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Carmen Souvenir Album
and an Austrian Photo Album with no information

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A beautiful Souvenir Album from the Cast of Carmen to Joseph Donnelly, Esq.

Address to Joseph Donnelly, Esq.
Dear Mr. Donnelly, We, whose names are written on the following pages ask you to accept this Album, partly as a souvenir of the recent production of "Carmen" in the Theatre Royal, Belfast, but more particularly as a token of our gratitude to you for the invaluable assistance you so ungrudgingly gave us during our preparation for the performances.
The City Amateur Operatic Society, of which we are all members, is largely indebted to you for the acknowledged success of the production, but we who were personally aided by your enthusiastic labours and artistic guidance feel that our debt to you is even greater.
The community of interest has been pleasant indeed and the delightful intercourse has left many happy memories which can never be effaced. We rejoice to think that the tie which binds us is one of affectionate comradeship and we all join in assuring you of our grateful thanks.

May 1908

Theatre Royal, Belfast
Week commencing 4th May, 1908
City Amateur Operatic Society
President, The Earl of Shaftesbury, K.C.V.O.
Conductor, Mr. C. J. Brennan, Mus.B., F.R.C.O.
Don Josť (a Brigadier)     -     Mr. James Briggs
Escamillo (a Toreador)     -     Mr. J. F. Newel    
          Dancairo & Remendado (Smuggles)     -     Mr. J. W. Gibson & Mr. Alan Parker
         Zuniga (a Captain)     -     Mr. J. Finlay Press
Morales ( a Brigadier)     -     Mr. Frank Kerr    
Carmen (a Factory girl, afterwards a Gipsy)     -     Madame Gertrude Drinkwater              
            Micaela (a Peasant Girl)     -     Madame Kathryn Warwick
           Frasquita (a Gipsy)     -     Miss Hildred Hunter
                                                           (Wednesday & Matinee)
                                                   Miss B. Armstrong
                                                      (Thursday & Friday)
    Mercedes (a Gipsy)     -     Miss L. McCann
                                                          (Wednesday & Friday)
                                                      Miss M. MacMurray
                                                         (Thursday & Matinee)
Silias Pastia (an Innkeeper)     -     Mr. P. J. Hoban         
Stage Manager, Mr. T. Louden

Yours very Sincerely                 Gratefully Yours                  Yours very sincerely       
Gertrude Drinkwater                  Kathryn Warwick                     Lizzie McCann             

                                                                                         Sincerely Yours
                                                                                          Hildred Hunter

         Yours gratefully                            Yours very truly                     Yours Sincerely
  J. A. Maud MacMurray                          James Briggs                      James F.  Newel
Very sincerely Yrs.                                                                                            
Belle Armstrong                                                                                            

Sincerely Yours                                Yours faithfully                              Yours faithfully
   Alan Parker                                     J. W. Gibson                                  J. Finlay Press
       Yours truly                                                 Yours to Command
Frank C. Kerr                                                     P. J. Hoban
Yrs. ?                                                                        Yours
C. J. Brennan                                                           Thomas Louden


This photograph Album came with the above, its an album of photos taken by mostly Austrian photographers, sadly there is no personal information

Seb Herold Kitzbuhel             Kaspar Angerer               Seb Herold Kitzbuhel               Burkhart Innsbruck     
G. Brummer & Co. Trento      Anton Rothbacker Kitzbuhel      Seb Herold Kitzbuhel      Ed Paoli Fot. Pergine     
M. Ketzler Innsbruck Wilten        Seb Herold Kitzbuhel           Kaspar Angerer           Seb Herold Kitzbuhel      
J. Brandl Kirchberg            A. Rothbacher Kitzbuhel               Kaspar Angerer              Kaspar Angerer     
       A. Lentsch Salzburg                   A. Karg Kufstein               Carl Hintner & John Salzburg

     A. Burkhart Innsbruck               -----                  Michael Lackney Kirchberg Tirol     A. Wilcke Innsbruck