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William E. Williames Collection

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a collection of things in a scrapbook bound in Navy and with Belfast Harbour on the spine

1                                                                         2
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Williames - Brig. General G. W. Hacket Pain, C.B., Commanding Officers and Officers of the Belfast Military District, At Home, at Linfield Football Ground, Belfast, on Wednesday, 24th July 1918 3-7p.m. Military Athletic Meeting, R.S.V.P. Hon. Sec. Sports Committee, Victoria Barracks, Belfast
2) Private and Confidential - Harland & Wolff, Ltd., Queen's Island, Belfast - Launch of H.M.S. "Cavendish" Thursday, 17th January, 1918. Ceremony to commence at 1.15 p.m. Launch 1.30 p.m. Admit W. E. Williames, Esq., J.P. to Launching Platform, also to Luncheon ay 1.45 p.m.

1                                                                           2
The M.W.S. (M. E. Bro. W. E. Williames) and M. E. Brethren of The Belfast Chapter of Prince Masons, No. VIII request the pleasure of M.E. Brother ____________ Company at Dinner on Friday, 17th December, at 7 o'clock, in the Masonic Rooms (Scottish Temperance Buildings) 16 Donegall Square South. Labour at 6 o'clock Degree. Kindly note change of address. R.S.V.P. Louis A. Plunkett, Verona, Malone Park, Belfast
2) Testimonial to Mr. Thomas Armstrong. The Committee having charge of the above arrangements request the pleasure of the Company of _________ at Messrs. Thompson's Restaurant, Donegall Place, Belfast, ob Friday, 6th July, at 8 p.m., when the presentation will be made. The Chair will be taken by W. E. Williames, Esq., J.P.  Light Refreshments and Music.  R.S.V.P. to G. E. Richards, 32 Wellington Place, Belfast

1                                                                                        2
Belfast Harbour Commissioners. King's Visit, Wednesday, 22nd June, 1921. Admit the Bearer to Stand in Shed, Donegall Quay (Fleetwood Berth), to witness the Arrival of His Majesty the King. D. J. Owen, General Manager and Secretary
2) Royal Visit to Belfast. Opening of Northern Parliament, Wednesday, 22nd June, 1921. Police on Duty: Pass whenever practicable, the Bearer, Mr. W. E. Williames through the City. City Commissioner, R.I.C.

1                                                                                         2
Scarborough Cricket Festival, 1921 England XI v. Australians. Eighth Day, September 9th.
2) Scarborough Cricket Festival, 1921 Gentlemen v. Players. Fourth Day, September 5th.

Leahy, Kelly & Leahy, Ltd. 1923

                 1                                                                          2
British Empire Exhibition. president H. R. H. The Prince of Wales, K.G. Admit Bearer to the State Opening of the Exhibition by H.M. The King accompanied by H.M. The Queen at the Stadium, Wembley. at 11.30 a.m. on Wednesday, April 23rd 1924 Two Guineas Including Tax
2) Ulster Liberal Unionist Association. 4 Royal Avenue, Belfast, 23rd October 1920. Dear Sir, You are requested to attend a Meeting of the Association, to be held in the Ulster Reform Club, on Tuesday, the 26th inst., at 2.30 o'clock Yours faithfully, Wm. J. McMillan, Hon. Sec. Business: Important. To further consider the political situation.

Complimentary Dinner to Ulster Cricket Club on occasion of winning the N.C.U. of Ireland Senior League Championship 1922 Thompson's Restaurant, Belfast April 5th 1923 Chairman - Sir Robert Baird, K.B.E., D.L.

Shankill Road Y.M.C.A. Club - Committee: Rev. James Quinn, B.A., Chairman; Rev. Henry Montgomery, D.D.; Rev. Henry O'Connor, M.B.E.; Major W. A. Montgomery, C.B.E., D.S.O.; R. Armstrong, J.P.; R. Andrews, J. Morrison, J. Jameson, R. Silvey, J. T. Storey, R. C. Taggart, National Council of Y.M.C.A.'s; William Brown, Superintendent
"This Building was erected by the members of the Ulster Reform Club, to the Glory of God, and in grateful recognition of the services rendered by the men of the Shankill District in the Great War, 1914-1918"
The formal opening ceremony took place on October 27th 1924.

1                                                                          2
McCammon Memorial Masonic Hall, Holywood, 11th December 1905. Dear Sir and Brother, Notice is hereby given that the Stated Communication of the County Masonic Lodge, No. 381, will be held on Monday, the 18th December, 1905, at 7.45 p.m. Fraternally yours, W. E. Williames, J.P., W.M.  J. Hunter Barrett, Secretary.
Agenda: I. Reading and Confirming Minutes; II. To confer Degrees; III. To Ballot for Bro. Fred. W. Smyth, of Lodge 89, proposed by Bro. J. Hunter Barrett, P.M., seconded by Bro. R. W. Hancock, P.M.
2) 30 Donegall Quay, Belfast, 18/11/19. Dear Sir, Presentation to Mr. William E. Williams (Williames) The Presentation Committee cordially request the pleasure of your company on the occasion of the presentation to Mr. William E. Williams, at the Eglinton and Winton Hotel, on Saturday, 22nd inst., at 7.0 p.m. precisely. It is hoped you can make in convenient to grace the proceedings with your presence. Yours faithfully, Henry S. Calderwood, Hon. Secretary R.S.V.P.

1                                                                                         2                        
The Belfast Transport Officials' Club Fourth Annual Outing to Port Sunlight and Chester via Liverpool by S.S. "Patriotic" 22nd June 1923. President: W. E. Williames, Esq., D.L., J.P.  Vice-Presidents: John S. Garrett, Esq.; F. M. Heyn, Esq.; Sir Saml. Kelly, C.B.E.; H. S. Lawther, Esq.; W. McCalla, Esq., J.P.; Jas. McConnell, Esq., J.P.; Capt. William Reid; Samuel Stewart, Esq.; Major J. A. Torrens, D.L.; Sir Thomas Wilson, J.P.  Committee: Mr. Samuel Berkeley (B.S.S.Co. Ltd.), Chairman; Mr. S. T. Ward (Gt. N. Rly. Co., I.), Vice-Chairman; Mr. John Blair (Fleetwood Steamers, L.M. & S. Rly.); Mr. William Burke (B. & M.S.S. Co., Ltd.); Mr. Henry Cowie (L. M. & S. Rly., N.C.C.); Mr. Hugh Dowling (Heysham Steamers, L. M. & S. Rly.); Mr. W. H. Hall (B. & C.D. Rly.); Mr. Thomas Henshaw (Fleetwood Steamers, L. M. & S. Rly.); Mr. James Houldsworth (Burns & Laird Line, Ltd.); Mr. John Mitchell (Cowan & Co., Ltd.); Mr. Thomas R. Neville (B. S. S. Co., Ltd.); Mr. Richard Nolan (Sutton & Co.); Mr. Murray Reid (B. S. S. Co., Ltd.); Mr. Frank Robinson (Fleetwood Steamers, L. M. & S. Rly.); Mr. Thomas Shanks (Ayr S. S. Co., Ltd.); Mr. Joseph Standfield (B. & C. D. Rly.); Mr. N. Taylor (L. M. & S. Rly., N.C.C.); Mr. Henry Thompson (L. M. & S. Rly., N.C.C.)  Hon. Auditors: Mr. F. L. Smyth (L. M. & S. Rly., N.C.C.); Mr. Henry C. Cruiks  Hon. Treasurer: Mr. James Edgar (L. M. & S. Rly.), 12 Royal Avenue, Belfast  Hon. Secretary: Mr. H. S. Calderwood (Ayr S. S. Co., Ltd.), 47 Queen's Square, Belfast
2) Fifth Annual Outing to Windermere Lake via Heysham by S.S. "Antrim"  Visiting - Morecambe, Bowness, Kendal, Ambleside and Lancaster 28th June 1924  President: W. E. Williames, Esq., D.L., J.P.  Vice-Presidents: John S. Garrett, Esq.; F. M. Heyn, Esq.; Sir Saml. Kelly, C.B.E.; H. S. Lawther, Esq.; W. McCalla, Esq., J.P.; Jas. McConnell, Esq., J.P.; Capt. William Reid; Samuel Stewart, Esq.; Major J. A. Torrens, D.L.; Sir Thomas Wilson, J.P.  Committee: Mr. Samuel Berkeley, J.P. (B. S. S. Co. Ltd.), Chairman; Mr. S. T. Ward (Gt. N. Rly. Co., I.), Vice-Chairman; Mr. John Blair (Fleetwood Steamers, L.M. & S. Rly.); Mr. William Burke (B. & M. S. S. Co., Ltd.); Mr. Henry Cowie (L. M. & S. Rly., N.C.C.); Mr. Hugh Dowling (Heysham Steamers, L. M. & S. Rly.); Mr. W. H. Hall (B. & C.D. Rly.); Mr. James Houldsworth (Burns & Laird Line, Ltd.); Mr. John Mitchell (Cowan & Co., Ltd.); Mr. Thomas R. Neville (B. S. S. Co., Ltd.); Mr. Richard Nolan (Sutton & Co.); Mr. Murray Reid (B. S. S. Co., Ltd.); Mr. Frank Robinson (Fleetwood Steamers, L. M. & S. Rly.); Mr. Thomas Shanks (Burns & Laird Line, Ltd.); Mr. Joseph Standfield (B. & C. D. Rly.); William Stewart (Wordie & Co.); Mr. N. Taylor (L. M. & S. Rly., N.C.C.); Mr. Henry Thompson (L. M. & S. Rly., N.C.C.)  Hon. Auditors: Mr. T. T. Love (B. & M. S. S. Co., Ltd.); Mr. Robert Dunlop (L. M. & S. Rly., N.C.C.)  Hon. Treasurer: Mr. James Edgar (L. M. & S. Rly.), 12 Royal Avenue, Belfast  Hon. Secretary: Mr. H. S. Calderwood (B. S. S. Co., Ltd.), 42 Donegall Quay, Belfast
Foreword - Arriving at Heysham by the fine L. M. & S. Steamer "Antrim" the party will join the 8-45 a.m. Electric Train arriving in Morecambe at 9-0 a.m. where the tour proper will commence.  Starting from Morecambe, situated on the picturesque Bay of the same name, famous for its salubrious sea air, the party will proceed by Charabanc through beautiful country, verdant and richly timbered, via Carnforth and Kendal to Bowness that picturesque spot on Windermere Lake where:-
"The wind breathes soft as lovers sigh, and oft renewed seems oft to die, with breathless pause between.
O who with speech of war and woes, would wish to break the soft repose, of such enchanting scene."
From Bowness the most beautiful scenery will be revealed from the Lake Steamer on the passage to Ambleside, the Mecca of all visitors.  The return journey will be made via the ancient and historic town of Lancaster famous in early English History for the first Royal Charter granted by King John in 1199, and the many privileges bestowed from time to time from the Kings of England, also its Old Castle and association with the Wars of the Roses.  After Dinner at Lancaster an hour and a half at breezy, bracing Morecambe will bring to an end what we look forward to as another perfect day on the annals of the Club.

Belfast and County Down Railway, Secretary's Office, Belfast 19th January 1911
Thos. J. Brittain, Secretary
Dear W. Williames, Your very kind note has touched me deeply, and I am grateful for your generous words and your good wishes for my restoration to health.  I need scarcely say it is gratifying to an official to find that his conduct and his dealings have the approval of those qualified to judge of him, and I can truly say that it was always a pleasure to me to meet you, and a gratification when I found from year to year that our business intercourse was to continue.  I am cherishing the hope of much benefit from my trip, and the further hope on my return to personally thank those friends who have so thoughtfully sent me a kind message. Believe me, sincerely yours, Thos. J. Brittain
1                                                                                      2                     
Ulster Reform Club Liberal Unionist Luncheon to meet Mr. Oliver McCowan, C.B.E. (Organizer of Red Triangle Clubs) Chairman: Mr. W. E. Williames, J.P.  Wednesday 21st May 1919
2) Belfast Boy Bluejackets affiliated with and attached to The Royal Life Saving Society (Ulster Branch) and the County Down Rifle Club Third Annual Report, 1913 President: The Right Hon. The Earl of Shaftesbury, H.M.I., K.C.V.O., K.P.; Vice-Presidents: Sir. Robt. Anderson, J.P.; R. H. H. Baird, Esq., J.P.; J. Dalziel, Esq.; W. A. Grainger, Esq.; F. L. Heyn, Esq., J.P.; Rev. W. J. Lowe, D.D.; Jas. M. Connell, Esq., J.P.; Robt. Thompson, Esq., M.P., D.L.; W. E. Williames, Esq., J.P.  General Committee; R. Browne, Esq.; Sir Wm. Crawford, J.P.; Robert Craig, jun., Esq.; Geo. Augustus Doran, Esq., J.P.; Andrew Gibson, Esq.; Dr. W. Gibson, J.P.; Sir James Henderson, D.L., J.P.; Sir Otto Jaffe, J.P., LL.D.; Samuel Kelly, Esq.; D. C. Kemp, Esq.; C. Logan, Esq.; W. McCalla, Esq.; D. McCausland, Esq.; Hamilton McCleery, Esq.; H. M. Pollock, Esq., J.P.; R. D. L. Sinclair, Esq.; D. J. O. Sinclair, Esq.; John Sinclair, Esq., J.P.; R. B. Walkington, Esq.; W. E. Williames, Esq., J.P.; F. Workman, Esq., J.P.  Executive Committee: James Brown, Esq., J. Dalziel, Esq., George Flack, Esq., Alfred E. Francis, Esq., F. L. Heyn, Esq., J.P., Rev. W. J. Lowe, D.D., David Louden, Esq., Capt. McDowell, Capt. McIntyre, Thos. McKinty, Esq., W. Robb, Esq., J. Osborne, Esq., G. W. Mawhinney, Esq., Rev. S. Cochrane, B.A.  Officials: Hon. Solicitor - Thos. McKinty, Esq.; Hon. Auditor - Thos. H. Madden, Esq.; Hon. Surgeon - Dr. T. A. Davidson; Hon. Chaplain - Rev. S. Cochrane, B.A.; Hon. Treasurer - F. M. Heyn, Esq., Ulster Chambers, Waring Street; Hon. Secretaries - Capt. McIntyre, Saxonia, Holywood Road & Wm. Robb, Esq., 70 Great George's Street

1                                                                                             2
The Belfast Transport Officials Club Third Annual Dinner, Saturday 2nd December 1922. Thompson Ltd., Donegall Place, Belfast  President: W. E. Williames, Esq., D.L.  Vice-Presidents: John S. Garrett, Esq.; F. M. Heyn, Esq.; Sir Saml. Kelly; H. Stanley Lawther, Esq.; W. McCalla, Esq.; Thos. S. Wilson, J.P.; J. McConnell, Esq., J.P.; Capt. William Reid; Samuel Stewart, Esq.; Major J. A. Torrens, D.L.  Committee: Mr. Samuel Berkeley, B.S.S.Co. Ltd., Mr. S. T. Ward, Vice-Chairman G. N. R. (I.), Mr. Wm. Baird, B.S.S. Co. Ltd.; Mr. John Blair, Fleetwood Steamers; Mr. William Burke, B. & M.S.S. Co., Ltd.; Mr. Henry Cowie, Mid. Rly., N.C.C.; Mr. J. A. Doherty, Clude Shipping Co. Ltd.; Mr. Hugh Dowling, Heysham Steamers; Mr. J. F. Moore, G.N.R. Co. (I.); Mr. Thos. R. Neville, B.S.S. Co. Ltd.; Mr. R. Nolan, Sutton & Co.; Mr. Thomas Shanks, Ayr S. S. Co., Ltd.; Mr. Jos. R. Standfield, B. & C. D. Rly. Co.; Mr. E. R. Stephens, Stephens & Walkington; Mr. J. Stewart, Wordie & Co. Ltd.; Mr. H. Thompson, Midland Rly. N.C.C.; Mr. N. Taylor, Mid. Rly., N.C.C. Hotels; Mr. J. W. Watkinson, L. & N.W. Rly.; Mr. Thos. McKinty, Hon. Solicitor; Mr. F. L. Smyth, M.R.N.C.C. & Mr. Henry Cruiks - Hon. Auditors.  Mr. James Edgar, L. & N.W. Rly. - Hon. Treasurer. Mr. Henry S. Calderwood, Ayr S. S. Co., Ltd. - Hon. Secretary, 47 Queen's Square, Belfast
2) Belfast Transport Officials Club Second Annual Dinner, Saturday 10th December 1921. President: W. E. Williames, Esq., D.L.  Thompson's, Donegall Place, Belfast   Vice-Presidents: John S. Garrett, Esq.; F. M. Heyn, Esq.; H. S. Lawther, Esq.; W. McCalla, Esq., J.P.; J. McConnell, Esq., J.P.; Capt. William Reid; John Sinclair, Esq., D.L.; Samuel Stewart, Esq.; Major J. A. Torrens, D.L.; Thos. S. Wilson, Esq., J.P.   Committee: E. R. Stephens (Stephens & Walkington), Chairman; John Govan (L. & Y., L. & N. W. & M. Rly.), Vice-Chairman; Wm. Burke (B. & M. S. S. Co. Ltd.); J. A. Doherty (Clyde Shipping Co. Ltd.); John W. Knox (G. & J. Burns, Ltd.); James Magee (B. & C.D. Rly.); Major E. R. H. May, D.S.O. (Head Line); S. T. Ward (Gt. N. Rly. Co.); Alex. Monro (Wordie & Co.); Thomas Shanks (Ayr S. S. Co. Ltd.); Henry Thompson (M.R.N.C.C.); J. W. Watkinson (Fleetwood Steamers); James Edgar (L. & Y., L.N.W. & M.R.), Hon. Treasurer; F. L. Smyth (M.R.N.C.C.) & Henry C. Cruiks - Hon. Auditors; H. S. Calderwood (Ayr S.S. Co. Ltd.) - Hon. Secretary, 47 Queen's Square, Belfast
                      1                                                                               2
Belfast Transport Officials Club First Annual Dinner, Saturday 4th December 1920. President: W. E. Williames, Esq., J.P.  Thompson's, Donegall Place, Belfast  Committee: W. T. Reid, Chairman, Gt. N. Rly. (I); E. R. Stephens (Stephens & Walkington), Vice-Chairman; Wm. Burke, Belfast & Mersey S.S. Co., Ltd.; J. A. Doherty, Clyde Shipping Co. Ltd.); John Govan, L. & Y., L. & N. W. & Mid. Rly.); John Knox, G. & J. Burns, Ltd.; James Magee, B. & C.D. Rly. Co.; Major E. S. May, Head Line; Thomas Shanks, Ayr S. S. Co. Ltd.; Henry Thompson, M.R. N.C.C.; J. Watkinson, Fleetwood Steamers; James Edgar, Hon. Treasurer, L. & Y., L. & N.W. & Mid.Rly.; Henry S. Calderwood, Hon. Secretary, Ayr S.S. Co. Ltd., 30 Donegall Quay, Belfast; H. C. Cruiks, B.S.S. Co., Ltd. & F. L. Smyth, M.R. N.C.C. - Hon. Auditors
2) Broadway, Belfast.  3ed October 1912. Dear Mr. Williames, In reply to yours of 1st. inst., if I should express a desire to be neighbourly, I would give you my whole three cottages, but I am afraid that when I enter into occupation of "Lorne", I shall require them all for my own men.  I do not think it would be worth your while to negotiate, in the meantime, but I can assure you that if at any time, I should have any accomodation to let, I shall give my neighbours, provided they prove themselves worthy of being called such, the first choice. Yours truly James Gamble

The Belfast Transport Officials' Club Second Annual Outing 24th September 1921
President: W. E. Williames, Esq., J.P.; Vice-Presidents: John Garrett, Esq., F. M. Heyn, Esq., H. Stanley Lawther, Esq., Wm. McCalla, Esq., J.P., J. McConnell, Esq., J.P., Captain Wm. Reid, John Sinclair, Esq., D.L., Samuel Stewart, Esq., Major John A. Torrens, D.L., Thomas S. Wilson, Esq., J.P.  Committee: Mr. E. R. Stephens (Stephens & Walkington), Chairman; Mr. Wm. Burke (B. & M.S.S. Co. Ltd.); Mr. J. A. Doherty (Clyde Shipping Co. Ltd.); Mr. John W. Knox (G. & J. Burns, Ltd.); Mr. James Magee (B. & C.D. Rly.); Major E. R. H. May (D.S.O.), Head Line; Mr. S. T. Ward (Gt. N. Rly. Co.); Mr. John Govan (L. & Y., L. & N.W. & M. Rly.), Vice-Chairman; Mr. Alex. Monro (Wordie & Co.); Mr. Thomas Shanks (Ayr. S.S. Co., Ltd.); Mr. Henry Thompson (M.R.N.C.C.); Mr. J. W. Watkinson (Fleetwood Steamers)  Mr. Jas. Edgar (L. & Y., L.N.W., & M.R., Hon. Treasurer; Mr. F. L. Smyth (M.R.N.C.C.) & Mr. Henry C. Cruiks - Hon. Auditors; Mr. Henry S. Calderwood (Ayr. S.S. Co., Ltd.), Hon.-Secretary, 47 Queen's Square, Belfast
Time Table - Belfast (Queen's Quay) dep. 10-50a.m.; Newcastle arr. 12.10p.m.; Luncheon in Slieve Donard Hotel 12.30
Motor Drives after Luncheon to Tollymore Park (by kind permission of the Rt. Hon. The Earl of Roden); and/or to other places of interest.  Motor Bus kindly placed at the disposal of the Club for the occasion by Mr. Charles A. Moore, General manager, Belfast and Co. Down Railway Co.  Tea in Slieve Donard Hotel 5.30p.m.; Newcastle dep. 7-0; Belfast (Queen's Quay) arr. 8-15

Ireland's First Association International Team - photo by R. Seggons, 13 Castle Place, Belfast
Boys of the Old Brigade
Back row - Rattray, Buckle, S. Sinclair (umpire), Hastings, Davidson, Martin, Johnston (leaning against pillar)
Front row - Hamilton, Dill, McAlery, McWha, Sinclair

Friday April 16th 1909 Ballymena Men's Enterprise in Canada
President of T. Eaton Co. Interviewed - Visit to "Seven Towers" City
Mr. John C. Eaton, head of the world-famed firm of the T. Eaton Co. Ltd., paid a flying visit to the North of Ireland last weekend, and, under the genial escort of his friend, Mt. Tom Somerset, made a round of the principal holiday resorts, including in his itinerary a pleasant afternoon at the Ballyhaft races, where some excellent sport was witnessed on Saturday afternoon.  Before leaving for England, Mr. Eaton, who is accompanied on his trip by several of the heads of departments of the firm - Messes. A. McPherson, A. E. Boothe, C. N. Mills (Toronto), and Oliver Earl (Winnipeg) - made a special run by motor to his father's birth-place, which is about a couple of miles outside Ballymena, and also to the family burying ground at Kirkinriola, and was deeply impressed by his visit to both places, where, in company with his party, he spent a considerable portion of the afternoon, subsequently proceeding to Portrush.  The gravestone over the Eaton burying plot in the picturesque little churchyard bears the following inscription :- Erected in memory of John Eaton, of Clogher, who departed this life 30th January, 1834 Aged 50 years; Also that of Margaret Eaton, his wife, who departed this life 3rd October, 1848 Aged 52 years; Also their daughter, Eliza Jane, who departed this life 21st November, 1861? Aged 42 years; And their grandson, Timothy Beattie Eaton Aged 9 months; Also their son, John Eaton, who died 23rd July 1895 aged 68 years; Also Margaret, wife of John, who died 24th January, 1897 aged 64 years.  Mr. Eaton, who was born in the city of Toronto, is a son of the late Mr. Timothy Eaton. That gentleman resided on a farm near Ballymena - now occupied by a Mr. Ross - and went out to Canada when twenty-one years of age.  His memory is revered in the district, where the Eaton family are well known and highly esteemed.  He was the youngest of a family of nine, and was born in 1836, shortly after the death of his father. In the black famine year of 1846 the eldest member of the family emigrated, and Timothy was apprenticed to a draper at Portglenone.

The Birthplace of the late Mr. Timothy Eaton
At the end of five years he was given his wages, amounting to something like 100, with which he provided himself with an outfit and took passage to the Dominion, on whose mercantile he was destined to write his name indelibly.  He started business at Glenwilliams, Ontario, nearly forty miles from Toronto, in a general store.  Run as it was on the credit principle, the business was not remunerative, and for a time, along with his brother-in-law he took up farming.  Subsequently he started a small general store at Kirkton, near St. Mary's Ontario.  Little money was in circulation at that time, produce was traded for goods and goods were bought in return for produce.  Railways were unknown, and the merchant was obliged to do his own freighting.  With wagon and oxen young Eaton hauled his produce to the nearest port, and returned laden with merchandise, which was again exchanged for produce.  Later he moved to St. Mary's, with his brother, Mr. James Eaton, and finally went to Toronto, laying the foundation of the business which has since reached such gigantic proportions that it is, we believe, the greatest of its kind under the British flag.  It is a huge departmental store, conducted on sound commercial lines, and affords employment in its varies branches to a large army of employees.  The style of the firm, which has a world-wide reputation, is the T. Eaton Co. Ltd.  In July, 1906, Mr. Timothy Eaton extended the operations of the firm to the progressive city of Winnipeg, and here the business has been attended with the same conspicuous success that marked its growth in Toronto.  There were those who said the firm were unwise in attempting to open out in Winnipeg, but the circumstances have proved the exact reverse, completely justifying the enterprise that prompted the step. On the words of Mr. J. C. Eaton, the Winnipeg house has been "an extra success," and those who feared that they would be injured have really benefitted by the competition and the smart business methods of the Eaton Company.  Asked to what he attributed the STRIKING SUCCESS OF HIS FIRM, Mr. Eaton said he believed it had been mainly owing to their adoption of the cash system of trading.  "People know what they want and get it; we are paid for it on the spot, and are done with the transaction. In a credit business people are apt to go in for a lot of stuff they don't want, and then find they have gone beyond their means.  That is bad for all parties.  I hold that there is nothing like a cash business." Mr. J. C. Eaton graduated in the business as a boy. At the age of eight or nine years he was to be found spinning tops and assisting in the toy department during the rush of the Christmas season.  He was promoted in turn to the parcel desk, going through the routine of packing for dispatch, then he went in turn through the books department, the dress goods, haberdashery, mail orders, cash, and general office departments, and had even a short experience of the work in the engine room. In this way he received a thorough knowledge of every detail of the great business, fitting him for the promotion from the office of vice-president of the company, to which he was elected on the lamented death of his father in January, 1907.  He is also the president of two steamship companies in Toronto - the Toronto and Hamilton Steamship Co. and the Turbinia Steamship Company, both of which lines ply to and from Hamilton, Ontario.  The "Turbinia" is probably the only turbine steamer on fresh waters in the world.  In addition to their Canadian establishments, the T. Eaton Co. Ltd., have offices in Warwick Lane, London, and Rue Reaumur, Paris.  Mr Eaton left Belfast during the week for London and Eastbourne, on a round of visits to friends. He is accompanied by his wife, his mother, his son, Mr. Timothy Eaton, and his sister, Mrs. Burnside.  His wife was born in Toronto, of Irish parentage, her father being a County Fermanagh man, Mr. John McCrea.  The party return home by the Mauretania next month. Mr. Eaton is a firm believer in the business capabilities of Irishmen, and a large proportion of his employees - of whom there are about 7,000 in Toronto and over 2,000 in Winnipeg - belong to this country.  "There is," he said to our representative, "lots of room in Canada for good smart Irishmen and Irishwomen." He recommends Toronto, Winnipeg, and Montreal for those going out with the intention of taking up business, and for farming occupations he says the North-West territories - Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta - offer splendid scope.  He is, indeed, quite eloquent on the possibilities of Canada for the worker who will work, and points with pride to the fact that the vast Dominion covers one-third of the entire area of the British Empire, offering, with its wonderful resources, the greatest opportunities to those possessed of energy, tact, and enterprise.  It has been said of the late Mr. Timothy Eaton by a clergyman who knew him intimately - "His was a dominant personality - a master spirit. Business morality had been helped by his strong convictions. Righteous indignation at business trickery never burned more strongly than in his breast. He had a deep, warm Irish heart, and the old-fashioned fear of God and faith in Divine Providence was deep-rooted within him." Another remarked - "I never knew a straighter man in all my life. He took the same practical views of religion that he did of business."

Flying the Solemn Covenant under the Union Jack: The Ulster Unionist Council in Session in the Old Town Hall, Belfast
Magna Charta of Ulster's liberties, the terms of the Solemn Covenant against Home Rule, to be signed by the people of Ulster on "Ulster Day" (to-day, Saturday), was signed in the Old Town Hall of Belfast on Monday, at a full meeting of the Council, Sir Edward Carson presiding. To-day's public signing of the Covenant brings to ???the ten days' campaign, which has resulted in setting all the North of Ireland ablaze with excitement, tempered by a stern spirit of determination and stubborn resistance.

The Voice of Ulster: A Trumpet-Call to Battle - Marshalling the Legions for the Final Struggle
At Coleraine - left to right: Mr. Hugh Barrie, M.P. (Member for the Division), Sir Edward Carson, Mr. F. E. Smith
At Enniskillen - Reservists of the Inniskilling Dragoons heading the procession to Portora Hill
At Coleraine - The Orange Lodges and Unionist Clubs marching in procession to Sir Edward Carson's meeting

The Daily Telegraph, Saturday, May 2, 1914 A Visit of Courtesy
Belfast Harbour Commissioners paid a courtesy visit to the warships now at Bangor. They were received on board the repair ship Hecla by Captain Wintour, Commander of the Fleet

Ireland's Saturday Night, September 30th 1922-3 - Transport Bowlers at Cavehill
About the year 1588 Drake played Bowls in spite of the Spanish Armada and the Transport Officials did the same the other day, in spite of the Heysham, Liverpool and Glasgow Boats.
Some wore Blazers but Mr. W. E. Williams donned his overcoat after he had dispensed with his Bowls.
Mr. W. Yiend dispensed with his hat.
While Dr. Rusk dispensed with his dispensary to dispense wisdom to Bowlers and Bowls.
I don't know whether George Ferguson was there to conduct the game on human lines or not but we had to dispense with the band. Cavehill dispensed with the Transport Officials by 41 shots. There were other good things dispensed but I will dispense with any enumeration thereof.

Belfast Evening Telegraph, Friday, June 11, 1909 - Death of Mr. J. O. Rogers
Successful Belfast Business Man - Close of a Busy Career
The commercial world of Belfast received a shock to-day by the announcement of the death of Mr. John Owens Rogers, managing director of Messrs. David Allen & Son's Billposting Company, Ltd., William Street South, which has just occurred in Scotland.  Mr. Rogers left Belfast on 26th ult. for Glasgow in connection with the business of the firm, and the day after his arrival became somewhat unwell.  He proceeded to "The Craigs," Greenock, the residence of Bailie W. B. McMillan, general manager for Scotland of Messrs. Allen's billposting business, and in that gentleman's kindly home Providence decreed that he should end his days. Grave symptoms developed, and on 31st ult. Mr. Rogers underwent an operation for appendicitis, and though his condition was critical for some time he appeared to be making fairly good progress towards recovery until last Wednesday, when a change for the worse set in, and, despite the most skilful attention and nursing, he passed away at seven o'clock this morning.  There were few better known or more popular business men in Belfast than the late Mr. Rogers. He was born at Holywood on 22nd April, 1860, and like many of our leading citizens was educated at the Royal Academical Institution. Early in life he entered the service of Messrs. David Allen & Sons, and spent some time in London and the Continent. It was principally in the London office of the firm that he got a real insight into the work in which he was afterwards destines to devote his business career. Between twenty and thirty years ago he returned to Belfast, and in 1887 the principals (who were practically the Messrs. Allen) of what was afterwards known as the Irish Billposting Company commenced its operations by acquiring the business of Mr. Wm. Harvey, who at that time had the principal stations in Belfast, and did, amongst other work, all the theatre posting, and that of the various shows coming to the town. They also bought in the same year a concern carried on by Mr. Motherwell, who became secretary to the old Botanic Gardens Company, and whose business had been carried on under the title of the Belfast Advertising Co.  Another business which was carried on by Mr. Wm. Turner was amalgamated with these two in 1888, under the title of the Belfast and North of Ireland Advertising Company, and Mr. Rogers was appointed manager.  In 1889 operations were extended to Derry, where, as is done in every town the firm enters, the concerns of the existing billposters were purchased. These consisted of a firm trading under the title of Robert Giveen & Co., and another carried on by Mr. David Irvine. A rival firm started under the name of the City of Derry Advertising Company, but after a few years' trading, they approached the Irish Billposting Company with the object of selling their business, and eventually, terms being arranged, they were bought off, and their stations added to those held by the purchasing firm in Derry. In the course of a year or two Portrush and Coleraine were taken up, and later Ballymena was entered, twenty-five stations being erected there. Larne was the next scene of operations. In Omagh they bought the business of the Tyrone Advertising Company; and in Strabane suitable stations were constructed, there being no opposition here.  The business of the Mid-Ulster Billposting Company in Portadown was acquired; in Lurgan the firm bought off Messrs. Wm. Mahaffy & Sons; and in Dundalk the local advertising company's trade was annexed. At present every town of importance in the country is wrought by the company, the title of which was changed to the Irish Billposting Company.  In 1896 they went further afield to Dublin, and took into their own hands what was claimed for it by the proprietor, Mr. James Dillon, to be the first billposting business in the United Kingdom in connection with which permanent hoardings for the purpose of billposting had been erected. Hitherto, it had been the custom to utilise builders' hoardings, old fences, dilapidated walls, etc., and as at that time contracting for posters to be placed in a certain position for a specified period was a thing unknown and unthought of, the business in Dublin developed rapidly under the management of Mr. David Allen, jun., brother-in-law of Mr. Rogers, who himself was manager for Ireland.  In 1900 the Dublin branch had over two hundred stations. Mr. Dillon's stations were pulled down and reconstructed, while many new ones were built. Mr. Rogers was appointed president of the United Billposters' Association in 1898, when the annual conference was held in Dublin.
A PROSPERING CONCERN - The Irish Billposting Co. prospered under Mr. Rogers' guidance, and spread all over the country till its stations could be numbered by hundreds. The art of billposting was brought to a high pitch of perfection, and in 1900 the company which was still a branch of Messrs. David Allen & Sons' business, received an unexpected compliment from Mr. A. Van Beuren, head of a great American firm in the same line, who declared after touring the Continent and the British Isles that the plant of the Irish Billposting Company was the finest he had ever seen, and that Paris, Rome, London, or any American city was not in it with the Irish company. A few years ago Messrs. Allen decided to extend their bill-posting business to England and Scotland, and accordingly it was resolved to do away with the title "Irish Bill-posting Co.," and thereafter the name of the concern became Messrs. David Allen & Sons' Bill-posting Department, and shortly afterwards Messrs. David Allen & Sons' Bill-posting Co. Ltd. Mr Rogers was appointed managing director of the entire business, the success of which was almost phenomenal, and to-day the company has no equals in the bill-posting line. Much of its success was due to Mr. Rogers' business acumen and foresight. He was a great advocate of artistic billposting and well-constructed hoardings, and regularly inspected the company's stations. By his subordinates he was almost beloved, and each of them feels to-day the sense of a keen personal loss in his removal. He was one of the kindliest of men, and this, with his natural geniality and courtesy, made him a favourite wherever he went. It was little wonder then that on the anniversary of his silver wedding, on 9th October, 1908, the employees of the company in England, Scotland, and Ireland made him a valuable presentation, Mrs. Rogers not being forgotten on the same interesting occasion.  Mr. Rogers was much touched by this expression of goodwill, but it was only what he deserved, for he had the welfare of those under him always at heart. In private life he had troops of friends, all of whom are to-day deploring his death. He was a capital raconteur, and was gifted with artistic and musical tastes of a high order. The possessor of a beautiful tenor, in former years he took a prominent part in the leading concerts and operatic performances, which attracted attention in local musical circles. One of his most successful appearances in opera was as Don Caesar in "Maritana," and it may be mentioned that a photograph of Mr. Rogers in costume in this character has been employed as a stock poster for theatrical purposes in many English, Scotch, and Irish towns. He has also played with great success such parts as Ralph Rackstraw in the "H.M.S. Pinafore," Thaddaeus in the "Bohemian Girl," Rinaldo in Lady Arthur Hill's "Fairy Girl," and Ricardo in an operetta, the libretto of which was written by Mr. T. Wilson, and the music by Mr. J. Creighton, both Belfast men. In recent years, however, the growing demands upon his time prevented him from taking the active part he hitherto occupied in musical enterprises, but he from time to time identified himself in a managerial or other capacity with not a few interesting local entertainments. In the athletic world he had a reputation of no mean order. At school he was extremely fond of such sports as cycling, fencing, boxing, swimming, and running. He rode the old bone-shaker some thirty years ago, and was regarded as one of the best riders in Belfast at that time. When a youth of fourteen, he rode from Belfast to Bangor in an afternoon on a machine weighing between seventy and eighty pounds - a performance which at that time was regarded as an extraordinary feat. In 1887 he began racing, and was a prominent figure on the track for some three years, during which he took part in sports such as Queen's College, North of Ireland, Ulster, Banbridge, Lurgan, and also at Dublin athletic gatherings. During those three years he carried off a large number of vary valuable prizes. His knowledge of the aquatic art proved useful more than once, for he twice had the distinction of saving life - once at Portrush, and on the latter occasion at Henley, where he rescued the daughter of a lockkeeper from drowning. He was also an ardent golfer, and at the time of his death occupied the position of captain of the Royal Belfast Golf Club.  Mr. Rogers was prominently identified with the Masonic Order, and was a member of the Presbyterian Church.  The demands of his business prevented him taking any part in public or political affairs, but in politics he was a Unionist. He married a daughter of the late Mr. David Allen, and leaves one son and two daughters to mourn his loss at the comparatively early age of 49. One of his daughters is the wife of Mr. George H. Brown. With the sorrowing widow and children there will be most sincere sympathy, and also with Mr. John Rogers, of the Belfast Wire Works, who was father of the deceased gentleman, and who is still hale and hearty. The funeral arrangements have not yet been completed, but we understand the remains will be brought to Belfast for interment. Mr. Rogers resided at Innisfayle, Princetown Road, Bangor
Shop-Lifter Sentenced - Belfast Jeweller Victimised
In the Belfast Custody Court to-day Samuel McGerity, 8 Campbell's Row, was charged by Constable John Rowland with the larceny of six gold rings and one gold breastpin, value in all for 6 7s 6d, the property of Clements Bell, 81 Donegall Street, Belfast, on 15th May.  Constable Rowland stated that at about 2 p.m. on the 10th inst. he arrested the prisoner on the above charge in Smithfield Barracks, where he had been taken by Constable Mulrooney at Sergeant Cusack's request. When cautioned accused said, "Is that the case Harvey was in that he got the four months for?" Witness said, "Yes," and accused said, "I admit I was along with him but it was he who stole the rings."  Frederick McMeekin deposed that on the 15th May he was assistant in the jewellery shop of Mr. Clements Bell, 81 Donegall Street. About 11.20 in the morning the prisoner entered the shop along with another man. Witness was behind the counter at the time, and there was no other person in the shop. The prisoner asked to see some gold pins, and immediately afterwards he asked to see a keeper ring and an engagement ring.. Witness showed him a number of rings. Prisoner started to examine them, and the other man (Harvey) tried some of them on his finger, but while he was doing so witness observed that he dropped some of them down his sleeve. The prisoner asked the price of the rings and witness said that he did not know, as Mr. Bell was not in. After witness saw Harvey put the rings down his sleeve he went to the door to get a policeman, and sent a boy named Andrew Ritty for one. Prisoner asked witness to sell the rings to Harvey. The two of them then left the shop and ran off. Sergeant Cusack came into the shop in four or five minutes, and witness told him what had happened, and gave him a description of the men. He identified the rings and pins produced as the ones he had shown the prisoner and the other man. Andrew Ritty having given evidence and identification, accused pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to six months' imprisonment
The Belfast Local Bankruptcy Court - James S. Whittley, of 73 Agnes Street, in the County of the City of Belfast, Grocer, was on the 7th day of June 1909 adjudged Bankrupt.
Statutory Notice to Creditors - In the Goods of John Fitzpatrick, late of Cleomac, in the County of Down, farmer, Deceased 29th November 1908
In the Goods of Samuel Reid, late of Tamary, in the County of Down, farmer, Deceased 6th April 1902
In the Goods of Martha B. Martin, late of Forthill, Whitehouse, in the County of Antrim, Spinster, Deceased 14th April 1909
Marriage - Williames - Johnstone
The Newcastle Daily Journal - Monday, November 29th 1909
A marriage has been arranged, and will take place early in January, between William E. Williames, J.P., of Holywood, County Down, and Edith A. Johnstone, of 18 Amherst Road, Ealing, London, W., youngest daughter of the late John Johnstone, architect, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Sister of Mr. John J. Johnstone and half-sister of Mr. Fred Hall, of the firm of Fred Hall, Johnstone & Co., Antwerp
Well-known Ulster Freemason - 24.4.17
Mr. William Godfrey Murray, 11 Camden Street, Belfast. Worked for Dunville & Co. from 1866 until 1912, retired secretary. The late Mr. Murray was also a P.P.S.G.W. for the Masonic Province of Antrim, a member of the Donegall Masonic Club, a representative  of Lodge 51 on the Widows' Fund, a member of the Belfast Charity Board, and a constant subscriber to the Masonic Boys' and Girls' Schools in Dublin. I devoted member of the Church of Ireland, the deceased gentlemen was a constant and regular attender at the Magdalene Church, Donegall Pass. A member of the old Ulster Athletic Club, and later of the Belfast Bowling Club. Mr. Murray was twice married, there being issue of the first union, two daughters and one son, and of the second, two daughters, all of whom are alive. The funeral will take place from the deceased gentleman's late residence, 11 Camden Street for City Cemetery.
Death of Mr. G. G. Ward 24.4.17 Mr. George Gould Ward, of Ivacraig, Craigavad, Co. Down, son of the late Mr. Francis D. ward, J.P., of the once well-known firm of Messrs. Marcus ward & Co., and for a considerable period was a director and manager of that firm.  About 26 years ago he became connected with the firm of Messrs. Davidson & Co. Ltd., Sirocco Works, Belfast, and since then was associated with that concern as a director. A staunch Unionist in politics, he did not take a prominent part in public affairs. A member of First Rosemary Street Church, the pastor of which is now the Rev. Mr. Rossington. His uncle was the late Mr. John Ward, F.S.A., J.P., who at one time was well-known in the city.
Drennan - November 30, 1923, at his parents' residence, 47 Beech Street, James, the infant child of Robert and Mary Drennan. Funeral to Dundonald Cemetery.
Finlay - 1st December 1923 (suddenly), at his residence, 99 Portallo Street, Belfast, Thomas, the dearly-beloved husband of Agnes Finlay. Interment at Dundonald Cemetery. Deeply regretted by his loving Wife, Sons, and Daughter
Harvey - November 30, 1923, at her residence, 33 Sugarfield Street, Mary Harvey. City Cemetery. Loving Son and Daughter-in-Law; also her little Grandchildren. John and Annie Harvey, 18 Wigton Street
Humphreys - November 30, 1923, Susanna, widow of John Humphreys, late of Rockmore Road. Residence 60 Burnaby Street to City Cemetery. Hessie and Thomas Thompson, also 3 grandchildren, David, Hessie & Sussanna
Kayes - November 30, 1923, Josephine, the beloved wife of David Kayes, Cattle Dealer R.I.P. St. Malachy's Chapel to Milltown Cemetery
Lunn - November 29, 1923, at his residence, Lisnashanker, Dromore, Francis Lunn. to Dromore Cathedral Burying-ground
Dalzell - December 8, at his residence, 219 Ravenhill Avenue, Belfast, Samuel, beloved husband of Agnes Dalzell to Dundonald Cemetery
Irvine - December 9, 1924, suddenly, at his residence, 67 Cliftonpark Avenue, Samuel Crawford, loved husband of Sarah Irvine to City Cemetery
Jamison - December 9, at her residence, Florenceville Terrace, 473 Ormeau Road, Elizabeth, widow of Alexander Jamison and eldest daughter of the late James Clawson, Newtownbreda to Knockbreda Churchyard. Wm. Jamison
Sinclair - December 8, at Viola, Springfield Road, Jane, widow of the late David Sinclair to City Cemetery
Stewart - December 8, 1924, at her residence, Ballygallum, Downpatrick, Margaret, relict of the late George Stewart, Ballygallum to Ballee or Balloo Meeting house Churchyard. Chas. Stewart
Tougher - December 9, at Salem House, Knock Road, Catherine, widow of the late John Tougher to City Cemetery
Wilson - December 9, at the residence of her son, Drumdane, Moira, Mary, widow of the late Ralph Wilson to family burying ground Soldierstown. Ralph and John Wilson
In Memoriam - Hale - In ever loving memory of Cassie, dearly loved wife of John Hale, who was called away from this life, 10th December, 1919

The Late Mr. Robert Ardill who was the victim of a boating accident in Strangford Lough on Sunday
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The "London Gazette" contains the following announcements:- The under mentioned appointment is made: -
General Staff, G.S.O., Second Grade - Bt.-Maj. S. S. Hill Dillon, D.S.O., Royal Irish Rifles, 13th November 1918
Royal Irish Rifles - Lieut. J. C. Bryans, 3rd Battalion (Special Reserve), relinquishes the acting rank of captain, 17th April, 1919.
Royal Irish Fusiliers - Captain R. B. Neill, D.S.O., Reserve of Officers, relinquishes the acting rank of lieutenant-colonel, 19th June 1919
General Reserve of Officers (Cavalry) - R. H. Guards - Major W. F. Ricardo, D.S.O., late temporary lieutenant-colonel, to be lieutenant-colonel, 6th April 1919
Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) - The under mentioned relinquishes the acting rank of captain on ceasing to be second in command of corps :- Lieutenant P. A. Breen, Royal Irish Rifles, 15th July 1919
Special Reserve of Officers (Infantry) - 3rd Royal Irish Fusiliers - Lieutenant W. R. D'Alton is placed on the retired list on account of ill-health contracted on active service, 2nd August 1919
                                                                           The 1914-1915 STAR
Following a recent Press announcement that a number of Liverpool Parliamentary representatives will shortly put the following motion in the House of Commons the Secretary of the Mercantile Marine Service Association has asked its numerous friends in the House for support - viz.: "1914-15 Star (Mercantile marine Service). - that this House considers that the withholding of the 1914-15 Star from members of the mercantile marine service constitutes a grave injustice, and deprecates any differentiation in the method of national recognition between their gallantry and that of the naval and military forces."

Belfast Telegraph, Saturday, December 17, 1921

A Striking Memorial - The Memorial is made of Solid Bronze, the panels being engraves and filled with Cream Enamel, in a manner similar to Japanese Cloisonne work, and was made to the order of V. W. Bro. W. E. Williames, J.P., of Donegall Quay, Belfast, who is presenting it to the Masonic Hall, Holywood, Co. Down, in memory of the Brethren who took part in the Great War. The tablet being of bronze ensures its freedom from any discolouration or other action of the atmosphere, and the letters being filled with enamel which is hard fired in the furnace, do not wear, chip, or bubble like the wax with which the old fashioned brass plate was filled, and the whole tablet is imperishable. The tablet was executed by Messrs. H. B. Sale, Limited, of Birmingham
Denotes Killed *
Lt. L. B. Allan, R.Dub.Fus. - Sergt. R. J. Allen, R.IR.F. - S.Maj. W. R. Ballantine, R.A.M.C. - Alfred Beaney, Coastguard - *Major W. J. Beatty, R.G.A. - *Corpl. G. J. Bonner, R.I.F. Brig. - Lt. E. R. Boucher, R.I.R. - Capt. C. J. Brennan, R.IR.F. - P.O. D. L. Bryars, R.N. - Lt. G. A. Charlton, S.Staff R. - Sergt. Harry Clark, R.A.M.C. - W. E. Coates, Mer. Marine - Col. R. G. Sharman Crawford, R.I.R. - Capt. David Crichton, R.A.S.C. - Lt. Col. H. H. B. Cunningham, R.A.M.C. - Major Daniel Dixon, R.I.R. - Capt. W. M. Downing, R.I.R. - *Lt. J. G. M. Dunlop, R.Dub.F. - L/Corpl. Alex. Elliott, R.A.S.C. - C. G. Erskine, N.Z.F. - Lt. C. A. Figg, R.A.M.C. - Capt. E. G. Fowler, R.A.S.C. - S. Maj. W. J. Franks, R.A.S.C. - Lt. Campbell Gardiner, R.S. - Capt. Cecil Gaussen, R.A.M.C. - Sergt. W. Gilbert, A.G.I. - *Sergt. R. W. Gilham, NORF.R. - George Gregory, R.A.S.C. - C.Q.M.S. W. T. Harding, SOM.L.I. -
*S. Maj. A. F. Haymes, NORF.R. - Lt. G. G. Henderson, R.I.R. - Capt. C. A. Hill, Canadians - *Capt. Charles Hunt, RIF.BRIG - Capt. W. M. Jermyn, R.N. - Sergt. J. U. Joughin, NORF.R. - Sergt. W. G. Kelso, R.I.R. - Capt. E. R. Kennedy, R.I.R. - W. J. Kincaid, R.I.R. - J. J. Lee, R.A.S.C. - Lt. J. W. Lemon, R.A.S.C. - Lt. John Long, LAB. CORPS - Capt. Rev. C. C. Manning, M.C., C.F. - F. H. Magee, R.N. - Walter Magee, R.A.F. - Corpl. Thomas Magill, R.I.R. - Sergt. J. R. Morrison, RIF. BRIG. - William Megaw, R.I.R. - *Lt. Col. T. V. P. McCammon, R.I.R. - Major Jackson McGown, R.A.O.C. - Sergt. Robert McGregor, R.I.R. - Major R. E. McLean, R.I.R. - Capt. R. B. McLean, IND.ARMY - *Lt. Jonathan Napier, K.O.Y.L.I. - *Lt. J. D. Neill, R.I.R. - Bomb. G. C. Nelson, IND.ARMY - Lt. J. E. F. Nelson, R.F.A. - W. J. Nelson, R.A.S.C. - Sergt. Hartley Patterson, Canadians - Major A. E. Parsons, R.E. - S. Maj. B. A. Pickett, R.I.F. - Lt. J. A. Purdon, R.I.R. - Capt. Rev. John Redmond, C.F. - D. Maj. Thomas Reilly, R.IR.F. - L/Corpl. W. C. Robinson, R.I.R. - *Lt. Melbourne Ross, R.I.R. - Sergt. W. N. Rye, NORF.R. - S. Maj. William Scott, R.A.M.C. - Capt. N. D. B. Scott, R.I.R. - Capt. R. A. Shekleton, R.A.M.C. - Capt. H. E. S. Smith, M.C., R.I.R. - Lt. Henry Smyth, R.I.R. - Capt. J. K. Stephens, R.E. - Lt. Walter Taylor, R.F.C. - C.S.M. Gilbert Thorne, SOM.L.I. - Sergt. F. R. Turrell, NORF.R. - *Sergt. Walter Whyman, RIF. BRIG. - Thomas Wright, R.N.A.S. - A. E. Young, R.A.S.C.
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To Holywood Masons who Serves in War

YOUNGEST BELFAST VOTER - Master Robert McCartney, under 2 years, who resides at 117 Walmer Street, Belfast, was the youngest voter to exercise the franchise in Belfast on Tuesday last. He plumped for Mr. Moles. In the same street a lady aged 92 also exercised the franchise.

Parker Street, Newtownards Road, which is a blaze of colour from one end to the other
Wolff Street, Newtownards Road

Queen's Island, Belfast, Harland & Wolff Ltd. request the pleasure of the company of Mr. Wm. R. Williams on Thursday, 20th April, 1916, at 11 a.m. on the occasion of the launch of one of His Majesty's Ships by the Marchioness of Londonderry. An early reply is desired, which should not mention the occasion, and on receipt of an acceptance the necessary ticket for admission will be sent. The time and place of the launch and all other information in connection therewith are to be kept strictly secret by order of the Admiralty. April 1916

Ulster Reform Club A.G.M.

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For Shankill Ex-Servicemen - Top - Right Hon. Sir James Craig at the Red Triangle Club, Shankill Road, Belfast, which he opened on Monday. The Club was erected through the generosity of the Members of the Ulster Reform Club.
Bottom - The Guard of Honour of Ex-Servicemen, with Sergeant-Major John Jamieson, who was in command, on the extreme right (READ BELOW (1) FOR FULL STORY)

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