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1955  Belfast Street Directory

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1955 Index

Corrections and Additions

New Year Honours, 1955
The following are among the Ulster men and women - known to be residing in Northern Ireland - who received awards in the New Year Honours List:-


Slattery, Rear-Admiral Matthew S., C.B., D.Sc., Short Bros. & Harland, Ltd., Airport Road, Belfast


Finney, John Ernest, Parkmount, Dungannon
McCrea, Thom., M.C., 26 Marlborough Park South, Belfast


Cotton, Lt.-Col. B. D., Killymard, Craigavad
Geelan, Commissioner Henry Arthur, R.U.C., 39 Hawthornden Road, Belfast
Lawson, Mrs. Margaret, Kildonan, Chaine Memorial Road, Larne
Lindsay, James R., Hannavale House, Portadown
Millar, Andrew, 133 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast
Ruben, H., 127 Stockman's Lane, Belfast
Shanks, James, 14 Tweskard Park, Belfast
Warnock, Professor F. V., 43 Balmoral Avenue, Belfast


Farrer, G. R., M.C., 47 Edgcumbe Gardens, Belfast
Figgins, D. P., 446 Oldpark Road, Belfast
Gummer, H. E., 97 Knock Road, Belfast
Johnstone, Mrs. Emmie, 616 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast
Leebody, I. W., A.M.I.C.E., Killyman Road, Dungannon
Leeper, Mrs. A. M., Forth Hill, Cookstown
Macauley, N. S., 64 Salisbury Avenue, Belfast
Mercer, Richard Hale, 6 Kincora Avenue, Belfast
McCausland, R.Q.M.S. Joseph E., North Ireland Horse (T.A.), 46 Innisfayle Gardens, Belfast
McKeown, W. J., J.P., Ballymagowan, Clogher
Ryan, C.S.M. Kathleen O., B. Company 328 (U.) Battalion W.R.A.C. (T.A.), 39 Thorndale Avenue, Belfast
Smyth, District Inspector Samuel, R.U.C., 288 (1) Antrim Road, Belfast
Stutt, Rev. J. W., 9 Fortwilliam Drive, Belfast
Waring, Samuel, D.C.M., Island House, Lisburn
Wilson, Robert, 14 Hawkin Street, Londonderry


Atkinson, David, 12 Hazeldene Park, Bangor
Blackmore, William, 206 Cregagh Street, Belfast
Campbell, Miss S. M., 12 Upper Crescent, Belfast
Coghlan, George, 17 Dunraven Avenue, Belfast
Collins, Miss Mary, 25 Deerpark Villas, Portadown
Dawson, James, 38 Sydenham Gardens, Belfast
Kells, Head-Constable W. E., R.U.C., Mountpottinger Barracks, 64 Mountpottinger Road, Belfast
McGaughey, J. J., 1 Alexander Drive, Armagh

Belfast - New Addresses

The following new Belfast addresses - removals, additions, and corrections - were noted during the compiling of the Directory:-

Albany Rooms, restaurant, 46 Royal Avenue
Anderson & McAuley, Ltd., house furnishing branch, 21 Fountain Street
Anglo-Continental Container Services (Belfast), Ltd., 35-39 Middlepath Street
Bell, Artie, auto. engineer, showroom, 60 May Street
City Prudential Building Society - N.I. representatives - Davison & Dickey, F.A.I., 50 Wellington Place
Clydesdale Supply Co., Ltd., house furnishers, radio and television dealers, 18-26 Victoria Street and 1 Queen's Square
Cromac Meat Centre, 53 Cromac Street
Durastic, Ltd., roofing and flooring contractors, 107 High Street
Elware & Co., electrical appliances, 8a College Square East
Gracey, Miss R., ladies' tailoring, 8 College Square East
Hall & Home (Cine Supplies), Ltd., 34 Gresham Street
Hazlett, Gordon, Ltd., house furnishers, 57 Holywood Road
Hughes Tool Company, Ltd., manufacturers of specialised oil industry tools, Castlereagh Road
Lawther & Harvey, Ltd., 35-39 Middlepath Street
London Mantle Warehouse, Ltd., ladies' outfitters, 109 North Street
Lunn, John H., (Jewellers), Ltd., 17 Queen's Arcade
MacIlwaine, A. D., & Co., stock brokers, 50-52 Upper Queen Street
Ministry of Food, 27 Great Victoria Street
McDowell & Marcher's Boutique, ladies' outfitters, 21 Queen's Arcade
Neptric, Ltd., domestic electric appliances, 155 Cromac Street
Nicholls Bakeries, 148 Crumlin Road, 213 Donegall Road, 27-31 Loftus Street, 420 Shankill Road and 183 York Street
Stepaside, cakes and pastries, 12 Brands Arcade
Thompson's Bakeries, Ltd., 248 Albert Bridge Road, 9 Ardoyne Road, 15 Bradbury Place, 198 and 388 Newtownards Road and 109 Shankill Road
Ulster Meats, Ltd., meat wholesalers and packers, 49 Chichester Street and Stewart Street
United Steel Companies, Ltd., The, 7 (55-56) Donegall Square West

Change of Title

Dorman Long (Steel), Ltd., formerly Dorman, Long & Co., Ltd., 16 (32-33) Donegall Square South
Maynard, formerly Flora, 12a Brands Arcade

Publishers' Notice

          As a book of reference the Directory occupies a unique place in the professional, commercial, industrial, and social life of Northern Ireland.  For this reason it is essential that the information contained in it should be as complete and accurate as possible, and no effort is spared to ensure that this condition is fulfilled.  In this connection, the Publishers would like gratefully to acknowledge the help which they have received from readers.
          In recent years various improvements have been made in the arrangement and the contents of the Directory with the object of enhancing its interest and usefulness; and the size has been increased in order to provide for the inclusion of particulars about new housing areas and other changes and developments.  In the Belfast Street section, for instance, the number of pages has been increased by more than a hundred since 1949, and there has been a corresponding increase in the number of entries in the Alphabetical and Professions and Trades sections.  A wider classification has also been made of the Professions and Trades.
          Although the section relating to Local Boards, Associations and Societies occupies about the same amount of space as in the 1954 edition, a larger number of organisations has been included.
          The Index has again been extended, and additions have been made to the list of abbreviations used in the Directory. The list is in page 9a.
          Areas on he fringe of the Belfast Borough Boundary have, for the purpose of reference, been included in the Belfast section.
          It is interesting to note that in 1852, when volume 1 of the Directory was published, the population of Belfast was approximately 100,000, whereas at the last census, taken in 1951, it was 443,671.
          Classified lists of hotels approved by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board are published in the Towns and Villages section, which is not intended to cover the whole of the rural areas; names of residents in many of the smaller and more isolated districts are not given.
          In the Northern Ireland Limited Liability Companies section, which was revised up to the end of November, 1954, there are now 1,100 entries.
          All the official information in the front portion of the Directory was revised up to the middle of December, 1954. The names of the High Sheriffs for 1955 are given in page 8a, and in the same page there are also published the names of men and women known to reside in Northern Ireland who figured in the Honours List issued on January 1, 1955.
          The Publishers cannot accept responsibility for errors or omissions, but would be glad if, in the event of subscribers discovering any, they would inform the Compiler.  The Publishers.  51-59 Donegall Street, Belfast