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belonging to Miss Gladys E. Cousins, 37 Holborn Avenue, Bangor
some of the dates on the messages have been altered in ink, I think the original dates stand

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19-1 or 10-1919
"The look of sympathy, the gentle word
Spoken so low that only angels heard;
The secret act of pure self-sacrifice,
Unseen by men, but marked by angels eyes,
These are not lost.

The kindly plan devised for others' good,
So seldom guessed, so little understood,
The quiet steadfast love that strives to win,
Some wanderer from the way of sin,
These are not lost.
J. A. D.
2) 5-19-40
I live for those who love me, For those who know me true,
For the heaven that smiles above me, And waits my coming too,
For the cause that needs assistance, For the wrongs that need resistance,
For the future in the distance, And the good that I may do.
E. A. S.
3 & 4) 23-9-49
Laugh, and the world laughs with you; Weep, and you weep alone;
For this brave old earth must borrow mirth, It has trouble enough of its own.
Sing, and the hills will answer; Sigh, it is lost in the air.
The echoes bound to a joyful sound, But shrinks from voicing care.
G. E. C.
5) God made the world - It rested.  God made the man - He rested.
God made the woman - Since then. Neither God nor man has rested.
E. J. Jeffers
6) 1953-54
I have a little donkey, I ride him all day, You may guess what he does on the road all day.
7) 1953-54
Naughty little Eileen fay? kissed the boys all day, she got spanked when she got home, all because she kissed the boys
Terry Wells  E.S. hearts W. H.

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Hope has a tender daybreak in her eyes, That casts a happy morning in her way,
Her face - it is an image of the day, As pure and sunny as the summer skies.
And when she smiles a halo round her lies, Whose light seems born of heaven's most holy ray,
Her lips are sweet as dainty flowers in May, Yet wear a thoughtfulness that makes them wise.
Oh. shining face! God bless thee every where.
G. E. C.
2) Ice cream and jelly and a punch in the belly.
Judy Wells
3) 26-9-19
In the parlour there were three, The maid, the parlour lamp and he,
Two's company without a doubt, And that is why the lamp went out.
E. Patton
4) They stood on the steps at midnight, Two fools that were better in bed,
Murmuring honeyed nothings, While the silver moon hung its head.
Two fools with joyous elation, Swopped the microbes on their lips,
And thrilled with a queer sensation, From toes to finger tips.
The bachelor says it is nothing, The old maid says it is vice,
And mother says it is naughty, But the young folks know it is nice.
J. C. H.
5) 23-9-19
God made man of dust, Woman saw dust and liked it.
E. J. J.
6) A woman will spend two hours dressing to see her lover for two minutes & then say she didn't expect him.
Bill? or B. U.
7) 1919
When Adam and Eve left Eden, They paused as they reached the gate,
Then Adam turned to Eve and said, "Eve dear, Is my hat on straight"
J. C. A. or H.

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Pink makes the boys' wink!
3) My heart is like a cabbage, The leaves I give to many, But the heart I give to you.
Mama Shields

4) August 1957
To Mammy, Best of Love
5) O, thou my soul, Bless God, the Lord and not forgetful be. Psalm 103
Eileen Shields
6) September 1919
Your Work
You cannot set the whole world right, Nor all the people in it;
You cannot do the work of years, In just a single minute.
But keep one little corner straight, By humble patient labour;
And do the work that each hour brings; And help your next door neighbour.
Jim A.
7) When you and I my love do part, Shall sorrow break your broken heart,
I will go to some foreign land to roam, Sleep in peace away from home.
All I have to say is said, Night is coming I must go away.
With care you read these few lines, You will some secret find.
T. or J. H. S.

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a drawing
2) There is a Book which no erasures blot, A register of weeks and days and hours,
He who records them faints or wearies not, His mind no multiplicity o'erpowers. - C. Elliott
There is a roll whereon thy name is written, See that in the Book of doom, that name is Fixed in light?. - M. Tupper
"For auld lang syne" New joys may come, but still we sigh,
For happy hours and days gone by, But passing years prove most sure test, The saying that Old friends are best.
Truth is our only armour in all passages of Life or Death. Emerson
3) Mary had a little lamb, It had a sooty foot,
And into (Ileen's) bread & jam, It's sooty foot it put.
C. H. McEwan
4) All things come to her who waits, But: here's a rule that's slicker,
For, She who goes for what She wants, Gets it all the quicker.
C.? M. G.?
5) 15-11-1919?
I think I married my man for his inches, He is tall & broad & massive & I looked up to him in every sense of the words. Then he got a bad cold. The "Flu" scarce was on. And the fuss that man made! I believe he thought he was going to die, And the colossal selfishness of him! I was on my feet morning, noon & night, getting things he asked for - and asked for very presumptorily, too - while he mused and coddled himself in bed. And he was just like a baby over the medicine I gave him - almost refused to take it, & would quite "forget to take it if I didn't watch him. And then he recovered & was his old, bright, sunny self again, & not at all ashamed of himself. He had no idea he'd been perfectly impossible for three days. In fact, from, from things he said he thought he was among the last of the invalids, I was contemptuous at first.  A big, strong, hulking man getting the wind up over a cold!  Then I was amused, and it was rather a tender amusement. He was so like a child. This weakness of his gave me a feeling of superiority, after all, this magnificent Lord of creation was not sufficient to himself. But, dear me! men are soft when they are ill, aren't they?  May C.
6) September 1919
Some Art & Some Artist
Jim A.
7) Little drops of powder, Little drops of paint, Make a girls complexion, Look what a daint. (aint)

1                     2                     3                      4                      5                     6                      7
Little drops of porter, Little drops of stout, Make a man's complexion! Run to his snout.
Mollie Edmondson
2) A Lonely Spot
3) September 1919
Where have you seen this before?
Jim A.
4) Truth has a funny flavour, If you bite it through
A Friend
5) Little grains of powder, Little dabs of paint, Make the Belfast Ladies, Look what they Aint.
H. D.
6) Someone is looking, I do not no but I think the cookoo was looking with care.
7) Smile a while & while you smile another smiles & soon there's miles & miles of smiles & life's worth living while you smile.
B. A.

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New shoes new shoes, red an pink and blue shoes,
Tell me what you choose, Bow shoes pretty pointed toe shoes,
Dandy dance by night shoes, Like some, so would I.
Fat shoes, flat shoes, Clump along like that shoes,
Wipe them on the mat shoes, That is the sort they will buy.
2) The brotherhood of man depends on the manhood of the brother.
3) How to cook a husband"
Many good husbands are spoilt in the cooking. Some women go about as if their husbands were balloons and, blow them up; others keep them in hot water; while others freeze then with coldness; these women always serve them up with tongue sauce. Now it cannot be supposed that husbands will be tender & good if managed in this way.
4) 3-4-1929
Romans 10 - 9
That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jeasus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, Thou shalt be Saved.
Ian Cousins
5) 15-5-1919
Don't be always longing for old times back again, Don't be always thinking of sunshine when there's rain,
The world is always with us, ignore it as we may, There's no time like the present, whatever folks may say.
May C.
6) Keep the home fires burning, Not for those returning,
But for those that stay at home; They have cold feet;
There's a yellow jacket, For the lads that slack it;
Keep the home fires good and bright, For the boys at home.
H. I. C. T. or J.
7) 15-11-1919
The Housekeeper.
One day love went to and fro in his house, looked from door & window. & had no rest, I am weary, he said, of this little house. Strait are the walls of it, and narrow the windows, & from them always the same things I see. I must be free; I must fly, or of what use are my wings?  So he took his red robe about him & flew out, leaving door & windows streaming wide to the cold wind. But when he was gone came one in a little gown of green (green for hope, sweetheart, green for hope) and entered the house, & shut the door & window; swept the hearth clean & mended the fire, & then set herself down & sang, & mended her seam. Even when the flame burned low she built it up, & now & then she looked out of window to see if any one were coming; but mostly she sat & sang, & kept the house tidy & warm. Now, by and by love was weary with flying hither & yon; cold he was, too, & night coming on; & as the dusk fell, he saw a light shining bright on the edge of the world.  Where there is light there will be warmth!" said love; & he flew near, & saw that it was his own little house, Oh, who keeps my house alight?" said love.  He opened the door, & the air came warm to greet him, Oh, who keeps my house warm?" cried love.  And he looked, & saw one in a little green gown. (Green for hope Sweetheart) minding the fire & singing on she worked, Who are you, who keeps my house?" asked Love, "Kindness is my name!" said the little housekeeper.  Outside it is cold & empty," said Love, "and the wind blows over the waste; may I come in and warm by the fire?" "Oh, and welcome," said Kindness.  "It was for you I kept it."  My red robe is torn and draggled," said Love, May I wrap me in the gown you are making?"  Oh,! and welcome," said Kindness. "It is for you I was making, and now it is finished!"  Love bent over the fire and warmed his poor cold hands. Oh," he cried, now that I am back in my house I would never leave it again.  But what of my wings, lest they put the flight in me once more?"  Suppose I clip them," said Kindness, with my little scissors!"  How are your scissors called dear?"  "Peace-and-comfort is their name!" said Kindness.  So Kindness clipped the wings of Love; and this one swept the hearth, and that one mended the fire, and all went well while they kept the house together.
May C.

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I strive to forget thee, I seek to be free,
But strong are the fettors that binds me to thee,
The links of affection Cling tenderly yet,
The hearts first impression Is hard to forget.
2) a drawing
3) Only One
You have only one Mother to make a home ever sweet for your Sake,
Who toils day and night for you with delight.
To help her all pains ever take, you have only one Mother to miss,
When she has departed from this.
So loved reverer! That Mother while here, Some time you won't know
kind Kiss
G. E. C.
4) Eileen likes jam, Eileen likes jelly,
Eileen went to bed with a pain in her belly.
5) Eileen likes to wine, Eileen likes port wine.
6) By gum she's stuck
G. E. C.
7) Little drops of Whiskey, Little drops of Beer, Make you see queer animals, If you persevere.
Said Anna's preceptor, "A kiss is a noun" But tell me if common or proper," he cried
With cheeks of vermillion & eyelids cast down, "Tis both common & proper," the pupil replied.
J. C. H.

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Good boys love their sisters, But I so good love grown,
That I love other boys sisters, Better than my own.
Billy Adams
2) 23-9-19
There is so much good in the worst of us, And so much bad in the best of us,
That it ill becomes the most of us, To talk about the rest of us.
E. J. Jeffers
3) The Good Shepherd, looketh for his sheep, and he shall find them.
4) a doodle
5) Our hands have met, Our lips not yet, but oh you love, I'll kiss you yet.

Go search the land, go search the sea, Then come ye home and you'll say with me,
That the finest gold and greatest Pearl, Is a beautiful and hearted Bangor Girl.
6) In a parlour there were three, The maid, the Parlour lamp and he,
Two's company without a doubt and that is why the lamp went out.
7) Long my you live, and happy may you be, Blessed with little children. 1-2-3
One to wash the dishes, One to sweep the floors, One to rock the cradle, When there is any more.

1                     2                     3                     4                     5                     6                   7
doodle & I love coffee, I love tea
2) 15-11-1919
Somewhere, I know, from the blue of the sky, God caught a gleam of the radiant blue,
Held it in tenderness, then let it melt, Into the eyes of you.
Somewhere, I know, from the gold of the sun, God caught a ray of its shining so true,
Held it all lovingly, then let it glow, Deep in the heart of you.
May C.
3) Yes there is my Album, But learn ere you look,
That all are expected, To add to my book.
Gladys Eileen Cousins

To kiss a miss is counted bliss, To miss a kiss is bad,
So boy or miss don't miss a kiss, For that would be too Sad.
4) Loves a tyrant and a Slave, A torment and a treasure,
Having it we know no peace, Wanting it no pleasure.
We would shun it if we Could, Faith, I often doubt it,
We'd much rather bear its pain, Than live our lives without it.
G. E. C.
5) May 1936
To Mummy from Queenie
6) Brenda, Len, Denis, Bren, Paddy, Fred, Kitty, Jerry, Rusty, Sheelagh, M. Dick, A. Esther, Neal, Mick, Mary, Immelda, Fred, Marie, Eileen, Bill, 20 Redcoats at Butlins
7) If you love me, Love me true, Send me ribbon, a ribbon of blue,
If you hate me, Let it be seen, Send me a ribbon, a ribbon of green.

1                    2                   3                    4                    5                  6                  7
Some Love One, Some Love Two, I Love One, And that is you.
Lee Alex.
2) There are fifty young men have told me fine tales, And Called me the fairest she,
But of all the gay wrestlers, that spot on the green, Young Jeffers the Lad for me.
He's tall and he straight as the poplar tree, His cheeks are as fresh as the rose,
He looks like a squire of high degree, When dressed in his Sunday clothes?
3) Womans faults are many, Men they have but two,
Every thing they say, And every thing they do.
A. Friend
4) 1919
Hands were made to squeeze, Cheeks were made to blush,
Arms were made to encircle a waist, Lips were made - Oh Hush
Gladys Eileen Cousins
5) 1919
My Autograph with Pleasure
H. F. Davidson, Bangor
6) 1919
Love many, trust few, always paddle your own Canoe, My Version.
Don't love many, to one be true, Or you'll be left to paddle your own Canoe
G. E. C.
7) Judy likes jam and a little can

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When you are married, And your hubby gets cross, Pick up the poker, And swear you are boss.
2) April 1952
To Mummy, Eileen
3) 3-1-1919
They walked down the lane together, Beneath the shining stars,
And when they reached the gate, He lifted for her the bar.
But she neither smiled or answered, For indeed she knew not how,
For he was only the farmers boy, And she was a jersey cow.
Hannah E. Taylor
4) The Summers flower, Is to the summer sweet, Though to itself, it only blooms and dies.
5) God bless all good women! To their soft hands and pitying hearts, We must all come at last.
C. W. Holmes.
To me the meanest flowers that blows, Can give thoughts, that do often lie, Too deep for tears. Wordsworth
The lives that make the world so sweet, Are sky, and hide like humble flowers,
We pass them by with our careless feet, Nor dream tis their fragrance fills the Bower,
And cheers and comforts us hour by hour.
6) 3-8-19
When I am dead dear sister, Sing no sad songs of me,
Plant then no roses at my feet, Or blooming Cypress tree;
By the green grass above me, With showers & dew drops wet,
And if you will "remember," And if you will "forget."
I shall not see the flowers. I shall not feel the rain, I shall not hear the nightingale,
Sing on as if in pain.
While dreaming thro' the sunset, That never rose nor set,
Happily I may remember, Happily I may forget.
E. P.
7) 3 August 1919
For gold the merchants ploughs the main, The farmer ploughs the manor,
But glory is the soldier's prize, The soldiers wealth is honour.
The brave poor soldier ne'er despise, Not count him as a stranger,
Remember he's his country's stay, In day & hour of danger.
Edith Patton
8) By hook or by crook, I'll be last in your book.
H. A. D.
9) Not if I know it G. E. C.