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Collection Turkington Robinson

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List of Passengers R.M.M.V. Winchester Castle from Southampton
21st August 1952
Autographs - Newmandsford School Bulaways, Wyn Turner in transit to S. Rhodesia; Catherine Benson in transit to Unitali Southern Rhodesia; Red Cliff School, Que Que, Marjorie Hughes in transit to Que Que, S. Rhodesia; Doris Kincaid, in transit to Welham O.F.S.; Bob van Renen in transit to Krugersdorf, ?; Horace Stopford, I'll see you again; Daisy Coates, Technical College, P. Elizabeth; Benje? West in transit to S. Rhodesia; Riverside School, Gwello, S. Rhodesia Ross? C. Town; F. J. Wright, C.C. Dept., H. M. Dockyard, Simonstown, C. Province; Mrs. A. L. Sutton, Le Nadi?, 406 Churchill Road, Stra? S. Rhodesia

Union-Castle Line to South and East Africa The Union-Castle Royal Mail Motor Vessel "Winchester Castle" 20,001 Tons

1951 September Postmark Juan-Les-Pins to Mr. & Mrs. ? Robinson, 18 Orpen Road, Finaghy, Belfast, N. Ireland from Phyllis - Having a wonderful time. The weather, wine & food are terrific, as for the French men - well, you just can't get rid of them! At present we are all suffering from very sore backs. I met Mr. Christie - he was very nice. Hope to see you when I go home. Love Phyllis

Union-Castle Line, To and from South Africa, East & West Africa and England. Tourist Class Passengers Ticket
Issued at Cape Town on 5th November 1952, Berth No. 328/1 to Mrs. M. C. Robinson from Cape Town to UK by the Winchester Castle, on the 14th November 1952.

Avon Insurance Co. Ltd. Motor Cycle Policy Name of Insured D. J. Turkington renewable on 28th April 1947
David James Turkington, 156 Manor Street, Belfast - Civil Servant - B.S.A.
Bike details Black Matchless, Engine Number 29335; Chassis Number A34820; Rating 350cc; Year of Manufacture 1955; Registration TZ7634; Value 100 Date 23/4/62

Mr. J. Turkington, 4 Jellicoe Drive, Belfast from Tenterden, Kent 13th December 1984
not the greatest quality photos and only two with any info and unknown whether they are Robinson or Turkington or a mix of both, all items on this page came together

This is Bill & a chum, taken when out on a snow shoeing hike last winter
this is Jackie & his Rabbit, Willie took these with his little camera

from inside a book - Sir George and Lady Clark from Alan Burns, 11th October 1926