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1843 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Lord Lieutenant, The Queen, Peers of Ireland, Knights of St. Patrick, All Titles. Section 2

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Lord Lieutenant

Peers, Knights, Barons, etc. of Ireland

Privy Council - Household of Lord Lieutenant
Lord Lieutenant-General, and General Governor of Ireland
Baron Grantham, and a Baronet ; Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of the County of Bedford ;  a Member of Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council in England ; and Grand Master of the Most Illustrious Order of Saint Patrick, F.S.A.

Lord Primate
Lord Chancellor
Archbishop of Dublin
Duke of Leinster
Duke of Wellington
Marquess of Donegal
Marquess of Thomond
Marquess of Headfort
Marquess of Sligo
Marquess of Ely
Earl of Meath
Earl of Fingall
Earl of Charlemont
Earl of Mayo
Earl of Leitrim
Earl of Donoughmore
Earl of Kenmare
Earl of Limerick
Earl Cathcart
Earl of Mornington
Viscount Melbourne
Viscount Ferrard
Viscount Melville
Viscount Lismore
Viscount Gort
Viscount Combermere
Viscount Morpeth
Lord Francis Egerton
Bishop of Meath
Bishop of Kildare
Bishop of Cashel
Lord Stanley
Lord Cloncurry
Lord Bexley
Lord Plunket
Lord Fitzgerald and Vesci
Lord Glenelg
Lord Hatherton
Lord Strafford
Lord Talbot de Malahide
Lord Oranmore & Browne
Lord Stuart de Decies
Lord Lurgan
Lord Mounteagle
Lord Campbell
Lord Eliot, Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant
Edward Pennefather, Lord Chief Justice Queen's Bench
Charles Kendal Bushe
Sir John Newport, bart.
Maurice Fitzgerald
Sir Robert Peel, bart.
John Radcliff, Judge of the Court of Prerogative
Henry Goulburn
General Sir George Murray
Lieut.-Gen. Sir Hen. Hardinge
John Doherty, Lord Chief Justice Common Pleas
Francis Blackburne, Master of the Rolls
Frederick Shaw, Recorder of the City of Dublin
Thomas Lefroy, Fourth Baron of the Exchequer
Louis Perrin, Fourth Justice of the Queen's Bench
Lieut.-Gen. Sir Ed. Blakeney, K.C.B., Commanding the Forces in Ireland
John Richards, Third Baron of the Exchequer
Anthony Richard Blake, Chief Remembrancer of Exchequer
Thomas Francis Kennedy
Sir Patrick Bellew, bart.
Nicholas Ball, Third Justice of Common Pleas
Maziere Brady, Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer
Arthur Moore
David Richard Pigot
James Grattan
T. B. C. Smith, Attorney General
Clerks of the Council, Marmion Wilme Savage, Conolly Norman, and Robert Augustine Franklin, esqrs.
Usher and Keeper of the Council Chamber, Marmion Wilme Savage, esq.

His Excellency The Lord Lieutenant's Household

Private Secretary, Arthur C. Magenis, esq.
State Steward, Viscount Jocelyn
Comptroller, Major Rd. Parker, 1st Life Guards
Chamberlain, George L. Estrange, esq.
Gentleman Usher, and Master of the Ceremonies, Frederick Willis, esq.
Master of the Horse, J. W. Williams, esq.
Gentleman of the Bedchamber, Cecil Boothby, esq.
Gentlemen at Large, Capt. Stannus, Hamilton Gorges, esq.
Pages, Master Albert Williams, and Master Paget L'Estrange

First Aide De Camp :-
Capt. Lord Francis Gordon, 1st Life Guards

Aides De Camp :-
Capt. Arthur L. Cole, 69th Infantry
Capt. Robert Peel Dawson, Grenadier Guards
Lieutenant Lord Aberdour, 71st Highland Light Infantry

Extra Aides De Camp :-
Captain F. Murray, 60th Royal Rifle Regt.
Capt. Lord Charles Lennox Kerr, 42nd Royal Highlanders
Captain Hon. Wellington Patrick Talbot, 7th Royal Fusileers
Capt. Lord James Butler, 7th Royal Fusileers
Lieut. Lord William Hill, Scotch Greys
Lieut. A. Cathcart, 10th Royal Hussars
Lieut. Robt. Daly, 20th Foot
Ensign E. W. Lucas, 88th Infantry


Dean of the Chapel Royal, First Chaplain to the Lord Lieutenant, and Chaplain to the Household, The Very Reverend Chas. Vignoles, D.D.
The Provost
The Very Rev. Robt. W. H. Maude, Dean of Clogher
The Very Rev. Rd. Murray, Dean of Ardagh
The Very Rev. H. Cotton, Dean of Lismore
The Ven. J. Torrens, Archdeacon of Dublin
The Ven. and Hon. Henry Packenham, Archdeacon of Emly
The Ven. and Hon. H. Scott, Archdeacon of Leighlin
The Ven. Thos. B. Monsell, Archdeacon of Derry
The Ven. John A. Russell, Archdeacon of Clogher
The Rev. C. R. Elrington, D.D.
The Rev. Charles W. Wall, S.F.T.C.D., D.D.
The Rev. Joseph H. Slinger, S.F.T.C.D., D.D.
The Rev. Robert Daly
The Rev. William Cleaver
The Rev. Wm. A. Butler
The Rev. Spenser Knox
The Rev. J. Brownlow
The Rev. Luke Fowler
The Rev. Thomas Drew
The Rev. Archibd. Douglas
The Rev. Beresford Johnston
The Rev. Hugh V. Tighe
The Rev. Horace Newman
The Rev. Sam. O'Sullivan
The Rev. J. Lefanu
The Rev. Ham. Verschoyle
The Rev. H. O'Brien
The Rev. William Higgin
The Rev. George Truelock
The Rev. Francis Chamley
The Rev. Thos. Carpendale
The Rev. John Connell
The Rev. Fielding Morrison
The Rev. C. M. Fleury
The Rev. Arthur Wynne

Ranger of the Curragh of Kildare, Robert Brown, esq.
Inspector General of Her Majesty's Royal Mines, Richard Griffith, esq.
Patentee of the Theatre Royal, H. Harris, esq.
State Porter, Mr. J. Bartholomew
Master of Riding House, Henry J. Clements, esq.
Queen's Printers and Printers of the Dublin Gazette, George A. and John F. Grierson, esqrs.
Bookseller to Her Majesty and the Lord Lieutenant, Andrew Milliken

Medical Department
Physicians in Ordinary, Dr. Robert Law, Dr. John Banks
State Surgeon, Gerald Macklin, esq.
Surgeon to the Household, G. W. Hatchell, M.D.
State Dentist, Peter Brophy, esq.
State Apothecary, D. Pakenham, esq.

Chief Secretary's Office
Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant, Right Hon. Lord Eliot, M.P.
Under Secretary, Edw. Lucas, esq.
Private Secretary to the Chief Secretary, C. H. W. A'Court, esq.
Chief Clerk, Wm. Tighe Hamilton, esq.
Senior Clerks, Francis Bessonet and Mathew Winter, esqrs.
Assistant Clerks, Wm. E. Handcock, George Chomley, James Simons, Henry T. Connor, Abraham Stoker, H. M. Hitchens, and Robert Ball, esqrs.
Junior Clerks, R. Wilson Bomford, W. Anderson, R. N. Matheson, Thomas H. Taylor, James Kerr, T. Vignoles, George Mathews, and Arthur W. Crowe, esqrs.
Registrar, John W. Sleater, esq.
Librarian, R. N. Matheson, esq.
Clerk of Disbursements, Thomas Keck, esq.
Queen's Messenger, Mr. Robert Rudland

Record Tower, Lower Castle Yard
Containing the Parliamentary Records, the Birmingham Tower Records, the Documents connected with the late Record Commission, etc.
Keeper, Sir. Wm. Betham, Ulster King of Arms

Privy Seal
Keeper of the Privy Seal, Right Hon. Lord Eliot, M.P.
Deputy, Francis Bessonet, esq.

No. 4 State Paper Department
Clerk of the Papers, G. E. Cotter, esq.
Deputy, George Chomley, esq.


1837. June 20. Alexandrina-Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, Sovereign of the Orders of the Garter, Bath, Thistle, St. Patrick, St. Michael, and St. George (of the Ionian Islands.) - Born May 24m 1819. Crowned at Westminster, June 18, 1838. St. James's Palace, Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, Windsor Castle, Hampton Court, and the Pavilion, Brighton.

                        PEERS OF IRELAND                  
Peer of the Blood Royal

   1 - 1799, April 24. Earl of Armagh, (His Majesty, Ernest Augustus,) King of Hanover, Duke and Prince of Brunswick-Lunenburg, Duke of Cumberland and Tiviotdale, a Field Marshall in the Army, and Chancellor of the University of Dublin, K.G. K.ST.P .G.C.B.D.C.L.F.R.S. and F.S.A. St. James's Palace.


   2 - 1766, November 26. Duke of Leinster, (Augustus Frederick Fitzgerald,) Marquess and Earl of Kildare, Earl and Baron of Offaley, (Viscount Leinster of Taplow, in England,) Grand Master of Freemasons in Ireland, and Lieutenant of the County of Kildare, K.G. Carton, Maynooth ; 6 Carlton Terrace, London ; and Dominick Street, Dublin.


   3 - 1789, August 19. Marquess of Waterford, (Henry De La Poer Beresford,) Earl of and Viscount Tyrone, Baron De La Poer, Baron Beresford, and a Baronet, (Baron Tyrone in England.) Curraghmore, County Waterford ; Ford Castle, Northumberland ; and Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.

   4 - 1789, August 19. Marquess of Downshire, (Arthur Blundell Sandys Trumbull Hill,) Earl of Hillsborough, Viscount Kilwarlin and Hillsborough, Baron Hill, (Earl of Hillsborough, in England,) Hereditary Constable of Hillsborough Fort, Lieutenant of the County of Down, K.ST.P. D.C.L. Hillsborough Castle, Downshire.

   5 - 1791, June 27. Marquess of Donegal, (George Augustus Chichester,) Earl of Donegal, Earl of Belfast, Viscount Chichester and Baron Belfast, (Baron Fisherwick, in England,) Lieutenant of the County Donegal, K.ST.P. Ormeau, and Hay Park, Downshire ; and Fisherwick, Antrim.

   6 - 1791, June 27. Marquess of Drogheda, (Henry Francis Seymour Moore,) Earl of Drogheda, Viscount Moore, Baron Moore of Mellefont, (Baron Moore, in England.) Moore Abbey, County Kildare. (a minor.)

   7 - 1800, December 29. Marquess of Thomond, (William O'Brien,) Earl and Baron of Inchiquin, and Baron of Burren, K.ST.P. Baron Tadcaster, of the United Kingdom. Rostellan Castle, Cork ; and 41 Belgrave Square, London.

   8 - 1800, December 29. Marquess of Headfort, (Thomas Taylor,) Earl of Bective, Viscount and Baron Headford, and a Baronet, (Baron Kenlis, of the United Kingdom,) Lieutenant of the County Cavan, K.ST.P. Bective Castle, County Meath.

   9 - 1800, December 29. Marquess of Sligo, (Howe Peter Browne,) Earl of Altamont, Viscount Westport, Baron Monteagle, Lieutenant of the County Mayo, K.ST.P. (Baron Monteagle, in England.) Westport House, County Mayo ; Brownston Lodge, County Kildare ; and Mansfield Street, London.

 10 - 1800, December 29. Marquess of Ely, (John Loftus Loftus,) Earl of Ely, Viscount and Baron Loftus, (Baron Loftus, in England,) K.ST.P. D.C.L. Rathfarnham Castle, County of Dublin ; Ely Castle, County Fermanagh ; Loftus Hall, County Wexford ; and Eaton Square, London.

 11 - 1816, January 22. Marquess of Londonderry, (Charles Wm. Vane Stewart,) Earl of Londonderry, Viscount Castlereagh, Baron Stewart, (Earl Vane and Viscount Seaham, of the United Kingdom,) a General in the Army, and Colonel of the 10th Hussars, K.T.S.S.G. B.E.R.E. and S.D.C.L. Mount Stewart, County Down ; Wynyard House, Durham ;  and Park Lane, London.

 12 - 1816, January 22. Marquess Conyngham, (Francis Nathaniel Conyngham,) Earl Conyngham, Earl of Mount Charles, Viscount Slane, Conyngham, and Mount Charles, and Baron Conyngham, (Baron Minster, of the United Kingdom,) K.ST.P. Dudley House, Park Lane, London ; Buckhurst Park, Windsor ; Slane Castle, Co. Meath ; and Mount Charles, County Donegal.

 13 - 1822, January 12. Marquess of Westmeath, (George Thomas John Nugent,) Earl of Westmeath, Baron Delvin, Lieutenant of the County Westmeath. Clonyn, Castletowndelvin

 14 - 1825, October 5. Marquess of Ormonde, (John Butler,) Earl of Ormonde and Ossory, Viscount Thurles, and Baron Arklow, (Baron Ormonde, of Great Britain) Hereditary Chief Butler of Ireland. Castle, Kilkenny ; and Weymouth Street, London.

 15 - 1825, October 5. Marquess of Clanricarde, (Ulick John De. Burgh,) Earl of Clanricarde, Baron Dunkelin, Lieutenant of the County Galway, (Baron Somerhill, of the United Kingdom,) Vice Admiral of Connaught, K.ST.P. Portumna, County Galway ; St. James's Square, London.

                EARLS                     top

 16 - 1446, July 7. Earl of Waterford and Wexford, (John Talbot,) (Earl of Shrewsbury, in England,) Hereditary Lord High Steward of Ireland. Great Stanhope Street, London ; Heythorp House, Oxon ; Grafton Hall, Worcester ; and Alton Towers, Derbyshire.

 17 - 1620, October 16. Earl of Cork and Orrery, (Edmund Boyle,) Viscount Dungarvan and Boyle, of Kilnameaky, Baron Boyle, of Youghal, Bandon Bridge, and Broghill, (Baron Boyle, in England,) a General in the Army, K.ST.P. Marston Hall, Somersetshire ; and Hamilton Place, London.

 18 - 1622, August 5. Earl of Roscommon, (Michael James Robert Dillon,) Lord Dillon, Baron and Seneschal of Kilkenny West. Clear View, Bray, County Dublin.

 19 - 1622, November 22. Earl of Desmond, (William Basil Piercy Fielding,) Viscount Callan, Baron Fielding, Master of the Horse of the Queen Dowager, (Earl of Denbigh, in England,) and a Count of the Holy Roman Empire. Newenham Paddox, near Lutterworth ; and Eaton Place, London.

 20 - 1627, April 16. Earl of Meath, (John Chambre Brabazon,) Lord Brabazon, Baron Ardee, Lieutenant of the County Dublin, K.ST.P. (Baron Chaworth of the United Kingdom.) Stephen's Green, East, Dublin ; Kilruddery, County Wicklow ; Eaton Court, Herefordshire.

 21 - 1628, September 26. Earl of Fingall, (Arthur James Plunkett,) Baron Killeen, (Baron Fingall, of the United Kingdom.) Killeen Castle, County Meath ; and Dublin.

 22 - 1647, April 15. Earl of Cavan, (Frederick John William Lambart,) Viscount Kilcoursie, Baron of Cavan, Lord Lambart. Eaglehurst House, Hampshire.

 23 - 1684, December 30. Earl of Granard, (George Arthur Hastings Forbes,) Viscount Forbes, Baron Clanehugh, (Baron Granard, in England, and a Baronet in Scotland,) Castle Forbes, Longford. (a minor.)

 24 - 1691, March 4. Earl of Athlone, (George Godart Henry de Reede Ginkell,) Baron of Aughrim, (Baron de Reede and Ginkell, etc., in Holland.) Amerongen Castle, Utrecht.

 25 - 1717, July 21. Earl Fitzwilliam, (Charles William Wentworth Fitzwilliam,) Viscount Milton, Baron Fitzwilliam, (Earl Fitzwilliam, in England.) Mortimer House, Great Halkin Street, Grosvenor Place, London ; Wentworth House, Yorkshire ; Milton Park, Northamptonshire ; Coolatin Park, Tinehely ; and Malton, County Wicklow.

 26 - 1722, January 17. Earl of Kerry, (Henry Fitzmaurice Petty,) Earl of Shelbourne, Viscount Clanmaurice and Fitzmaurice, Baron of Kerry, Lixnaw, and Dunkerrin, (Marquess of Lansdowne, in England,) Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire, K.G. D.C.L. and F.R.S. Berkeley Square, London ; and Bow-Wood Park, Wiltshire.

 27 - 1725, June 29. Earl of Darnley, (John Stuart Bligh,) Viscount Darnley, Baron Clifton, (Baron Clifton, in England,) Hereditary High Stewart (Steward) of Gravesend and Milton, Kent. Berkeley Square, London ; Cobham Hall, Kent ; and Clifton Lodge, Meath. (a minor)

 28 - 1733, November 6. Earl of Egmont, (George James Perceval,) Viscount and Baron Perceval, and a Baronet, Captain of the Royal Navy, (Baron Arden, in England.) Enmore Castle, Somersetshire ; Sundon House, Herts ; and Norkhouse, Epsom, Surrey.

 29 - 1739, October 6. Earl of Besborough, (Frederick Ponsonby,) Viscount Duncannon, Baron Besborough, (Baron Ponsonby, in England.) Sysonby, Leicestershire ; Roehampton, Surrey ; Besborough House, Co. Kilkenny l and St. James's Square, London.

 30 - 1748, June 10. Earl of Carrick, (Henry Thomas Butler,) Viscount Ikerrin, Baron Butler, of Lismallon. Mount Juliet, Co. Kilkenny. (a minor)

 31 - 1756, April 17. Earl of Shannon, (Richard Boyle,) Viscount Boyle, Baron Castlemartyr, (Baron Carleton, in England,) Lieutenant of the County Cork. Castlemartyr, County Cork ; and Connaught Place, London.

 32 - 1756, July 20. Earl of Lanesborough, (Brinsley Butler,) Viscount Lanesborough, Baron Newton Butler. Belvidere House, Westmeath ; and Hill House, Gloucestershire.

 33 - 1759, April 26. Earl of Fife, (James Duff,) Viscount Macduff, Baron Braco, (Baron Fife, in England,) Lord Lieutenant of Banffshire, K.T.K.F. Duff House, and Belvenie Castle, Banffshire ; Innes House, Moray ; Marr Lodge, and Dalgetty Castle, Aberdeenshire.

 34 - 1760, December 2. Earl of Mornington, (William Wellesley Pole,) Viscount Wellesley, Baron Mornington, (Baron Maryborough, in England,) G.C.H. Custos Rotulorum of the Queen's County, and Captain of the Deal Castle.

 35 - 1761, May 28. Earl of Tyrconnell, (John Delaval Carpenter,) Viscount Carlingford, Baron Carpenter. Keplin Park, Yorkshire.

 36 - 1761, December 15. Earl of Moira, (George Augustus Francis Rawdon Hantings,) Baron Rawdon, (Marquess of Hastings, and a Baronet in England.) Rawdon Hall, Yorkshire ; Donnington Park, Leicestershire ; Loudon Castle, Ayrshire ; Moira, County Down ; and Burlington Street, London.

 37 - 1762, April 12. Earl of Arran, (Philip Yorke Gore,) Viscount Sudley, Baron Saunders, and a Baronet, K.ST.P. Saunders Court, County Wexford ; Hern Hall, Essex ; and Arran Lodge, Sussex.

 38 - 1762, April 12. Earl of Courtown, (James Thomas Stopford,) Viscount Stopford, Baron Courtown, (Baron Saltersford, in England.) Courtown House, County Wexford.

 39 - 1763, May 10. Earl of Miltown, (Joseph Leeson,) Viscount and Baron Russborough, K.ST.P. Russborough, County Wicklow.

 40 - 1763, December 23. Earl of Charlemont, (Francis William Caulfield,) Viscount and Baron Caulfield, K.ST.P. Baron Charlemont in England, Lieutenant of the County Tyrone. Charlemont House, Merino, County Dublin ; Castle Caulfield, County Armagh ; and Upper Grosvenor Street, London.

 41 - 1766, February 11. Earl of Mexborough, John Seville, Viscount and Baron Pollington. Methley Park, Yorkshire.

 42 - 1766, February 12. Earl of Winterton, Edward Turnour, Viscount Turnour, Baron Winterton. Shillinglee Park, Surrey.

 43 - 1767, September 3. Earl of Howth, Thomas St. Lawrence, Viscount St. Lawrence, Baron Howth, Vice Admiral of Leinster, K.ST.P. Howth Castle, County Dublin.

 44 - 1768, August 25. Earl of Kingston, Robert King, Viscount Kingsborough, Baron Kingston and a Baronet, Baron Kingston of Great Britain. Whitehall Place, London ; Mitchelstown Castle, County Cork ; and Gaultee Castle, County Tipperary.

 45 - 1771, November 30. Earl of Sefton, Charles William Molyneaux, Viscount Molyneaux, Baron Sefton of the United Kingdom, and a Baronet of England. Arlington Street, London ; Croxton Hall, Lancashire ; and Stoke Farm, Berks.

 46 - 1771, September 9. Earl of Roden, Robert Jocelyn, Viscount Jocelyn, Baron Clanbrassil of the United Kingdom, and a Baronet of England, K.ST.P. Hyde Hall, Herts ; Tollymore Park, Downshire ; Dundalk House, Louth ; and Hyde Park Hotel, London.

 47 - 1776, July 18. Earl of Lisburne, Ernest Augustus Vaughan, Viscount Lisburne, Lord Vaughan, Baron of Fethers. Lisburne House, Devonshire ; and Crosswood, Cardiganshire.

 48 - 1776, July 20. Earl of Clanwilliam, Richard Meade, Viscount Clanwilliam, Baron Gilford, and a Baronet, Baron Clanwilliam of the United Kingdom. Upper Brook Street, London ; and Gill Hall, County Down.

 49 - 1776, July 21. Earl Nugent, Richard Plantagenet Brydges Chandos Temple Grenville, Duke of Buckingham in England, Colonel of the Buckinghamshire Militia, K.G. Pall Mall, London ; Stowe Park and Worton, Buckinghamshire ; Avington House, Hants ; Gosfield, Essex ; and Southgate, Middlesex.

 50 - 1777, July 9. Earl of Aldborough, Mason Gerard Stratford, Viscount Amiens and Aldborough, and Baron Baltinglass. Belan Hall, County Kildare ; Stratford Lodge, County Wicklow ; and Mount Neal, County Carlow.

 51 - 1781, January 5. Earl of Mountcashell, Stephen Moore, Viscount Mountcashell, Baron Kilworth. Moore Park, County Cork ; Gilgorme Castle, Antrim ; and Mount Cashell Lodge, County Dublin.

 52 - 1785, June 19. Earl of Antrim, Hugh Seymour Mac Donnell, Viscount Dunluce. Glenarm Castle, County Antrim.

 53 - 1785, July 6. Earl of Longford, Edward Michael Packenham, Baron Longford, Baron Silchester of Great Britain, Lieutenant in the 2nd Life Guards. Rutland Square, Dublin ; Packenham Hall, County Westmeath ; and Longford Castle, County Longford.

 54 - 1785, June 21. Earl of Portarlington, John Dawson, Viscount Carlow, Baron Dawson, a Colonel in the Army. Emo Park, Queen's County.

 55 - 1785, June 24. Earl of Mayo, John Bourke, Viscount Mayo, Baron Naas, D.C.I. G.C.H. Palmerstown House, County Kildare ; and Norfolk Street, Park Lane, London.

 56 - 1789, August 18. Earl Annesley, William Richard Annesley, Viscount Glerawley, Baron Annesley. Rutland Square, Dublin ; and Castlewellan, County Down. (a minor)

 57 - 1789, August 18. Earl of Enniskillen, William Willoughby Cole, Viscount Enniskillen, Baron Mount Florence, K.ST.P. Baron Grinstead in England. Florence Court, County Fermanagh.

 58 - 1789, August 18. Earl of Erne, John Crichton, Viscount and Baron Erne, Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of the County Fermanagh. Crom Castle, County Fermanagh.

 59 - 1789, August 18. Earl of Carysfort, John Proby, Baron Carysfort, a Lieutenant-General in the Army, Baron Carysfort in England. Upper Grosvenor Street, London ; Elton Hall, Huntingdonshire ; and Glenart Castle, County Wicklow.

 60 - 1793, December 20. Earl of Kilkenny, Edmond Butler, Viscount Mountgarret. Ballyconra, County Kilkenny.

 61 - 1793, December 20. Earl of Mountnorris, George Annesley, Viscount Valentia, Baron Mountnorris, Baron Altham and a Baronet. Arley Hall, Staffordshire ; and Camolin Park, County Wexford.

 62 - 1793, December 20. Earl of Desart, John Otway O'Connor Cuffe, Viscount Castlecuff, Baron Desart. Desart, County Kilkenny.

 63 - 1793, December 20. Earl of Wicklow, William Forward Howard, Viscount Wicklow, Baron Clonmore, Lieutenant of the County Wicklow, K.ST.P. Cavendish Row, Dublin ; Shelton Abbey, County Wicklow ; Castle Forward, County Donegal ; and Cavendish Square, London.

 64 - 1793, December 20. Earl of Clonmel, John Henry Scott, Viscount  Clonmel, Baron Earlsfort. Bishop's Court, County Kildare ; Weston House, Warwickshire ; and Upper Brook Street, London.

 65 - 1795, June 10. Earl of Clare, John Fitzgibbon, Viscount and Baron Fitzgibbon, Baron Fitzgibbon in England. Mount Shannon, County Limerick ; and Belgrave Square, London.

 66 - 1795, Oct. 6. Earl of Leitrim, Nathaniel Clements, Viscount and Baron Leitrim, Baron Clements of the United Kingdom, Lieutenant of the County Leitrim, K.ST.P. Manor Hamilton, County Leitrim ; Killadoon, County Kildare ; and Great Cumberland Street, London.

 67 - 1795, Oct. 6. Earl of Lucan, George Charles Bingham, Baron Lucan, and a Baronet of Nova Scotia, a Colonel in the Army. Lalcham, Middlesex ; Castlebar House, County Mayo ; and Albany, London.

 68 - 1797, Nov. 5. Earl of Belmore, Armar Lowry Corry, Viscount and Baron Belmore. Castlecoole, County Fermanagh.

 69 - 1800, Aug. 6. Earl of Bandon, James Bernard, Viscount Bernard, Viscount and Baron Bandon. Castle Bernard, County Cork ; and Bassingbourne Hall, Essex.

 70 - 1800, December 29. Earl of Castle-Steuart, Robert Steuart, Viscount and Baron Castle-Steuart. Steuart Hall, County Tyrone.

 71 - 1800, December 29. Earl of Donoughmore, John Hely Hutchinson, Viscount Suirdale, Baron Donoughmore, Viscount Hutchinson of Great Britain, Lieutenant of the County of Tipperary, K.ST.P. Knocklofty, County Tipperary ; and Palmerston House, County Dublin.

 72 - 1800, December 29. Earl of Caledon, James Dupré Alexander, Viscount Alexander and Baron Caledon. Caledon House, County Tyrone ; and Carleton Terrace, London.

 73 - 1800, December 29. Earl of Kenmare, Valentine Browne, Viscount Castlerosse and Kenmare, Baron Castlerosse and a Baronet, Lieutenant of the County Kerry. Castlerosse, County Kerry.

 74 - 1803, February 11. Earl of Limerick, Edmund Henry Pery, Viscount Limerick, Baron Glentworth, Baron Foxford in England, Mansfield Street, London ; Southhill Park, Berks ; and Limerick.

 75 - 1803, February 11. Earl of Clancarty, William Thomas Le Poer Trench, Viscount Dunlo, Baron Kilconnell, Viscount Clancarty and Baron Trench of the United Kingdom and Marquess of Heusden in Holland. Garbally Park, County Galway ; Ballydavid, County Waterford ; and Bond Street, London.

 76 - 1806, February 16. Earl of Gosford, Archibald Acheson, Viscount and Baron Gosford, and a Baronet of Nova Scotia, G.C.B. a Lieutenant of the County Armagh, Baron Worlingham of the United Kingdom. Gosford Castle, County Armagh ; Worlingham Hall, Suffolk ; and Jermyn Street, London.

 77 - 1806, February 16. Earl of Rosse, William Parsons, Baron Oxmantown and a Baronet, Lieutenant of King's County. Birr Castle, Parsonstown, King's County.

 78 - 1806, February 16. Earl of Normanton, Welbore Ellis Agar, Viscount and Baron Somerton. Somerly, Hampshire ; and Seamore Place, Park Lane, London.

 79 - 1806, February 16. Earl of Charleville, Charles William Bury, Viscount Charleville, Baron Tullamore. Charleville Forest, King's County ; and Cavendish Square, London.

 80 - 1816, January 22. Earl of Bantry, Richard White, Viscount Bearhaven, Viscount and Baron Bantry. Bantry House, County Cork.

 81 - 1816, January 22. Earl of Glengall, Richard Butler, Viscount and Baron Caher. Caher Castle, County Tipperary ; and Grosvenor Street, London.

 82 - 1816, January 22. Earl of Sheffield, George Augustus Frederick Charles Holroyd, Viscount Pevensy, Baron Sheffield of Dunamore, and Baron Sheffield of Roscommon, Lord Sheffield in England. Sheffield Park, Sussex ; Greave Hall, Yorkshire ; and Portland Place, London.

 83 - 1822, January 12. Earl of Kilmorey, Francis Jack Needham, Viscount Kilmorey, Newry, and Morne. Shavington Hall, Shropshire ; and Morne Park, County Down.
 84 - 1822, January 2. Earl of Rathdown, Henry Stanley Monck, Viscount and Baron Monck. Charleville, County Wicklow ; and Ballytrammon, County Wexford.

 85 - 1822, January 22. Earl of Dunraven, Wyndham Henry Wyndham Quin, Earl and Viscount Mount Earl, Viscount and Baron Adare, and a Baronet. Dunraven Castle, Glamorganshire ; and Adare Abbey, County Limerick.

 86 - 1822, January 22. Earl of Listowel, William Hare, Viscount Ennismore and Listowel, Baron Ennismore, Vice Admiral of Munster, K.ST.P. Kingston House, Knightsbridge ; Convamore, County Cork ; and Listowel Castle, County Kerry.

 87 - 1827, June 23. Earl of Norbury, Hector Toler, Viscount Glandine, Baron Norwood and Norbury. Gardiner's Row, and Cabra, County Dublin ; and Durrow Abbey, King's County.

 88 - 1831, September 8. Earl of Ranfurly, Thomas Knox, Viscount Northland, Baron Wells, Baron Ranfurly of the United Kingdom. Dungannon Park, County Tyrone.

                        VISCOUNTS                 top

 89 - 1478, August 7. Viscount Gormanston, Jenico Preston, Baron Birmingham of Kells, in Ossory, and Baron Loundres of the Nass. Gormanston Castle, County Meath.

 90 - 1620, January 3. Viscount Grandison, George Child Villiers, Earl of Jersey in England. Berkeley Square, London ; Osterly Park, Middlesex ; and Middleton Park, Oxfordshire.

 91 - 1621, March 16. Viscount Dillon, Charles Henry Dillon Lee. Ditchley Hall, Oxfordshire ; and Loughlyn Castle, County Mayo.

 92 - 1622, April 3. Viscount Netterville of Douth, James Netterville.

 93 - 1628, July 12. Viscount Lumley, John Saville Lumley Saunderson, Earl of Scarborough in England. Portman Square, London ; Lumley Castle, Durham ; and Sandbeck Park, Yorkshire.

 94 - 1628, July 17. Viscount Strangford, Percy Clinton Sydney Smythe, K.T.S.K.B.A. Baron Penshurst of the United Kingdom. 68 Harley Street, London.

 95 - 1628, August 1. Viscount Taaffe of Corren, Francis Taaffe, Baron Ballymote ; a Count of the Holy Roman Empire, and Chamberlain to the Emperor of Austria. The Castle of Elischaw, in Bohemia.

 96 - 1628, August 25. Viscount Ranelagh, Thomas Heron Jones, Baron Jones of Navan. Fulham, Middlesex.

 97 - 1600, November 21. Viscount Massareene, John Skeffington Foster, Baron Loughneagh, son of Viscount Ferrard, Antrim Castle, County Antrim, and Oriel Temple, County Louth.

 98 - 1661, March 29. Viscount Cholmondely, George Horatio Cholmondeley, Baron Newburgh, Deputy Great Chamberlain of England, Marquess of Cholmondeley in England. Carlton Terrace, London ; Cholmondeley Castle, Cheshire ; and Houghton, Norfolk.

 99 - 1680, February 19. Viscount Downe, William Henry Dawney, a Baronet of England, in Holy Orders. Cowick Hall, Dawney Lodge, and Danby Castle, all in the County of York.

100 - 1701, December 2. Viscount Strabane, James Hamilton, Baron Strabane and Mountcastle, and a Baronet ; Marquess of Abercorn in England, Earl of Abercorn, Scotland. Bentley Priory, Middlesex ; Baronscourt, County Tyrone ; Dudlingstone House, Edinburghshire ; and Argyle Street, London.

101 - 1716, July 16. Viscount Molesworth, Richard Pigot Molesworth, Baron Philipstown. Swords, County Dublin.

102 - 1717, June 29. Viscount Chetwynd, Richard Walter Chetwynd, Baron Rathdown. North Ashton Park, Oxfordshire ; and Portugal Street, London.

103 - 1717, August 15. Viscount Midleton, George Allan Brodrick, Baron Brodrick of Midleton, in the County Cork, Baron Brodrick in England. Pepper Harrow, Surrey ; Midleton, in the County of Cork ; and Upper Brook Street, London.

104 - 1717, August 20. Viscount Boyne, Gustavus Hamilton, Baron Hamilton. Burwater House, Shropshire ; and Stackallen House, County Meath.

105 - 1717, August 27. Viscount Allen, Joshua William Allen, Baron Allen. Ladytown, County Kildare.

106 - 1719, May 29. Viscount Grimston, James Walter Grimston, Baron Dunboyne, F.R.S.F.S.A. Earl Verulum in England, and a Baronet, Baron Forrester in Scotland, Lord Lieutenant of Herts. Grosvenor Square, London ; Gorhambury, Hants ; and Barry Hill, Surrey.

107 - 1720, July 1. Viscount Barrington, William Keppel Barrington, and Baron Barrington. Becket House, Berks ; and Cavendish Square, London.

108 - 1720, September 14. Viscount Gage, Henry Hall Gage, Baron Gage, Baron Gage in England. Firle Place, Sussex ; Westbury House, Hants ; and Albermarle Street, London.

109 - 1722, March 12. Viscount Palmerston, Henry John Temple, Baron Temple. Great Stanhope Street, London ; and Broadlands Park, Hants.

110 - 1727, July 17. Viscount Galway, George Edward Arundell Moncton, Baron Killard. Serlby Hall, Nottinghamshire.

111 - 1743, February 4. Viscount Powerscourt, Richard Wingfield, Baron Wingfield. Powerscourt Castle, County Wicklow.

112 - 1751, September 30. Viscount Ashbrook, Henry Jeffrey Flower, Baron Castle-Durrow. Beaumont Lodge, Berks ; and Castle Durrow, Kilkenny.

113 - 1763, June 29. Viscount Mountnorres, Hervey de Montmorency, Baron Mountnorres, and a Baronet ; in Holy Orders, Rochestown, Blackrock.

114 - 1765, April 27. Viscount Dungannon, Arthur Hill Trevor, Baron Hill. Brynknault Castle, Denbigshire ; and Grafton Street, Bond Street, London.

115 - 1776, July 18. Viscount Southwell, Thomas Anthony Southwell, Baron Southwell, and a Baronet, K.ST.P. Hinlip House, Worcestershire ; Castle Mattress, County Limerick.

116 - 1776, June 22. Viscount de Vesci, John Vesey, Baron Knapton, and a Baronet, Lieutenant of the Queen's County. Merrion Square, North, Dublin ; and Abbeyleix, Queen's County.

117 - 1781, January 4. Viscount Lifford, James Hewitt, Baron Lifford. Santry House, County Dublin ; and Sussex Place, Regent's Park, London.

118 - 1781, January 13. Viscount Bangor, Edward Ward, Baron Bangor. Castleward, County Down. (a minor)

119 - 1781, January 11. Viscount Melbourne, William Lamb, Baron Melbourne of Kilmore, Baron Melbourne, and Baronet in England. Melbourne House, Whitehall, London ; Brocket Hall, Herts ; and Melbourne, Derbyshire.

120 - 1781, January 12. Viscount Clifden, Henry Agar Ellis, Baron Clifden of Gowran, Baron Mendip and Dover, of the United Kingdom. Hanover Square, London ; Gowran Castle and Ringwood, County Kilkenny ; and Haldenby House, Northamptonshire.

121 - 1785, June 22. Viscount Doneraile, Hayes St. Leger, Baron Doneraile. Doneraile House, County Cork.

122 - 1791, July 5. Viscount Harberton, John James Pomeroy, Baron Harberton. Castle Carbery, County KIldare.

123 - 1793, June 10. Viscount Hawarden, Cornwallis Maude, Baron de Monalt, and a Baronet. Dundrum, County Tipperary.

124 - 1795, October 6. Viscount O'Neill, John Bruce Richard O'Neill, Baron O'Neill, a Lieutenant-General in the Army.

125 - 1797, November 7. Viscount Ferrard, Thomas Henry Skeffington Foster, Baron Oriel, Father of Viscount Massareene, Baron Oriel of the United Kingdom. Antrim Castle, County Antrim ; and Oriel Temple, County Louth.

126 - 1800, December 29. Viscount Avonmore, Barry John Yelverton, Baron Yelverton of Avonmore. Belleisle, County Tipperary.

127 - 1806, March 8. Viscount Templetown, John Henry Upton, Baron Rempletown. Castle Upton, County Antrim.

128 - 1806, May 30. Viscount Lismore, Cornelius O'Callaghan, Baron Lismore, Baron Lismore of the United Kingdom. Shanbally Castle, County Tipperary.

129 - 1806, May 30. Viscount Lorton, Robert Edward King, Baron Erris, Uncle to the Earl of Kingston. Lieutenant of the County Roscommon, a General in the Army. Rockingham, County Roscommon ; and Eaton Square, London.

130 - 1816, January 22. Viscount Frankfort de Montmarency, Lodge Raymond de Monymorency, Baron Frankfort of Galmoyle. Merrion Square, Dublin ; Frankfort, County Kilkenny ; and Maryville, County Dublin.

131 - 1816, January 22. Viscount Gort, John Prendergast Vereker, Baron Kiltarton. Loughcooter Castle, County Galway ; and Roxborough, County Limerick.

132 - 1831, January 28. Viscount Guillamore, Standish O'Grady, Baron O'Grady, a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Army. Rockbarton, County Limerick ; and Stephen's Green, Noreth, Dublin.

                           BARONS                      top

133 - 1396. Lord Kinsale, John Stapelton de Courcy, Baron de Courcy and Ringrone. Kinsale, County Cork. His Lordship claims the hereditary privilege granted by King John to De Courcy, Earl of Ulster, of wearing his hat in the Royal presence.

134 - 1461, March 4. Lord Trimlestown, Thomas Barnewall by patent. Trimlestown Castle, County Meath.

135 - 1462. Lord Dunsany, Edward Wadding Plunket, by writ. Lieutenant of the County of Meath. Dunsany Castle, County Meath.

136 - 1541, June 11. Lord Dunboyne, James Butler, by patent. Ballyvannon, County Clare ; Batt's Hotel, Dover Street, London.

137 - 1541, June 15. Lord Louth, Thomas Oliver Plunkett. Louth Hall, County Louth.

138 - 1620, June 29. Lord Digby, Edward Digby, Baron Geashill, Earl of Digby in England, Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of Dorsetshire, D.C.L. Brook Street, London ; Sherborne Castle, Dorsetshire ; Coleshill, Warwickshire ; and Geashill, King's County.

139 - 1621, July 29. Lord Blayney, Cadwallader Davis Blayney. Castle Blayney, County Monaghan.

140 - 1627, July 11. Lord Sherard, Robert Sherard, Earl of Harborough in England. Stapleford, Leicestershire ; Glaston, Rutland ; and Clifford Street, London.

141 - 1703, October 16. Baron Conway, Richard Seymour Conway. Marquess of Hertford in England, Lord Warden of the Stanneries, Chief Steward and Vice Admiral of the Duchy of Cornwall, Ragly, Warwickshire ; Sudburn Hall, Suffolk ; Lisburn, County Antrim ; and Park Lane, London.

142 - 1715, May 9. Lord Carberry, John Evans Freke, Castle Freke, County Cork, and Luxton Hall, Northamptonshire.

143 - 1718, May 1. Lord Aylmer, Matthew Whitworth Aylmer, Baron of Balrath, and a Baronet, a General in the Army, G.C.B. Batchacre Park, Staffordshire.

144 - 1756, May 6. Lord Farnham, Henry Maxwell, Farnham, County Cavan, and Newtownbarry, County Wexford.

145 - 1758, September 18. Lord Lisle, George Lysaght. Mount North, County Cork.

146 - 1762, March 15. Lord Clive, Edward Clive, Earl of Powis in England, Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire, D.C.L. Berkeley Square, London ; Walcothall and Oakly Park, Salop.

147 - 1767, September 3. Lord Mulgrave, Constantine Henry Phipps, Marquess of Normandy in England, G.C.H. F.S.A. St. George's Place, London ; and Mulgrave Castle, Yorkshire.

148 - 1776, July 23. Lord Newborough, Spencer Bulkeley Wynn, a Baronet of England. Glynllivon Castle, Carnarvonshire.

149 - 1776, July 27. Lord MacDonald, James William MacDonald, a Baronet of Nova Scotia. Armidale, Isle of Skye ; and Gunthwaite, Yorkshire.

150 - 1776, July 28. Lord Kensington, William Edwardes. Johnston and Westmead, Pembrokeshire.

151 - 1776, July 29. Lord Westcote, George William Lyttleton, Lord Lyttleton, and a Baronet of England. Hagley Park, Worcestershire.

152 - 1776, July 30. Lord Ongley, Robert Henry Ongley. Old Warren, Bedfordshire

153 - 1776, August 4. Lord Massy, Hugh Hamon Ingoldsby Massy, Hermitage, County Limerick. (a minor)

154 - 1777, February 26. Lord Rokesby, Edward Montague, a Baronet of England. Monk's Horton, Kent ; and Montague House, Portman Square, London.

155 - 1781, January 5. Lord Muskerry, Mathew Fitzmaurice Deane, a Baronet. Upper Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin ; and Springfield Castle, County Limerick.

156 - 1782, September 12. Lord Hood, Samuel Hood, Viscount Hood, and a Baronet of England. Whitley Abbey, Warwickshire ; and Catherington House, Hants.

157 - 1783, October 13. Lord Riversdale, William Tonson. Lisnegar House, County Cork ; Finghurst Manor, Bucks.

158 - 1788, November 18. Lord Auckland, George Eden, Baron Auckland in England. Eden Farm, Kent ; and Grosvenor Street, London.

159 - 1789, November 18. Lord Kilmaine, J. Cavendish Browne, a Baronet of Scotland. Gaulstown Park, County Westmeath ; and the Neale, County Mayo.

160 - 1789, November 18. Lord Cloncurry, Valentine Browne Lawless, and a Baronet, Baron Cloncurry of the United Kingdom. Maretimo, Blackrock, County Dublin ; Lyons, Rathcoole, County Kildare ; and Abington, County Limerick.

161 - 1790, June 3. Lord Clonsbrock, Robert Dillon. Clonbrock, County Galway.

162 - 1792, June 14. Lord Waterpark, Henry Manners Cavendish, a Baronet of England. Doveridge Hall, Derbyshire ; Waterpark, County Cork ; and Halfmoon Street, London.

163 - 1794, July 8. Lord Graves, William  Thomas Graves. Bishop's Court, Devon ; Hanover Street, Hanover Square, London.

164 - 1794, August 12. Lord Bridport, Samuel Hood. Redlinch, Wilts.

165 - 1795, October 1. Lord Rancliffe, George Augustus Henry Anne Parkuns, a Baronet of England. Bunny Park, Nottinghamshire.

166 - 1796, July 16. Lord Huntingfield, Joshua Vanneck, a Baronet of England. Heveningham Hall, Suffolk.

167 - 1796, July 16. Lord Carrington, Robert John Smith, Baron Carrington in England. Whitehall, London ; Wycombe Abbey, Bucks ; Deal Castle, Kent.

168 - 1796, October 19. Lord Rossmore, Henry Robert Westenra, Baron Rossmore of the United Kingdom, Lieutenant of the County Monaghan. Rossmore Park and Cortolvin Hills, County Monaghan ; Sharavogue and Derrykeele, King's County.

169 - 1797, March 7. Lord Hotham, Beaumont Hotham, a Baronet of England. South Dalton Hall, Yorkshire.

170 - 1797, November 7. Lord Cremore, Richard Dawson. Dawson Grove, County Monaghan ; and Chelsea Farm, Middlesex.

171 - 1797, November 7. Lord Headly, Charles Winn, Baron Allanson and Winn, a Baronet of England. Aghadoe House, and Turk Cottage, County Kerry ; and Bramham Hall, Yorkshire.

172 - 1797, November 7. Lord Teignmouth, Charles John Shore, a Baronet of England. Clapham, Surrey ; and Portman Square, London.

173 - 1797, December 1. Lord Crofton, Edward Crofton, a Baronet, and a Captain in the Army. Moate Park, County Roscommon.

174 - 1798, February 14. Lord Ffrench, Charles Ffrench, and a Baronet. Castle Ffrench, County Galway.

175 - 1799, November 9. Lord Henley, Anthony Henley Henley. Russell Farm, Herts ; and Whitehall Place, London.

176 - 1800, July 30. Lord Langford, Clotworthy Wellington William Robert Rowley. Summerhill House, County Meath. (a minor)

177 - 1800, July 30. Lord de Blaquiere, John Blaquiere, and a Baronet. Portlemon, County Westmeath.

178 - 1800, July 30. Lord Dufferin and Clandeboye, (Price ?) Blackwood, a Baronet. Cavendish Square, London ; and Ballyleidy House, County Dublin.

179 - 1800, July 30. Lord Henniker, John Henniker, a Baronet of England. Stratford House, Essex ; Major House and Worlingworth Hall, Suffolk ; and Broadstairs, Kent.

180 - 1800, July 30. Lord Ventry, Thomas Townsend Aremburg de Moleyns, and a Baronet. Burnham House, County Kerry.

181 - 1800, July 30. Lord Wallscourt, Joseph Henry Blake. Ardfry, County Galway.

182 - 1800, July 30. Lord Mount Sandford, George Sandford. Castlerea, County Roscommon.

183 - 1800, July 30. Lord Dunally, Henry Prittie. Kilboy Castle, County Tipperary ; and Upper Brook Street, London.

184 - 1800, July 30. Lord Hartland, Maurice Mahor, in Holy Orders, Strokestown, County Roscommon.

185 - 1800, July 30. Lord Clanmorris, Denis Arthur Bingham. Newbrook, County Mayo.

186 - 1800, December 20. Lord Radstock, Granville George Waldegrave. Baker Street, Portman Square, London.

187 - 1800, December 29. Lord Gardner, Alan Legge Gardner, Lord Gardner, and a Baronet in England. Court Garden, Bucks.

188 - 1800, December 29. Lord Nugent, George Grenville Nugent Temple, Uncle to the Duke of Buckingham. Park Street, Grosvenor Square, London.

189 - 1800, December 29. Lord Ashtown, Frederick Tench. Woodlawan, County Galway ; and Chessel House, Hants.

190 - 1800, December 29. Lord Clarina, Eyre Massey. Elm Park, County Limerick.

191 - 1806, February 1. Lord Rendlesham, Frederick Thelusson. Rendlesham Hall, Suffolk.

192 - 1812, December 21. Lord Decies, John De La Poer Horsley Beresford, in Holy Orders. Bolan House, Northumberland.

193 - 1812, December 24. Lord Castlemaine, Richard Handcock, Baron Castlemaine. Moydrum Castle, County Westmeath.

194 - 1818, October 28. Lord Garvagh, Charles Henry Spencer George Canning. Garvagh House, County Londonderry. (a minor)

195 - 1819, October 19. Lord Howden, John Hobart Caradoc, Baron Howden of the United Kingdom, a Colonel in the Army, K.C. Grimstock Park, and Spaldington Hall, Yorkshire.

196 - 1822, December 10. Lord Downes, Ulysses Burgh, a Major-General in the Army, K.C.B.K.T.S., and S.A. Bert House, County Kildare ; and Pall Mall, London

197 - 1825, May 14. Lord Bloomfield, Benjamin Bloomfield, a Lieutenant-General and Colonel Commandant of the 1st Battalion of Royal Artillery. Redwood and Laughton House, County Tipperary.

198 - 1826, June 27. Lord Fitzgerald and Vesci, William Vesey Fitzgerald, Baron Fitzgerald of Desmond, of the United Kingdom, President of the Board of Control, Lieutenant of the County Clare, a Trustee of the British Museum, Colonel of the Clare Regiment of Militia, and Member of the Board of Education in Ireland, D.C.L., F.R.S. Moriesk and Inchicronan, County Clare, and Molesworth Street, Dublin.

199 - 1831, May 28. Lord Talbot de Malahide, Richard Wogan Talbot, Baron Malahide, Baron Furnival, United Kingdom. Malahide Castle, County Dublin.

200 - 1834, June 10. Lord Carew, Robert Sharpland Carew, Baron Carew of the United Kingdom, Lieutenant of the County Wexford. Castleboro', County Wexford, and Woodstown, County Waterford.

201 - 1836, April 12. Lord Oranmore and Browne, Dominick Browne of Carra Browne, in Oranmore, in the County of Galway, and of Castle Mac Garrett, in the County Mayo, Vice Lieutenant of the County Mayo. Castle Mac Garrett, Clanmorris.

                 PEERESS IN HER OWN RIGHT                 top

1797, March 7. Baroness Keith, Margaret Mercer Elphinstone, Lady of Count de Flahault, Baroness Keith of the United Kingdom. Aldie, Perthshire ; and East Cliff Lodge, Kent.




Acheson Lord
Adare Viscount
Alexander Viscount
Altamont Earl
Amiens Viscount
Aughrim Baron
Bearhaven Viscount
Bective Earl
Belfast Earl
Bernard Viscount
Bingham Lord
Boyle Viscount
Brabazon Baron
Caher Lord
Callan Viscount
Carlingford Viscount
Carlow Viscount
Castlecuffe Viscount
Castlereagh Viscount
Castleross Viscount
Caulfield Viscount
Chandos Marquess
Clements Lord
Clifton Lord
Clonmore Lord
Cole Viscount
Corry Viscount
Creighton Viscount
Delvin Viscount
Duncannon Viscount
Dungarvan Viscount
Dunkellin Baron
Dunlo Viscount
Dunluce Viscount
Earlsfort Baron
Ennismore Viscount
Fitzgibbon Viscount
Fitzmaurice Viscount
Forbes Viscount
Glandine Viscount
Glerawly Viscount
Glentworth Baron
Gilford Baron
Hamilton Viscount
Hillsborough Earl

Son of

Earl of Gosford
Earl of Dunraven
Earl of Caledon
Marquess of Sligo
Earl of Aldborough
Earl of Athlone
Earl of Bantry
Marquess of Headfort
Marquess of Donegal
Earl of Bandon
Earl of Lucan
Earl of Shannon
Earl of Meath
Earl of Glengall
Earl of Desmond
Earl of Tyrconnell
Earl of Portarlington
Earl of Desart
Marquess of Londonderry
Earl Kenmare
Earl of Charlemont
Earl Nugent
Earl of Leitrim
Earl of Darnley
Earl of Wicklow
Earl of Enniskillen
Earl of Belmore
Earl of Erne
Marquess of Westmeath
Earl of Besborough
Earl of Cork
Marquess of Clanricarde
Earl of Clancarthy
Earl of Antrim
Earl of Clonmel
Earl of Listowel
Earl of Clare
Earl of Kerry
Earl of Granard
Earl of Norbury
Earl Annesley
Earl of Limerick
Earl of Clanwilliam
Marquess of Abercorn
Marquess of Downshire


Inchiquin Earl
Ikerrin Viscount
Jocelyn Viscount
Kilcoursie Viscount
Kildare Viscount
Kilkenny West Baron
Killeen Baron
Kingsborough Viscount
Kilworth Baron
Loftus Viscount
Macduff Viscount
Milton Viscount
Molyneaux Viscount
Monck Viscount
Moore Viscount
Mountcharles Earl
Mountgarret Viscount
Naas Viscount
Newry Viscount
Newton Butler Baron
Northland Viscount
Ossory Earl
Oxmantown Baron
Pevensey Viscount
Perceval Viscount
Pollington Viscount
Proby Lord
Rawdon Baron
Russborough Viscount
Shelbourne Earl of
Silchester Baron
St. Lawrence Viscount
Somerton Viscount
Steuart Viscount
Stopford Viscount
Sudley Viscount
Suirdale Viscount
Talbot Baron
Turnour Viscount
Tullamore Baron
Tyrone Earl
Valentia Viscount
Vaughan Lord
Wellesley Viscount

Son of

Marquess of Thomond
Earl of Carrick
Earl of Roden
Earl of Cavan
Duke of Leinster
Earl of Roscommon
Earl of Fingall
Earl of Kingston
Earl of Mountcashell
Marquess of Ely
Earl of Fife
Earl of Fitzwilliam
Earl of Sefton
Earl of Rathdown
Marquess of Drogheda
Marquess of Conynham
Earl of Kilkenny
Earl of Mayo
Earl of Kilmorey
Earl of Lanesborough
Earl of Ranfurley
Marquess of Ormonde
Earl of Rosse
Earl of Sheffield
Earl of Egmont
Earl of Mexborough
Earl of Carysfort
Earl of Moira
Earl of Miltown
Marquess of Lansdowne
Earl of Longford
Earl of Howth
Earl of Formanston
Earl of Castle Steuart
Earl of Courtown
Earl of Arran
Earl of Donoughmore
Earl of Waterford
Earl of Winterton
Earl of Charleville
Marquess of Waterford
Earl of Mountnorris
Earl of Lisburne
Earl of Mornington

Twenty Eight Representative Peers Elected For Life
Earl of Limerick
Earl of Mayo
Marquess of Thomond
Earl of Charlemont
Earl of Gosford
Earl of Wicklow
Viscount Lorton
Lord Carbery
Earl of Mountcashell
Lord Dunally
Earl of Glengall
Viscount Doneraile
Marquess of Westmeath
Lord Castlemaine
Lord Downes
Earl of Bandon
Lord Dunsany
Viscount Hawarden
Lord Clonbrock
Earl of Charleville
Viscount de Vesci
Lord Farnham
Earl of Dunraven
Lord Crofton
Earl of Lucan
Earl of Caledon
Lord Blayney
Note :- The Marquess of Thomond, the Earls of Charlemont, Limerick, and Gosford, have, since their elections, been created Peers of the United Kingdom, as Barons Tadcaster, Charlemont, Foxford and Worlingham ; but they still retain their seats as Representative Peers of Ireland.


Lord Archbishop of Dublin ; Lord Bishop of Down and Connor ; Lord Bishop of Leighlin, Ferns and Ossory ; Lord Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross.


Some of which are now before the House of Lords, or under the prior investigation of the Attorney General

1406. Viscount Buttevant, claimed by James Redmond Barry, esq. Glandore, County Cork
1642. January 12. Viscount Tracy, of Rathcoole, claimed by James Tracy, esq. South Street, Grosvenor Square. London.
1646. May 16. Viscount Galmoye, claimed by Garrett Butler, esq. Garrinderry Castle, County Carlow.
1178. Baron Athenry, (Premier Barony of Ireland,) claimed by Christopher St. George, esq. of Tyrone, County Galway, eldest son of the late Lady Harriet St. George and Arthur French St. George, esq.; and also by Edmund Bermingham, esq. of Dangan, County Galway.
1277. Baron Slane, claimed by James Fleming, esq.; and by George Bryan, esq. Jenkinstown, County Kilkenny.  ( The House of Lords decided on the 31st August, 1835, that George Bryan, esq. had failed to make out his claim to the dormant Peerage of Slane ; but that he would not be precluded by this decree from bringing it forward again, if he succeeded in obtaining further evidence.)
1689. Baron Nugent or Riverston, claimed by William Nugent, esq. of Pallas and Flower Hill, County Galway.



The most Illustrious Order of St. Patrick, instituted 17th March, 1783, consisting of the Sovereign, a Grand Master (the Lord Lieutenant for the time being), and Fifteen Knights Companions, increased by statute under the royal signet and sign manual, dated 24th January, 1833, to twenty two, exclusive of the Sovereign and Grand Master. His Majesty William IV., having directed that those noblemen who has filled the office of Grand Masters should, during their lives, be entitled to wear the badge and ribband of Grand Master, and star of the order, and having, a short time before his demise, declared his intention immediately to authorize the same by statute, Her Majesty the Sovereign has been graciously pleased to carry these purposes into full effect, and by Royal warrant and sign manual, dated at St. James's, the 9th day of July, 1839, "to order, direct, and command, that the noblemen who have filled, or shall hereafter fill, the high office of Grand Master of this Most Illustrious Order, shall henceforward be authorized to wear the badge and ribband of Grand Master, and to wear the star of said Most Illustrious Order during their natural lives." *****************************

                        KNIGHTS OF ST. PATRICK - BARONETS                    top
HER MAJESTY, Sovereign of the Order
His Excellency Thomas Philip, Earl de Grey, Grand Master
Past Grand Masters

Charles Chetwynd, Earl Talbot, Henry William, Marquess of Anglesea, Hugh, Duke of Northumberland, Thomas, Earl of Haddington, Constantine Henry, Marquess of Normanby, Hugh, Earl Fortescue.

Knights Companions
1) His Majesty Ernest Augustus, King of Hanover.  2) His Royal Highness Prince Albert, etc., etc.  3) John, Marquess of Ely.  4) William, Marquess of Thomond.  5) Howe Peter, Marquess of Sligo.  6) George Augustus, Marquess of Donegal.  7) Charles Chetwynd, Earl Talbot.  8) John Chambre, Earl of Meath.  9) Robert, Earl of Roden.  10) Arthur Blundell, Marquess of Downshire.  11) Ulick John, Marquess of Clanrecarde.  12) Francis William, Earl of Charlemont.  13) Francis Nathaniel, Marquess Conyngham.  14) Nathaniel, Earl of Leitrim.  15) John Hely, Earl of Donoughmore.  16) Edmund, Earl of Cork.  17) Thomas, Earl of Howth.  18) Thomas Anthony, Viscount Southwell.  19) Thomas, Marquess of Headfort.  20) William, Earl of Listowel.  21) Joseph, Earl of Miltown.  22) Philip Yorke, Earl of Arran.  23) William Forward, Earl of Wicklow.

Officers belonging to the Order.
Prelate, The Lord Prelate.  Chancellor, The Archbishop of Dublin.  Registrar, Dean of St. Patrick's.  Secretary, Captain Hon. Robert E. Boyle.  Genealogist, Sir Wm. Leeson, Knight.  Usher, Sir George Morris, Knight.  Ulster King of Arms, Sir William Betham, Knight, F.S.A. M.R.I.A.. etc. Knight Attendant on the Order.  Heralds, Molyneaux Betham and S. Betham, esqrs.  Pursuivants, William Crawford, A.M. Athlone, William Skeys, F.S.A., Robert Smith,  Francis Betham, esqrs.

Office of Arms, Record Tower, Lower Castle Yard, and 1 Kildare Street.
Ulster King of Arms, Sir William Betham, Knight, F.S.A., M.R.I.A., etc.  Dublin Herald, Sheffield Betham, esq.  Cork Herald, Molyneaux Betham, esq.  Pursuivant of Arms and Registrar, William Skeys, esq., F.S.A.  Pursuivants of Arms, William Crawford, A.M., Athlone, Robt. Smith, and Francis Betham, esqrs.  Chief Sergeants of Arms, John McClintock, jun., and Wm. Foster McClintock, esqrs.  Deputy, James Pratt, esq.  Second Sergeant of Arms, William Minchin, esq.

Baronets of England, Resident in Ireland - Instituted 1611

Bellingham, Allan Edward, Castle Bellingham, County Louth, 1796, April 19.
Coghill, Josiah Coghill, Belvidere House, Drumcondra, County Dublin, 1778, July 25.
Coote, Charles, Baggot Street, Dublin, 1774, April 29.
Grace, William Boley, Queen's County, 1785, April 11.
Hort, Josiah William, Hortland, County Kildare, 1767, September 8.

Thus marked * are minors.

Aylmer, Gerald George, Donadea Castle, Kilcock, County Kildare, 1621, January 25.
*Barnewall, Reginald John Almer, Grenanstown, County Meath, 1622, February 22.
Barry, Edward, Serpentine Avenue, County Dublin, 1775, July 6.
Bellew, Right Hon. Patrick, Barmeath, Dunleer, County Louth, 1688, December 11.
Blake, Valentine, Menlo Castle, County Galway, 1622, July 10.
*Blosse, Robert Lynch, Castle Carra, County Mayo, 1622, June 8.
Blunden, John, Castle Blunden, County Kilkenny, 1766, March 12.
Borrowes, Rev. Erasmus, Lauragh, Emo., Queen's County, 1644, July 7.
Bradstreet, Simon, Stacumnie, Leizlip, County Kildare, 1759, July 14.
Burke, John Ignatius, Glinsk, Ballymoe, County Roscommon, 1628, August 2.
Burke, John, Marblehill, Loughrea, County Galway, 1797, December 5.
Burton, Charles, Pollerton, County Carlow, 1758, September 5.
Butler, Thomas, Ballintemple, and Garryhundon, County Carlow, 1628, August 16.
Carden, Henry Robert, Templemore House, County Tipperary, 1787, August 31.
Chapman, Mont. Lowther, M.P., St. Lucy, County Westmeath, 1782, February 10.
Chinnery, Rev. Nicholas, Flintfield, County Cork, 1799, August 29.
Colthurst, George Vesey, Ardrum, Ballincollig, County Cork, 1744, August 3.
Coote, Chas. Henry, Premier Baronet of Ireland, Ballyfin, Mountrath, Queens's County, 1620, April 2.
*Cotter, James Laurence, Rock Forest, Mallow, County Cork, 1763, August 11.
Cuffee, Jonah Wheeler Denny, Leyrath, County Kilkenny, 1799, October 1.
Dancer, Amyrald, Castleconnell, County Limerick, 1662, August 12.
De Beauvoir, John Edmund, Connaught Place, London, 1797, December 8.
*De Burgo, Richard Donelan, Castleconnell, County Limerick, 1785, June 16.
Denny, Edward, Tralee Castle, County Kerry, 1782, January 15.
Des Voeux, Charles, London and Indian Ville, Queen's County, 1787, September 1.
De Vere, Aubrey, Currah Chase, County LImerick, and Glangoole, County Tipperary, 1784, December 14.
Echlin, Frederick, Clonagh, County Kildare, 1721, October 17.
Esmonde, Thomas, Ballynastra, Corey, County Wexford, 1628, January 2.
Falkiner, Riggs, Annemount, County Cork, 1777, August 24.
Fetherstone, George Ralph, County Longford, 1775, June 26.
Fitzgerald, James, Castleishen, County Cork, 1644, February 8.
Foster, Rev. Thomas, Philipstown, County Louth, 1794, January 15.
Gethin, Richard, Percymount, County Sligo, and Heavitree, Exeter, 1665, August 1.
Godfrey, William Duncan, Bushfield and Kilcolman Abbey, County Kerry, 1785, February 2.
Gore, St. George, Donegal, 1621, February 2.
Gore, Robert Booth, Lisadell, County Sligo, 1760, August 30.
Harvey, Robert Bateson, Kiloquin, County Antrim, 1789, August 12.
Hayes, Edmund Samuel, Drumboe Castle, Stranorlar, County Donegal, 1789, August 27.
Hill, George, Brooke Hall, County Derry, 1779, July 6.
Hoare, Joseph Wallis, Annabella, County Cork, 1784, December 10.
Hodson, George Frederick, Hollybrook House, Bray, County Wicklow, 1787, August 28.
Hopkins, Francis, Rochfort, County Westmeath, and  Athboy Lodge, Athboy, County Meath, 1795, July 25.
Hutchinson, Rev. Samuel Synge, Dublin and Castlesallagh, County Wicklow, 1782, October 8.
Jervis, Henry Jervis White, Belcamp, Dublin, 1797, November 10.
Langrishe, Rev. Hercules R., Knocktopher, County Kilkenny, 1777, January 24.
Levinge, Richard, Knockdrin Castle, County Westmeath, 1704, October 26.
Lighton, John, Donaghmore, Castlefin, 1791, March 1.
Loftus, Francis Hamilton, Mount Loftus, Goresbridge, 1768, July 16.
Macartney, Rev. William, Derrylea, County Kilkenny, 1799, January 22.
Massey, Hugh Dillon, Doonas, Castleconnell, County Clare, 1781, October 9.
Meredyth, Joshua Colles, Madaleen, County Kilkenny, 1660, November 12.
Meredyth, Henry, Carlandstown, Kells, County Meath, 1795, July 26.
Molyneaux, George, Castle Dillon, County Armagh, 1730, July 4.
Moore, Emanuel, County Cork, 1681, June 1.
Musgrave, Richard, Turin, County Waterford, 1782, December 2.
Newport, Right Hon. John, Newpark, Waterford, 1789, August 25.
Nugent, James, Ballinlough, County Westmeath, 1795, July 22.
O'Brien, Lucius, Dromoland, County Clare, 1686, November 9.
O'Donel, Richard Annesley, Newport House, County Mayo, 1780, December 2.
Osborne, Daniel Toler, Beechwood, County Tipperary, 1629, January 26.
Palmer, Roger Henry, Kenure Park, County Dublin, 1777, April 3.
Paul, Joshua Christmas, Ballyglan, County Waterford, 1794, January 20.
Piers, John Bennett, Tristernagh Abbey, County Westmeath, 1660, February 18.
Reynell, Lieutenant-General Thomas, 1678, August 2.
Ribton, John Sheppy, Woodbrook, Bray, County Dublin, 1759, April 12.
Richardson, James Mervyn Bunbury, Augher Castle, Clogher, County Tyrone, 1787, August 30.
St. George, Richard Bligh, Woodsgift, Freshford, County Kilkenny, 1766, March 12.
Shee, George, Dunmore, County Galway, 1794, January 22.
Smith, Michael, Newtown, Tullamore, King's County, and Ashfield, Rathfarnham, 1799, August 28.
Somerville, William M., M.P., Somerville, Balrath, Ashbourne, County Meath, 1748, May 14.
Staples, Thomas, Q.C., Lissan, County Tyrone, and Merrion Square, East, Dublin, 1628, July 18.
Staunton, George T., L.L.D.F.R.S., Cargins, County Galway, 1785, October 31.
Steele, Richard, 72 Stephen's Green, South, Dublin, 1768, August 2.
Stewart, James, Fort Stewart, Rathmelton, County Donegal, 1623, April 10.
Talbot, George, Belfast, County Antrim, 1790, March 31.
Tuite, George, Lissievoolin, Athlone, County Westmeath, 1622, June 16.
Waller, Edmund, Knocknacree House, County Tipperary, 1780, May 10.
Walsh, Edward H., Ballykilcaven Stradbally, Queen's County, 1777, July 27.
Warren, Augustus, Warrencourt, County Cork, 1784, July 7.
Weldon, Anthony, Rahenderry, Queen's County, 1723, July 11.
Wolseley, Rev. Richard, Mount Wolseley, County Carlow, 1744, January 19.

               Baronets of the United Kingdom - Natives or Residents in Ireland                 top

Since the Legislative Unions between England and Scotland, and Great Britain and Ireland, the separate Orders of Baronets, viz.; of England, Ireland, and Nova Scotia, (or Scotland), have been superseded by one general institution of Baronets of the United Kingdom.

Alexander, Robert, London, 1809, December 11.
Anderson, James Caleb, Buttevant Castle, County Cork, 1813, March 22.
Armstrong, Andrew, Gallen Priory, King's County, 1841, August 23.
Barrington, Joseph, Limerick, 1831, September 30.
Barron, Henry Winston, Belvue, County Kilkenny, 1841, August 23.
Bateson, Robert, Belvoir Park, and Moira Park, County Down, 1818, December 18.
Beecher, William Wrixon, Ballygiblin, County Cork, 1831, September 16.
Bellew, Michael Dillon, Mount Bellew, County Galway, 1838, June 30.
Beresford, John Poo, (Poe) Bagnall, County Waterford, 1814, May 21.
Blackwood, Henry Martin, 1814, July 23.
Blennerhasset, Arthur, Blennerville, County Kerry, 1809, September 22.
Borough, Edward Richard, Coolock Lodge, Coolock, 1813, November 12.
Brooke, Arthur, Colebrook, County Fermanagh, 1822, January 7.
Bruce, Henry Hervey, Down Hill, Coleraine, County Londonderry, 1804, June 29.
Campbell, Robert, Carrickbuoy, County Donegal, 1831, September 16.
Chatterton, William Abraham, Castlemahon, County Cork, 1801, August 3.
Chichester, Arthur, Green Castle, County Donegal, 1821, July 27.
Clarke, W. H. St. Lawrence, Cresses Green House, and Rossmore, County Cork, 1804, June 23.
Crampton, Philip, 13 Merrion Square, North, 1839, March 13.
Crofton, James, Longford House, County Sligo, 1838, June 30.
Crofton, Morgan George, Mohill House, County Leitrim, 1801, July 7.
De Bath, William Plunket, Knightstown, County Meath, 1801, July 7.
Dillon, Charles Drake, Lismullen, County Meath, 1801, July 31.
Domville, Compton, Templelogue, and Santry House, County Dublin, 1815, May 22.
Ferguson, Robert Alexander, The Farm, Londonderry, 1801, October 7.
Fitzgerald, John Judkin, Lisheen, County Tipperary, 1801, August 5.
Fitzgerald, William, Carrigoran, County Clare, and Versailles, France, 1801, January 5.
Fletcher, Richard John, Carrow, County Cork, 1812, December 14.
Foster, Right Hon. Augustus John, Stone House, County Louth, 1831, September
Goold, George, Old Court, County Cork, 1801, August 8.
Hamilton, James John, Woodbrooke, County Tyrone, 1814, December 21.
Hardinge, Rev. Charles, Belleisle, County Fermanagh, 1801, August 4.
Harty, Robert, Prospect House, County Dublin, 1831, September 7.
Homan, William Jackson, Clifton House, Youghal, 1801, August 1.
Howard, Ralph, Bushy Park, County Wicklow, 1838, June 30.
Humble, John Nugent, Cloncoskoran House, County Waterford, 1831, September
Jackson, George, Forkhill, County Armagh, 1813, April 21.
James, John Kingston, Rutland Square, Dublin, 1823, March 19.
Jephson, Charles D. O. N., Mallow Castle, County Cork, 1838, March 19.
Keane, Richard, Belmont House, County Waterford, 1801, August 1.
Kellett, Richard, 1801, August 6.
Kennedy, John, Johnstown, County Dublin, 1836.
King, Gilbert, Charlestown, Drumsna, County Roscommon, 1815, July 21.
King, Rev. James Walker, Corrard, Fermanagh, and Rathmore Glebe, Kildare, 1821, September 18.
Laffan, Joseph De Courcy, 1828, March 15.
Lees, Rev. Harcourt, Blackrock, County Dublin, and Essexford, County Louth, 1804, June 30.
McKenny, Thomas, 24 Lower Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin, and Ullard and Ballyshanboy, County Kilkenny, 1831, September.
McNaghten, Francis Workman, Bushmills, County Antrim, and Mohan, County Armagh, 1836.
MacMahon, Beresford Burston, Fortfield, County Down, 1815, May 6.
Mahon, Ross, Castlegar, County Galway, 1818, December 7.
Marsh, Henry, M.D., 24 Molesworth Street, 1839, March 13.
Montgomery, Henry C., The Hall, County Donegal, 1808, October 3.
Nagle, Richard, Jamestown House, County Westmeath, 1813, January 4.
Nugent, Percy Fitzgerald, Donore, County Westmeath, 1831, September.
O'Loghlen, Colman Michael, Drumconora, Ennis, and Merrion Square, Dublin, 1838, June 30.
O'Malley, Samuel, Kilboyne House, County Mayo, 1804, July 2.
Peacock, Nathaniel, Levett Grange, County Limerick, 1802, December 24.
Pigott, George, Knapton, Queen's County, 1808, October 3.
Power, John, Rosbuck House, County Dublin, and Lampton, County Wexford, 1841, August 23.
Power, John, Kilfane, County Kilkenny, 1836.
Roberts, Thomas Walter, Britfieldstown, County Cork, 1809, September 20.
Robinson, Richard, Rokeby Hall, County Louth, 1819, December 14.
Roche, David, Carasscourt, County Limerick, and Barntick, County Clare, 1838, June 30.
Rowley, Admiral Josias, Drumsna, County Leitrim, 1813, November 2.
Seymour, John Hobart, Highmount, County Cork, 1809, May 31.
Shaw, Robert, Bushy Park, County Dublin, 1821, August 17
Sheaffe, Roger Hale, Edswale, County Clare, 1813, January 16.
Stamer, Lovelacs, Beauchamp, County Dublin, 1809, December 15.
Stewart, Hugh, Ballygawley House, County Tyrone, 1803, June 14.
Stronge, James Mathew, Tynan Abbey, County Armagh, 1803, June 22.
Synge, Edward, Kiltrough, County Meath, 1801, August 12.
Tierney, Mathew John, M.D., London, 1818, December 19.
Whitshed, Admiral James Hawkins, G.C.B., Killincarrick, County Wicklow, and Jobstown, County Dublin, 1834, May.
Young, William, Bailieborough Castle, County Cavan, 1818, August 28.

Foreign Titles Borne by Residents of Ireland

Duke de Rovigo, Stamer Park, Ennis, County Clare.
John Michael Henry, Baron de Robeck, 6 Merrion Square East, Dublin, and Killishee, Naas, County Kildare.
Oartholomew, (Bartholomew), Baron de Basterot, Duras House, County Galway.
James, Count Nugent, Ballinacor, County Westmeath.
Peter John Fane, Count de Salis, brother-in-law of Baron de Tabley, Brakagh House.
Peter, Count d'Alton, Grenanstown, County Tipperary, uncle of Sir Richard Steele, Bart.
Valerius, Count Magawly, Temora, King's County.

The following Ancient Irish Titles of Honour are still Retained by the Lineal Descendants of the First Possessors.

O'Connor Don, Belanagare and Cloonalis, County of Roscommon.
Charles Joseph McDermott, Prince of Coolavin, in the County of Sligo.
Right Hon. Maurice Fitzgerald, Knight of Kerry, Ballinruddery, and Zilva 1. of Valentia, County Kerry.
John Francis Fitzgerald, Knight of Glin, Glin Castle, County Limerick.
O'Donoghoe of the Glens, (a minor, nephew to Daniel O'Connell, esq.) Flesk-cot, County Kerry.
McGillycuddy of the Reeks, County of Kerry.
O'Grady of Killballyowen, County of Limerick.

Knights of British and Foreign Orders in Ireland
Note - The date following the Name shows the year when the Knighthood was conferred.

Richard Bourke, Knight Commander of the Bath, a Lieutenant-General in the Army, Thornfield, County Limerick.
John Fox Burgoyne, Knight Commander of the Bath, a Major-General in the Army, Chairman of the Board of Public Works, Dublin, 1838.
William Cox, Knight of the Tower and Sword of Portugal, Colonel in the Army, Coolcliff, County Wexford, and Tinnicross, King's County, 1816.
Joseph Hugh Carncross, Knight Commander of the Bath, a Major-General in the Army, Booterstown, County Dublin.
George Cockburn, Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Hanoverian Guelphic Order, a General in the Army, Shanganagh, Bray, County Dublin.
Hugh Gough, Knight Commander of the Bath, a Lieutenant-General in the Army, Rathronan House, County Tipperary, 1815.
Francis Le Hunte, Knight of the Sicilian Order of St. Ferdinand and Merit, a Commander in the Royal Navy, Artramont, County Wexford.
John Taylor, Knight Commander of the Bath, a Lieutenant-General in the army, Castle Taylor, Gort, County Galway.
Edmond Temple, Waterstown, Athlone, County Westmeath.
John Ormsby Vandeleur, Knight Grand Cross of the Bath, a General in the Army, and Colonel of the 16th Light Dragoons, Merrion Square, East, Dublin.

Knights Bachelors Resident in Ireland

Richard Baker, 11 Dawson Street, 1833.
William Betham, Ulster King at Arms, Stradbrooke House, County Dublin, 1812.
Nicholas William Brady, Blackrock, 1821.
Thomas Carew, Captain Royal Navy, Wexford, 1836.
Arthur Clarke, M.D., and Surgeon, 44 North Great George's Street, 1811.
Alexander Creighton, Mount Dodwell, Ballymote, County Sligo.
Thomas Deane, City of Cork, 1830.
Thomas Finlay, a Magistrate for the County of Cavan, Sugarloaf, Belturbet, 1837.
Robert Hagan, Captain Royal Navy, Inspecting Commander of the Coast Guard at Cove.
William Rowan Hamilton, A.M., Astronomer Royal of Ireland, Dunsink, County Dublin, 1835.
Drury Jones Dickinson, 10 Mountjoy Place, 1833.
Richard Franklin, M.D., a Magistrate of the City of Limerick, July, 1840.
John Franks, a Queen's Counsel, and late one of the Judges of the Superior Court at Calcutta, East Indies.
William Leeson, Genealogist of the Order of St. Patrick.
William Wainwright Lynar, Captain H.P., 18th Regiment, a Stipendiary Magistrate of Police, 1833.
Burton McNamara, a Captain in the Royal Navy, 1839.
Benjamin Morris, Captain on half pay, a Deputy Lieutenant, and Magistrate of the City of Waterford, 1836.
George Morris, Colonel in the Army, Usher of the Order of St. Patrick.
Richard Morrison, 49 Mount Street, Dublin.
James Murray, M.D., 2 Merrion Square, South, 1833.
Edmund Nugent, Airfield, Coolock, 1828.
William O'Malley, Captain in the 7th Royal Fusileers, eldest son and heir of Sir Samuel O'Malley, Bart., Kilboyne House, County Mayo, 1835.
William Parke, a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Army, a Deputy-Lieutenant and Magistrate for the County of Sligo, Doonaly, Sligo, 1836.
Anthony Perrier, a Magistrate of the City of Cork, 1810.
James Pitcairn, M.D., Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals, Cork, 1838.
George Preston, 14 Upper Gloucester Street, 1833.
Rev. John Read, Moynoe House, Scariff, County Clare, and Donnybrook, Dublin, 1811.
George Rich, 8 Cavendish Row, 1823.
Thomas Ross, a Captain in the Royal Navy, Inspecting Commander of the Coast Guard at Malahide, 1839.
Edward Stanley, Dublin, 1809.
Thomas Whelan, Dublin, 1821.
William White, late one of the High Sheriffs of the City of Cork, 1831.
George Whiteford, College Green, and Mount Salem, Queen's County, 1821.

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