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Frances Elizabeth Haire  -  Muriel Wilson

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Frances Elizabeth Haire

Frances Elizabeth Haire Lausanne, 14th August 1891 finished in Siena 23rd June 1898

Lausanne 1891

at Vernand Wood 15th August 1891  F.H.

Vierwaldstatter See 1891

Alpnacher See as seen from Pilatus, Aug. 1891

Porch of "Convent des capucins" at Aldorf, in Uri Switzerland  Aug. 1891 F.E.H.
Monastery at Aldorf oldest in Switzerland. Pretty little church beside it. Walked 26th Aug. 1891 from Hlüeln to Altorf & back to Tell's Chapel

The Rigi


Les Deux Mythes from Schwyz

Montreux - Lake Geneva September 1891

Old Chapel at Valeria near Sion (Valais) 1891
Part of "chateau de Tourbillon" at Sion (Valais) built in 1294 by Bishops burned in 1788

La Dent du Midi

Old church at St. Gingolph on Lake of Geneva 1891
The Diablerets from Bex. Switzerland

Sketch at "Jardin d'Acclimatation" Hyeres

                                                                                         old Cross at Fenouillet (Varn)

Lea Rade d'Hyeres "French Squadron"

Notre Dame de la Garde - Marseilles

Aloe in flower at Hyeres in Provence, Frances

Expiatory Chapel at the Aliscamps, Arles (Alyscamps)  F.E.H.  /92


Muriel Wilson

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I hold it true with him who sings, To one clear harp in divers tones, That men may rise on Stepping stones, Of their dead selves, to higher things. (Tennyson)  Chas. Lynch Nov 19/'06
2) Little drops of whisky, Mixed with drops of beer, Makes a man do some things, That are really very queer. K.A. C.S, 1920
3) May G. Adams 21/1/06

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Lilla McWilliam, Dunluce House, Larne, Ireland - Amy Browning, 23 Dalblair Terrace, Ayr, Scotland - Ina Lewis, Inchgarth, Pitfodels, Aberdeen
2) A.A.M.
3) Off to Market  Mrs. Quack: "Yes; Somehow or other, I was afraid it would be fine to-day, still, we cannot always expect lovely wet weather, can we?"  E. G. Roome 1916

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To Jeanie  I wish for you weather delightfully sunny, A heart full of love, and your purse full of money, And when you are ready to settle in life, May you find a good husband, And make a good wife. Clara McCullough 8 Cameron Street
2) Though other purses be more fat, Why should we pine or grieve at that; Hang sorrow, care would kill a cat, So therefore let's be merry!  Ruth Ross  Canaan 1920
3) Bunnie Adams 28/1/06

May Adams 21/1/06                                                                     

1                                                                                    2
Bunnie Adams 28/1/06
2) Pat "Sure an' Oi don' moind carrying the sacks but f'what they give me this truck to push for; about bates me entirely" Love from Bay  Canaan June 1920

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S. Brochst 1916
2) A rosebud set with little thorns, And sweet as Irish air could make her.  J. Lang C.P.C.  1920
3) "Closer than the ivy clings, May friends e'er cleave to thee"  A. M. Hunt  17/2/15

Waiting for the Boys  Ethel Yeates March 1909

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Kathleen M. Allen, Mafeking, Whitehead, Co. Antrim, Ireland
2) In the parlour there were three, The maid, the map and he, Two's company, without a doubt, So the knowing lamp went out.  Elsie M. Townsend  October 30th 1919
3) D Block  Emmeline Killock - Phoebe R. Lefroy - Vera M. Duncan - Daphne A. French - Lorna Galbraith - Jenny Power - Daphne McRobert

1                                                        2                                                       3
1) Victoria Barracks, Belfast  Sylvia H. M. Hacking
2) Many a ship was lost at sea for want of tar and rudder, Many a girl has lost her boy through flirting with another. Mona? Gowan 22/10/1922
3) Pleasures are like poppies spread, You see the flower, the bloom is shed, Or like snowflakes on a river, A moment white, then gone for ever.  Maud Buchanan, 3 Ravensdale Terrace, Belfast

1                                                                  2                                                      3
Who said "Bath"?  Not me anyhow!!  M. L. B.  22nd/2/09
2) Elsie M. Townsend, 26 Cluny Gardens, Edinburgh  Oct. 30th 1919
3) P. Shaw  Dec 1915

1                                                               2                                                       3
For comfort just enough of wealth, For all thy life the best of health.  Come many joys, all sorrows flee - Lastly, thine own wish, wish I thee.  Dorothy I. Lawson  1917
2) Margaret H. Jackson
3) Man was made of dust - Woman sawdust - & liked it.  Canaan 30: 3: 20

1                                                            2                                                           3
Mollie Malcomson, Church Place, Lurgan Feb. 7th 1920 - Mabel Adams, Annetta, Myrtlefield Park, Belfast
2) Muriel is your name, Wilson is your station, Happy is the little man, Who makes the alteration.  Alice E. Quirey 10th March 1915
3) I'm not denying the women are foolish, God Almighty made them to match the men.  George Eliot. Cissy McCullough, March 23rd 1906

1                                                          2                                                           3
Jean Lang, Grougan Bank, Kilmarnoch
2) There is honey in the trees where her misty vales expand, And her forest paths in summer are by falling waters fann'd, There is dew at high noontide there, & springs i' the yellow Sand, On the fair hills of holy Ireland. (Ferguson) Margaret Stewart
3) "The Centre of Attraction"  When Jenny strolls along the Pier, Unconsciously she leans & cause, A Stir among the fellows near, Which lasts at least to she withdraws.  Their frank admiring glances range, In her direction when she's gone, They turn their heads, it is et strange, She's got her "Merry Widow" on.  Maud Buchanan

1                                                           2                                                             3
Jenny's "Merry Widow"  M. L. B.  2nd/?/09
2) An Aid to Memory  "I find my memory is not quite As good as when my step was light, And since for those who judge by sight I do not care a button.  I've tied this lambkin by a string, (I find it just the very thing)  To aid my poor remembering, To buy a leg of mutton"  Jimmy Withers  4/7/23
3) Maye M. Hunter, Ivy Holme, Whiteabbey

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A Lonely Spot  L. B.  21/3/15
2) Lives of great men all remind us, We can make our lives sublime; And departing leave behind us, Footprints on the sands of time:-  Footprints that perhaps another, Sailing o'er Life's solemn main; A forlorn and shipwrecked brother, Seeing, shall take heart again.  Let us then be up and doing, With a heart for any fate; Still achieving, still pursuing - Leave to labour, and to wait - Longfellow E. J. Blair 6: 12: 17
3) E. J. Blair, 6th December 1917 - Ruth Ross, 18th October 1920

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Hence, all you vain delights, As short as are the nights, Wherein you spend your folly: There's nought in this life sweet, If man were wise to see't But only melancholy.  Maurice Wilson
2) Don't make love in a hansom cab. Horses carry tails. M. E. Smith
3) Never make love in a cornfield, Remember the corn has ears.  D. L. Wilson

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I only ask this little spot On which to write "Forget - me - not"  C. M. B. Hunt  17/2/15
2) John F. Hunter Studio, Ivyholme, Whiteabbey
3) To thine own self be true, And it must follow as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.  Shakspeare  M. Stewart  Dec 1917 A.H.S.

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Margaret E. McKittrick, Ardenlea, Clonavin Park, Lisburn, Ireland
2) Give me a kiss, dear love, said he, In accents true and tender, When - lo! - he bent his manly head, And - bang!!!! went his suspender.  Mabel Adams, Canaan School 18.10.20
3) Hark the Herald Angels sing! Carter's pills are just the thing, Peace on earth and mercy mild, Two for man and one for child.  I. Lewis 27th October 1920

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10th March 1915 D. M. Quirey  I'm a wee bit shy
2) Hello Bill!!!  M. Doreen Allen C.T.C. 30/8/20
3) To Muriel Nov. 12th 1918  K. Reid - My Lassie will na' speak to me, But hurries by; She will na' even look my way, I wun'ner why!

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The girl who owns this book is neat, To squeeze her is a perfect treat, She's young and fat? with nice fair hair, And a different blouse each day does wear.  Janet Chalmers C.S. 1920
2) Molly Taylor, November 1920
3) There was a young lady of Cheadle, Who in church once sat down on a needle, But though deeply imbedded, It luckily was threaded, and se twas pulled out by the beadle.  Molly Taylor C.S. 1920

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I stood on the bridge at midnight, When a thought came into my head, What a fool I was to stand there, When I might have been in bed.  E. S. W. McDowall C.P.C. 30-3-20
2) We like the girls who do; But not the girls who don't, The girls we dislike most, are the girls, who say they will, and then they won't.  The girls we like the best; I'm sure you'll say I'm right, Are the girls who say they won't, but Look as though they might.  Bay Anderson C.P.C. 1920
3) Mary Olive Frances Anderson, Otherwise known as 'Bay', 6 West Castle Road, Merchiston, Edinburgh

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What write in your book, Where men may look, And boys may spy, Oh no, not I, I'm shy, Goodbye.  Kitty Kirkwood, Canaan School 18:X:20
2) Mabel E. Donaldson, Canaan 10-6-20
3) Nella C. Hutton, Canaan Park College, Grange Loan, Edinburgh Dec. 3rd 2929

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God made the world rested, God made man and rested, But since God made woman, Neither God nor man has rested.  Jen. C. Hamilton  Canaan School 21: 10: 20
2) Emma Grire? 19/12/69 - Edith McKinney 19/12/69 - Kathleen Stevenson 19/12/69 - ? D. Nicholson - K. Ross 19/12/69 An enjoyable evening
3) Man wants but little here below, He is not hard to please, But woman, bless her little heart! Wants everything she sees.  M. ? McK. C.P.C. 1920

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C.P.C.  Ena Linton - Winnie Baskett "Kim" - Amy Browning - Janet Chalmers "Jinty" - Janet Hamilton "Jen" - Kitty Newboult "Teddy" - I. Lewis "Teddy" - J. M. Baird "Bairdie"
2) Form V  Jemima C. Buchanan "James" - Mary Olive Frances Anderson "Bales" - Vera M. Groom "Veronica" - Hilda W. Simpson "Dimp" - Elsie M. Townsend "Perrichon" - Mabel Adams "Panama"
3) Woman's love is like gold, Hard to get, and hard to hold, Man's love is like snuff, Take one pinch and that's enough. M. E. W. Canaan

             Nella Hutton 1920                           E. Margaret Morrow 18th March 1918

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Mr. Mosquito: "What can we do with a person of this sort?  Mr. Wasp (with blunted sting): "Nothing, His skin's too thick"  W. J. Jones
2) Wood Engraving  Jack Hunter

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When you are feeling down in the mouth, Remember Jonah, He came out alright  Winnie Bartlett  10/11/20
2) Lang may yer lum reek, wi' other folks coal.  B. Lees  C.S.  1920
3) Moya McDowell, December 12th 1916

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You ask me for something original, Well I don't know how to begin, Because there is nothing in me, Only Original Sin.  Gladys E. Wilson
2) Gladys Evelyn Wilson, October 10th 1915
3) As a beauty I'm not a star, There are other more handsome by far, My face - I don't mind it, I am behind it, The people in front get the jar.  ? M. Grant  Nicklefell 23.7.20

1                                                         2                                                        3
Joseph P. Taylor 28/3/06
2) Oh! don't the days seem lank & long, When all goes right & nothing wrong, And aren't the days extremely flat, When there's nothing on earth to grumble at.  Herma M. Malcomson
3) "Lady, when your lovely head, Sinks to lie among the dead, and the quiet places keep, you that so dinnely sleep: Then the head shall blessed be, With a new Solemnity. For such beauty so descending, Pledges them that death is ending. Sleep your fill :- But when you wake, Dawn shall over ? break"  Kilaire Balloc  Nora Fisher Oct 18th 1928

1                                                           2                                                            3
Muriel Wilson, Notting Hill, Whiteabbey Dec. 7th 1917 - Lizzie Black, 3 College Gardens, Belfast Dec. 7th 1917 - Winifred McLeavy, Hillsborough December 7th 1917
2) Meta E. Smith 12/11/05 - Douglas Smith 8/2/06
3) Jane ate jam, Jane ate jelly, Jane went to bed with a pain in her ____, Now don't be mistaken, don't be misled, Jane went to bed with a pain in her head.  ? Wilson

Skating  Eva Mack Dec. 5th 1917

J. N. Stevenson 1917

By hook or by crooke, I will be last in this book. H.M.S. 1917
By the end of this quill, I'll be hanged if you will.