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The Collegian
Christmas 1948

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The Magazine of St. Malachy's College, Belfast

Boys' Diary  1947

4th September - Back again after a long and enjoyable holiday.
8th September - We welcome the new members of our staff, Fr. McKavanagh, Fr. Maguire, Mr. O'Duffy. Mass in the College Chapel at 9 a.m. for all.
9th September - We regret to learn of the departure of Dr. Rodgers who has gone to St. Mary's Training College. We offer him our heartiest congratulations and wish him the best of luck in his position.
10th September - Appointment of "big four" - "Wee Con,"  "Stumpy,"  "Bandy" and "Buck."
12th September - Small boy to "Blinge" - "I thought the monitors were always seniors."
14th September - Ducking once more, beginning with the monitors.
16th September - Bandy still wondering why Stumpy became second-in-command.
17th September - House captains are chosen and "Tommy" has at last succeeded in becoming one (after voting for himself no less than ten times).
18th September - Nuck returns wanting to know who wrote those insulting chronicles in last year's mag.
19th September - Geography professor: "In Spain many people go for a sleep during the day." After looking round the room, "but by looks of things they do it in more countries than Spain."
20th September - Jim McKeever elected minor captain and John Hughes house-captain.
21st September - Latin professor demands an explanation of a student "in a subordinate clause one may subordinate a clause provided that the clause he intends to subordinate is subordinate to the subordinate clause it occurs in."
22nd September - It is interesting to know that students in Prep. dorm. can look down on the moon!
23rd September -
Student in ref.: "What sort of rice is this"?  Butler: "ground rice."  Student: "It looks it."
25th September - History professor: "Lord Castlereagh committed suicide."  Inquisitive student: "Why did he do it?"  Prof.: "I don't know. He never gave his reason after he had done it."
26th September - Senior B during a free forty compelled one of the history professors to some in from next room and exclaim: "Senior B, although you are free, you're not supposed to stare at me."
27th September - During the distribution of milk in study a certain professor was asked, would he care for a bottle of goat's milk.
31st September - 4th October - Retreat given by Fr. O'Shea, C.SS.R.; good weather. Finished with Mass on Sunday morning. Big crowd.
5th October - "Bandy," with approval of "Buck": "We must report these boys who were talking."  Head monitor: "Let him who is without sin amongst you cast the first stone."
6th October - Curious student to "Buff," just after latter had been caught smoking in the "Daffs": "Let me see your cigarette case."  "Buff": "I am just after lending it to the President."
7th October - The MacRory Cup team are training hard, and as they march to victory the song is: "Omagh are going to have a h___ of a time. With "Bandy John" in the forward line."
12th October - Team off to Omagh. We wish them luck. Sorry we are not with them.
17th October - Soccer Sevens today. St. Paul's victorious.
20th October - We notice that "Bandy" is gone home for the marriage feast at Cranbeg.
21st October - "Bandy": "This MacRory Cup team needs a general straightening up." Misery: "I wonder who'll be first?"
23rd October - The anti-legioners seem to have adopted the same slogan as the Chartists - Freedom of speech and equal rights for all.
24th October - All good things come from heaven, but "Bene-Pace" does not think so, especially when seagulls are about."
25th October - MacRory Cup team played St. Mary's Training College. The former won by four points.
26th October - Feast of Christ The King. Two Solemn High Masses in college chapel today; one for the students of the college, the other for Queen's University students. Sermon preached by Fr. Casey, S.J., a very distinguished past student on holidays from Hong Kong.
27th October - Hallowe'en holidays - bring on the nuts - Oh! I forgot we just have about 140 here since September. Home Sweet Home.
4th November - Back again - Ah! this is desperate!
5th November - Geography professor: "The immense population of China will perhaps be grasped better if I tell you that every time you take a breath a Chinaman dies ... What are you doing?"  Student: "Killing Chinamen, sir."
7th November - Latin professor, while looking at a rather hairy individual in Senior C1: "It would be a good job if the members of this class would contribute 2d. each for a razor. When you get it, make sure J. D. doesn't stand too far away from it."
8th November - Due to an influx of Latin dictionaries, or to other reasons, there is no ambiguity this year about the meaning of "intro" - say the University students.
9th November - Famous statesman, on the tram fares - "Never was so much owed by so many to so few."
10th November - "The doors are opened twenty-four hours of the day" - We were just wondering what was causing the draughts, says a Queensman.
11th November - "Goose" gets a "bear" reception in his room now.
12th November - "Olly," chanting along the corridor: "Who has a blade for a splendid cause?"
13th November - Sagart Aroon: "Musha! Musha! and Wirra! Wirra! - but 'tis the hard times that do be in it."
14th November - Wanted: For next year's play - experienced train driver with some knowledge of off-stage duties.
15th November - Nine into six won't go - but it did last year when Julia put on ladies' shoes. - Letterkenny come to College in MacRory Cup. Match at 3 p.m. in College grounds. Victory for Collegians, followed by a spread in the ref. Arrangements were made for a friendly game in Letterkenny later on in the year. We take our farewell of Letterkenny boys, and so to study.
17th November - Fr. McCanon, S.J., addressed the Senior students of the College on the ideals of the Pioneer Association.
19th November - "Could you tell me something about the "reign of terror"?  "Sorry, I never heard of him."
20th November - Soap economy - when our horsey friend opens his mouth, he has nothing to wash but his ears.
21st November - Queensman states that he has one subject and forty-one hours and ten minutes study in a week. It beats me how he is going to spend the last ten minutes!
22nd November - Wet weather - someone sings the hymn, "Everlasting is thy reign (rain)."
23rd November - A Standard is not the easiest model to start, says an observant Queensman.
24th November - Monitor or no monitor he is a bit of a footballer; he has the unique ability to kick with both the left and the right, and, in time of difficulty, with both together - usually ending in the mud with feet in the air.
25th November - what have the Queensmen come to? Is it true they have turned professional and that the trophy is a pot of jam? In this side of the house, sport has never become so degraded.
26th November - Some of the lodgers in Fleetwood got their photos taken so often that they have developed a perpetual grin.
27th November - In this era of invention we have jet propulsion and all sorts of propulsion, but the latest invention of the Standard Company is "Queensmen propulsion."
28th November - 3 a.m. in No. X, Fleetwood: "Goose": "Hi, 'Bear,' I'm nearly sure I heard a mouse squeak." "Bra": "Well, what the ____ do you expect me to do - oil it?"
29th November - Dungannon Academy come to College for the decider of our section. Match was played in MacRory Park and all boarders came out to support. Result was a well-deserved win for the College. An enjoyable sing-song was held in the English Hall later in the evening.  Enrolment of all new students in the Miraculous Medal.
1st December - Cigarette shortage prompted this smoker's ode: "See the pretty Gold-flakes falling from the sky, Underneath the counter soft and thick they lie."
2nd December - Professor: "Why is Cupid always represented with a bow and arrow?" Boy: "Well, sir, wouldn't he look funny with a machine-gun."
3rd December - One despairing professor has remarked that too many of our students can see both sides of any question but can never see the answer.
5th December - Hairy Harry is bringing sardines into the ref. lately. He must have relatives in Portugal.
8th December - Solemn High Mass at 10 a.m., followed by Solemn Benediction. A free day welcomed by all. A picture after tea brought to a close a very enjoyable day.
10th December - Tickets, tickets, tickets - no end to these "black babies." These cheeky collectors take no refusals!
12th December - A number of old familiar names appear in this issue of the Africa - little amuses the innocent"
14th December - "Sir, are you having your photo taken for the mag. this year?" Professor: "No, I don't want to arouse jealousy."
15th December - Someone remarked that "Lanky" has started smoking to stop growing.
16th December - Class exams start.
18th December - U.N.O. must be doing some good work, as "Port,"  "Brooklyn,"  "Egypt,"  "Chink" and "Jap" are all on good terms!
20th December - Overheard in the wee dorm: "Where was Moses when the light went out?" Some say: "In the dark," but the bold "Fla" had gone off to wreck the cloakroom!
22nd December - Home, home, home! Goose, chicken, birdie and ducks, pray take care - your lives are in danger these days. A happy Christmas to all.


12th January - Back again - at least some of us.
13th January - Interesting lecture illustrated by lantern slides, on Our Lady of Fatima, given by Mr. Harvey.
14th January - Maths professor giving an example on direct variation: "The more we are together, the happier we shall be."  Indirect variation: "The more chicken we eat for dinner, the less we'll have for tea."
16th January - What happened when Brian and Pat came back in time?
17th January - The dean is back again. Now no longer does the old proverb hold true: "When the cat's away the mice will play."
18th January - Snulla was overheard exclaiming: "Gee, but it would be cold in our cave these nights."
19th January - Geography professor: "Most of you seem to have written an account of the "Whang-Ho" Basin for the Christmas exams, I wonder why?"
23rd January - We are sorry to hear of the death of Rev. Daniel Lafferty. - R.I.P.
25th January - MacRory Cup team off to Letterkenny, and although we cannot be with them, nevertheless we wish them luck.
26th January - Junior Sevens today. Congratulations, St. Mary's.
27th January - We congratulate the MacRory Cup team on their victory over Letterkenny.
28th January - They say "Boiler" was detained at the border after the Letterkenny match for trying to smuggle over "Duck"!
29th January - All the students go out for mass radiography. "Bandy" proudly boasts that he has the greatest chest measurement - he'll need it!
30th January - Towser, in very bad form, threatens to jump the wall!
31st January - Collegians defeat Ardoyne in Minor league.
1st February - Legion reunion held in College this evening. Some "valuables" left behind in the ref.
2nd February - Mass at 9 a.m. for a packed congregation of boarders and dayboys - Feast of the Purification.
5th February - We celebrate the anniversary of that memorable day two years ago!
6th February - "Captain's Courageous" shown tonight - very good picture.
7th February - The silhouette of an Italian - "Roman in the gloaming."
9th February - College play postponed. The sad news of Dr. MacSorley's death casts a gloom over the College.
10th February - Requiem Mass for the repose of the soul of Dr. MacSorley, house doctor.
11th February - Ash Wednesday - Lent begins with good intentions. We hear some boys have given up smoking - shortage of money?
12th February - "Mind you, I think I'd just about have got you through Senior if I hadn't broken my right wrist," said a certain Greek professor to a student.
13th February - Towser is keeping very faithful to the shepherd - of course, every dog has his day!
16th February - There is another addition to the imperial staff. "Rommel" joins "Hannibal" and "Monty."
18th February - Heard in Senior A1: "Dryden put great mettle into his lines, that means spirit."  "Wee Joe": "Methylated spirits,. did you say?" He got four.
22nd February - College played Newry C.B.S. today in semi-final of MacRory Cup and drew. "San Francisco" tonight.
23rd February - "G Whizz" and "De buck" gave Senior C1 an exhibition in boxing.
24th February - They say that "Bandy" has proposed that the moon should walk round the track so that the MacRory Cup team can train during the night.
25th February - MacRory Cup trial match today. The "over twenties" played the "under twenties." "Stumpy," much to his indignation, played for the former despite his constant use of palm-olive soap.
27th February - Inquisitive student: "Well, "Fitz," what are you going home for this time? Don't tell me it is to see a man about a dog."  "Fitz": No, it is to see a man about a horse." I winder what's happened. "Fitz" has told the truth!
28th February - Queensmen present "The Ghost Train" in the gymnasium tonight. A splendid play well done.
29th February - Congratulations to MacRory Cup team in gaining a well-merited victory over the Abbey - 1 goal 7 pts. to 3 pts.
1st March - We offer our sincere sympathy to Fr. Lynch on the death of his father. - R.I.P.   Fr. McGivern, O.Carm., an old boy of the College, addressed the Seniors in the College Chapel today on vocation.
2nd March - Luckily for smokers, during the retreat "Big Brian" returned with plenty of contraband.
3rd March - Oliver has taken the new men under his wing. So serious is he that he even teaches them handball. Now there is no need to say "Olly" is good!
4th March - why the big rush to Geology this year? Perhaps the trips to Scrabo, Portrush and Ballycastle are the attraction.
5th March - A young professor called a student up to the rostrum after some misdemeanour, Fr. X: "What do you think I am here for?"  Boy: "To save your soul, Father"!
6th March - The Cure D'Ars still presides over the study hall despite the impedimenta of caps, books and comical head-dresses.
7th March - Solemn High Mass at 10 a.m., followed by Solemn Benediction in honour of St. Thomas Aquinas.  Eight full buses left the College Avenue today for Cavan - strong and enthusiastic support.
8th March - Free day!
9th March - Fr. Houlihan of Kilregan to-day spoke to the boys about the mission to Africa.
10th March - "Beleek China" is said to be very fragile. One look at Sean E - convinces us!
11th March - Eddie Jap seen fraternising with the Chink brothers. Christian idea of charity, some say!
14th March - Passion Sunday. Exposition of Blessed Sacrament, finishing at 2 p.m.
15th March - Exam funk! All stewing hard?
16th March - Exams in full swing.
17th March - Solemn High Mass at 10 a.m., followed by Solemn Benediction.  Out town! Marx Brothers in "Night at the Opera" (after tea) - end of a perfect day.
18th March - The preacher was talking about little acts of self-denial which we should all practise. "I am sure," he continued, "when you received a parcel you'll have no trouble in finding boys to help you to mortify yourselves."
19th March - who said "Bandy" is a back?  Sure, the forward can dribble the ball through his legs!
20th March - A note from the student's mother ran thus: "Kindly excuse the absence of my boy: he fell into the river on the way home - By doing same you will kindly oblige Yours, ____
22nd March - "It was in the month of Liverpool, In the city of July; The sun was raining heavily, The streets were very dry."  Heard in the Cloakroom - it must be the effect of the exams.
24th March - Home! Boil the eggs and get the kettle on.
6th April - Here we go again, looking fresh and well but feeling far from it!
7th April - Smokers in the worst of bad form. Cigs, up another 2d.
10th April - Prize-day. The President addressed a crowded Study-Hall and distributed valuable prizes to the successful competitors.
11th April - Fight to-day between Towser and Birdie. Brown-bread Ned said: "Birdie, you would fight even with a saint."  Birdie replied: "Aye, and with a dog at the same time."
12th April - "Sir, what is a jib?"  Greek prof.: "It is what you have got for a face."
13th April - Duck: "What, do they enjoy picking potatoes?"  Brendan: "At dinner, of course."
14th April - Feast of St. Joseph. Missa Cantata in St. Joseph's Oratory at 7.30 a.m. Senior students out to see "Hamlet" in the Opera House. A most enjoyable performance.
15th April - Prof.: "What is caustic?"  Boy: "Stuff for removing warts."  Prof.: "I wish we had some of it in this class."
16th April - Archie, seen round the track in flashy white slippers. Some one asks if the blacksmith whitewashes the horses' feet in Ballymena.
17th April - College defeat St. Paul's in first round of Minor Championship. University students on retreat. All quiet in St. Joseph's wing.
18th April - Butler to Visitor: "Isn't this a lovely building? What was the first thing that struck you coming in the door?"  Old lady: "A paper from a boy's catapult."
19th April - University students come off retreat. Irish Oral in today.
21st April - Hist. prof.: "What is the Diet of Worms?"  Dull Boy: "Dirt, sir."
23rd April - Prof.: "What keeps bricks together?"  Student: "Cement, sir."  Prof.: "That's what keeps them apart."
25th April - Geog. prof.: "What do moths feed on?"  Stupid boy: "Holes, sir."
26th April - "Wee Bear" lost his time in the moss this year, as he got his "Turf" taken from him in the quad. today.
27th April - Prof. (to boy rattling money): "Hand over that money for the Holy Childhood."  J.D.: "Sir, give it to me; I collect it."  Prof.: "I have six holy children at home."
28th April - Standards taken for House system - on the whole some fine records.
29th April - Queen's rag-day. Some old Collegians kindly remembered us and created a scene in the Wee Field.
30th April - Boy (from another class): "Have you got a cane, sir?"  Prof.: "No, I am sorry."  Boy: "Thank you, sir."
1st May - Opening of "Forty Hours" Adoration with Solemn High Mass at 9 a.m. An uncomfortably packed Chapel! Nocturnal Adoration by University students.
2nd May - Solemn High Mass at 10 a.m. Holy Hour for Boarders - 9-10 p.m. Nocturnal Adoration by Priests.
3rd May - Solemn High Mass at 9 a.m. Litany of the Saints, Procession and Benediction. And so to class.
4th May - Religious Knowledge Examination for the whole school.
6th May - Ascension Thursday. Solemn High Mass at 10 o'clock and Benediction. Annual Sports in Big Field. Good attendance of day-boys. Highlight of day was cycle race where several spills occurred to brighten up events. Picture "David Copperfield" wound up a most enjoyable day.
7th May - A career talk by two Old Boys on "Architecture" and "Accountancy."
8th May - Willie Blutters: "Where does McGarvoch come from?"  Wet Weather: "Oh, 'tulips,' all the way from Holland."
9th May - Sister to boy with sore throat: "Now, Master John, say 99."  Boy: "98."  Sister: "Another Republican."
10th May -
"Bra" at half-time in the inter-table match ferociously demanded of "X" if he gashed the "Goose's" leg. On a timid admission of guilt, "Bra" added genially: "Shake, pal. He should have had his socks up anyway."
11th May -
Rumour heard today that the "Jap" has gone off and joined the Arabs. Everyone feels sorry at his loss and hopes he sees "Chink" if he ever visits China.
13th May - Overheard in the Quad: "Hi, Hilary, lend's half-a-dollar."  Hilary: "Do you think I am really Green."
15th May -
When we move to Garron Tower Shepherd will look after the sheep.
17th May -
In the case of an emergency in the Nissen Huts the Maths Professor always carries a tin-opener!
18th May -
Another Career talk by an Old Boy on Agriculture - very interesting.
20th May - Boys training for Cherryvale - taking up pole vaulting.
21st May -
Another Old Boy up to talk on Insurance.
23rd May -
Hurling Sevens for the Drinan Shield. Won by St. Mary's after a fine evening's hurling.
25th May -
The pupils of Senior A1 say it is hard to do their exercises in one night. It would take "Weeks" to do them.
27th May - Corpus Christi, Solemn High Mass at 10 a.m. followed by Solemn Benediction. Boarders out town. "Mutiny on the Bounty" at night - smashing!
29th May -
All students out to see the show in Balmoral. Some went to Cherryvale where we saw Paul Shiels gaining several trophies for the College.
30th May -
Corpus Christi procession held to-day. Good attendance of staff and day-boys.
1st June -
Some Junior students pick odd places and off times to say their prayers, especially in the corridor at night!
3rd June -
Photographs taken of House winners and Minor team.
5th June - In the woodwork class Johnny's drawing of a gate was greatly admired by his pupils. Smart boy: "Sir, where did you see that gate or did you make it out of your head?"
6th June -
Last night in study-hall - boys perform spring-cleaning very zealously preparatory to the exams.
7th June -
Presentation was made to Fr. McMullan on the occasion of his silver jubilee. Suitable gifts were presented on behalf of the students by Colm McAlarey and Martin McHugh. Fine speeches too!
8th June -
Exams start. Class finishes.
1st September - School re-opens and classes resume.
2nd September -
Lots of old faces gone and unfamiliar faces to be seen.
6th September -
Class really started. All boys back.
7th September -
Fresh men beginning to feel first pangs - even tears.
8th September -
We regret to learn of departure of Fr. McEnaney to take up his position as dean at Trench House. We welcome Fr. Conway, our new dean, Fr. McGarry, and Mr. McGivern, who has come to assist Mr. McDermott with the increased gym classes.
10th September -
Customary ablutions completed in fine style. New boys beginning to sort themselves out into various categories. We have cows, horses, bears, rabbits, frogs, pigs, ducks (ay, three of them), dogs - we should start a zoo here.
11th September - Having now two bishops, one is promoted to the rank of archbishop. For any favour, fee to Bishop is "one fag, please."
12th September -
Big four appointed, viz.: Toby Belch, Rozy, Bumps, Big Charlie.
13th September -
We seem to have a weakness for Dickensian characters. Micawber of former years is replaced by Mr. Dick. Mas'r Davy is still to the fore.
15th September -
Professor to class: "Students should learn to do a thing by doing it, not by seeing it done."  Usual croak from rear of the class: "We learn by being done."
16th September - Student on left wing of class to professor combing his hair: "Sir, take it off and comb it!"
18th September -
Elections of House Captains and MacRory Cup Captain in study-hall. Jim McKeever was unanimously elected MacRory Cup Captain.
19th September -
"Benny" playing cricket today sent down some smashing bumpers. In resuming play after tea he came in to bat on proverbial motor-bike.
20th September -
Student begins to recite his poetry - "Is this a witch I see before me, A beard upon her bonny chin, So withered and so wild in her attire . . ." (Long pause.) English professor: "Come, you imperfect speaker, tell me more, Say from whence you owe this strange intelligence?"
21st September - Greek professor tells class of sliding "gar."  Joe Soap contrary to opinion was not in the vicinity.
23rd September -
Professor wanted to know to-day what type of animals there were on the earth a mission years ago. Somebody suggested he consult Snulla who is well versed in ancient lore.
24th September -
Who said Chinks don't like fish on Fridays? Big Chink has a decided preference for cod. We hear he got the recipe from the "Listener."
25th September -
Heard in Senior A1 class-room: "What's his name there?"  "Oh him, well you can just 'Colm' Liam!"
26th September - We heard All-Ireland final in study hall to-day. Cavan 4 goals 5 pts., Mayo 4 goals 4 pts. Tyrone beat Dublin by 1 goal 8 pts. to 1 goal 5 pts. Up Ulster!
27th September -
During Senior Irish forty Smutts was heard sneezing: ach-tush, ach-tush! Queensmen arrive back.
28th September -
Hear Big Twa is coming back. Wee Twa wouldn't stay in horse-box alone in night.
29th September - Great soccer match to-day, Graders v. Priests of the Diocese. Result: 3-1 for the Graders. Bravo, boys!  6 p.m. Retreat starts - given by Fr. Bonaventure, C.P., of Ardoyne.
2nd October -
To-night at night prayers we hear of the death of Pat Savage (R.I.P.), a student of last year's Junior IA. We offer our sympathy to Jack and the rest of the family.
3rd October -
Fr. Bonaventure closed the retreat this morning after Mass at 9 a.m. and Papal Blessing. Terrific crowd in College Chapel.
4th October -
Requiem Mass for the repose of the soul of Pat Savage (R.I.P.) in College Chapel at 9 a.m., attended by all the students.
5th October - MacRory Cup team start training with high hopes of bringing home the cup! More power to you lads!
6th October -
When a tree in the avenue was blown down it was found to be hollow. Perhaps it was affected by some of the passers-by who were suffering from a similar disease.
7th October -
We tender to Mr. David Kennedy our sincere sympathy on the death of his brother.
8th October -
We have got a well-known Jew among us this year - Moses has risen from the dead, and, if I am not mistaken, there is an Aaron running about also! Try Junior 7 if stuck.
10th October - student when asked to make a sentence containing the word miniature, he answered: "The minute you are in bed you fall asleep."
11th October -
First day. Higher Maths men troop into Weedan with ties arranged in butterfly bows. "We are in the fashion now, Sir," they said.  Second Day. Students go in with bows again. Weedan sails in with a flowing tie. "Sonnies, 'yous' is out of fashion," he said.
13th October -
Now for a definition - the rectangle contained by wee Duck and middle Duck is equal to square on the big Duck.
14th October -
Cheshire was in bed today. Spratts asked him what was wrong with him. The "Salt Importer" replied with his famous grin: "Flat feet!"
15th October - Theodore says: "This is smashing, going out to pick potatoes." Next morning: "Oh, my poor back!" On the subject of Theodore, can anyone solve the mystery echoing down the big dorm at night, "ecce obses."
16th October -
"Where did all our milk go to?" Is that it with which the shed is painted?" Is that it with which the shed is painted?
17th October -
The College played St. John's in final of last year's Minor League. St. John's won. The referee must have been stupid when he thought that Duck didn't know where the square was!
18th October -
The scare of scarlet fever seems to have died out considerably. However there are two very advanced cases of yellow fever. Would Doctor Mick please take the appropriate steps?"
19th October - We hear that Terence Murdoch has joined the "Blue Funnel Line" and is off to Singapore on his first voyage. Good luck, Terry!
20th October -
Training stops to-day for MacRory Cup team in preparation for match with C.B.S. Barrack Street. Will the College take the sting out of the wasps?"
22nd October -
Wheatfield play the College to-day. The visitors won by two points.
23rd October -
The C.B.S. were beaten by the College. Read what the Poet says about the match.
24th October -
Mission Sunday Sports, St. Patrick's won the Senior Soccer Sevens and the Intermediate and Junior relays. Now you Juniors, did you take ice-cream before and after the Mission Exhibition?
25th October - Teacher: "The figure should be a long thin rectangle."  It must have been quite embarrassing to Lanky.
26th October -
Another duck has arrived here this year. This place will soon be a duck-house. Well, we have pond ready to hand anyway in the Wee Field.
27th October -
Simon is adept at getting under the bed. Bum for outstanding reasons is not so skilled!
28th October -
When Chesterton wrote in the "Donkey" - "ears like errant wings." was he referring to Drylugs or Ebenezer?
29th October - Home to-day. The bull being so excited combs his hair so badly that the cow's lick is very visible. First years please don't rise before 6 a.m.
4th November -
Where did those holidays go?
5th November -
What did the Chicken say about the green Standard? Cheap! Cheap!
6th November -
Bus left College for Letterkenny at 10 a.m.  Result - a comfortable win for the College. Congrats boys!
7th November -
We got soda-bread in ref. to-day. "Griddles" must have been busy!
8th November -
Burnhouse is looking for "Cheshire Cats." G ___ had better move in the ref.
9th November -
The last of the Fitz brothers is still with us. Can anyone explain his weakness for canary colour? He is getting very lawyer looking this year, going round the big track hanging on to a pipe!
10th November -
Big day here to-day. Octave of St. Malachy. Solemn High Mass at 10 a.m. The Bishop presided in the sanctuary and afterwards at the special request of the monitors declared a free day. After a special dinner, off down town. After tea a most enjoyable picture - Laurel and Hardy as good as ever.
11th November - Paddy: "Joe Beef goes over to the jail every day now."  Eugene: "What fur?"  Paddy: "To play thee orgin."  Eugene: "What fur?"  Paddy (exhausted): "They Retreet."  Eudene: "Oh - aye - a - twig now. Now a twig, Paddy."  Paddy: "Eugene, you are the quickest thing here for a long time."
12th November -
Smutts in Geog. class to-day was more interested in the "News of the World" then views of the world which Prof. was patiently showing.
13th November - Is "Barges" icebound?
14th November -
Irish Prof.: How many mistakes, John?  John: Only one - this morning I took an English exercise for my Irish one.  Prof.: Ah, boy, it has a beard on it - come forth.

Elegy on the Death of a Mad Mouse

Good people all, of every sort, Give ear unto my song,
And if you find it wond'rous short, It cannot hold you long.

In Fleetwood Street there was a man, For all the world to see;
A man who could old Horace scan, And many names had he.

A kind and gentle heart he had, And a pair of slippers blue,
And could he use the cane, lad! well need you ask that too!

And in that room a mouse did dwell, As many mice there be,
Mice big and small, middle-aged as well, And mice of low degree.

This mouse and man at first were friends, Till our man began to flipper;
When the mouse to gain some strange revenge, wend mad and ate his slipper.

The slipper seemed in state so sad, Our man seemed like to cry;
Yet while he swore the mouse was mad, He swore the mouse would die.

He armed himself, but all in vain, Despite all he had said;
When he came back from class 'twas plain, The mouse was already dead.

Patrick Savage - R.I.P.

     It is with deep regret that we record in his "Collegian" the death of Patrick Savage, which took place at his home in Fruithill Park on 2nd October, 1948.  The sad news was announced to us during our retreat, and to all, but especially to his class-mates of Junior Ia, it was a great shock.  Pat was one of the most popular lads in our class, a real "dab" at maths, and a splendid footballer and hurler.  He played for St. Mary's, 1946-47 - winners of the Junior Gaelic that year.  Requiem Mass was offered by the President for the repose of his soul on 4th October, at 9 a.m.  Almost six hundred boys packed the Chapel to offer that Mass for Pat's soul.  We extend our sincerest sympathy to his parents and to jack and Roland, both past pupils of Malachy's.  We ask your prayers for the repose of his soul.  May he rest in peace.  V. McKee - D. Bradley

College Staff

President: Very rev. John McMullan, B.A., B.D., B.C.L.
Bursar: Rev. Patrick McAlister, B.A., B.D.
Spiritual Director: Rev. Charles Agnew, B.A.


              Rev. Patrick Kerr, B.A., Ph.B., S.T.L.  -  Rev. William Tumelty, B.A., H.Dip.Ed., S.T.L.
Rev. Walter Larkin, B.A., S.T.L.  -  Rev. Hugo Lynch, B.A., B.D.       
     Rev. Dominic McHugh, B.A.  -  Rev. Patrick McKavanagh, B.A.
Rev. Joseph Maguire, B.A., B.D.  -  Rev. Joseph Conway, B.A., B.D.
Rev. Brendan McGarry, B.A., B.D.

Lay Professors:

                 Brian Kennedy, Esq., M.A.  -  Anthony Lynch, Esq., B.A., B.Comm.
Daniel McKeown, Esq., B.A., H.Dip.Ed.  -  James Campbell, Esq., M.A., H.Dip.Ed.
John Coghlan, Esq., B.A., H.Dip.Ed.  -  John Porter, Esq.                               
William Gallagher, Esq., B.Sc., A.R.C.Sc.I.  -  Hugh Faherty, Esq., B.A., H.Dip.Ed.            
 Maurice Drinan, Esq., M.A., H.Dip.Ed.  -  David Kennedy, Esq., M.Sc., H.Dip.Ed.
                James Casey, Esq., B.SC.  -  John Gillick, Esq., B.A., H.Dip.Ed.
John McManus, Esq., B.A.

Physical Education: Gerard McDermott, Esq.
John McGivern, Esq., P.E.T., Dip.P.Ed. (Carnegie)
Music: E. R. Hill, Esq., L.G.S.M.  Thomas Cooney, Esq., L.T.C.L. (Violin)
Medical Adviser: Michael McSorley, Esq., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O.
Sisters of Mercy: Sister Mary Ercnat, Sister Lawrence

Sports Section

     The year1947-48 has been one of progress for sport in the College. Although no cups or championships were won, nevertheless College teams have succeeded in reaching the finals of both the MacRory Cup and the Minor League, these being the only outside competitions in which we participated.
     The house system, begun in 1946-47, was continued with as much zest and vigour as in its initial year.  This has done much to further all sports in the College.  It has succeeded also in doing what the "B.B." Leagues had previously failed to do, namely, to bring boarders and day boys together during recreation.  Besides, it enables all, from the youngest junior even to the lordly Queensman, to get a chance to display their ability and improve their standard of play.
     The six houses are St. Mary's, St. Joseph's, St. Paul's, St. Patrick's, St. Brigid's, and St. Teresa's/  Each has its affairs managed by a president and three captains, Senior, Intermediate, and Junior, who assemble each week in the College Library to fix matches and attend to any other business which may arise. The captains of the houses last year were :-

St. Mary's - J. McKeever; St. Joseph's - B. Kerr; St. Paul's - B. McAleenan; St. Patrick's - A. McKinlay
St. Brigid's - C. McAlarey; St. Teresa's - P. McAleenan
T. McShane; M. Neeson; D. McKenna; A. Bergin; S. Rainey; P. McAleenan
P. Shiels; P. J. Gibson; M. Byrne; F. Kearney; A. Devlin; P. Dougan

     The houses compete in football, Gaelic and soccer, hurling, athletics, swimming, boxing and handball.  The House Committee is presided over by Fr. McHugh, to whom we extend our warmest thanks for his great work.  We are also much indebted to our Vice-Chairman, Dr. McKavanagh, who has done everything in his power to hold the committee.  To Mr. McDermott we are grateful for his generous help, especially in athletics and swimming.  We are thankful to Mr. Drinan, who has presented the committee with a very valuable hurling shield.
                                                                                                                              D. McKenna, Hon. Sec.


Senior Soccer

     The Soccer League was not up to the expected standard, though the College fielded one of the best teams ever.  The players were so well split up that no house had more than one of two outstanding men.  St. Mary's surprised all by their victory, after a bad show in the previous year.  Their forwards showed more initiative than before, and their backs were very strong tacklers.  McKeever, O'Connor and McSorley were outstanding in defence, while Hughes and Gibson were their most dangerous forwards.
     St. Joseph's finished runners-up - only a few points behind.  They were a heavy team whose only fault was their poor finishing and a tendency to foul when close to their own goals.  Kerr, Neeson and Halton were staunch defenders, while McLaughlin, Kelly, and McGahan were hard-working forwards.
     St. Patrick's were clearly out of luck, and when in form were easily the best soccer team.  Murphy at centre-half was one of the strongest defenders in the College, and was ably supported by Doran and Mulvenna.  McGarry and Gilmartin formed a very dangerous right-wing, and, supported by McKinley, caused every defence in the league much trouble.

(1-4) Breffni Park - MacRory Cup Final.        1. P. Magee has a try at goals.
2. J. McKeever slips to L. Donaghy.        3. A tussle at mid-field.
4. Aussie on the run.         5 and 6. Senior Soccer Sevens.

     St. Brigid's were never very fortunate, though possessing a good average team.  On some occasions they were very dangerous, and their captain - McAlarey - was a tower of strength in defence, and was extremely capable in starting many movements.  Curran and Lismore were staunch defenders, while Gribben, Magee and Murphy formed a fast-moving forward line.
     St. Teresa's were a fast, lively team whose big drawback was a lack of size, especially among the defenders.  They suffered a big loss when Joe McClure left on account of ill-health.  Browne at full back was a strong defender, and his lengthy Clearances saved many a dangerous situation.  McStravick, McWilliams and Armstrong were tight defenders, while Magee, Cassidy and McMurrough were a handful for any defence.
     St. Paul's, though the weakest team in the league, put up a gallant fight all through, and never gave in until the final whistle.  Gribben was a grand defender with a turn of speed which left most forwards standing.  Bradley and McKenna were sound backs, while their forward line of Cassidy, McAleenan, Hart and Madden was the trickiest in the game, though their finishing was not so good.

Intermediate Soccer

     This year a new league was introduced for boys under seventeen years of age on 1st January.  It proved to be a huge success, the competitions in it being more keenly contested than even the Seniors.  The outstanding team was St. Joseph's.  Their back line, with Neeson in the centre, was up to the standard of some of the Senior teams.  Boyle was a safe and capable defender, and McKinley was outstanding when the occasion demanded.  Boyle, Cunning and McGaughan were nippy forwards, always ready to seize an opportunity.
     St. Teresa's, the runners-up, had also a strong team, though not quite as good as St. Joseph's.  Duggan, McWilliams and Carey were strong in defence, while Edwards, McCrystal and Crilly were a good forward combination.
     St. Paul's did not turn out as well as expected, though hard luck dogged all their attempts.  McKenna, Conroy and Bradley were sturdy backs, while McAleenen, Cassidy and Cosgrave formed a strong front trio.
     St. Patrick's also had a big team, but went under on several occasions.  Mulvenna and Bergin were very strong backs, while Gilmartin and Hanna were good forwards.
     St. Brigid's also had hard luck, though their full team was well balanced.  Rainey, Mallon and Devlin were the pick of the backs, while Boyle, Noone, Young and Vaughan were hard-working forwards.
     St. Mary's were never up to the standard of the others, though they recorded a surprise win over a weakened St. Teresa's team at the beginning of the year.  McShane, McCullagh, Kelly and Fulton were the pick of their team.

Junior Soccer

     The Junior Soccer was fought out to the very last match.  Indeed, the final had to be replayed twice, and, in the end, St. Joseph's only won by the narrowest of margins.  St. Mary's were worthy runners-up.  Gibson, Bradley, McKeown, Mullan and Logan were the pick of the winners, while McCullagh, Kelly, Fulton and Elwood were St. Mary's best.
     St. Teresa's followed, losing only to St. Joseph's, and drawing with St. Mary's.  They had a big team which did not combine so well, but played a more open game which did not suit the small pitch.  McCrystal, Duggan, Martin, McKenna and McMillan served their best, though the others were not far behind.
     St. Paul's also had a disappointing team, none of their team impressing except for Byrne, Armstrong and Cassidy.
     St. Patrick's rarely fielded a full team, and so did not finish up well.  Kearney, Murray, Fullerton and Fyfe were their best all-rounders.
     St. Brigid's also had a good team on paper, but it rarely lived up to expectations; Boyle, Devlin, McKinstry and O'Hagan were their best.
                                                                                                                     P. McAleenan, Hon. Sec.


Senior Gaelic

     Owing to heavy rains which flooded the pitch, a Senior Gaelic knock-out competition had to be played instead of the usual league.  The standard of play was high and characterized more by the hand-to-toe style than by the catch-and-kick.
     St. Mary's, as was expected, were worthy winners, although St. Teresa's taxed them to the full, both in the first round and in the final.  O'Connor, McSorley and Moorehead, for St. Mary's, formed the best part of a very sturdy defence, while McKeever, Gibson and Hughes starred in the forwards.
     St. Teresa's had a grand team built around their captain and centre-half back, P. McAleenan.  He was ably supported by Browne, McStravick and McCrystal, while their forwards were always on the alert to take advantage of any slackness in the opposing backs.  All were good, but perhaps Magee, McMurrough and Armstrong are especially worthy of note.
     St. Patrick's at first looked as though they, and not St. Teresa's, would challenge St. Mary's supremacy, but they were rather unlucky.  It is difficult to know where their weakness lay, but their marksmanship was particularly poor.  Their backs were good, Murphy and Doran starred, while their forwards were a treat to watch at the short-passing and hand-to-toe style.  best among them were McKinley, Mulvenna and McGarry.
     St. Joseph's were a big team and indulged more in catch-and-kick style.  However, too often a team with small forwards were able to outwit a defence which otherwise was seldom found on a wrong foot.  Best of their backs was their captain, Kerr, Halton and Neeson, while on the forward line McLaughlin, McCaughan and Kelly worked hard.
     St. Brigid's, although not up to standard of the previous year, had some outstanding players, namely, C. McAlarey (captain), Murphy, Gribben and Curran.
     St. Paul's were never up to the mark, and failed to register a win, although they had great triers in Gribben, McAleenan, Molloy and Armstrong.

Intermediate Gaelic

     This new competition was welcomed by all since it gave scope to those who were too old for Junior and not good enough for Senior.  The competition was keenly contested but there was no doubt that St. Joseph's was the outstanding team.  They were unlucky when St. Brigid's beat them for they were short of a number of their original selection.  M. Neeson was their best player and he was ably supported in backs by Boyle, Laverty and Donaghy.  Their forwards indulged in the Antrim hand-to-toe style, and best among them were Denvir, Fitzpatrick, Cunning and Gibson.
     St. Teresa's shared points honours at the end of the competition, although they were decidedly beaten in the final.  P. McAleenan was their outstanding man, and many forward lines found him a great stumbling block.  He was well supported in backs by Dougan and McCrystal, while Watson, Martin and Carey excelled as forwards.
     St. Brigid's started well, beating St. Patrick's after a great struggle.  However, they dropped off, but did well in beating St. Joseph's.  They were best served by Rainey (captain), Boyle and Mallon in backs, and by Devlin, Young and Noone who formed a great three-quarters forward line.
     St. Patrick's could display a great team on paper but could not come up to expectations on the field.  They were unfortunate in losing to St. Brigid's in their first match, and gradually settled down.  Bergin, Stuart and Kearney formed the best of a good defence, but it was in the forwards their strength lay.  Mulvenna seemed untiring and was ably assisted by Hanna, McCafferty and Gilmartin.
     St. Paul's started the year poorly, but gradually settled down and did well to account for St. Brigid's.  Armstrong, Molloy and McErlain were strong backs, while McAleenan, Bradley and Byrne were great triers in forwards.
     St. Mary's were definitely bad, and failed to score a win.  They were great triers and were often rallied by their captain, McShane, but to no avail.  Devenney was a steady back, and Rooney and McCaughan showed promise in forwards.

Junior Gaelic

     The Junior League, as last year, captured the most enthusiasm in the College.  However, as the year progressed, it became clear that it was to be a great struggle between St. Joseph's and St. Teresa's.  So it was too, because both were undefeated when they met in the final.
     St. Joseph's, the winners, imitated the Antrim hand-to-toe style very well.  They had sound backs in McKeown, Gibson and Logan.  Bradley was their best forward, assisted by Mullan and Burke.
     St. Teresa's, runners-up, had a good team on paper and were big and strong.  They went in more for the Kerry catch-and-kick, except McCrystal, who gained many precious yards with the ball on his toe.  The best of the backs were McCrystal, Dougan and Martin, while McKenna and Kearns were hard triers near the goal.
     St. Brigid's, the next best team on view, owed their success to their full back A. Devlin, who helped them out of many difficulties.  Gallagher and Campbell (goals) helped to keep their colours flying, and Higgins and O'Brien were very tricky forwards.
     St. Paul's were dogged by ill-luck.  First they lost very narrowly to St. Patrick's, and then lost their captain and easily their best player, Byrne, Cassidy, Donaghy and Armstrong did well to keep their colours flying.
     St. Patrick's started well but died out, although often rallied by their captain, Kearney.  Murphy, Fyfe and O'Loan showed good ability.
     St. Mary's could display a good team on paper, but failed to combine on the field, their only success being against St. Patrick's.  Shiels (captain) and Elwood formed part of a good defence, while McCullagh, Kelly and Hinds were fast-moving forwards.
                                                                                                                                   D. McKenna, Hon. Sec.


     Owing to the prolonged inclemency of the weather, a hurling league could not be played and seven-a-sides determined the winners of the Drinan Shield.  St. Mary's won it, but the matches were keenly contested.  They were best served by Tracey, McKeever, Bakewell and O'Connor.
     St. Joseph's, whom they beat in the final, had almost won the match when Tracey snatched a victory by scoring in the last minute.  They were a team who specialised in hitting first time, and best among them were Kelly, Neeson and McCaughan.
     St. Teresa's, although they made their exit in the semi-final, were easily the best hurlers.  Their weakness lay in the fact that they were very small, and those worthy of note were McAleenan (captain), Crilly, Kelly and McShane.
     St. Patrick's, who got into the semi-final as "best losers," did well to hold St. Mary's to the narrow margin of two points.  Mulvenna was easily their best player and was well supported by Murphy, McKinley and Stuart.
     St. Paul's were poor, St. Joseph's not being extended to beat them in the first round.  Only McAleenan and Wilson showed initiative.  Similar remarks apply to St. Brigid's.  Only Rainey and Devlin played to form.
                                                                                                                         D. McKenna, Hon. Sec.


     For the second year boxing turned out to be a huge success.  Both day boys and boarders flocked to it and many thrilling contests ensued.  Classes were held in the College gym. under the expert tuition of Mr. C. McGlade, a past pupil of the College and a former heavy-weight champion.  Unfortunately, it could not be held on an inter-house basis as had been hoped in the previous year.  During the year the College team had several successes in Junior boxing held in the Ulster Hall, and we hope for further successes.  In conclusion, we would like to thank Fr. McHugh, who organised everything for us, Fr. McAlister for his generous services, and Mr. McGlade for his very valuable instruction.
                                                                                                                               P. McAleenan, Hon. Sec.

MacRory Cup

MacRory Cup Team - 1948
with Sean Gibson, trainer, and Fr. McHugh

     For the first time since 1933 the college entered a team in the MacRory Cup Competition, and their efforts met with great success.  Under the tuition of Father McHugh and Father McKavanagh, and later under the expert care of Sean Gibson (Antrim and Inter-Provincial Football), the team went to the final of the competition.  We wish to congratulate James McKeever and Thomas Gribben who secured their places on the Ulster Colleges Football Team, and O'Connor, McAlarey and McKinley who took part in the final trials.  In the course of the competition, the College suffered a severe setback when the withdrawal of the Queensman necessitated a complete reshuffle of the team, and the loss of McClure who was deemed a cert for inter-provincial honours as goalkeeper.
     The first match of the competition was against Omagh C.B.S. at their home ground.  Here the College showed its worth on a wet sticky pitch, by completely outclassing a robust Omagh side.  The forwards, led by Gribben, and fed by McKeever and Murphy, ran riot, while any occasional Omagh raids were dealt with by the Halton were outstanding.  The second match was in the College grounds with Letterkenny as visitors.  The first half was close, with hard tackling on either side, but in the second half the College pulled away to win comfortably.  McClure, in goal, gave an outstanding display, saving a well-taken penalty.  He was well covered up, especially in the second half by McAleenan, O'Connor and Murphy.  In forwards McKinley, Gibson and Gribben were unstoppable on a wet slippery surface.
     Dungannon were our visitors in the final match of the section, but owing to the bad condition of the College pitch, the game had to be played in MacRory Park.  For this match we lost McClure, but Neeson proved a worthy successor.  Once again the first half was very tight, and at half-time scores were level.  However once again the College's superior speed soon told on their heavier opponents.  The game was marked by a series of duels between the College mid-field pair, McKeever and Gribben, and by the Tyrone senior county player, E. Devlin, and Dynes.  Of the backs, M. Gribben and Halton were outstanding, while Gibson and McAlarey proved too great a handful for the opposing backs.
     That finished the first section, the College being the only team to finish with full points, and thus passing into the semi-finals.  Their opponents in this round were Newry C.B.S. - a team with long experience in this competition.  When the teams took the field at Lurgan it was easy to see why the "Abbey" had so fine a reputation, for their team dwarfed their lighter College Opponents.  The match, which resulted in a draw, proved to be one of the finest exhibitions of football seen in Davitt Park.  Once again the mid-field duels were the highlights of the match; McKeever and Gribben were up against two Armagh Senior County men, and members of the winning Armagh Junior side, McEvoy and McBreen.  Another fine duel resulted between O'Connor and Cole, in which the former was decidedly the stronger.  The man of the match, however, was Moorehead, whose safe catching and kicking inspired the College to greater efforts.  McMurrough, who replaced Magee (injured), scored a magnificent goal.
     The replay was fixed for the following Sunday at the same venue.  In the meantime, the College went into disciplined training under the supervision of Sean Gibson.  When the College took the field, led by James McKeever, the noise of the supporters completely drowned the opposition.  From the throw-in there was no doubt as to the College's superiority, though the loss of our centre-half, O'Connor, in the early stages, threatened to be a serious setback.  He was replaced by Lismore, with Moorehead moving to the centre, and the loss was barely noticed.  The College mid-field pair completely outclassed their opponents, while McKinley's brilliant runs were the highlights of the match.  The backs, and especially McAleenan and Gribben, were very sound, while McAlarey and Hughes were too clever a combination for the defenders.
     The way was now open to the final with Cavan, who had been without a match and who were in constant training.  The College supporters were not daunted by the long trip to Breffni Park, and eight busloads, including the staff, clerical and lay, displayed the College colours to advantage.  When the two teams took the field, it was obvious that the College were by far the lighter.  Moreover, the bad conditions of the field rendered constructional play impossible, and was of greater advantage to the heavy and slower-moving Cavan selection.  At the beginning of the game, the College suffered a severe loss in M. Gribben.
     During the match the College seemed to have lost their spirit, and only on rare occasions was their true worth seen. Of the back, McAleenan was outstanding, and made many brilliant runs into the Cavan half.  McKeever and Gribben were brilliant betimes, and waltzed through the Cavan defence, and of the others, McKinley and O'Connor alone played to form.  Although we were disappointed by our loss in the final, we offer this team our heartiest congratulations, and wish them luck in this year's competition.
                                                                                                                                P. McAleenan, Hon. Sec.


     Once again this year swimming proved to be a popular sport.  Boarders, unfortunately, were unable to attend except at irregular intervals, which did not give them the required practice to keep pace with the day-boys.  The Annual Gala could not be held, as unforeseen circumstances delayed it until too late.  The Friday meetings in Falls Baths were attended with great enthusiasm, and Mr. McDermott proved himself a very helpful instructor.  The College water polo team did well during the year, securing many fine victories. We have also to thank J. Dempster, N. Moorehead and J. McClure for the assistance they gave Mr. McDermott in instructing the Junior members.
                                                                                                                             D. McKenna, Hon. Sec.

Winners of House Shield, 1947-1948.
St. Mary's Captains: J. McKeever (Senior), T. McShane (Intermediate), P. Shiels (Junior)


     The handball competition, though run on an inter-House basis, was entirely confined to Queensmen.  The games were tight, and each match was fought to the last stroke.  Congratulations to Terry Browne (St. Teresa's) who won the Singles competition, beating P. McGarry (St. Patrick's) in the final, and winning the Doubles, partnered by C. McCaughan (St. Teresa's), without conceding a game.  The runners-up position was a tie between S. Murphy and P. McGarry (St. Patrick's) and A. Molloy and J. Stewart (St. Joseph's).  This year we hope that the games will be better supported by the Juniors, and that another competition will be arranged for them.
                                                                                                                                   D. McKenna, Hon. Sec.

The Annual Sports

     The annual sports were held on Ascension Thursday, 6th May, 1948, in the College grounds.  The sports opened in brilliant sunshine before a large crowd of students and visitors.  The events were run off rapidly on an inter-House basis.  The results were as follows :-

Sack Race. Prep. -
1. W. Savage (St. Brigid's)   2. D. Gilmore (St. Paul's)   3. J. Gillespie (St. Brigid's)
Slow Bike Race -
1. T. Hayes (St. Teresa's)   2. J. Gillespie (St. Brigid's)   3. E. O'Connor (St. Joseph's)
50 Yards. Juvenile -
1. P. Gummer (St. Paul's)   2. C. Hyland (St. Teresa's)   3. B. Hyland (St. Teresa's)
100 Yards. Prep. -
1. P. McGregor (St. Brigid's)   2. B. McDowell (St. Mary's)   3. T. Mulholland (St. Brigid's)
100 Yards. Under 13 -
1. T. Mulholland (St. Brigid's)   2. P. McDonnell (St. Patrick's)   3. W. Savage (St. Brigid's)
Under 14 -
1. A. Fyfe (St. Patrick's)   2. D. Breheny (St. Mary's)
Under 15 -
1. P. Shiels (St. Mary's)   2. P. McGregor (St. Brigid's)   3. D. O'Hagan (St. Brigid's)
Under 16 -
1. S. Laverty (St. Joseph's)   2. A. Devlin (St. Brigid's)   3. E. Hemsworth (St. Paul's)
Under 17 -
1. T. McShane (St. Mary's)   2. J. Conroy (St. Paul's)   3. J. Steele (St. Joseph's)
Senior Handicap -
1. J. Bakewell (St. Mary's)   2. J. Murphy (St. Brigid's)   3. L. Curran (St. Teresa's)
220 Yards. Under 14 -
1. T. McClure (St. Mary's)   2. A. Fyfe (St. Patrick's)
Under 15 -
1. P. Shiels (St. Mary's)   2. P. McGregor (St. Brigid's)   3. M. Hemsworth (St. Brigid's)
Under 16 -
1. S. Laverty (St. Joseph's)   2. E. Hemsworth (St. Paul's)   3. R. Dempster (St. Mary's)
Under 17 -
1. T. McShane (St. Mary's)   2. K. Watson (St. Teresa's)   3. J. Conroy (St. Paul's)
Under 18 -
1. J. Bakewell (St. Mary's)   2. J. McKeever (St. Mary's)   3. L. Curran (St. Teresa's)
Senior Handicap -
1. J. Murphy (St. Brigid's)   2. A. Molloy (St. Joseph's)   3. F. McSorley (St. Mary's)
880 Yards. Under 17 -
1. J. Conroy (St. Paul's)   2. J. Carey (St. Teresa's)   3. P/ McCafferty (St. Patrick's)
Senior Handicap -
1. C. Laverty (St. Paul's)   2. J. McKeever (St. Mary's)   3. M. Gribben (St. Brigid's)

Start and finish of Inter-House Relay

440 Yards. Under 15 -
1. P. Shiels (St. Mary's)   2. M. Hemsworth (St. Brigid's)   3. L. Maginn (St. Patrick's)
Under 16 -
1. A. Devlin (St. Brigid's)   2. J. Carey (St. Teresa's)   3. W. Caulfield (St. Joseph's)
Under 17 -
1. T. McShane (St. Mary's)   2. J. Steele (St. Joseph's)   3. J. Conroy (St. Paul's)
Under 18 -
1. B. Smyth (St. Mary's)   2. J. Bakewell (St. Mary's)   3. L. Curran (St. Teresa's)
Senior Handicap -
1. J. Murphy (St. Brigid's)   2. D. Curran (St. Brigid's)   3. J. O'Connor (St. Paul's)
High Jumping. Under 14 -
1. D. Breheny (St. Mary's)   2. S. Higgins (St. Brigid's)   3. J. McClure (St. Mary's)
Under 15 -
1. P. Dougan (St. Teresa's)   2. M. Doris (St. Teresa's)   3. M. Murphy (St. Patrick's)
Under 16 -
1. P. Hanley (St. Patrick's   2. S. Laverty (St. Joseph's)   3. J. Carey (St. Teresa's)
Under 17 -
1. J. Conroy (St. Paul's)   2. P. Vaughan (St. Brigid's)   3. C. McKeever (St. Mary's)
Senior Handicap -
1. L. Donaghy (st. Joseph's)   2. A. McKinley (St. Patrick's)
One Mile Senior Handicap -
1. C. Laverty (St. Paul's)   2. J. Conroy (St. Paul's)
Mile Junior Bicycle Race -
1. G. McCourt (St. Paul's)   2. F. Ferguson (St. Brigid's)   3. K. Shearman (St. Teresa's)
1 Mile Senior Handicap Bicycle Race -
1. D. Curran (St. Brigid's)   2. J. McGlinchy (St. Brigid's   3. E. Murphy (St. Brigid's)
Long Jump. Under 14 -
1. D. Breheny (St. Mary's)   2. R. McDowell (St. Mary's)   3. J. Moore (St. Mary's)
Under 15 -
1. P. Shiels (St. Mary's)   2. P. McGregor (St. Brigid's)   3. L. Maginn (St. Patrick's)
Under 16 -
1. S. Laverty (St. Joseph's)   2. W. Caulfield (St. Joseph's)   3. E. Hemsworth (St. Paul's)
Under 17 -
1. J. Conroy (St. Paul's)   2. J. Steele (St. Joseph's)   3. D. Cosgrave (St. Paul's)
Under 18 -
1. J. McKeever (St. Mary's)   2. L. Curran (St. Teresa's)   3. B. Smith (St. Mary's)
Senior Handicap -
1. J. Doran (St. Patrick's   2. J. Murphy (St. Brigid's)
Inter-House Relays. Junior -
1. St. Brigid's   2. St. Mary's   3. St. Teresa's
Senior -
1. St. Mary's   2 and 3. (A. Tie) St. Joseph's and St. Brigid's
12lb. Shot. Senior Handicap -
1. J. Doran (St. Patrick's)   2. J. Conroy (St. Paul's)   3. J. Murphy (St. Brigid's)
8lb. Shot. Under 15 -
1. W. McAuley (St. Brigid's)   2. E. Gallagher (St. Brigid's)   3. A. Fyfe (St. Patrick's)
Under 16 -
1. P. Hanley (St. Patrick's)   2. J. Elwood (St. Mary's)   3. R. Fullerton (St. Patrick's)
Junior Javelin Handicap -
1. C. O'Loan (St. Patrick's)   2. T. Donnelly (St. Teresa's)   3. P. Magee (St. Paul's)
Senior Javelin Handicap -
1. J. Conroy (St. Paul's)   2. J. Murphy (St. Brigid's)   3. M. Kelly (St. Teresa's)
Discus. Senior Handicap -
1. J. Doran (St. Patrick's)   2. J. Conroy (St. Paul's)   3. F. Fitzpatrick (St. Teresa's)
                                                                                         P. McAleenan, D. McKenna, Hon. Secs.

Ireland v. Wales

Sean Fulton
Schoolboy International, 1948 Against Scotland and Wales
Caesar regressus a Gallia, Dixit, "Bella relinqo et talia,"
But the Senate and Pompey Turned out to be a grumpy, So ad flumen "Jacta est" alea.
                                             Sean Fulton, Senior C.

Sean is the son of Mr. "Bertie" Fulton, who was a student of St. Malachy's, 1919-1923.  Between 1926-1939 he was capped forty-one times and in 1936 played in the Olympics at Berlin.  We congratulate him on his many distinctions and wish Sean the same unique success.

     Our leaving Larne Station at 6 p.m. on the night of 1st April was the first incident in a tour which was to prove a pleasant break in the life of two College boys.  We met the rest of the party at the Liverpool Shed and went on board, where the team were shown to their quarters.  Later we walked round the ship for about half an hour, and then retired to our cabins for the night.  Awaking next morning, we breakfasted on the ship.  We boarded the train to Pontypool Road, a small junction, where it was necessary to change for our connection to South Wales.  Pontypool Road is in a deserted valley in the bleak Welsh Mountains.  The station is in the valley, and the village at the summit of the hill.  After waiting here for about an hour we joined the train to Cardiff and through to Barry.
     Arriving here we found that our hotel had every advantage in the way of position.  It was ideally situated, close to transport facilities, and near the main shopping centre.  From the hotel steps one was able to get a good view of Barry Island, the Coney Island of South Wales, and beyond it the waters of the Bristol Channel.  On reaching the hotel we retired to our room.  We were favourably impressed with its neat appearance, and although it was quite spacious we could not but notice its homeliness.  Moreover, its south-eastern aspect commanded the whole Bristol Channel for miles while the window on the northern wall looked towards the Welsh Mountains flanking the delightful Glamorgan Vale.
     Awaking on Saturday, and being rather a little excited, we ate a light breakfast, then we were free until one o'clock and during this period we posted picture cards home and indulged in a little shopping.  The teams posed for photographs, and then trooped on to the field, Ireland in green, Wales in red.  Ireland won the toss, and Wales kicked off.  Ginger-headed Welsh centre-forward Davies soon had his forwards round the Irish goal, and after a short time he set an example by heading a brilliant goal to give his side the lead.  Retaliating in fine style, the small Irish forwards, speeding through the Welsh defence, swarmed around their goal.  McClelland fired in a great cross shot from twenty yards which the Welsh goalkeeper saved brilliantly. Shortly afterwards Wales added another goal.
     After the interval Wales increased their lead to 3-0.  The play in the second half was even, and Ireland deserved a goal, which almost came when Moore, beating Presdee on a sixpence, ran to the bye-line before sending over a peach of a cross which Sloan headed inches wide.  There was no more scoring, and Wales ran out winners by 3-0.  On coming back to the hotel we were sent to the main dining-room, where all the guests were already seated.  When dinner was over the certificates were presented to both teams, and then praises were exchanged by speech making.  It was scheduled that we should go to the cinema at 7.30, but when all had had their say it was nine o'clock.  As the cinemas shut at 10 p.m., we naturally had to cancel our arrangement.
     On Sunday, when dinner was finished, we retired to the lounge to be greeted there by one of the Welsh officials, and the news that we were to make a tour of some of the South Wales beauty spots.  At two o'clock we set off by the Shore Road, and passed many places of interest.  The Chairman of the Welsh School's Football Association acted as guide, and his running commentary was most informative as well as amusing.  Indeed, it provided one of the highlights of the tour.  Coming to a little village, we stopped to get a close-up of a famous Welsh Castle.  This imposing building, where a celebrated Welsh family is still in residence, is situated near the edge of a cliff, and to take photographs of it was no east matter.  As our only approach to this was from the coast side, and as one of the boys wished to take a snapshot of it, we had quite a thrill holding him up as we balanced precariously on the cliff brink.
     On resuming our journey across the water-front we were enchanted by the beautiful scenery of that rugged coast-line.  We turned inshore about fifty miles from Barry, and stopped for a meal at a large country hotel.  Then the bus wound its way through the beautifully wooded Vale of Glamorgan, most of which is now under crops like wheat, oats, and barley.  The grass in this area is the nearest approach to the green grass of Ireland in Great Britain.  After tea we set off northwards in the direction of Pontypridd until we came to the southern extremity of the Rhonda Valley.  From here we could see the coal shafts of these productive mines.  We asked if it were possible to go down to see the interior of a pit, but the chairman told us that, as war restrictions were not yet over, it was impossible to grant our request.
     The bus changed its direction, and we headed for Cardiff, arriving at its northern side.  Descending by a high road, we obtained a brilliant bird's eye view of this magnificent city.  I cannot pretend to relate the many details of architectural and historical interest we saw and heard as we were taken from street to street.  Our general impression of this city was a series of buildings, many of which are beautiful in themselves or have acquired dignity and calm from their great ago or present-day associations.  Finishing the tour of this beautiful city, we set out to spend our last night in Barry.  We lolled about for some short time before retiring to our rooms rather earlier than usual, but we were very tired, as we had had a strenuous day.
     Early next morning, it being the 5th April, we said good-bye to Barry and came into Cardiff.  Here we lunched and started on our long train journey to Liverpool, where we went on board the steamer at nine o'clock.  The voyage to Belfast was without incident, and we arrived there early next morning,  We had breakfast on board, and having made the customary farewells, we set off to our respective homes.  On the train journey home I sat and reflected on the highlights of the tour.  One stood out in my memory, my last visit to Cardiff, which left me with the resolution of returning there again one day.
                                                                                                                                Sean Fulton, Senior C.

James McKinstry
Schoolboy International, 1947 and 1948, against England, Scotland and Wales

Memories of the Olympics

     There was a hush as a runner in white entered the arena.  He glanced at the 80,000 crowd, which lined the terracing and filled the stands.  Triumphantly he raised the torch, and then broke into that fast rhythmical stride of a quarter miler.  He circled the arena once, and then ascended the platform on which stood the Olympic Flame.  Again he waved the torch to the crowd, and then he lit the flame.  The XIV Olympiad had begun.
     This was the scene in Wembley Stadium on a warm August afternoon this year.  John Marks was the man to whom had been given the honour of lighting the Olympic Flame.  The games were formally opened by King George on that same afternoon.  But now the games are only a memory, but what a glorious memory to some of us.  True it was not one of victories for Ireland, for no gold medal was won by an Irishman.  Nevertheless, "the glory was not only in winning, but in taking part."
     The outstanding athlete of the games was Mrs. F. E. Blankers Koen, of Holland.  In the 80 metres hurdles, not only was she victorious, but she broke the world record.  She also won Olympic gold medals in the 100 metres and the 200 metres, and was a member of the winning Dutch relay team.  Another hero of the games was Emile Zatspek, who captured the hearts of the crowd by his great running in the 10,000 metres.  His race was so fast that the record holder for the event, Heine, had to retire in the 16th lap.  He proved his staying powers by coming from behind in the 5,000 metres to put on a terrific spurt at the run in, only to be beaten on the tape by Gaston Ruff, of Belgium.
     The games were robbed of much of their glamour by disputes and quarrels.  The French, for example, withdrew their referees and judges from the boxing section on account of a disputed decision in one of the contests.  In the cycling, too, the English suspended Reg Harris, their hope in the sprints, but later had him reinstated.
     The football section of the Olympics was won by Sweden.  Here again Ireland failed, being beaten in the first match by Holland.  The Great Britain XI. reached the semi-final of the soccer tournament, but were beaten by Yugoslavia.  Kevin McAlinden, a former old boy of St. Malachy's, had the honour of keeping goal for Great Britain in two or three matches of the series.
     Ireland's prospects of a boxing win in the fistic section was indeed bright, but all Irishmen were eliminated before the finals, but in some cases by the narrowest of margins.
     The principal interest of Irishmen, however was in the athletic section at Wembley.  Our main hope was, perhaps, Jimmy Reardon, from Donore.  He put up a very credible performance by passing into the second round, but a bad draw in the lanes, coupled with a recurrence of an ankle injury, which he received in Sweden at the beginning of the season, kept him out of a place and incidentally out of the next round.  I do not think, however that Reardon would have "had a look-in" in the final, which was fought out by those two grand Jamaican runners, Herb McKinley and Arthur Wint.  Wint proved to be the winner, which caused a minor sensation, as McKinley was an odds-on favourite,  John Joe Barry, too, was a disappointment.  His running sense was bad, and he fought to be amongst the leaders at the first, instead of being content to lie behind, and go forward at the finish.  He had to drop out of the 5,000 metres about the mid-way stage, so much did he take out of himself.  Perhaps the training which both Barry and Reardon acquire in the United States may succeed in bringing home to Ireland an Olympic gold medal.  Both Barry and Reardon are fine natural runners, and it is the hope of Irishmen that they can prove to be a valuable asset, and may raise the tricolour in Helsinki in 1952.
     In the yachting events at Torquay an Irish boat, Ceres II., was successful in her class in one of the races, but unfortunately her win was not publicised.
     In the swimming section the Iris team were not permitted to take part at the Empire Pool, again because of some representation question.  The Irish cyclists, too, were robbed of an opportunity to compete at Herne Hill, but they availed themselves of the opportunity of getting in some proper training on a first class track.  But let us hope by the time 1952 arrives that Irishmen in every sphere of sport may be able to contest with the other nations on equal terms.  It is a fact that before modern methods were used in athletics Irishmen were often victorious in the Olympics.  To-day, because proper facilities are not being afforded to Irish athletes, such as a proper cinder track, or modern methods of coaching, they are strangers among other athletes, and are comparatively ignorant about track sense.  This is proved by the fine showing of the American team, which won many of the athletic events at Wembley.  It isn't that they are better men, but merely that they are better trained.
     It is, therefore, the wish of every Irish sportsman that, for the 1952 Olympics, we may send to Finland a team which may do honour to Ireland, and regain the prestige which Irishmen have lost in world athletes.
                                                                                                                                        B. Smyth, Senior E.

Kevin McAlinden - a past pupil who has distinguished himself in the realm of sport.  He played for Ireland against England in 1947 and in the recent Olympics he played against Holland.  The British team, of which he was a member, reached the semi-final by defeating France 1-0.  Kevin was the eldest of five McAlinden brothers who were attending the College in 1928.  The youngest of these was Father Terry McAlinden, who was ordained for the Diocese of Plymouth in June, 1947.  We heartily congratulate them.

Kevin McGarry - another of our illustrious past pupils, who has also achieved singular success in the field of sport.  Having played for Queen's University and Celtic II, he graduated into the Celtic senior team and has won the admiration of all Celtic supporters.  This season Kevin has been playing for Cliftonville and lately received the very high honour of being chosen to play for the Irish League against the Scottish League.  We wish him continued success not merely in the field of football but also in his academic pursuits.

The University Students, October, 1948

Final Arts - Brady, Brian; Fitzpatrick, Raymund; McConville, Gerard; McGarry, Patrick; Murphy, Sean; Murray, Lionel; Starkey, Hugh; Treacy, Gerard
Second Arts - Halton, Thomas; Kelly, Donal; Kennedy, Oliver; McArdle, Eugene; McCaughan, Colum; McLaughlin, Felix; Molloy, Archibald; Stewart, John
First Arts - Donnelly, Edward; Heaney, Seamus; McGuinness, Peter; McHugh, Martin; McKeever, William; Moley, John; Walsh, Patrick; Watson, Noel

Pioneer Council  1948

E. McCaughan     J. Magee     T. Browne     F. MacSorley
last year's Graduates - now in Maynooth

We extend a very hearty welcome to Father James Collins of the Maynooth Mission on his return home.  Father Collins was a past pupil of St. Malachy's and after completing his intermediate course he joined the mission to China.  He was ordained to the priesthood in 1931, and in the following year he sailed to China, where he has laboured for the past sixteen years.  We are glad to say that he visited the College very shortly after his return home.  We hope that he will enjoy a well-earned rest.

We welcome Michael McSorley, Esq., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., a past pupil of the College, who has succeeded his father as our Medical Adviser.

Congratulations to :-

The Right Rev. Mgr. Ryan, B.A., D.D., D.Ph., P.P., on his appointment to the pastoral charge of St. Brigid's, Belfast.

The Very Rev. C. B. Daly, M.A., D.D., on succeeding Mgr. Ryan as head of the department of Scholastic Philosophy in Queen's University.

Mr. Patrick Duffin, M.A., on his appointment to the assistant-ship in Latin at Queen's.

Mr. Michael McGann, M.A., on his appointment to assistant-ship in Greek, N.U.I., Dublin.

Mr. Frank McCann, B.A., in securing a student-ship in Celtic Studies to the Sorbonne.

Two distinguished members of our own staff - Mr. James Campbell, M.A., and Rev. W. Tumelty, B.A., S.T.L., who secured the Higher Diploma in Education with distinction.

Rev. John Conlon, O.D.C., ordained to the priesthood in February, 1948.

Dom Francis McHenry, O.S.B., ordained to the priesthood in June, 1948.

In Memoriam

The Very Rev. Arthur Kennedy, P.P., V.F., Whitehouse

The Rev. Patrick MacNamara, P.P., Ligoniel.

The Rev. Daniel Maginnis, B.A., C.C., Hannahstown.

The Rev. Daniel Lafferty, B.A., C.C., Portstewart.

The Very Rev. James Canon Small, P.P., St. Brigid's, Belfast.

The Rev. Andrew Smith, P.P., St. Thomas', Decatur, Illinouis.

Frederick McSorley, M.D., D.P.H., F.R.C.P.I., M.P.

Paul Boylan, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O.

Terence Hove

Hilary McConnell

The late Dr. Paul Boylan.
The death of Dr. Paul Kevin Boylan at the early age of 26 came as a very great shock to all in the college, where he had been a student not so many years previously.  "Paul," as he was so affectionately known by all, was a son of Dr. and Mrs. Boylan, Ballycastle.  He completed his intermediate course at this college in 1938, and then proceeded to Queen's University, Belfast, where he took his degree in medicine.  After some time spent in practical work in the Mater Hospital, he returned to assist his father in his native Ballycastle.  He was a keen and able student, who worked hard and devoted himself unsparingly to his patients.  His sudden and unexpected death, after about a year's work with his father, brought to a close a career of great promise.  Paul was a favourite with everyone.  His sunny, charming disposition, his boyishness and loyalty won for him a host of friends who will long mourn his loss.  To his parents, his brother and sisters, to whom his death must have been such a blow, we extend our heartfelt sympathy.
May he Rest in Peace.

The late Dr. Frederick McSorley
It is with genuine sorrow and a deep sense of personal loss that we record the death of one of the most distinguished and best known past students of St. Malachy's College, Dr. Fred McSorley, which took place at his residence, 442 Antrim Road, Belfast, on 8th February, 1948.  Dr. McSorley was very closely associated with the College, and acted as physician to the students for very many years.  He took a very keen interest not merely in the health of the students, but in everything connected with the school, where his kindly and fatherly way endeared him to everyone.  Nowhere was his rather sudden death more sorrowfully received than by the students of his old college.  To Mrs. McSorley and family we offer our heartfelt sympathy.
May he Rest in Peace.

St. Malachy's College Old Boys' Association

Patron: Most Rev. D. Mageean, D.D.
President: P. J. Coleman, B.A.
Rt. Rev. Mgr. J. Hendley, D.D., P.P., V.G.  -  Rev. E. J. Crossin, P.P., B.A.                     
                  Rev. P. McGouran, B.D., P.P.  -  Rev. R. J. McKeown, B.A., B.D., B.C.L.
V. Rev. D. J. Canon McWilliams, P.P., V.F.  -  Rt. Rev. Mgr. A. H. Ryan, D.D., Ph.D.         
C. J. Casey, B.A., Solr.  -  D. J. Duffy                   
E. C. Comerton, B.Com.Sc.  -  J. Fitzsimons                       
W. J. Graham, J.P.  -  V. A. Hassan        
R. C. Jeffers, M.P.S.I.  -  J. B. McAlister, J.P.   
Senator T. S. McAllister  -  D. V. McCaughan, M.B.
D. McSparran, B.A., M.B.  -  J. McSparran, K.C., M.P. 
M. J. Maguire, L.D.S.  -  B. A. Meenan, J.P.    
G. McDermott  -  E. J. Kelly     

J. J. Campbell, M.A. - J. J. McAreavey, LL.B. - W. McNulty
J. D. Casey, B.Sc. - P. J. McGrory, LL.B. - J. M. O'Kane
J. G. Gillespie - M. O'Neill - J. Sharpe - E. Gordon
H. P. Murray - D. Taylor - P. J. Owens - J. F. Smith
G. N. Martin - P. J. McTaggart - J. F. McHugh - S. McMahon
J. J. Lecky - J. McGivern
Chairman: J. J. Campbell, M.A.
Hon. Treasurer: J. G. Gillespie
Hon. Secretary: J. J. McAreavey, LL.B.

Thomas McShane winning the 100 yards, under 15 - 1946-47
P. Barrett winning the 100 yards, under 14 - 1946-47

P. Savage winning Prep. Sack Race - 1946-47
Dan Rafferty winning a race - 1946-47

John Bakewell winning 100 yds., 1946-47

J. Carlin, Francis Hughes, M. Cassidy, ? , Patrick Hynes

names are in alphabetical order, not order of photo

names are in alphabetical order, not order of photo
David Armstrong - James Brannigan - Desmond Breheny - Conleth Byrne - John Carlin - Michael Cassidy - William Craig - Patrick Cunning - Paul Curran - Philip Deane - Sean Egan - Dermot French - James Grant - Hugh Hanna - Christopher Hayes - Patrick Hynes - Francis Hughes - Eamon Kerrigan - Joseph McDonald - Patrick McIlroy - Joseph McNeill - Malachy McSparran - Eoin McVeigh - Noel Maguire - Paul Moore - Cyril Moorhead - Patrick Murray - Michael O'Cleary - John O'Hanlon - Francis Smith

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Anthony Bradley - Michael Bradley - Edward Brady - Brian Campbell - Patrick Carlin - John Clelland - Robert Crossey - Edward Crossin - Brian Donaldson - Eamon Gallagher - Desmond Gillespie - Michael Healy - Michael Hemsworth - Francis Hurson - Francis McAleenan - Benedict McCallum - Terence McClure - Charles McIlmunn - Vincent McKee - Stephen McKearney - Paul McKenna - Malachy McKinley - Eamon McMahon - Ambrose Macaulay - John Magee - Joseph Mooney - Owen Mulvenna - Donal Murphy - Vincent O'Toole - Michael Small - Frederick Swandel

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George Artt - Thomas Bates - Justin Beagon - Michael Blaney - Neal Burns - Victor Cowan - Patrick Donnelly - Malachy Doran - Henry Fagan - James Farry - Aidan Fitzpatrick - Peter Fitzpatrick - Gerald Forrester - Richard Fox - James Gillespie - Hugh Gribbin - Edward Hinds - James Lowe - Augustine Lenaghan - Joseph McAlinden - Edward McCann - Gerard McCann - Randal McDonnell - Patrick McGregor - Thomas McGurk - William Mackle - William McNeill - Daniel Mageean - Louis Malone - William Mathews - Cyril Moore - Daniel Mulvenna - Roe O'Connor - Francis O'Malley - Bernard O'Neill - Kevin Osborne - Albert Smith - James Toner - John Vaughan

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John Barr - Cahal Boyle - Patrick Bradley - Vivion Campbell - Jarlath Carey - Patrick Cassidy - Michael Connors - Desmond Cosgrave - Joseph Dean - Thomas Donnelly - Edward Dwyer - Turlough Farnan - James Gallagher - Gabriel Hannon - Austin Heffernan - Colum Kelly - William Kelly - Joseph Laverty - Gerard Loughran - Francis McAuley - Patrick McCafferty - Padraig McKeag - Cormac McKeever - Michael McKeown - Sean Mackel - Thomas Magill - Kenneth Mallon - James Murphy - Brendan Sullivan - John Thomas - Thomas Tracey - George Wilson - Sean Young

names are in alphabetical order, not order of photo
Gerard Beagon - Patrick Campbell - Brendan Cassidy - William Caulfield - Austin Currie - John Devlin - Terence Donaghy - Daniel Gilmartin - Joseph Hanna - Ernest Hemsworth - Thomas Hughes - Michael Lowe - John Lynch - Kevin McCann - Seamus McErlean - Brendan McHugh - George McKeating - Donal McKenna - Henry McLaughlin - Anthony McLaverty - Eamonn McMillan - Donal McWilliams - John Mulvenna - Gerard Mulvenna - Desmond O'Boyle - James O'Connor - George O'Hanlon - John O'Mahony - Arthur O'Neill - Alexander Purdy - Kevin Smyth - James Steele - Gerard Stockman - Francis Treacy - Alexander Wilkinson

names are in alphabetical order, not order of photo
William Allen - James Bakewell - Aidan Bergin - Francis Connolly - Maurice Crossan - Vincent D'Agostino - Leo Donaghy - Patrick Dugan - John Eacovella - Francis Fitzpatrick - Vincent Fitzpatrick - Hilary Green - Cyril Gibson - Paul Hanley - Raymond Heffernan - James Hendron - Christopher Laverty - Francis McCann - Joseph McCann - Francis McCaughan - Thomas McCoy - Thomas McGoldrick - Francis McKenna - John McKenna - William McKnight - Thomas McQuillan - Brian MacNeill - Eamon MacSorley - Patrick Madden - Bernard Martin - Patrick Meehan - Brenden Mooney - John Morrissey - John Murphy - John Murray - John O'Connor - Cyril Reilly - Richard Sherry - Kevin Watson - Joseph Wright

names are in alphabetical order, not order of photo
Leo Collins, James Devlin - James Doyle - Denis Fannin - James Frazer - Sean Fulton - Brendan Harvey - Francis Kane - James Kelly - Francis Kennedy - James Lenaghan - Joseph McGurnaghan - Adrian McWilliams - Norman Morrison - Malachy Murphy - Desmond O'Hagan - Michael O'Kane - Richard Rafter - John Salters - Paul Shiels - Terence Sudway

names are in alphabetical order, not order of photo
Michael Armstrong - Thomas Cahill - Michael Doris - Raymond French - Robert Fullerton - Patrick Gibson - Dominic Gilmore - Thomas Goodfellow - Ronald Hamill - Joseph Hendron - Desmond Hennessy - William Hopkins - Aidan Kennedy - Francis McClure - Patrick McCrystal - Raymond McDyre - Noel McKinstry - Robert McMullan - Lawrence Maginn - Peter Moley - Louis Nash - Anthony Noone - Hugh O'Boyle - Michael Rafferty - Terence Stewart - Brian Walsh

names are in alphabetical order, not order of photo
Hilary Armstrong - Raymond Brady - Brian Cunning - John Dempsey - Kieran Denvir - Edward Devenney - Sean Fox - Dennis Hatton - Sean Laverty - John McAuley - Paul McCullaugh - James McGlinchey - John McKendry - Leo McKenna - James McKeown - Joseph McMahon - Seamus McRory - Joseph Madden - Louis Martin - Daniel Molloy - Francis Murray - Seamus O'Kane - Ernest O'Mahony - Robert O'Mahony - Frederick Swandel

names are in alphabetical order, not order of photo
Brendan Beagon - Damien Beirne - Sean Bradley - Patrick Breen - George Burns - Patrick Campbell - Alexander Carroll - Francis Caufield - Pascal Coogan - Desmond Curren - John Daly - Aidan Denny - Denis Doyle - Michael Edwards - Patrick Fox - James Garrett - Michael Gribbin - Thomas Gribben - Henry Hanna - James Keenan - Hugh Kennedy - Joseph Kennedy - Brendan Kerr - Patrick McAleenen - Thomas McAlindon - Charles McKeever - James McKeever - Thomas McShane - James Meehan - Joseph O'Hara - Daniel Rafferty - Matthew Salters - Columba Sharkey - Brendan Smyth - Hugh Swandel - Michael Weeks