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Newspaper Clippings

Belfast Telegraph Saturday August 30, 1930
Members of the Northern Ireland Confectioners' Golf Association, who held their first annual competition at Holywood Links

Belfast Telegraph, Saturday, August 30 1930 (see above)
Column One - Light-up tonight at 9.28; tail lamps, ?-58. Sunday, two minutes earlier. High tides in Belfast to-morrow, 4-54 a.m.; 5-23 p.m. Monday, 5.56 a.m.; 6-33 p.m.
Mr. Kaye Don, who has been undergoing treatments in a Belfast nursing home, following his T.T. crash, is crossing to England this evening. Captain Waite, son-in-law of Sir Herbert Austin, is also doing well, but is still confined to bed.
The Anchor liner Caledonia makes her usual call in Belfast Lough this week-end to embark passengers for New York. The Caledonia also calls at Moville, and after embarking passengers at that port she will have over one thousand passengers on board.
Readers in the Counties of Sligo, Leitrim, Tyrone, Fermanagh, and Down generally, who cannot obtain a late edition of the "Telegraph" on the day of publication, can have the Eighth Edition forwarded by post, so as to reach them the following morning.
As the result of a lawn tennis tournament, organised by Mrs. George S. Reade, recently held at Muckamore, Mrs. Reade has forwarded to Captain Right Hon. Herbert Dixon, D.L., M.P., the sum of 24 14s 4d towards the reduction of the debt on the Unionist headquarters building fund.
Four Bishops are at present holidaying at Moville, County Donegal:- His Grace the Archbishop of Dublin (Dr. Gregg); Right Rev. A. M. Knight, D.D., late Bishop of Rangoon, at present assistant Bishop to the Archbishop of Canterbury; Right Rev. L. S. Kempthorne, M.A., Bishop of Polynesia, Fiji Islands; and Right Rev. Pakenham Walsh, D.D., late Bishop of Assam, now President of Bishops College, Calcutta.

Column Two (incomplete story) - Scots Street Tragedy - Master Painter Shot - Minister arrested
sensational Details - A sensational tragedy took place in a street at (Leith Midlothian), this morning, when a master painter, J. M. Dalgleish, was shot dead. The police subsequently detained Peter Carmichael Marr, a Church of Scotland minister at Halwood, Lanarkshire, in connection with the affair. Later to-day Marr, who is 41 years of age, passes the Bar of Edinburgh Police Court charged with the murder of James McNair Dalgleish (68) a master painter, residing at Lixmount Gardens, Edinburgh. It appears that shortly after eight o'clock this morning Dalgleish was on his way to open his shop in Stanley Road, Leith, when he was confronted by Marr, who, it is alleged, fired several shots at him from a revolver. The employees of Dalgleish, who were waiting for the opening of the shop, witnessed the tragedy and ran to Dalgleish's assistance. Marr walked calmly away with his hands in his pockets, but he.........(sorry, that's all)

Column 3 - Successful Beggar Posed as War Hero - Even His Wife Deceived - Amazing Inquest Revelation
An amazing confession of a professional beggar, who lived a double life and concealed from his wife the nature of his calling, was read at an inquest at Liverpool to-day on Gilbert Hanson (36), who lived in apartments in Islington, Liverpool. Mary Julia Hanson stated that she was married to Hanson three months ago. He had lost one leg, he said, while serving in the Navy during the war. He did no work, and she understood he was a naval pensioner. He paid her 2 and sometimes more each week for house keeping, and always seemed to have enough money for his personal needs. He was in the habit of going to Manchester three times a week, but she did not know what for. During the last few weeks he had been depressed and threatened to take his life. She asked him what was the matter, but he refused to confide in her, saying he was too ashamed to tell, but she would find out later on. On Thursday night she came home and found he had poisoned himself, and left behind a long letter, the contents of which were a great surprise to her. Detective-Sergeant Harford said he had investigated the case, which was clearly one of suicide. Since the war Hanson had been touring the country pretending he lost his leg in the war. As a matter of fact, the officer said, the man lost his leg when a child and did not serve in the war. He had no pension. He had been a professional beggar all his life. What Beggars Can Make - The Coroner (Mr. Cecil Mort) said it was not his custom to read the letters of suicides, but this was the letter of an educated man and intended for publication. As a warning to the public, therefore, he was read portions of the letter, deleting any names. The letter began - I am a - (sorry again, that's all)

little of interest

Some of the Guests at the Easter Dance in the Great Northern Hotel, Rostrevor
Fancy Dress Prizewinners at the Rostrevor Dance - (Front Row, Left to Right) Miss E. Chapman, Master G. Hamilton, Miss M. Chapman, Mr. R. W. Magill.  (Standing) Miss Buchanan, Mr. R. B. Alexander and Miss Meta Alexander

Death of Hon. Diana Skeffington - Only Daughter of Lord Massereene
The death occurred yesterday of the Hon. Diana Skeffington, at the London home of her parents, Viscount and Viscountess Massereene, in Rutland-gate, London, S.W. Miss Skeffington was their only daughter, and was twenty-one years of age. She had been seriously ill for some days, though her death followed closely a statement made earlier in the day that she was a little better. Her tall and striking figure had been familiar at most of the important London functions since she "came out" in 1927. she was a keen dancer, and her graceful personality brought her great popularity. Eight years ago she and her family narrowly escaped death when the viscount's Irish seat, Antrim Castle, was destroyed by fire.
on reverse of clipping - William Henry Smith, a general dealer, and son of the murdered man, said he father had considerable sums of money owing to him, both in connection with his money lending business and as a club agent for tradesmen. "Sat Brooding" So far as the son knew no one visited his father's house to do housework during the eight weeks his father lived alone. The dead man's only visitors, so far as he knew, were his father's grand daughter, Miss Molly Wilson, and himself. Smith, questioned by the coroners as to why he did not go to see his father's body after the discovery of the crime, replied: "It was early in the morning when the police came and informed me of the crime. I made a cup of tea and sat brooding all night. Early in the morning I went to the house, but I was stopped by a policeman, who told me the body had been taken to the mortuary." The coroner: You did not see your father from Saturday afternoon, when you saw him at the Albert Club, until three o'clock on Tuesday afternoon, when you saw the body in the mortuary? - No. The inquest was adjourned until November 13
Three Omnibus Mishaps - Miners Escape After A Skid - Daily Express Correspondent
Doncaster, Thursday - An omnibus, containing eleven miners and the driver, skidded on a frosty road at Doncaster early this morning, struck a lamp-standard, and overturned. |No one was injured. An omnibus following it came in collision with the overturned vehicle before the driver could stop, and a fireton? lorry swung clear in the nick of time. A third omnibus which later came to take home the eleven miners skidded and struck a bridge some distance from the first accident. Mr. Henry Bowskill, aged twenty one, of Earlesmere Avenue, Doncaster, the driver of the over turned omnibus, said the miners were all thrown in a heap at the rear end.

1                     2                    3                        4                   5
1) Dear Daddy ? I was going to buy a lamp would I get a lamp at 5/6 or 5.9 or 5/11 or would I get a lamp the same as yours and the price of the two I saw in bars window are 7/6 and 8/6. Will I or will I not Your loving Son Laurence
2, 3) Censor Air Mail 25 cents 27th March 1944 I certify on my honour that the contents of this letter are of a private and family nature only G. Caulcutt? Sgt. to Mr. & Mrs. J. Kernaghan, Fountain Street, Antrim, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland - T/56109 Sgt. Caulcutt?, 187 ?pt Platoon, 43 (EA) ?? Coy. E.A.A.S.C. E.A. Command 21/3/44 - Dear Nan, John and Lawrence, Thank you so much for your awfully nice letter. I found it very comforting in a time of great trial. It is beastly to think that I shall not see our little Valerie again. I used to weave such pleasant thoughts about her future, and going by Patsy's letters. I could imagine little Valerie walking to meet me when I came home. Now that is all over. Life does not seem the same now. Thank God I still have Patsy. She must have suffered terribly, poor girl, and I was not there to comfort her. I understand that all the family did every thing in their power to assist, and I would like to let you all know how deeply grateful I am, and always will be. It must have been ever so nice for you all to have Alex. home again. I am sure mother was delighted. Both she and Lily must have been horribly distressed at losing Valerie. They adored her so, it was obvious to all and did everything in their power for her. I have her photos in front of me now, and I choose to think of her as a little angel, but I wish we still had her. Must close now. Goodbye & God Bless You. Yours George
4, 5) Air Mail Aerogram 12th February to Mrs. J. Kernaghan, 28 Fountain Street, Antrim, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland from R. C. McClenahan, "Ebenezer" 62 Turner Drive, Rotarua? N. Z. Answered 22/4/69 - ...... John, I do hope you will forgive me not writing sooner but the time just seems to fly & I have so many friends to write to, well I must say thank you both for the very nice C. Card & Calender which you sent. I here their are going to be quite a lot of changes in Antrim & you seem to have had quite a lot of trouble too, their seems to be trouble every where. Will you be having any of your friends over this summer, by your letter that you sent some time ago you had quite a few over, I am sure you all had a nice time, it is nice the coming but it is the going away.  How is Lorance, wife & little girl. I ma sure she is getting big now. I had been staying with friends in Hamilton since christmas so I am home now, but before I came home John called & we went with a few friends to see Sam McCullough in Auckland, did you know that he had not been very well, he had a stroke before Christmas, he was looking much better than what he was at the New Year, was asking for you all the old friends. How is Annie keeping also Mrs. Gleghorn, is she still working, & I here Mrs. Wilson is still in Hospital, I suppose she may never come home again. Who lives next door now, do they have many staying. John Robina & family keep well, John is working, kept busy, it means a lot, it won't be long till Elizabeth is at school, how the time goes. I here you have had very bad weather at home, glad we do not see any snow, the summer here has not been so good as last year but still when the sun shines it is very warm. My Mother is still able to go about but her pains have been worse this year, I think she is wonderful. Well my dears I trust this finds you both in your usual as it leaves us. Much love xxxxx R. C. Mc here


1                                                                                                   2
1) The Shore, Carnlough, Co. Antrim to Mrs. J. Kernaghan, Fountain Street, Antrim, N. Ireland - Having a good time, weather lovely, wish you were here, water is just grand, thinking of getting a row round. Love Mother
2) Langford Lodge, Crumlin 16th August 1926 to Miss N. Allen, Massereene, Antrim, Co. Antrim - I am enjoying my holiday at home, weather showery. With love Maggie
1                                                                  2                                                              3
1) 25th August 1934 Detroit Mich. to Mrs. John Kernaghan, Parkhall, Antrim, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland
2) 25th August 1925? to Mr. John Kernaghan, Fountain Street, Antrim, Co. Antrim, Ireland
3) 6/7/34 Alex Syracuse, N.Y. - To John From Nan

Greetings Cards & Invites

A Record Book for your Golden Anniversary
The Golden Wedding Anniversary Record of John & Nan Kernaghan. Congratulations and Best Wishes from George & Ola Kernaghan  Tuesday 28th June 1927
Here's a book to help record, Your Golden Wedding Day,
May it be filled with happiness, For you in every way!
People who stopped by to express Best Wishes for our happiness! -
Laurence Allen Kernaghan - Mary Kernaghan - Joanne Kernaghan - Josephine Scott - Kelly Scott
Samuel Allen - Patsy Rainey - Alex. Rainey - Dorothy Hall - Samuel Campbell - Jeannie Kelly
Ena Boyd - Annie Gleghorn - John Boyd - Deborah Campbell - Joan Ferguson - David Baxter
Pearl Baxter - Wm. Allen - Constance McKinstry - Elizabeth Allen
Cards that thoughtful people sent to wish us joy on this event! -
Laurence, Mary & Joanne - Kathleen - George & Ola, George & Loraine - Jeannie - Alex. & Carol - Josephine
Edie, Bill & Family - Elizabeth - Consy - Samuel & Margaret - Willie - Patsy & Alex - Sybil & Michael
Mary, Gordon & Nicola - Uncle Samuel & Aunt Jeanie - Dorothy - Aunt Deborah - Kaye, Allen & the Girls
Edna & Billy Honeyford - William & jean Honeyford - Martin, Helen & Richard - Elizabeth, Raymond Stevenson
Pauline, Edna & William - Pearl & David Baxter - Annie Gleghorn - Ena & John Boyd - Lottie Kenny - Zoe Canavan
Mrs. C. Majury - Artie & Sadie McDonald - Nellie Langshaw

1                                                                    2                                                                    3      
1) A Wish for your Golden Anniversary, George and Lorraine
2) For your Golden Wedding Day from Mary, Laurence and Joanne
3) Greetings Telegram Congratulations to Gran and Grandpa on their Golden Wedding. From Joanne with love and best wishes

1                           2                                                                  3                                                  4                    
1) A/8 10.28 Antrim Be. 17 All Purpose Mr. & Mrs. Kernoghan, Halls Hotel, Antrim - Congratulations on your Golden Wedding - Edna and Billy Honeyford
2) Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year - Ola, George, & Family, 204 Goodall Avenue, Daytona Beach, Florida. Just a hint to write between air-raids
3) Season's Greetings Best Wishes from Josephine
4) A Message of Cheer to Nannie, John & Laurence from Josephine, Bob & Allen

1                                 2                                        3                                                    4                  
1) First Antrim Sunday School Cradle Roll to Lawrence Allen Kernaghan with our Best Wishes for your Birthday - Maude B. West
2) Massereene Hospital, Antrim, Dance on Thursday 1st April 1948 Mr. L. Kernoghan R.S.V.P. to Miss M. Lemon
3) Massereene Hospital, Antrim, Dance on Friday, 19th November 1948 Mr. Lawrence Kernaghan R.S.V.P. Miss M. Lemon
4) All About Our Baby - Laurence Allen Kernaghan Born at Parkhall 29th March 1928 at 5-30 p.m. Baptised at Parkhall by Rev. M. Majury, B.A.

1                         2                                      3                               4                           5                     6
1) Christian Temperance Campaign conducted by E. Tennyson Smith Signed John Kernaghan, 16th March 1914
2) Christian Temperance Campaign conducted by E. Tennyson Smith Signed Nannie Allen, 16th March
3) Reception immediately after the ceremony at Krebs - Mr. and Mrs. Edmund P. Stevens request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter Ola Winona to Mr. George H. Kernaghan on Thursday, the eighth of June, nineteen hundred and thirty three at eleven o'clock Jordan, New York 8th June 1933
4) Antrim Rugby Football Club, President L. J. Holmes, Esq. Third Annual Dance - Miss Nan Allen 10th December 1926 R.S.V.P. to Wm. Weir, Northern Bank, Antrim
5) Royal Ulster Constabulary, Special Curfew Permit, Available for Northern Ireland and for one night only. 2nd August 1924
6) Mr. & Mrs. John Kernaghan & Family

Receipts and Photo Wallets

1                                                                   2
1) 26th April 1952 James Baird (Antrim) Ltd., Dr. Church Street, Antrim - 4 ladies shoulder sprays, 3 gents buttonholes. Car from Fountain Street to Massereene to ? Church, Randalstown back to Neilsbrook? Hall to Fountain Street 5 18s 6d
2) 8th May 1952 Mr. Laurence Kernaghan, Fountain Street to James Baird (Antrim) Ltd., Dr. - 1 Wedding Notice in Evening Telegraph 10s 9d

1                    2                      3                            4                               5                     6
1) Kernaghan
2) Mrs. Kernaghan, Fountain Street, Antrim 13/11/61
3) Kernaghan 22/9/57
4) Kernaghan - ?eitch, Castle Lane, Belfast
5) Miss Allen, S. Nicholl, Antrim, Photographer
6) Mrs. Allen, S. Nicholl's, Antrim

everything else

1                                                                          2                            
1) Xmas Cards Rec. 1937 Josephine, Alex, Aunt Annie, Maise & John, Mr. & Mrs. Walker, Mr. & Mrs. McClean, Molly & Jack, Jeanie, Bessie Loughman, 2 Adelaide Close, Whitehead, Belfast; Mr. & Mrs. R. Baird, Maud G.; Lizzie Carberry, Mary, 46 Andersontown Park; George & Ola, Tillie, 3 Lisbawn Terrace, Longlands; Grannie K. & Kate; Aunt Deb, Aunt Lily, George Mitchell, Allen Scott, Margaret McKinsty, Bernie, Mary, Margt. McClure
Xmas Cards 1938 - Margaret McClure, Turners, Magheralane, Randalstown; George Mitchell, Josephine, Mr. & Mrs. McClean, Alex, Bessie, Kellys, Molly & Jack, Maggie Walker, Lizzie Carbery, Ola & George, Maud G., Tillie
Presents Rec. 1937 - Josephine, Cake; Alex, Dollar; A. Deb. 1; Aunt Annie, Stockings; Bunie or Bernie, Vest; Edith, Knickers; J. & Maisie, Vest & Hose; Minnie Hill, Bists & cover; S. Maybery, Slippers; M. McClure, Glass Cloths; Consy, Stockings; Jeanie K. Tea, etc. etc.; Lizzie, Money; Mother, ___; Kirks, Shortbread; Harry Fleming, Roast; John, Money & dress;
Presents rec. 1938 - Josephine, Cake; Alex, Dollar; Aunt Deb, Apples; Edith, C. Cover; Maisie, Stockings; John A., Perfume; S. Maybery, Slippers; M. McClure, Knickers; Jeanie, Stockings, etc.; Lizzie, Money; Mother, 2/-; Kirks, Biscuits & Wine; H. Fleming, Roast; John, Money; A. Clarke, Cushens? C. & Cowls; Jamison, Chocolates; M. McMaster, Undershirt; Kate, Pastry
2) 1942 Notebook Bloomfield Bakery (1933) Ltd., Oakdale Street, Connswater, Belfast
Cards sent 1940 & 1941 - Mrs. B. Loughman, 2 Adelaide Place, Whitehead, Belfast; Miss M. Graham, 47 Mountcollier Street, Belfast; Mr. & Mrs. J. McClean, Glenbank, Hillhall, Lisburn; Mr. & Mrs. J. Walker, 90 Ballygomartin Road, Belfast (scored out); Mr. & Mrs. J. Mitchell, 8 Titania Street, Belfast; Aunt Annie, Aunt Deborah, Mrs. M. Williams, 3 Lisbawn Terrace, Longlands; Mrs. T. L. Ritchie, 4 Bonawe Street, Maryhill Road, Glasgow; Mrs. W. Donaldson, 675 Lisburn Road, Belfast; Mrs. L. Carbery, 46 Andersonstown Road, Falls Road, Belfast; Maisie, Waveney Avenue, Ballymena; Annie Coburn, 9 Donnybrook Street, Belfast; Josephine, Alex
Cards sent 1943 (no addresses)
Cards Received 1942/1943 - (no new addresses)
Laurence Rec. cards 1942 from Mr. W. J. Killough, Church Street, Kilree; Aunt Mary, Scotland (no other addresses)
Electric Light costs 1941/1942/1943/1944/1945/1946
Cards Rec. 1943 and Sent 1944 (no new addresses)
last page Laurence practicing writing his address Laurence A. Kernaghan, Parkhall, Antrim etc. etc.

Sheet Music

Grannny's Song at Twilight - Silver Threads amongst the Gold
Song Fox-Trot Written and Composed by Wynn Stanley and Andrew Allen
Featured with enormous success by Miss Violet Essex - Nan Allen
Purchased at 40 Church Lane, Belfast

Tabacus - December 1958 - British Tabulating Machine Co. Ltd.
Divisional Representatives Production:- J. G. Milligan, Welfare Officer, Castlereagh
Castlereagh wishes all regions of the Company a Happy Christmas
Operator Larry Kernoghan demonstrates the uses of a Sorter, while Jim Easterbrook, on left, and some of the visitors appreciate a point made by Harold George
Castlereagh Retirements - Castlereagh Sports Club - Personal Page

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