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Clothing, Fuel  & Food Ration Books - Donnan & Mowat
Driver's Licence -
Belfast Mental Hospital
- Donnan
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Grand Opera House; Wellington Hall; St. Mary's Hall; Royal Hippodrome; Tonic Cinema
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Jamison, Quinn, Earley

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1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970

Clothing Ration Books 1945-46; 1946-47; 1947-48
Edward G. Donnan, Leo G. Donnan, Mary Donnan, 441 Oldpark Road, Belfast

Food Ration Books 1946-47; 1951-52; 1952-53
M. Donnan, 441 Oldpark Road, Belfast; H. J. Mowat, 14 Edward Road, Whitehead & M. E. H. S.? Mowat

Motor Fuel Standard Ration Book 1949-50
Reg. EZ2905; FOI 3265

Driver's Licence - Robert Brown, Kilgreel, Lyle Hill, Templepatrick 23rd April 1928

Belfast Mental Hospital, Purdysburn Villa Colony, Belfast 20th July 1944
Dear Sir/Madam, Clothing Rationing documents for patients wearing private clothing.
RE: Ernest E. Donnan
Referring to your application for permission to supply private clothing and your undertaking to maintain clothing as required for the above named patient, I send herewith clothing book CB1/7 to be used solely for the purpose of obtaining clothing for the use of the patient named thereon.  Yours faithfully, J. Harper, Secretary.
to Mr. L. G. Donnan, 441 Oldpark Road, Belfast.

18th June 1938 to Mr. Love, 251 Ravenhill Avenue, Belfast from Fortwilliam
Dear Mr. Love, We have had glorious weather since Monday, We had a lovely crossing to Stranraer from Larne. Then we had a run through Girvan, Ayr, Irvin, Paisley, across the Clyde by Ferry and then on to Dumbarton and Alexandria and L??? on Loch Lomond where we camped two nights. On Thursday we came here passing through the Pass of Glencoe, which, I think, is marvellous. Yesterday we climbed the greater part of the path up to Ben Nevis. I went up as far as the Lake, but the others went almost to the very top - they would have done it but they started too late. The path and road from Fortwilliam to the top is almost 7 miles.  We did the Glen Nevis to-day. We went up the glen for 7 miles by car, and then we walked by a narrow path. It is well worth seeing. It reminded me of the Glens of Antrim.  We had a glorious day yesterday for the climb.  Ben Nevis and all the peaks around were perfectly clear. It was a cloudless sky and the heat was tropical. I went up higher and higher believing in the scientific law that the higher you rose the cooler became the atmosphere, but not so yesterday. It seemed to get warmer. There was no breeze at 3000 feet up, you could not have believed it. This morning was warm and fine but we had some rain in the afternoon, but it is fair again as I write.  We did not intend to stay here so long but the weather was so good that we remained here, and hope to go on to Inverness on Monday. We expect Bertie to join us in Inverness on Tuesday. We all send kindest regards to Mrs. Love, Miss Love, Mr. J. Love and yourself. Yours very sincerely ? Frazer


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1) no date Postmark Strandtown, Belfast to Miss ? Jamison, Ardara, Comber, Co. Down - Dear M. or N., I hope you are well, Bob had a letter from Will, he said you did not write to him, he is wishing he was back here again, I don't think it will be long to he is back, I did not give you his write address, I was up the Antrim Road on Friday, they will be out on Sunday. Lilly
2) 1929 Postmark Armagh? to Miss L. Quinn, Killeen, Osborne Park, Lisburn Road, Belfast - Dear Lilly, just the old wish A Happy Easter From A. Quinn, Barrack Street, Armagh
3) 1937? Postmark ? to Miss J. Earley, 217 Duncairn Gardens, Belfast, Northern Ireland - Enjoying myself very much. Just a few bits of excitement!! Had a letter from W. today, she is improving. Hope all your people are well & that you are not working too hard. Love Aneill
4) 25th July 1939 Postmark Edinburgh to Mr. & Mrs. Love, 251 Ravenhill Avenue, Belfast from Dunlop