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1965 Belfast Street Directory (Bangor section)

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(from 1965 Belfast Street Directory)

Bangor, 13 miles from Belfast, with a resident population of 23,865 (1961 census) is the fourth largest town in Northern Ireland.  The history of Bangor is contemporary with that of Christianity in Ireland for some 84 years after the landing of St. Patrick in the year 432, St. Comgall, who founded Bangor, was born at Magheramorne on the shores of Larne Lough.  The present town had developed within the past 60 years and owes its expansion to its beautiful situation and its proximity to Belfast.  The seafront extends for four miles along the indented shores of three bays.  There are 353.5 acres of parks and open spaces, and facilities for sport are unrivalled.  The town has two cinemas, two ballrooms, a repertory theatre, and also more than 100 local organisations which cater for various forms of entertainment and culture.  Bangor is a popular holiday centre, and is greatly favoured as a place of residence by Belfast business and professional men.  A portion of the Borough on the south-west perimeter is being developed as an area for light industries, and several small factories are now operating there.  The town's valuation for 1964-65 is 365,892.  The annual holiday is the third Monday in September.  A weekly market is held on Wednesday, and the shops' half-holiday is Thursday.  Parliamentary constituencies - North Down (U.K.); North Down (N.I.)


   Ballyholme Ward - Alderman Charles F. Milligan (Mayor); Councillors David Ewart, O.B.E., J.P.; Mrs. Beryl E. D. Holland, Ernest Graham
   Castle Ward - Alderman Charles A. Valentine, J.P.; Councillors James Halley, J.P.; D. Morrison, Brian A. Wimpress
   Clifton Ward - Alderman T. H. Brennan; Councillors S. E. Uprichard, Robert D. McConnell, James F. R. Hamilton
   Duffern (Dufferin) Ward - Alderman R. V. Campbell; Councillors A. B. C. Baird, Andrew W. Templeton, John Preston
   Princetown Ward - Alderman Robert Proctor; Councillors W. P. O'Hara, James B. Stark, G. Storey


   Town Clerk - Richard Wolsey, B.Com.Sc.
   Borough Treasurer - F. R. Smyth, A.C.A.
   Borough Surveyor - R. Martin Gray, B.Sc.(Eng.), A.M.I.Mun.E., A.M.I.C.E.I.
   Entertainments-Publicity Manager - Major J. M. Affleck
   Rate Collector - H. Russell
   Town Solicitor - Frank McKee, LL.B.
   Gas Manager - J. A. Derbyshire, M.Inst.Gas.E. M.Inst.Fuel
   Divisional Medical Officer of Health - R. L. Roxburgh, M.B., D.P.H.
   Divisional Public Healthy Inspector - S. Cave, M.R.S.H., M.A.P.H.I.
   Harbour Master - Capt. T. Maxwell, O.B.E.


   Post Offices - Main Street, J. Alexander, postmaster; Whitehill, J. Gillvray, sub-postmaster, 7 The Crescent, Newtownards Road; High Street, Mrs. S. Bailie, sub-postmistress; Oakwood Avenue.  Mrs. Malcolm, sub-postmistress; Ballyholme, Miss E. M. Blair, sub-postmistress; Bryansburn Road, J. Kirk, sub-postmaster
   R.U.C. Station, Castle Grounds - Head-Constable J. McNeill
   Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages - Miss M. Irene Russell, 44 Hamilton Road
   Valuation Office, Bank of Ireland Chambers, 82a Main Street - T. Linton, A.R.I.C.S., district valuer
   Abbeyfield Bangor Society, Ltd., house for elderly people, Victoria Road and 92 Hamilton Road - Mrs. M. Leroux, B.A., hon. secretary
   Commissioners for Oaths - William Bailie, 51 Main Street; Basil B. Murdy, 21 Bryansburn Road; William G. Wilson, 21 Main Street; D. K. McMillan, 39 Kensington Park; Albert Foye, 11 Seacliff Road
   N.I. Fire Authority - Castle Street
   Bangor Hospital, 73 Castle Street - Miss S. L. Currie, matron
   N.I. Tuberculosis Authority, Chest Clinic, 60 High Street
   Electricity Board for Northern Ireland, 101-107 High Street
   Bangor Gas Dept. - offices and showrooms, 28 High Street; works, Bingham Street
   Telephone Exchange - 67-75 Southwell Road
   Carnegie Library, Hamilton Road - Librarian, Peter Gilchrist, O.B.E., J.P., M.Com.Sc.
   Royal Ulster Yacht Club, 101 Clifton Road - Commodore, H.R.H. The Duke of Gloucester; vice-commodore, Alex. M. Hamilton; rear-commodore, B. J. P. Kelly; hon. secretary, James Stark; hon. treasurer, W. T. Osborough
   North Down Rural Rates Office - B. McCaig, collector, 64 Main Street
   Ballyholme Women's Institute - Mrs. E. Martin, 14 Beverley Hills, president; Mrs. J. McDowell, College Avenue, hon. secretary
   Ballyholme Yacht Club, Seacliff Road - Commodore, H. P. Kennedy, hon. secretary, C. E. Ronaldson; hon. treasurer, R. T. Quinn
   H.M. Coastguard - Commander W. S. Thomas, D.S.C., R.N.
   Coastguard Station, Holborn Avenue
   Rotary Club - H. A. Nesbitt, president; D. S. Alexander, vice-president; J. Brice Balmer, hon. treasurer; T. McA. Curry, hon. secretary
   Bangor Abattoir - John L. Magee, superintendent
   Bangor Christian Workers' Society - King's Hall, Central Avenue
   Bangor Women's Institute - Mrs. W. C. Johnston, president; Miss M. E. Herdman, secretary
   Old Folks Club, The, Castle Park - Miss M. E. Gibson, 30 Abbey Mount, hon. secretary
   Toc H., 48 Castle Street

[ADVERTISEMENT - "Enjoy Life in Bangor, Superb for Schools, Sports and Amenities, Enquiries - J. M. Affleck, Town Hall"]
[ADVERTISEMENT - "Royal Hotel Bangor, (20 minutes from Belfast) Open all year round, First Class Hotel on Sea Front, Fully Licensed, Television Lounge, Elevator to all floors, Central Heating throughout Winter, Telephones in all rooms, Bathroom suites, A la carte menu, Under same family management for 50 years, Telephone Bangor 3866-7-8, New Banqueting Rooms now available for weddings, dances and private parties. A.A. *** R.A.C."]

   U.S.P.C.A. (Inc.) Bangor Branch - Mrs. Hazel E. Maitland, M.B., 35 Windmill Road, hon. secretary
   Men's Reading and Recreation Rooms, 30 Bingham Street
   Incorporated Cripples' Institutes and Holiday Homes, Downshire Road - J. Dornan, B.Sc., (Econ.), F.C.W.A., A.I.I.A., manager
   Down County Health and Welfare Committees, divisional office, 44 Hamilton Road; Clinics, Central Avenue; Dental Clinic, Park Drive
   Soroptimist Club - Mrs. M. E. Leroux, president; Mrs. D. M. Scott, hon. secretary, 80 Brunswick Road
   Bangor Contract Bridge Club, 127 Main Street
   Bangor Golf Club, Broadway
   Carnalea Golf Club (Bangor Municipal Course), Station Road
   Bangor Joint Burial Board - W. J. McNinch, secretary
   Bangor Civil Defence Headquarters, Courthouse, Quay Street
   Bangor Civil Defence Services' Club, 27-31 Victoria Road
   Bangor Business and Professional Women's Club, 52 Bryansburn Road
   Bangor Drama Club, Central Avenue
   Bangor Amateur Operatic Society, Central Avenue - J. Dunne, hon. secretary
   Bangor Horticultural Society - G. P. Maitland, 35 Windmill Road, secretary
   Bangor Hospital Comforts Fund - Mrs. J. D. Pollock, 3 Fifth Avenue, hon. secretary
   St. Comgall's Convent of Mercy, 27 Brunswick Road
   Save the Children Fund - Mrs. Coote, Rockmount, hon. secretary
   Borough Gymnasium, Hamilton Road
   Bangor Ex-Services Club, 51 High Street
   St. John Ambulance Brigade, Central Avenue
   British Red Cross Society, Central Avenue
   Bangor Ladies' Hockey Club - Miss J. Arnold, 20 Moira Park
   Bangor Harmonic Society - H. E. McCleery, hon. secretary
   Bangor Swimming Club - Pickie Pool
   Bangor Table Tennis Club, Bingham Lane
   Bangor Lawn Tennis Club, Farnham Park
   Bangor Cricket Club - C. I. Burrowes, M.A., 21 Princes Gardens, Holywood, hon. secretary
   Abbey Football Social Club, Abbey Street
   Bangor Football and Athletic Club, Ltd., Clandeboye Road
   Bangor Round Table - W. M. Thomas, 80 Groomsport Road, chairman; I. Dixon, 64 Groomsport Road, hon. secretary
   Bangor Rugby Football Club, Ward Park
   Bangor Working Men's Club, Bingham Street
   Bangor Engineers' and Trades' Social Club, 71 Main Street
   Kingsland Tennis Club, Seacliff Road
   Pickie Bowling Club, Broadway
   Ward Park Lawn Tennis Club
   Fifth Bangor Sea Scouts, Springfield Avenue
   661 Field Regiment R.A. (T.A.), Newtownards Road
   Army Cadet Force, Newtownards Road
   Air Training Corps. (825 Squadron), Moira Park
   Earl Haig Memorial Hall, 41 Hamilton Road
   Royal Naval Association (Bangor Branch), Queen's Parade
   British Legion (Bangor Branch), Hamilton Road - Capt. A. E. McConnell, M.B.E., president; T. S. Davis, chairman; W. R. Bowles, hon. secretary, 39 Abbey Park; J. Halley, gen. secretary, 77 Elmwood Drive; Women's Section - Mrs. C. B. J. Porter, chairman
   Armagh and Down T. & A. F. Association, Newtownards Road
   Bangor Orange Hall, Hamilton Road
   Shankill Road Mission & Holiday Homes, Donaghadee Road
   Petty Sessions Court, Quay Street - J. C. Hogg, B.A., LL.B., clerk

[ADVERTISEMENT - "Strand Hotel, Queen's Parade, Bangor, Situated Sea-Front, Fully Licensed, Open to Non-Residents, Recently renovated, Visit our new Angler's Rest, Cranwell and Panorama Lounges, for Tariff write or phone Mrs. S. B. Gray (Manageress) Phone Nos. 3462 and 60479"]

   Ministry of Labour and National Insurance, The Town Hall, Castle Grounds - F. R. Rodgers, manager
   Bangor Tourist Development Association - J. S. Millar, chairman; Mrs. M. I. Norman, hon. secretary, 23 Dufferin Avenue
   Bangor Youth Guild Council - Miss J. Cummings, hon. secretary, 29 Kensington Park
   Co-operative Hall, Market Lane
   Bangor Men's Hockey Club, A. Coburn, hon. secretary, 53 Prospect Road
   Holborn Hall, Holborn Avenue
   Royal Navy Association, Mountbatten House, Queen's Parade
   Wesley Hall, 12 Main Street
   Central Hall, 33 Central Avenue
   Dufferin Memorial Hall, Hamilton Road
   Bangor Masonic Hall, 2 Hamilton Road
   Royal Naval Association, Mountbatten House, 31 Queen's Parade
   Ulster Transport Authority, Enquiry and Freight Offices, Abbey Street; Freight Depot, Belfast Road
   Down County Health and Welfare Depts, 44 Hamilton Road
   Little Theatre, Central Avenue
   N.I. Hospitals Authority - Special Care Service, Instructional Centre - Mrs. L. M. P. Cooke, supervisor, 15 Ballyholme Road
   Bangor Hospital Ex-Patients' Guild - Joint hon. secretaries, Miss Nina Hambley and Mrs. Blanche Shepherd


   Church of Ireland - St. Comgall's Parish Church, Hamilton Road - Archdeacon G. A. Quin
   Bangor Abbey, Newtownards Road - Rev. Canon James Hamilton, M.A.
   St. Columbanus' Church, Groomsport Road - Rev. J. J. G. Mercer, M.A.
   St. Gall's Church, Crawfordsburn Road - Rev. E. F. Darling, M.A.
   Presbyterian Churches - First, Main Street - Rev. W. J. McK. Wallace, B.A.; Trinity, Main Street - Rev. John T. Carson, B.A.; Hamilton Road - Rev. David Burke, B.A.; Ballyholme, Ashley Drive - Rev. William Erskine, M.A.; Clandeboye Road - Rev. C. W. D. Kerr, M.A.; West Church - Rev. D. G. Bailie, B.A., B.D., Th.M.
   Methodist Churches - Centenary, 3 Queen's Parade - Rev. H. Wilfred Stafford, B.A., B.Comm.  Hamilton Road - Rev. John B. Jennings, Ballyholme.  Crawfordsburn Road - Rev. J. Frith Lyttle.  Carnalea - Rev. A. E. Nelson
  Salvation Army Halls, Albert Street, 10 Crosby Street;  Local Corps H.Q. - 7 Stanley Road

[ADVERTISEMENT - "Ardbraccan Christian Guest House, near Ballyholme, Shops and Places of Worship, H. & C. Home Comforts, Open all the year, Telephone 4765, Miss H. D. Johnston, 69 Clifton Road, Bangor"]

   St. Comgall's R.C. Church, Brunswick Road - Rev. P. J. Mactamney, P.P.; Chapel of Ease, Sheridan Drive; Ballyholme - Rev. A. D. Davey, C.C.
   Apostolic Church, 53 Main Street
   Baptist Church, Hamilton Road - Pastor G. H. Weir
   The Brethren - Central Avenue and Holborn Avenue
   Elim Pentecostal Assembly, Southwell Road - Pastor A. R. Smith
   Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 91 Donaghadee Road
   Ebenezer Gospel Hall, Church Street
   Exclusive Brethren, The, 2 Grange Road, Bryansburn Road and Springfield Road
   Christian Science Society and Reading Room, 43 Clifton Road
   Religious Society of Friends, King's Hall, Central Avenue
   Jehovah's Witnesses, Kingdom Hall, 17 High Street
   Church Street Mission Hall, Church Street
   Bethel Mission Hall, 30 Gransha Road


   Bangor Technical School - G. M. Jardine, B.Sc., A.M.I.Mech.E., A.M.I.E.E., principal, Hamilton Road
   Bangor Endowed School (Grammer School) - G. R. M. Clarke, M.A., headmaster, College Avenue; Preparatory School - Connor House, Moira Park
   Bangor Secondary Intermediate School - R. H. McClune, principal, Castle Street
   Clandeboye Road Primary School - H. McComb, B.A., H.Dip.Ed., principal, Clandeboye Road
   Bangor Central Primary Schools - G. W. Fawcett, B.A., principal, Castle Street
   Ballyholme Primary School - Miss A. V. Martin, principal, Glenburn Park
   Trinity Primary School - C. A. Bayly, principal, Manse Road
   St. Columbanus Intermediate School - M. McWilliams, B.Com.Sc., principal, Ballymaconnell Road
   St. Comgall's Primary School (Boys') - James Kerr, principal; (Girls') - Sister Brendan, principal
   Glenlola Collegiate School - Miss W. E. Greaves, B.A., H.Dip.Ed., principal, Castle Park
   Garth House School - Capt. W. N. M. Hutton, principal, 17 Maxwell Road
   Bangor Nursery School - Miss Helen Porter, superintendent, Castle Park


   Bank of Ireland - J. E. Buchanan, Agent, 82a Main Street. T.N.: Bangor 5310
   Belfast Banking Co. Ltd. - T. C. Huey, manager, 77 Main Street; and 103 Groomsport Road
   Belfast Savings Bank - I. M. Shaw, Manager, 85 Main Street. T.N.: Bangor 3628
   National Bank Ltd. - James Sim, Manager, 43-45 Main Street. T.N.: Bangor 3689
   Northern Bank, Ltd. - W. C. Rawle, Manager, 79-83 Main Street. T.N.: Bangor 60253; and 91b Groomsport Road
   Ulster Bank, Ltd. - J. B. Baillie, Manager, 75 Main Street


   Ballyholme Hotels, Ltd., 256-262 Seacliff Road and 62 Ballyholme Road. T.N.: Bangor 2807
   Hotel Pickie, 6 Princetown Terrace
   Mayfair Hotel, 22 Queen's Parade
   New Savoy Hotel, Donaghadee Road. T.N.: Bangor 60904
   Pollock's Hotel, 27-31 Gray's Hill. T.N.: Bangor 4063
   Queen's Court Hotel (Bangor), Ltd., Queen's Parade. T.N.s: Bangor 4510 (Reception) and 2180 (Guests)
   Redcliffe Hotel (J. Leyburn, Prop.), 10-12 Seacliff Road. T.N.: Bangor 3696
   Royal Hotel, 26-28 Quay Street. T.N.: Bangor 3966-7-8
   Sallie Boyce Hotel, 7 Queen's Parade
   Sefton Hotel, Ballyholme. T.N.: Bangor 3693
   Shelbourne Hotel, 16 Queen's Parade
   Strand Hotel, 40-41 Queen's Parade. T.N.s: Bangor 60479 and 3462
   Winston Hotel, 19 Queen's Parade


   "County Down Spectator," 109 Main Street. T.N.: Bangor 3861-2


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ADVERTISEMENT - "Ambassador Chinese Restaurant, open daily, Parties catered for, 20 High Street, Bangor. Telephone: Bangor 2565"


Abbey  Car & Cycle Works, 62-64 Abbey Street
Abbey Potato Crisps, manufacturers, Shaftesbury Road
Abbey Press (N.I.), Ltd., printers & publishers, 51 Main Street T.N.: 5755
Abbey Stores (J. Adamson, prop.), 78 Abbey Street
Abbey Supper Saloon, 1 Church Street
Abbott, Misses, guest house, Sharon, 5 Pickie Terrace
Adair, Mrs. A., boarding house, 19 Stanley Road
Adair, W., Furniture Remover, 24 Central Avenue T.N.: 2864
Adam, J. T. A., hairdresser, 26-28 Central Avenue
Addy Quality Chemists, Ltd., pharmaceutical chemists, 33 Main Street
Agnew & Co., bakers & grocers, 32-34 Main Street
Ainsworth, Mrs. M. G., Davandra Guest House, 58 Queen's Parade
Allen, Mrs. D., boarding house, 25 Dufferin Avenue
Allport, George, arcade propr., Queen's Arcade, Queen's Parade
Ambassador Chinese Restaurant, 20 High Street
Anderson, Jas. B., B.D.S., 119 Main Street
Anderson, Mrs. E., boarding house, Wellcroft, 26 Southwell Road; and 14 Prospect Road
Andrews, R. T., draper and house furnisher, 10 and 88 Main Street
Andrews' Shoe Service, 30-32 High Street
Annabelle, household linens, 5a-5b Market Street
Annaville Store, confectioners, 19 Station Road
Anne's Studio, 20 Queen's Parade
Antrim Iron Ore Co. Ltd., The, Coal Merchants, 59 High Street. T.N.: 5439
Archer, W. J., B.D.S., dental surgeon, 77 Main Street
Ards Cleaners & Dyers, Ltd., 15 Central Avenue
Art & Gift Shop, The, picture framers, 34 Queen's Parade
Associated Schools of Motoring, 51a Main Street
Ava Bars (Hillen Bros.), 132 Main Street T.N.: 60464

Bailie, J. D., outfitter, 48 Main Street
Bailie, J. & S., stationers and booksellers, 43-45 High Street
Bailie, Miss Murial, Ladies' Wear, 49 Main Street
Bailie, William, & Co., Estate Agents, 51 Main Street T.N.: 4191-2
Baillie, James, draper, 25-27 High Street T.N.: 3412
Baird, Mrs. May, boot repairer, 9 King Street
Ballance, W. & C., plumbers, 55 High Street
Ballyholme Stores, grocers, 2 Sheridan Drive
Balmer, J. S., Ltd., Chemists, 95 Main Street T.N.: 5131
Bangor Bible & Book Depot, 35a Southwell Road
Bangor Car Laundry, Auto. Engineers, 74-78 Central Avenue T.N.: 60777
Bangor Dairies Ltd., Shaftesbury Road T.N.: 3871-2
Bangor Filling Station, Belfast Road
Bangor Laundry, 112 Hamilton Road T.N.: 5005
Bangor Poultry Mart, The, (G. Martin, prop.), 114 High Street T.N.: 3244
Bangor Racing Pigeon Club, 1 Primrose Street
Bangora, confectioners, 6 Seacliff Road T.N.: 3178
Barker, Jessie, Hand Knitwear, Wools & Tweeds, 115 High Street
Barry's Amusements, 18-20 Quay Street and Albert Street
Barry's Ices, 19 Bridge Street & 12 Quay Street
Baxter, R., Guest House, 4-5 Lorelei T.N.: 3166
Beacom, E., & Co., gent's outfitters, The Arcade, Queen's Parade
Beehive, The, handcrafts, 74a High Street
Beechwood Stores, 20 Beechwood Avenue
Belfast Co-operative Society Ltd., Bank of Ireland Building, Main Street (Pharmacy) T.N.: 4785; 11-13 Main Street, Grocery, Butchery and Drapery; 70-72 Groomsport Road (Grocery)
Bell, A. & M., & Co., drapers, 90-92 Main Street
Bell, A., & Sons, Ltd., dyers and cleaners, (receiving office), 23 Main Street
Bell, John, confectioner, 111 High Street
Bell, Miss J., guest house, Belvedere, 38 Dufferin Avenue
Bell, J. S., Auctioneer, Estate and Insurance Agent, 86 Main Street T.N.: 5934
Bennett, Mrs. M. M., boarding house, 21 Dufferin Avenue
Beresford House (J. Briggs), guest house, 45 Queen's Parade
Betty, H. W., fruiterer, 107 Main Street
Betterwear Products, 64a Main Street
Bill's Snack Bar, 24 Dufferin Avenue
Bingham Motor Co., Bingham Lane T.N.: 60075
Black, J. B., insurance broker, Spectator Buildings, 109 Main Street
Black, R. Y., L.D.S., 38 Hamilton Road
Bleakley, John, M.B., 37 Hamilton Road
Bloomfield Cash Stores (Mrs. S. Simpson, Propss.), Agent for "News Letter," 11 Bloomfield Road
Bloomfield, Mrs. Charlotte, Ladies' Hair Stylist, 3a Albert Street T.N.: 5282
Boal, H. M., grocer, 1 Gransha Road
Boal, I. J., M.P.S., phar. chemist, 37 Queen's Parade
Boal, John, fruiterer, 116 High Street
Bonny Babes, baby & children's wear, 9 Hamilton Road
Boston, Bert, confectioner, 81 Donaghadee Road
Boston, Mrs. E., baby shop, 108 Main Street
Boulevard Cafe, 9-11 Bridge Street
Bowden, J. P., chemist, 97 Groomsport Road
Bowman, J. McL., M.B., 42 Hamilton Road
Boyce, Sallie, home bakery & restaurant, 5 Queen's Parade
Boyce, W. T. M., M.R.C.V.S., 31 Hamilton Road
Boyd, Mrs. M., boarding house, Ellan Vannin, 32 Donaghadee Road
Boyd, T., building contractor, 59 Gray's Hill
Boyle, James, plumber and gas fitter, 11 Bingham Street
Bradshaw, Geoffrey O. (West End Stores), Grocer, Dufferin Avenue & Central Avenue T.N.: 5114
Breen, Mrs. A., Ladies' Hairdresser, 69 Church Street
Breen, Mrs. M., guest house, Marshton House, 9 Gray's Hill
Brenda's, home bakery, 11 Hamilton Road
Brice, James T., & Son, Auctioneers, Estate Agents & Surveyors, 139-141 Main Street T.N.: 4195-6
Bridgham, Mr. & Mrs. F. A., guest house, 91 Ballyholme Road
Briterome Hardware, hardware merchants, 13-15 Market Street T.N.: 4040
Brooke's Garage and Engineering Co., Market Lane
Brown, David, watch maker, 6 Donaghadee Road
Brown, Gilbert, hairdresser, 63 Main Street
Brown, Mrs. H., boarding house, Ardra, 87 Southwell Road
Brown, Mrs. K., guest house, 276 Seacliff Road
Browne, J. W., M.B., physician, 122 Hamilton Road
Browne, W. J. W., decorator, 84 High Street
Bruce, Miss G., Barleybank Guest House, 34 Seacliff Road T.N.: 4607
Bruce, Mrs. E., boarding house, 1 Princetown Road
Bruce, Myra, grocer, 64 & 68 Ballymaconnell Road
Bruce, Wm., grocer, 23 Central Avenue and 11 Thornleigh Gardens
Bryan, Mrs. J., Aldersyde Guest House, 78 Seacliff Road T.N.: 60859
Bryansburn Stores, newsagents, 94 Bryansburn Road
Burch, Mrs. E., boarding house, Blair Atholl, 2 Mount Pleasant
Burke-Murphy, A. S., Estate Agent, 8 Donaghadee Road T.N.: 4777

Ca'Dora Ltd., Bakers and Confectioners, 115 Main Street T.N. 3686
Cairns Bros., builders, 4 Sixth Avenue
Cairns, R. J., builder and contractor, 55a and 58 Donaghadee Road
Cake Shop, The (P. Harvey, Prop.), 127 High Street T.N.: 4069
Calypso Rooms, 104 Main Street
Campbell, James, grocer & confectioner, 35 Clandeboye Road
Campbell, J. M., Newsagent; Agent for "News Letter," 120 Main Street
Campbell, Miss M. A., draper, 58-60 Main Street
Campbell, R. V., chemist, 1 Belfast Road and 5 The Crescent, Newtownards Road
Campbell, T., boot maker, 38 Gray's Hill
Candy Shop, The, (A. F. Hogg, Prop.), Newsagent; Agent for "News Letter," 20 Castle Street
Caproni, Enrico, Ltd., cafe and amusement caterers, 13-14 Queen's Parade
Caproni's, restaurant and ballroom, 13, 14 & 39 Queen's Parade and 244 Seacliff Road
Cardwell, Wm., painter & decorator, 6 Hazeldene Drive
Carleton, Mrs. M. E., boarding house, 44 Dufferin Avenue
Carter, Clifford F., Confectioner & Tobacconist, 59 Main Street T.N.: 2789
Carter, T. (Wallpapers), Ltd., Wallpaper Merchants, 1a Market Street T.N.: 4933
Carter's Art Wallpapers, Wallpaper Merchants, 19 Central Avenue T.N.: 5772
Cash, G., garden and pet supplies, 82 High Street
Cassells, Mrs. K., guest house, Ashlea, 13 Groomsport Road
Castle Arcade, general drapers, 117 Main Street
Castle Arms, The, 1 Castle Street
Caswell, Alex., Agricultural Merchant, 40 Bingham Street T.N.: 3535
Caulfield, John, boot repairer, 88 Abbey Street
Cavendish Furniture Co., 36-38 Main Street T.N.: 2949
Central Billiard Hall, 3a Central Avenue, rear 9 Central Avenue
Central Cake Shop, 9 Central Avenue
Chambers, George, soft furnishings, 20 Dufferin Avenue
Chapple, R., Court Hairdresser, 67 High Street T.N.: Bangor 2110
Cherry, Edmond, draper, 88 Church Street
Chittick, Thomas, furniture remover, 12 Southwell Road
Christian Science Monitor, The, 38 Abbey Street
Clandeboye Garage, Belfast Road
Claney, S. M., & Co., Auctioneers, Estate and Insurance Agents, 34 Central Avenue T.N.: 3777-8
Clarke, Mrs. M., guest house, Kenilworth House, 13-15 Princetown Road
Clarke, R., fruiterer, 37 High Street
Clifton Nurseries, 4 Clifton Road
Coid, Mrs. L., general grocer, 25 Windmill Road
Colgan, A., ladies' hairdresser, 11 King Street
Collier, H. H., M.B., 37 Hamilton Road
Commodore Ballroom, 27 Queen's Parade
Conn, N., L.D.S., 4 Hamilton Road
Connolly, James, stationer & confectioner, 114 Abbey Street
Connolly, Noreen, hairdresser, 86 Groomsport Road
Corbett's (R. C. Flood, Prop.), Newsagents & Tobacconists; Agents for "News Letter," 92 Church Street
Cordner, James, Butcher, 25027 Thornleigh Gardens T.N.: 2368
Coronation Cafe, 6 High Street
Cosy Supper Saloon, 14 Gray's Hill
Coulter, K. M., grocer & home baker, 76 High Street & 65a Main Street T.N.: 5020
Cowan, H., radio dealer, 22 High Street
Craig, Mrs. L., confectioner & grocer, 2 Clandeboye Road
Cranagh Stores, grocers & confectioners, 357 Belfast Road
Crawford, A. E., grocer, 19 High Street
Crawford, J., automobile engineer, 22a Belfast Road T.N.: 4583
Crawford, Mr. & Mrs. A. G., guest house, 22 Hamilton Road
Crawford, Mrs. E., boarding house, 65 Dufferin Road
Crawford, Robert, garden and pet shop, 39 High Street
Creighton, Miss E., boarding house, 47 Groomsport Road
Cripples' Institute, boot repairs, 8 Market Street
Crowe, Mrs. M., guest house, 7 Ballyholme Esplanade
Crystal Buffet, The, 17 Queen's Parade
Cull, William, upholsterer, 3 & 15a Central Avenue
Cullen, Miss R., ladies' hairdresser, 39 Main Street T.N.: 3524
Curran, Mrs. V., grocer, 24 Belfast Road
Currie, Mrs. I., boarding house, Seabank, 70 Seacliff Road

Dainty Wear Shop, 5 Thornleigh Gardens
Dallas, H. A., L.D.S., dental surgeon, Belfast Bank Chambers, Main Street
Davey, John, publican, 2-4 High Street
Davidson, Mrs. A., boarding house, Bound Brook, 35 Central Avenue
Davidson, S., meat purveyor & poulterer, 42 High Street
Debretta, Ltd., children's wear manufacturers. Clandeboye Road
Dermott, Mrs. M., guest house, 14 Brunswick Road
Devon, S. A., chartered accountant, 56 Main Street
Dickson, Elizabeth, draper, 80 High Street
Dickson, W. D., grocer, 161 Clandeboye Road
Do It Yourself, paint and wallpaper merchants, 74 High Street
Dobson's Dairies (Belfast), Ltd., milk and ice cream store, 73a Brunswick Road
Donald, A. & E., household, hardware and fireplace merchants, 57 High Street
Donohue, Mrs. M., Stafford Guest House, 55 Queen's Parade
Dorman, Robert, shoe repairer, 34a Dufferin Avenue
Downing, Mrs. I., boarding house, 73 Gray's Hill
Doyle, John J., Ltd., Builder, Ulsterville, Ballymacormick Road T.N.: 2726
Drew, D. McL. F., M.B., 30 Hamilton Road
Drew, Sidney, newsagent, confectioner and tobacconist, 8 The Crescent, Newtownards Road
Duff, Benjamin A., & Sons, cabinet makers and upholsterers, 71 High Street
Duff's (Foods), Ltd., 42 Main Street
Duffin, Donald, M.B., 29 Bryansburn Road
Duffy, James, taxi proprietor, 59 Central Avenue
Dunlop, E. M., (Hugh Dunlop, Prop.), Building Contractor; Wallpaper & Paint Merchant, 23 High Street
Dunlop, Mrs. E. M., confectioner, 19 Thornleigh Gardens
Dunn, Mrs. T., boarding house, Dunn's. 4 Seacliffe Road

Eakin, John, jeweller, 41 Main Street
Eccles, Miss A., Guest House, Chatsworth House, 1 & 2 Princetown Terrace T.N.: 60248
Eccles, Mrs. W. D., guest house, 142 Seacliff Road
Edgars Shoes Ltd., 119 High Street
Elliott, Miss A., Fairhaven Guest House, 60 Queen's Parade
Elliott, Miss Velma, children's outfitter, 56 High Street
Elwis, N. R., B.D.S., 107 Hamilton Road
Emerson, W. R., locksmith, 2a Alfred Street
Empress Restaurant, The, 7 Southwell Road
Ervine & McCreadie, builders and contractors, Park Drive
Esplanade Lounge Bars (F. M. Gillespie, Ltd., Props.), Publicans, 12 Ballyholme Road
Etam, ladies wear, 8 Main Street

Faith, Norman, fancy goods, 50 Main Street
Fashion Shop, The, 44 High Street
Fayona, Ladies' Fashion Wear, 93 Groomsport Road
Fealty, John, publican, 35 High Street
Fee, J. G., M.B., 42 Hamilton Road
Feedwell Dog Foods, Ltd., 18 Belfast Road
Ferguson, Rose, hair stylist, 4 Quay Street
Ferris, George C., painter & decorator, 22 Victoria Road
Finlay, R. H., & Son, Auctioneers, Valuers, Estate and Insurance Agents, 104c Main Street
Firth, Robert, & Co., fleshers, 4-6 Market Street and 112 Abbey Street
Fitzsimons, William, builder and contractor, 68 Clifton Road
Flannigan, C. G., grocer, 110 Abbey Street
Fleming, J. R. E., hairdresser, 9-11 High Street
Fleming, Mrs. F. M., guest house, 7 Mayfield, Princetown Road
Flood, Mrs. M., confectioner, 129 Clandeboye Road
Flowers by Gibson, Florists, 3 Bridge Street
Ford, G. M., Florist Artist, 13 Hamilton Road
Forrest. S. H., Ltd., chemists, 44-46 Main Street and 125 High Street
Forsythe, W. J., & Son, Ltd., Fairview Nurseries, Bloomfield Road
Forte, Catherine, fish and chip saloon, 22 Abbey Street
Fox, P., commission agent, Mill Row
Frederick, Norman, Ladies' Hair Stylist, 95-97 Main Street
French, Mrs. E., grocer, 37-39 Victoria Road
Furey, Hugh, Ltd., Grocers and Coffee Roasters, 62-64 Main Street
Furey, Hugh, Ltd., Wine and Spirit Merchants, 2a King Street
Fyfe, S. W., tobacconist, 91 High Street
Fyneart Needlework, needlework manufacturers, 36 Queen's Parade

G.W.B. Furnaces, Ltd., Electrical Control Gear Manufacturers, Clandeboye Road
Gamble, Mrs. Mary, fruiterer, 53a High Street
Gardiner, Mrs. J., dress maker, 3a Albert Street
Gardiner's, confectioners and tobacconists, 56 Main Street
Garrett, Mabel V., ladies' outfitter, 129 High Street
Garvin Bros., Ltd., Car Hire, Market Street
Gash, R., guest house, 104 Dufferin Avenue
Gaw, James, antique dealer, 48 High Street
Gaw, J., & Son, Ltd., selling and distributing agents, 18 Gray's Hill
Gethings, Mrs. K. A., guest house, Somerset House, 28 Ballyholme Road
Gherardi, David, green grocer, 23a Clandeboye Road
Gherardi, Matthew, Fish & Chip Saloon, 85 Church Street
Gibson & Campbell, insurance brokers, 79 Main Street
Gibson, Mrs. M., boarding house, 40 Victoria Road
Gibson, Mrs. S. B., boarding house, 6 Gray's Hill
Gilbert, J. C., M.B., 42 Ranfurly Avenue
Gilbey, W. & A., Ltd., wine and spirit merchants, 55 Main Street
Gillespie, G., Ltd., plumbing contractors, glass and china merchants, 73 High Street
Gillespie, M. L., green grocer, 1 Gray's Hill
Gillvary, J., grocer and provision merchant, 7-11 The Crescent, Newtownards Road (Gillvray)
Gilmour, Mrs. I., boarding house, 47 Southwell Road
Godson, Mrs. M. I., boarding house, 6 Mount Royal
Going Gay (Mrs. E. MacMurray, propr.), fancy goods, 12 High Street
Golstein, Frank, & Co. Ltd., amusement caterers, 4 Queen's Parade
Good, Miss H., guest house, Kinnegar House, 42 Queen's Parade
Gordon, A. J., & Sons, coal agents, 30 Castle Square
Gould, John, M.P.S.N.I., chemist, 82 Abbey Street
Gourley, H. H. B., grocer, 115 High Street
Graham, Mrs. E., baby wear, 99 High Street
Graham, Mrs. I., boarding house, 16 Hamilton Road
Graham, Mrs. M., guest house, 86 Dufferin Avenue
Graham, Mrs. K., boarding house, 53 Holborn Avenue
Graham, S. J., hairdresser, 5 Central Avenue
Graham, Thomas, home decorator, 3 Bingham Street
Graham, William, fruiterer and florist, 3 Belfast Road
Grant, F. G., M.R.C.O.G., 10 Farnham Road
Gray, James & Co., Funeral Furnisher, 78 Central Avenue
Gray, John M., Ltd., pharmaceutical chemists, 37 Main Street
Gray, Mrs. B., boarding house, 29 Dufferin Avenue
Greenfield, Mrs. E., boarding house, 57 Holborn Avenue
Greenwood, C., surgical supplies, 54 High Street
Greer Interiors, decorators suppliers, 17a Hamilton Road
Gresham, The, (G. Scollan, Prop.), Dress Makers and Drapers, 25 Gray's Hill

Haggan, Mrs. M., boarding house, 3 Primrose Avenue
Hall, Richard (Chemists), Ltd., Pharmaceutical Chemists, 126a Main Street
Halliday, John, confectioner and grocer, 24 Church Street
Halt, The, confectionery, Bryansburn Road
Hambly, Mrs. E. M., guest house, 4 Mount Royal
Hamill, Davison & Co., solicitors, 127 Main Street
Hamilton, Gordon, photographer, 16 Dufferin Avenue
Hamilton, Mrs. M. L., boarding house, 5 Dufferin Avenue
Hanna, Elsie, Ladies' Hair Stylist, 90 High Street & 92 Abbey Street
Hanna, George, joinery works, 90 High Street
Hanna's Pharmacies Ltd., chemists, 16 Main Street
Hannah, W., plumber, 17 Hamilton Road (rear)
Hargan, Mrs. A., boarding house, 20 Southwell Road
Harkins, J., building contractor, 29a May Avenue
Hawthorne, Mrs. M., guest house, 74 Seacliff Road
Hay, Mrs. G., boarding house, 42 Donaghadee Road
Hay, William, & Co., Shop and Office Fitters, Builders and Contractors, 34a Donaghadee Road (private address)
Hearst, W. J., Ltd., Grocers, 5-7 Belfast Road
Heller Confectionery Ltd., Belfast Road
Henderson, Miss I., boarding house, Bawn House, 58 Dufferin Avenue
Hendry, Miss J. R., boarding house, 53 Central Avenue
Henning, R., guest house, 66 Seacliff Road
Henry, Mrs. E., boarding house, 35 Dufferin Avenue
Henry, Mrs. E. A., guest house, Henriville, 86 Southwell Road
Herron, W., Ltd., fish mongers, 14 Abbey Street
Hess, Mrs. R., guest house, 9 Waverley Drive
Hill, Mrs. Ethel, ladies' fashions, 7-9 Hamilton Road
Hillman, Mrs. Kay, dress maker, 15a Central Avenue
Hinsley, Mrs. A. M., Guest House, 56 Clifton Road
Hodgen, G., M.Ch.S., chiropodist, 32 Hamilton Road
Holder, Gordon, Grocer, 9 Belfast Road
Holderness. Mrs. M., boarding house, 75 Dufferin Avenue
Holdsworth, Miss M., guest house, Reinsbury, 1 Moira Drive
Holmes, David, cabinet maker, Bingham Lane
Hopes, Mrs. E., boarding house, 16 Southwell Road
Houston Dairy, grocers and bakers, 76 High Street
Houston, James, nurseryman, 53 Bryansburn Road
Houston, John, M.B., 46 Hamilton Road
Howe, Robert, Groceries and Provisions, 59 Groomsport Road
Hull, Mrs. E., boarding house, Lenifred, 50? Holborn Avenue
Hulme, Mrs. W. T., guest house, 10 High Street
Humphreys, Mrs. F. C., guest house, 14 Ballyholme Esplanade
Hunter, Mrs. M., Boarding House, 20 Seacliff Road
Hurley, W., hairdresser, 10a Sheridan Drive
Hurrell, Joseph, confectioner, 43 Belfast Road

Imperial Hotel (Bangor), Ltd., 82 Main Street
Imperial Wine Shop, 6 Central Avenue
Inglis & Co. Ltd., depot, Crosby Street
International, The, 24-26 High Street
Invisible Mending Depot, 40 High Street
Irvine, Mrs. G., boarding house, 116 Hamilton Road
Irwin, Mrs. B., boarding house, 20 Princetown Road
Isobel, Confectionery and Fancy Goods, 11-12 Queen's Parade

Jackson, John J., tailor, 109 Main Street
Jackson, Mrs. M., boarding house, 7 Southwell Road
Jamison, J. K., grocer & confectioner, 21 Brunswick Road
Jennings, Mrs. E., boarding house, 84 Southwell Road
Jewel Box, The, fancy jewellery, 1 Bridge Street
Joe's, Ltd., Newsagents; Agents for "News Letter," Ballyholme Road
Johnston, Arthur, grocer, 50-52 High Street
Johnston, Hugh, butcher, 53b High Street
Johnston, Miss H. D., guest house, 69 Clifton Road
Johnston, Mrs. A. E., guest house, 107 Groomsport Road
Johnston, Mrs. E., boarding house, Tullyrush, 48 Southwell Road
Johnston, Mrs. I., boarding house, 47 Victoria Road
Jones, Harry, electrical contractor, 23 King Street
Jubilee Cafe (J. Vannucci), 5-7 Bridge Street
Jubilee Stores (J. McWhirter, Prop.), grocery and confectionery, 49 Clandeboye Road

K. Display Advertising, 25 Seymour Road
Kane, Mrs. M., Martinville Guest House, 57 Queen's Parade
Kastana Productions, cinematography & photography, 23 Silverstream Avenue
Kay, Diana, & Co. Ltd., Gown Shop, 124 Main Street
Kay-Mac Shoes, 104 Main Street
Kearns, Mrs. J. F., home bakery & cafe, 79 High Street
Kearns, Mrs. M. J., grocer, 21 Clandeboye Road
Keeling, R. R. B., house furnisher, Bingham Lane
Keery, Mrs. S., guest house, 5 Princetown Terrace
Keilty, Mrs. E., boarding house, 22 Southwell Road
Kelly's Cash Store, 30 Dufferin Avenue
Kernaghan, Mrs. E., guest house, 1 Lorelei, Pickie
Kest, Ltd., manufacturing chemists, 18 Gray's Hill
Kilcooley Attested Jerseys, Belfast Road
Kinney, Harold, fancy goods, 73 Main Street
Kirk, J., Newsagent; Agent for "News Letter," 92 Bryansburn Road
Kirk, W. T., Photographic Studio, 20 Queen's Parade
Knitting Nook, The, 86 Groomsport Road

Lady Gay, ladies' wear, 67a High Street
Laird, W. H., dentist, 31 Oakwood Avenue
Larmour, Mrs. E., boarding house, 45 Southwell Road
Lennly Gowns, Ltd., ladies' outfitters, 1 Hamilton Road
Lennon Bros., fruiterers, 20a Main Street
Lennon, Joseph, Guest House, 11 Southwell Road
Levett, Albert, boarding house, Laberta, 36 Dufferin Avenue
Lightbody, W., & Co., Auto and Electrical Engineers, 32 Central Avenue
Linen Chest, The, 121a Main Street
Lipton, supermarket, 35 Main Street
Little Folks' Shop, The, children's outfitters, 37a Main Street
Little Theatre, Central Buildings, Central Avenue
Lorrington, C. P., confectioner and tobacconist, 2 Seacliff Road
Loughead, Mrs. C., guest house, Royston, 78 Southwell Road
Lougheed, W. F., grocer, 88 Groomsport Road
Lowden, J. M., & Co., Television, Radio and Electrical Engineers, 16 Beatrice Avenue
Luke, John W., hardware merchant, 91 High Street
Lynch, J., spirit merchant, 2-4 Main Street
Lyttle, Misses, guest house, Princetown Villa, 66 Princetown Road

Macartney, Mrs. V., guest house, Kantara, 130 Seacliff Road
Macartney, R. W., Confectioner; Agent for "News Letter," 99 Groomsport Road
MacDonald, Angus, antique dealer, Tower House, Quay Street
MacMurray, Lilian, gowns & millinery, 121 Main Street
Madill, Mrs. A., boarding house, St. Ives, 58-60 Seacliff Road
Madrigal Hosiery Co. Ltd., manufacturers of ladies' fine gauge hosiery, 5-7 Stanley Avenue
Magnet, The, supper saloon, Mill Row
Magowan, J., grocer, 37 Springfield Road
Maguire, James, & Sons (Builders), Ltd., 135 Main Street
Mahood, James M., draper & outfitter, 5-7 High Street
Major's, hairdressers, 5 Main Street
Mallon, Austin, draper, 29 Main Street
Margaret, Elizabeth, hair stylist, 119 Main Street
Marguerite, outfitters, 53 or 63 Main Street
Marine Bars, spirit merchants, 30-32 Quay Street
Mark, L. K., & Co., radio, T.V. and toys, 84 Main Street
Marshall, R., solicitor, 106 Main Street
Martin, Gerald Lee, physiotherapist, 31 Hamilton Road
Martin, Wm., Newsagent; Agent for "News Letter," 20 Ballymaconnell Road
Martin, W. D., L.D.S., R.C.S.L., L.M., R.C.P., 12 Hamilton Road
Martin, W. T., general grocer, 26 Ballymaconnell Road
Mathers, Miss M., boarding house, Maycroft, 128 Seacliff Road
Matthews, Bob, Car, Motor Cycle & Scooter Agent, 32 Prospect Road
Matthews, George, F.V.I., Estate Agent & Auctioneer, 96 Abbey Street
Matthews, George, agricultural merchant and miller, 96 Abbey Street
Matthews, Robert (Plumbers), Ltd., 8 Dufferin Avenue
Matthews, R. G., engineer & welder, 45a High Street
Mawhinney, David, butcher, 78 Main Street
Mawhinney, John, butcher, 117 High Street
Mawhinney, R. H., hairdresser, 2 Queen's Parade
Mayne, J. & R., garage, motor & cycle agents, 118 Main Street
Maypole Dairy Co. Ltd., 18 Main Street
Meek, James, Solicitor, 56 Main Street
Megaughey, J. J., confectioner, 96 High Street
Melba, confectioners, tobacconists & cafe, 2 Abbey Street
Middleton, T. A., general grocer, 159 Belfast Road
Miller, Stewart S., bookseller and stationer, 40 Main Street
Miller, S., (Bangor), Ltd., painters, 11-113 Main Street?
Milligan, Kay, Court Hairdresser, 67 High Street
Milligan, R., ladies' & gent's hairdresser, 65 Castle Street
Mills, Edmund S., butcher, 101 Groomsport Road
Mills, John, upholsterer, 1a Bingham Street
Mills, Mrs. J. D., guest house, Red Brae, 1 Mount Pleasant
Millsopp's Stores, grocer, 47 Main Street
Miloy's, hairdressers, 23 Main Street
Mimba, milk bar, 26 Queen's Parade
Minor, The, supper saloon, 85 Church Street
Mitchell, Mrs. L. E., boarding house, 48 Victoria Road
Mitchell, W. J., & Co., radio and T.V. engineers, 1-3 Hamilton Road
Monico Cafe (J. Orr), 21 Queen's Parade
Montgomery, John, grocer, 44 Church Street
Montgomery, Mrs. Mary, fancy goods, 38 Queen's Parade
Moore, R., & Co., financiers, 63 Main Street
Moores, Mrs. L., boarding house, 6 Osborne Drive
Morrow, Eric, Solicitor, Belfast Bank Chambers, 77 Main Street
Moss, Mrs. R. E., boarding house, 14 Southwell Road
Mulholland, C., house repairer, 60a Beatrice Road
Mulholland & Son, hardware merchants, 61 Main Street
Munro, Mrs. Teresa, confectioner, 2 Abbey Street
Murphy, Mrs. M. C., boarding house, 19 Princetown Road
Murray, H. Desmond, LL.B., solicitor, 135 Main Street
McAlister, Mrs. A., guest house, Rosslynn, 54 Seacliff Road
McAlorum, Ltd., builders merchants and confectioners, The Dell, Gransha Road
McAlpine, R. A., & Sons, painters, 33 Windmill Road
McAnally, Mrs. E., guest house, 82 Dufferin Avenue
McAuley, May, Ladies' Hairdresser, 12 Queen's Parade
McAuley, McIlroy & Co. Ltd., Builders and Contractors, 1 Springhill Avenue
McBratney, Mrs. I., guest house, 67 Dufferin Avenue
McCann, Miss Eleanor, fruiterer, 3b Albert Street
McCann, S., Grocer & Confectioner, 68 High Street
McCann, Terence, supper saloon, 3 Albert Street
McCarroll, Mrs. M., boarding house, 76 Southwell Road
McCart, Mrs. A., grocer, 25 Castle Street
McCartney, George, & Co. Ltd., electrical contractors and wireless engineers, 65 Main Street
McCartney, Richard, confectioner, 99 Groomsport Road
McClatchey, E., grocer, 55 Prospect Road
McClelland, James, builder & contractor, 22a-26 Donaghadee Road
McClintock, Mrs. M., boarding house, Bay Tor, 45 Pr4incetown Road
McCloskey, Mrs. M., boarding house, 82 Southwell Road
McClune, John, Ph.C., M.P.S., J.P., 106 Hamilton Road
McClure's Travel Services, 22 Castle Street
McConaghie, W. J. A., Electrical Contractor, Radio and Television Engineers, 72 High Street
McConnell, Bertie, confectioner and tobacconist, 29 High Street
McConnell, Mrs. M., guest house, Sunnybank House, 86 Seacliff Road
McCormick, Alec., confectioner, 41 Brunswick Road
McCormick, E. P., Monumental Sculptor, 58 Newtownards Road
McCormick's, butchers and provision merchants, 1-3-5 Main Street
McCoubrie, Mrs. R., boarding house, 8 May Avenue
McCourt, Mrs. M., guest house, Richview, 13 Gray's Hill
McCracken, H. J., painter, 94 Abbey Street
McCrea's, Ltd., House furnishers, Nursery & Pram Specialists, 87, 89 & 93 Main Street
McCullough, Norman, M.P.S., 31 High Street
McCullough, S., decorator, wallpaper & paint merchant, 83 High Street
McCullough's, Toys, Prams & Hardware Merchants, 19 Bridge Street
McCully, H. D., & Sons, House furnishers, 9 Queen's Parade
McCutcheon, F. C., & Co., electrical contractors and radio engineers, 27 Main Street
McCutcheon, R., Ph.C., M.P.S., chemist, 69 Main Street
McCutcheon, R. J., Grocer & Provision Merchant, 2 Donaghadee Road
McDonnell, C., Newsagent; Agent for "News Letter," Queen's Parade
McDonough, H. H., B.D.S., 107 Hamilton Road
McElhinney, Robt., R.B.O.A., D.Opt. (I.O.Sc.), F.A.C.L.P., Ophthalmic Optician & Certified Contact Lens Practitioner, 20 Main Street
McFadden, W. A., picture framer, artists' materials, paint and wallpaper purveyor, 74 High Street
McFall, W. J., M.S.F., physiotherapist, 34 Hamilton Road
McFall, W. J., Ltd., Sports Goods & Leather Merchants, 10a High Street
McGimpsey, H. & J., Ltd., motor agents, 97 Main Street and Belfast Road
McGimpsey, Mrs. M., boarding house, Ramona, 56 Seacliff Road
McGovern, Mrs. P., guest house, 17 Southwell Road
McGowan, H., & Son, printers and stationers, 6 Dufferin Avenue
McIlveen, Herbert, confectioner, 43a Gray's Hill
McIntosh's, butchers, 61 Central Avenue
McKeag, E., painter & decorator, 74 High Street
McKee & Co., Hardware & China Merchants, 58 High Street
McKee, Cyril, jeweller, 7 Market Street
McKee, John, sports outfitter, 21 Bridge Street
McKee, John, & Son, solicitors, 109 Main Street
McKenna, Henry, butcher, 32 Queen's Parade
McKenna, Margaret, grocer & confectioner, 46 Gray's Hill
McKeown, John, fish monger, 14 High Street
McKinley, H. G., L.D.S., 17 Hamilton Road
McKinney, Mrs. E., guest house, 24 Southwell Road
McMeekin, Mrs. M., guest house, 68 Seacliff Road
McMillan, Mrs. E., boarding house, 66 Southwell Road
McMillan, R. A., grocer and tobacconist, 84 Belfast Road
McMinn, H., Newsagent: Agent for "News Letter," 3 Summerhill Park
McMullan, Mrs. M. A., guest house, Lyndale, 91 Southwell Road
McMurray, Austen, draper, 128-130 Main Street
McMurray, Mrs. M., boarding house, 30 Victoria Road
McQuoid, J. M., fruit & vegetables, 84 Groomsport Road
McRoberts, H., & Son, cleaners and dyers, 57 Main Street
McVea, John, garden & pet supplies, 6 Abbey Street
McVeigh, Miss I., ladies' wear, 94 High Street

N.I. Creameries, Ltd., ice cream parlour, 2 Southwell Road
Nan's, confectioners & tobacconists, 86a Dufferin Avenue
Neill, Charles, Ltd., Coal Importers and Native Timber Saw millers, Office, 54 Main Street; yard, Newtownards Road
Neill, Charles, dental technician, Bingham Lane
Neill, John, & Sons, Auctioneers and Valuers, House, Land and Insurance Agents, 100 Main Street
Neill, Robert, & Sons, Ltd., Coal, Anthracite & Coke Importers, 137 Main Street; Coal Stores, Mill Row
Neill, Robert, & Sons, Ltd., Cement and Fireclay Goods' Merchants, 137 Main Street
Neill, Robert, & Sons, Ltd., Mortar Manufacturers and Sand Contractors, 137 Main Street
Neill, Roy, F.V.I., Estate Agent, Auctioneer and Valuer, 100 Hamilton Road
Nelson, Mrs. E., boarding house, 102 High Street
Nesbitt, Miss May, music teacher, 106 Main Street
New Bandbox, The, (E. Pitcaithley, Prop.), Fashion Salon, 65 High Street
Nixon, R. S., 42 Hamilton Road
Norman, Mrs. M. I., guest house, Mount Edward, 23 Dufferin Avenue
North, H. E., confectioner & tobacconist, 126 High Street
North of Ireland Agencies, manufacturers' agents and importing agents, 79 Hamilton Road
Northern Ireland Housing Trust Estate Office, 4 The Crescent, Newtownards Road
Northern Ireland Industrial Bank, Ltd., 26 Central Avenue
Norrington, Charles P., confectioner, 2 Seacliff Road

Ogle, William J., consulting engineer, 63 Main Street
Oliver, G. M. B., The Nursery, 23 Groomsport Road
Oliver, J. W., tobacconist & confectioner, 61 Station Road
Oliver, Mrs. F., boarding house, 94 Dufferin Avenue
Oneida Silversmiths, Ltd., Tableware and Cutlery Manufacturers, Bloomfield Road
Ormeau Bakery, Ltd., depot, Alfred Street
O'Neill, Jacob, funeral furnisher and taxi proprietor, 2 Dufferin Avenue

Palladium Amusements, 10 Quay Street
Parke, W. W., Newsagent; Agent for "News Letter," 70 High Street
Parker, J., butcher, 10 The Crescent, Newtownards Road
Patterson, D., butcher & poulterer, 31 Main Street
Patterson, Mrs. H., boarding house, 102 Dufferin Avenue
Patton, H., florist, 88 High Street
Patton, H. A., D.A.(Edin.), A.R.I.B.A., M.T.P.I., chartered architect, 109 Main Street
Pets' Supplies, 20 Central Avenue
Phillips, J., timber merchant & building contractor, 36 King Street
Pickie Cafe, Marine Walk
Pidduck, G. H., The Studios, photographer, 10 Queen's Parade
Pinkerton, Miss Isobel, Milliner, Bailie's Arcade, 51 Main Street
Pollock, Desmond, Newsagent; Agent for "News Letter," 3 Central Avenue & 35 Queen's Parade
Pollock, Mrs., Newsagent; Agent for "News Letter," 29 Gray's Hill
Pollock, Mrs. J., boarding house, 65 Princetown Road
Pollock, R. D., & Co. Ltd., Building Contractors, 24 Castle Street
Pollock (J. S. Millar, successor), jewellers, 114 Main Street
Pringle, J. R., Automobile Engineer, 110-112 Main Street and Belfast Road
Property Repairs (Bangor), Ltd., 39a Central Avenue
Provident Clothing & Supply Co., 39 Main Street
Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd., 45 Main Street

Queen's Cinema, 8 Queen's Parade
Queen's Bar, The, (P. J. Garvey, Propr.), Wine and Spirit Merchants, 21 High Street
Queensway Newsagency (Charles McDonnell, Prop.), 6 Queen's Parade
Quinn, R. T., Auto. Engineer & Car Dealer, 62 Groomsport Road

Railside Service Station, Belfast Road
Raley, Mrs. E., guest house, 16 Fifth Avenue
Ramsey, Mrs. M., guest house, Seaview House, 9 Princetown Avenue
Rankin, Misses S. and M., general grocers, 147 Donaghadee Road
Rathmore House, hotel, 194 Seacliff Road
Rawlinson, Allen & White, Incorporating John D. McClure & Co., Chartered Accountants, 109 Main Street
Redbank Restaurant, The, (Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Good, Props.), 110-116 Main Street
Rediffusion Service (Co. Down), Ltd., (R. D. Buckley, Manager), 21a Main Street; workshop, Central Buildings, Central Avenue
Redman, Mrs. J., Newsagent: Agent for "News Letter," 26 Station Road
Redmond, Mrs. E. W., guest house, 3 Bryansburn Road
Redmond, S., guest house, Brentwood, 2 Lorelei
Reid, J. B., Builder, 68 Beatrice Road
Reid, J. L., & Son, auto. engineers, garage and filling station, 71-79 Newtownards Road
Reid's, Fireplaces & Heating Appliances, 32 Dufferin Avenue
Reilly, Mrs. J., draper, 4 The Crescent, Newtownards Road
Rendezvous Restaurant (A. E. Crawford, Propr.), 14 Main Street
Reuben, Mrs. S., boarding house, 49 Holborn Avenue
Rickerby, Mrs. A., boarding house, 9 Victoria Road
Ringrow, Mrs. R., M.Ch.S., 89 Brunswick Road
Roberta's Fashion House, china and brass specialists, 94-96 Main Street
Roberts, J. W. E., L.G.S.M., 8 Hamilton Road
Roberts, Mrs. P., boarding house, 54 Queen's Parade
Robinson, Miss D., boarding house, 25 Hamilton Road
Robinson, Mrs. F., boarding house, Dilwyn, 90 Seacliff Road
Robinson & Sons, boot repairers, 66 High Street
Roden, J. J., butcher, 25 Thornleigh Gardens
Rogan Bros., Ltd., shoe merchants, 76 Main Street
Rogers, J. E. P., M.B., 29 Hamilton Road
Rolleston, D. W., butcher, 90 Church Street
Rooster Milk Bar, 3a Queen's Parade
Ross, S., & Co., Solicitors, Bank of Ireland Chambers, 82a Main Street
Rottger, E., Ltd., Ladies' Hairdressers, 6 Main Street
Roulston, Anne, ladies' wear, 109 & 131-133 Main Street
Rowan, Mrs. J., guest house, 9 Princetown Road
Royal Liver Insurance Office, 106 Main Street
Rowntree, Mrs. E., boarding house, Seacrest, 3-5 Gray's Hill
Rundle, Harris, Ltd., opticians, 16a Main Street
Russell, J., & Co. (Bangor), Ltd., Funeral Directors, Bingham Lane
Russell, Mrs. M., guest house, Arranview, 43 Queen's Parade

S. & M. Food Products, Ltd., Belfast Road
Salad Bowl, The, fruiterers, 123 High Street
Saunders, Mrs. N., guest house, 82 Princetown Road
Savage, W., butcher, 82 Belfast Road
Scotch Hosiery Co., drapers, 86 Main Street
Scott, Wm., & Sons, Builders and Contractors, 7 Bingham Street
Seabreeze Hotel & Cafe (F. A. Bridgham, prop.), 91 Ballyholme Road
Seacliff Cafe, 186 Seacliff Road
Seacliff Service Centre, 62-64 Seacliff Road
Self-Drive Cars, Market Street
Seymour, Mrs. E., confectioner & tobacconist, 15 Gray's Hill
Shanks, R., & Son, butchers, 56 Abbey Street
Sharon Beauty Salon, The, 10 Hamilton Road
Shaw, Albert, grocer & confectioner, 282 Belfast Road
Shepherd's Dairies Ltd., 103-105 Main Street
Sheridan Cake Shop, 95 Groomsport Road
Sheridan, P., Publican, 41 High Street
Shipyard Co. Ltd., 252 Seacliff Road
Silver Dawn Confectionery Co. Ltd., Confectionery Manufacturers, 128 High Street and Prospect Road
Simon, W., & Co. Ltd., Drapers, 99 Main Street
Singing Kettle, The, (Mr. and Mrs. R. Roulston, Proprs.), Restaurant & Cake Shop, 101 & 127 Main Street and 60 Groomsport Road
Skipperstone Stores, grocers, Bloomfield Road
Sloan, Miss E., boarding house, 92 Seacliff Road
Sloan, W. S., electrical, radio and television engineer, 2-8 Market Street
Smith, E., comm. agent, 13 King Street
Smith, James R., building contractor, 6a Albert Street
Smith, John, fruiterer, 23 Clandeboye Road
Smyth, Brice, Ltd., ladies' & gent's outfitters & milliners, 102 Main Street
Smith, M., M.B., 2 Moira Drive
Smith, Mrs. M., boarding house, 33 Dufferin Avenue
Smylie, school uniforms & ladies' outfitters, 100 High Street
Smyth, B., confectioner & tobacconist, 17 Hamilton Road
Smyth, Ronnie, turf accountant, Bank Lane
Smyth & McClure, Ltd., grocers, 70-72 Main Street and 1-3 Clandeboye Road
Southwell Stores, furniture, 8 Southwell Road
Souvenir & Gift Shop, 20 Queen's Parade
Spar Food Market, 50-52 High Street
Spinning Mill, The, Dress Fabrics, Bank of Ireland Building, Main Street
Star Wool Store, 8 Donaghadee Road and 16 Central Avenue
Stewart, Mrs. E., boarding house, 21 Prospect Road
Stewart's Cash Stores, Ltd., 123-125 Main Street
St. Ive's Guest House, 58 Seacliff Road
Stormount, M., grocer, 12 Abbey Street
Strain, H. D., Newsagent: Agent for "News Letter," The Crescent, Newtownards Road

Tate, Desmond, M.B., 42 Hamilton Road
Taylor, Mrs. M., guest house, 63 Ballyholme Road
Taylor, S. C., Ltd., Automobile Engineers, 2 Ballyholme Road
Taylor, T., Newsagent; Agent for "News Letter," 16-18 High Street
Telford, W. H., confectioner, 104a Main Street
Temperance Permanent Building Society, 98 Main Street
Templeton, A. W., Newsagent, Confectioner and Tobacconist; Agent for "News Letter," 104 Abbey Street
Thomas, Wm. M., B.D.S., 80 Groomsport Road
Thompson, James, filling station, 139 Bryansburn Road
Thompson, J., boot repairer, 14 Central Avenue
Thompson, Mrs. M., boarding house, 140 Seacliff Road
Thompson, P., & Sons, Fishmongers, 11 Market Street
Thompson, R. & W., (Decorations), Ltd., Wallpaper & Paint Merchants, 3-5 Market Street & 94 Abbey Street
Thompson's Ltd., ladies' and gents' outfitters, 8 High Street
Thornleigh Filling Station, Also Car Hiring Service, 3 Thornleigh Gardens
Thurley, Mrs. E., boarding house, 12 Gray's Hill
Tinsley, Hair Stylist, 84 Main Street
Togneri, M., hairdresser, 4 Abbey Street
Tonic Cinema and Restaurant, 102 Hamilton Road
Tonic Sweet Shop, 98 Hamilton Road
Townley, Mrs. G., boarding house, 6 Bryansburn Road
Townsend, Mrs. V., boarding house, 78 Princetown Road
Tregaskis, Charles H., grocer, 107 Bloomfield Road
Trenier, David, pet shop, 39 High Street
Trudy's Cake Shop, 34 Abbey Street
Tughan, James, draper, 17a Hamilton Road
Tyler, John, & Sons, Ltd., Boot and Shoe Merchants, 89-91 Main Street

Ulster Caravan Co., 86 Bryansburn Road
Ulster Telefusion, Ltd., Television and Radio Dealers, 139 Main Street
Ulster Valet, cleaners, 4 Dufferin Avenue and 1228 High Street
Uprichard, Miss K., guest house, 276 Seacliff Road

Victor, Commission Agents, 10 Market Street
Victoria Printing Works, 95 Main Street
Vogue Hair Styles, 13 Thornleigh Gardens

Waddell, H. B., boot repairer, 70 Central Avenue
Waddell, Mrs. F., boarding house, 70 Central Avenue
Waddell, M., & Sons, painters, 1- Donaghadee Road
Walker's Irish Linen, Linen Textile Retailers, 11 Gray's Hill & 52 Main Street
Walker, J. C., guest house, 14 Ballyholme Esplanade
Wallace, Miss A. A., boarding house, 11 Princetown Road
Walsh, Harry, Newsagent; Agent for "News Letter," 22a & 24 Groomsport Road
Warburton, W. J., & Co., watch makers, 7 Central Avenue
Warke, Mrs. S., guest house, 18 Southwell Road
Warner's, Ltd., Boot Merchants, 25 Main Street
Warner's, Ltd., Boot Merchants, 68 Main Street
Warner's, Ltd., Boot Merchants, 80 Main Street
Watson, Mrs. D., boarding house, 88 Dufferin Avenue
Watt, J. C., M.P.S., chemist, 3 High Street
Waverley Guest House, 9 Waverley Drive, Ballyholme
Webb, R. A., watchmaker & jeweller, 58a High Street
Webb, W. E., chemist and optician, 60-62 High Street
Weir Bros., Automobile Engineers, Newsagents and Confectioners; Agents for "News Letter," Belfast Road
Welrex, Ltd., Sheer Nylon Hosiery Manufacturers, Clandeboye Road
West's, tobacconists & ice-cream merchants, 13-17 Bridge Street
While Away, stationers, 82 Groomsport Road
Whisker, Mrs. E., guest house, 52 Seacliff Road
Whippy, milk bar, 2 Southwell Road
White, Mrs. S., Newsagent; Agent for "News Letter," 3 Crawfordsburn Road
White's Cash Stores, grocers, 50 Victoria Road
Whiteside, Robert, & Co., general grocers, 72 Central Avenue
Wilkinson, Miss Jean, confectioner, 67 Main Street
Williams, Leslie, & Co., house furnishers, 74 Main Street
Williams, Sydney, fish & ship saloon (chip), 14-16 Gray's Hill
Williamson, Mrs. A., boarding house, 22 Prospect Road
Willis, Mrs. A., guest house, 68 Donaghadee Road
Willow Tree Cake Shop, 23a Clandeboye Road
Willowbank, home bakery & restaurant, 15 Queen's Parade
Wilson, A. F., M.P.S., chemist, 25 Clandeboye Road
Wilson, W. G., & Nesbitt, Solicitors, 28-30 Central Avenue
Windrim House Hotel (Mrs. Iris Carson, Propr.), 16 Fifth Avenue
Windsor Bars, 24 Quay Street
Winter Gardens Amusement, 4 Queen's Parade
Witherspoon, Mrs. E., boarding house, 6 Hamilton Road
Woodman, David, wine & spirit merchant, 13-14 High Street
Woodman, R., green grocer, 25 Bridge Street
Woodwork Centre Ltd., The, woodwork suppliers, 45 Central Avenue
Woolwich Equitable Building Society (John Neill & Sons, Agents), 100 Main Street
Woolworth, F. W., & Co. Ltd., Fancy Goods, 26-30 Main Street
Wright, S., Newsagent; Agent for "News Letter," 117a Donaghadee Road
Wright's Cafe, 1a Albert Street

Young, Eric D., confectioner & tobacconist, 62 Ballymaconnell Road

Zandra, ladies' hair stylists, 57 Main Street