit to London
First since reformation to be at Eucharistic Congress
September 9 to 13
A letter from J. A. Hogan, of St. Mary's, Marino, Dublin
9th March 1913

Dear Maurice,

Just a short note to ask you how yourself and Francis have been getting on since I met you last November in the Brothers' Schools, Belfast!  I hope you are both keeping well. I also hope your dear father and mother are keeping well during this severe and changeable season.  I suppose the weather is just as bad in Belfast as in other parts of the country.

I trust you will like the little book which I enclose for yourself & Francis.  Both of them I am sure will interest you.  I hope you are still keeping in your minds what you told me of your desire to join our Order.  Pray fervently to our Blessed Lady and to ? Maurice & Francis to obtain the necessary grace for you both.  Please God the time won't be long coming when I expect to revisit Belfast

Good bye to both of you till them.

Yours faithfully, J. P. Hogan


Medical Certificates

     A panel of doctors has been formed for the County Borough of Belfast for the purpose of granting to insured persons, free of cost to them, medical certificates required in connection with the administration of sickness and sanatorium benefits under the National Insurance Act, 1911.  The names and addresses of the doctors on the panel are given below

     To obtain certificates free of cost the name of every insured person must be placed upon the list of one of these doctors.  An Identification Note should be filled in at once and then sent or brought to whichever doctor on the list is selected.  These Identification Notes will be sent to deposit contributors by the Irish Insurance Commission, and members of Approved Societies may obtain them from their Societies.

     Insured persons should carefully read the Instructions on the Identification Notes, and further information may be obtained from the Clerk to the County Borough of Belfast Insurance Committee, 64 Royal Avenue, Belfast, or from the Secretary, National Health Insurance Commission (Ireland), Dublin.


Adams, James C.
Acheson, Samuel E. A.

Aicken, Michael H.
Allworthy, Samuel W.
Adair, Thomas McC
Blakely, S.
Blewitt, James
Burnside, William Massy
Burns, William
Burns, Alexander
Boyd, Robert
Bryars, John S.
Beck, Walter
Carlisle, W. H.
Calwell, Robert B.
Cahill, Mark F.
Cathcart, Thomas C. D.
Cairns, Edward
Calwell, Sarah E.
Calwell, William
Campbell, Robert G.
Dunn, William A.
Davison, John R.
Davidson, Thomas A.
Dickey, William
Erskine, Robert J.
Ewing, John
Ferguson, James C.
Ferguson, A. A.
Ferran, W. H.
Fulton, James
Frazer, Robert M.
Gaussen, D. P.
Godfrey, William
Gibson, William
186 Raven Hill Road
52 Cromac Street and 207 Lorne Terrace, Albertbridge Road
148 Divis Street
183 Antrim Road
40 Botanic Avenue
78 Dublin Road
12 College Square North
77 Great Victoria Street
130 Great Victoria Street
37 Lisburn Road
Holywood Road
239 Mountpottinger Road
160 North Street and Myrtle Villa, Balmoral
169 Duncairn Gardens
166 Crumlin Road
3 University Square and 93 Shankill Road
297 Newtownards Road
23 Cliftonville Road
71 Duncairn Gardens
100 York Street
Kimberley Gardens, Bloomfield
83 Ormeau Road
"Romanov" Ormeau Road
13 Clifton Street
88 Antrim Road
2 Templemore Avenue
102 Holywood Road
133 Ormeau Road
246 Woodstock Road
179 Shankill Road
41 Woodvale Road
Lorne Terrace, Mountpottinger
The Hill, Dunmurry, Co. Antrim
4 The Mount
Mountpottinger House
Gray, Harold
Gray, David
Gaffikin, Phillip J.
Hogg, Thomas S.
Holmes, Thomas S.
Hayden, William R.
Hunter, Samuel R.
Hutchinson, James A.
Hill, William J.
Hogg, George A.
Henry, Moses
Hill, Rowland
Irvine, H. R.
Jamison, John
Kevin, Charles
Kevin, Robert G.
Kennedy, Thomas
Kennedy, John
Leslie, Richard W.
Ledlie, Andrew
Lennon, John
Lyttle, George G.
Logan, John B.
Loughridge, John C.
Montgomery, Alexander
Mateer, Charles A.
Moore, A. P. B.
MacIntosh, John
Monypenny, Hiram J.
Monypenny, William
Martin, Joseph
Magill, William A.
Munn, Robert J.
Minford, William
Milligan, Charles J.
McMurtry, A. H. H.
McLeish, John
McKinney, David J.
MacKenzie, William G.
McKenna, A. G.
McIlroy, John
McElroy, John
McCaull, James
McSparron, Daniel
McConnell, N. O.
McDonald, John
McCaughey, John G.
McComb, S. W.
O'Neill, Charles
Osborne, Henry D.
O'Flaherty, Patrick E.
Patton, William
Reid, Robert
Russell-MacNabb, H.
Ritchie, James W.
Ritchie, Hugh J.
Rusk, John
271 Shankill Road
271 Shankill Road
7 Wilmount Terrace, Lisburn Road
"Dunmore" 135 Ormeau Road
63 University Road
129 Crumlin Road
"Rosemount" Dunmurry, Co. Antrim
180 Antrim Road
1 Springfield Road, and 465 Falls Road
11 York Road
"Benvisto" Antrim Road
7 University Road
Lonsdale, Ballyhackamore
95 Falls Road
144 Donegal Pass
127 Great Victoria Street
Buncrana House, Ormeau Road
305 Grosvenor Road
St. Heliers, Strandtown
6 Strangemore Terrace, Clifton Park
Holywood Road
4 Ulster Terrace, Lisburn Road
126 Cliftonville Road
Whitewell, Belfast
Fitzwilliam, Place
146 Upper Newtownards Road
Ashley House, Albert Bridge Road
36 Duncairn Gardens
189 Antrim Road
3 Shaftesbury Square
"Lornville, Albert Bridge Road
129 Duncairn Gardens
"Ingleside" Woodstock Road
168 York Street
Dispensary House, Ligoniel
11 Crumlin Road
91 Great Victoria Street
130 Lisburn Road
6 University Square
94 York Street
170 York Street
185 Antrim Road
201 Grosvenor Road
103 Falls Road
113 North Street
261 York Street
123 Crumlin Road
"Dunedin" Antrim Road
81 Great Victoria Street
124 Antrim Road
6 Crumlin Road
Grosvenor Lodge
Markvale, White Abbey
147 Donegall Street & 134 Divis Street
125 Crumlin Road
219 Springfield Road & 257 Shankill Road
188 Antrim Road
Stewart, James H.
Stewart, John
Smiley, David C.
Smiley, William
Speers, George M.
Smyth, F. C.
Shaw, James
Simpson, J.
Thompson, John
Tweedie, D. H.
Taggart, W. J.
Taggart, R. S.
Thompson, John
Thompson, J. K.
Trimble, William J.
Taylor, James
Thomson, Robert
Trimble, Andrew
Vance, George
Watt, Robert
Watson, Robert
Watson, Annie K.
Wilson, Robert
Whyte, Samuel H.
Whyte, James E.
Wadsworth, William A.
Williamson, James D.
Wilson, David
168 Antrim Road
10 Carlisle Terrace
195 Albert Bridge Road
195 Albert Bridge Road
"Mountside" Ligoniel
1 West Elmwood, Lisburn Road
51 Dublin Road
76 Pakenham Place
5 Dunelin Terrace, University Road
2 Olive Villa, Antrim Road
3 Glandore Park, Antrim Road
4 Ben Vista, Antrim Road
28 Lonsdale Terrace, Carlisle Circus, 100 Peters Hill
1 Mentmore Terrace, Lisburn Road
101 City View Terrace, Dunville Park
101 Ormeau Road
150 Donegall Pass
1 Thorndale Terrace, Antrim Road
52 Crumlin Road
50 Crumlin Road
126 Bloomfield Avenue
126 Bloomfield Avenue
262 York Street
132 Ravenhill Road
"Eastleigh" Strandtown
100 Antrim Road
189 Albert Bridge Road
Nottinghill, White Abbey, Antrim