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1912 Belfast Street Directory

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Corrections, Removals, and Additions during Printing of Directory



Agnew, H., from 148 Ormeau Road to 19 Lawrence Street
Apperson, F., from Thornleigh, Cliftonville, to Circus Villas, Oldpark Road
Archdale, M., from St. Ruan's, Fortwilliam Park, to Clarmford, Killaloe, Co. Clare
Armstrong, H., from 201 Dunluce Avenue to 19 Bow Street, Lisburn


Balmer, M. E. from 29 Lincoln Street to 9 Manor Street
Bambrick, W. J., from Glenburn Park to Sunnyside, Kensington Park
Band, Clarie, from 59 Botanic Avenue to 47 Botanic Avenue
Barker, L. B., from Kingscourt, Wellington Place to 23 Chichester Street
Barr, R., from Innerslaid, Cliftonville Road to Bidabank, Cliftonville Road
Baskin, Mrs. R., from 101 Fitzroy Avenue to Myrtlebank, Ravenhill Road
Bell, E. E., from 64 Agnes Street to 116, 118 Crumlin Road
Bennett, W., from 242 York Street to 165 York Street
Bertwistle, W., from 15 Churchill Street to Lucilla, Henderson Avenue
Best, J. M., from Cranmore Avenue to 39 Colenzo Parade
Black, A. S., from 108 Cliftonpark Avenue to 40 Trevelyan Terrace
Black, J., from 32 Eglinton Street to 19 Cliftonpark Avenue
Blackwood, J., from 30 Elmwood Avenue to Deramore Park South
Boal, S., from 17 Ravenscroft Avenue to 17 Lonsdale Street
Boyd, J., from 127 Rugby Avenue to 24 Raby Street
Boyd, Wm. B., A.M.I.E.E., consulting electrical engineer, 4th floor, Scottish Provident Buildings
Brierley, J. C. A., analytical chemist, Heights, Cliftonville Circus
Brown, Edward, from 119 Dunluce Avenue to 18 Chadwick Street
Brown, William, from 69 Ballygomartin Road to 34 Stranmillis Road
Burney, D., from 3 Cameron Street to 7 Duncairn Gardens
Busby, M., from Cranmore Crescent to 39 Colenzo Parade


Calvert, D., from 25 Landseer Street to 13 Rugby Parade
Campbell, J. A., from 50 Haypark Avenue to 38 Ormeau Street
Campbell, J., from 59 Kansas Avenue to Charlotte Villas, Sydenham
Campbell, Mary, from 3 Pakenham Street to 22 Eglinton Street
Campbell, M., from 2 St. James's Street to 10 Grampian Avenue
Carr, F., from 114 Stratheden Street to 223 Antrim Road
Carroll, Mrs., from 82 Woodstock Road to 37 Virginia Street
Carter & Campbell, hemstitchers and finishers, 55 Glengall Street
Charlton, ?, from 212 Duncairn Gardens to 32 Madison Avenue
Cheyne, H. A., from 37 Colenzo Parade to 20 Elaine Street
Clements, James, from 1 Ulsterville Gardens to 467 Lisburn Road
Cochrane, W. A., from 15 Cromwell Road to 12 Wellington Park Terrace
Cochrane, W., from 19 Salisbury Avenue to 109 Hamilton Road, Bangor
Comber, F. R., from Sunnyside, Antrim Road, to 4 Mount Pleasant
Connell, W., from 110 Limestone Road to 72 Antrim Road
Copeland, J. T., from 59 Botanic Avenue to 36 Wolseley Street
Cox, J., from 97 Donnybrook Street to 16 Park Place
Craig, D., from 21 Melrose Street to 21 Claremont Street
Crompton, Samuel, from 194 Hillman Street to 242 York Street
Crozier, R. J., from 52 Ardenlee Avenue to 44 Princetown Road, Bangor
Currie, Rev. W. G., from 104 University Street to Stranraer


Davy, M., from 17 Wellington Park to Parade, Donaghadee
Dennison, Robert, from 37 Haywood Avenue to 56 Burmah Street
Devon, A., from Underwood, Malone Park to Derwent House, Myrtlefield Park
Devon, G., from Lerona Villa, Alliance Avenue, to Underwood, Myrtlefield Park
Devoto, ?, from Clonfern, Glenburn Park to Ivanhoe, Downview Avenue
Dixon, B., from Liswyn, Alliance Avenue, to Boynterg, Alliance Avenue
Dixon, Joseph, from 36 Hardcastle Street to 75 Ormeau Road
Dodd, ?, from 38 South Parade to 71 Haypark Avenue
Donaghey, Annie, from 14 Edenderry Gardens to 81 Crumlin Road
Duke, W. J., from 633 Cranmore Terrace to 42 Bawnmore Road


Elliott, George, dentist, L.D.S., 123 Great Victoria Street
Esdale, Wm., from 2 Newington Avenue to 18 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Ewart, Miss M. G., from 39 Adelaide Avenue to 36 Florenceville Avenue
Ewing, Annie, from 18 The Mount to 48 Creagagh Street (Cregagh)


Fagan, James, from 189 Upper Meadow Street to 5 Baltic Avenue
Ferguson, A. T., from 391 Newtownards Road to 178 Duncairn Gardens
Frame, W., from 80 Willowbank Street to 3 Limestone Road
Fulton, Jane, from 148 Woodstock Road to 33 Castlereagh Place


Gledhill, R. & E., from 45 Hogarth Street to 94? Bridge End
Grand Incandescent Co., from 59 Mill Street to 18 Joy Street
Grant, J. W., from 50 Sandymount Street to 241 Albertbridge Road
Gray, J. A., from 17 Albertbridge Road to 169 Shankill Road


Hamilton, M., from 27 Carrington Street to 44 Leitrim Street
Hanna, H., from 21 Stranview Street to 51 Annalee Street
Harkness, J. B., from 2 Ardenlee Avenue to Redcliffe, Holywood Road
Harvey, Mrs. M., from 28 North Queen Street to 25 Eglinton Street
Hayes, H. C., from 82 Upper Meadow Street to 90 Alexandrapark Avenue
Henderson, J. N., from Myrtlebank, Ravenhill Road to Dundela, Ardenlee Avenue
Herdman, F. S., from The Drift to Storrsholme, Windermere
Hetherington, Brs. A. D., from Canmore, Windsor Park to Haslemere, Marlborough Park
Hewerson, J. W., from 151 Euston Street to 52 Hatton Drive
Hewitt, M., from St. James' Park to 43 Colenso Parade
Higginson, T., from 39 Virginia Street to 68 Rugby Avenue
Hill, W. R., from 31 Wellington Park to Boyne Mill House, Drogheda
Hillen, F., from 27 Brougham Street to 13 Haypark Avenue
Hoe, W. A., from 27 Willowfield Drive to 15 Delhi Street


Irwin, Robert, from 73 Agincourt Avenue to 3 Magdala Street


Jarmain, M., from 76 Willowbank Street to 6 Wyndham Street
Jones, E., from 68 University Street to 68 Colville Street
Jordan, J., from 124 Templemore Avenue to 52 Mountpottinger Road


Kavanagh, M. P., from 3 Greenville Avenue to 292 Upper Beersbridge Road
Kellacher, T., from 38 Cromwell Road to 23 Fairfax Street
Keys, W. J., from 56 Waring Street to 26 Princes Street
Kidd, John, from 319 Crumlin Road to 5 Mountview Terrace


Law, A., from 467 Lisburn Road to 104 Cromwell Road
Little, H. R., from 39 Eia Street to 352 Woodstock Road


Manley, Dr., from Whitehouse to Kilmacremian, Co. Donegal
Mann, J., from 13 St. Aubuyn Street to 3 Holywood View Terrace
Maxwell, J. A., from 56 Cromwell Road to 69 Rushfield Avenue
Medical Supply Association, surgical instrument manufacturers, 24 College Square East
Mitchell, A., from 17 Chadwick Street to 28 Eglantine Avenue
Moffet, N., from 65 Duncairn Gardens to 2 Pacific Avenue
Moore, J. W., from 10 Wolseley Street to 110 University Street
Moore, M., from 68 University Street to 48 Cromwell Road
Morris, J. T., from 22 Belgravia Avenue to 22 Wilmont Terrace
Murdock, Chas., from 22 Bawnmore Road to 50 Bawnmore Road
Murphy, Chas., from 92 Great George's Street to 231 York Street
Murphy, Ella, from 9 Chambers Street to 27 Donegall Pass
Murphy, E. A., from 51 Tate's Avenue to 51 Wellesley Avenue
Murray, Thomas, from 155 Creagagh (Cregagh) Road to 364 Beersbridge Road


McAfee, Mrs., from 352 Ravenhill Road to 2 Mount Eden, Woodvale Road
McBride, J. C., from 28 Adelaide Avenue to Larchmount, Everton Drive
McCann, S., from Deramore Park South to Osborne Park
McCartney, T. J., from 32 Virginia Street to 39 Eglinton Street
McCausland, Mrs., from Lennoxvale to Redlands, Adelaide Park
McConnell, Joseph, from 53 Carlisle Street to 262 Old Lodge Road
McConnell, Mrs., from 9 Chambers Street to 47 Lavinia Street
McCready, J. G., from 77 Eglantine Avenue to Innisclaren, Malone Road
McCreight, Mrs. M. J., from 3 Virginia Street to 10 Rosapenna Street
McDermott, E. K., from 22 Wellington Place to 84 Malone Avenue
McDonald, E., from Alexandrapark Avenue to 5 Esler Street
McFerron, James, from 13 Auburn Street to 87 Tate's Avenue
McKeown, J., from 49 Woodvale Street to 402 Shankill Road
McKeown, L., from The Beeches, Cliftonville Road to Towerview, Ballymagee Street, Bangor
McKenzie, W. J., from Jareena, Marlborough Park Central to 15 Cameron Street
McKinstry, T., from 16 Windsor Street to 50 Deramore Avenue
McLoughlin, J., from 185 Newtownards Road to 45 Holywood Road
McLean, A., from Elim, Bawnmore Road to Islandvale, Whitehead
McMeekin, W. J., from 26 Edlingham Street to 80 Willowbank Street


Neill, J. M., from 37 Botanic Avenue to 30 University Street
Nelson, John, from 58 Strangemore Terrace to 25 Hughenden Avenue
Nixon & Co., J. C., from 56 Upper Queen Street to 18 Bedford Street
Noble, Thomas, from 41 Rushfield Avenue to 76 Haypark Avenue


O'Donnell, P., from 239 Crumlin Road to 45 Fairview Street


Patrick, E., from Eglantine Gardens to 63 Eglantine Avenue
Patterson, Charles, from 191 Lisburn Road to 156 Lisburn Road
Pentland, Daniel, from Glenbana, Cregagh Road to 68 Castlereagh Road
Potter, T., from 54 Hatton Drive to 23 Oberon Street
Purvis, L., from 6 Rosevale Street to 84 Fitzwilliam Parade
Pyper, F., from 18 Glandore Avenue to Roslyn, Mount Aboo Park, Finaghy


Rainey, A., from 22 Templemore Avenue to 22 Upper Newtownards Road
Rea, M., from 6 Frank Street to 128 Albertbridge Road
Reid, R., solicitor, from 105 Royal Avenue to 1 Lombard Street (2nd floor)
Reid, William, from 40 Jocelyn Avenue to 1 Carrington Street
Robinson, J., from 9 Fisherwick Place to 60 Upper Queen Street
Robinson, S., from 2 Marlborough Park Terrace to 12 Wilmont Terrace
Ross, J., from 4 Wolseley Street to 6 Fountainville Avenue
Ruddell, James, from 41 Upper Townsend Street to 62 Denmark Street
Russell, J. R., from 79 Myrtlefield Park to St. Margaret's, Windsor Park
Russell, T. J., from Stockman's Lane to 2 Manilla Villas, Downview Avenue


Scott, W. L., from 41 Lothair Avenue to 35 Marsden Gardens
Sinnott, Jas., from 22 Antrim Road to 101 Market Street
Sinclair, M., from 39 Creagagh (Cregagh) Street to 126 Madrid Street
Staveley, W. J., commission agent, from Chislehurst, Dundonald to 229 Mountpottinger Road
Stephenson, A., from 78 Lawnbrook Avenue to 19 Pacific Avenue
Stewart, H. L., from 111 University Street to 38 Elmwood Avenue
Stewart, S. T., from 42 Bawnmore Road to Ivy Lawn, Douglas Road, Cork
Stone, G. R., from 51 Cliftonville Road to 18 Bryansburn Road, Bangor


Taggart, W. G., from 37 Sandhurst Gardens to 25 Landseer Street
Taylor, D. A., from 42 Shankill Road to 49 Fitzroy Avenue
Taylor, W. C., from St. Kilda, Ashgrove Park to 25 Francis Street, Southsea, Portsmouth
Thompson, J. D., from 34 Avoca Street to 67 Cedar Avenue
Twaddell, W. J., from 45 Adelaide Park to Nashville, Malone Park
Tyack, J. T., from 26 Eglantine Avenue to 31 Bawnmore Road


Wilson, E. E., from 105 Cavehill Road to Merridale, Windermere Gardens
White, W. H., from 12 Ava Street to 31 Queen Street


Bailie, Robert Ellis, crown solicitor, Castleblayney
Breach, James, Tubberkyle, Knock
Brown, John, Longhurst, Dunmurry
Burns, Andrew, 45 Lagan Street
Campbell, Isabella, 60 Kansas Avenue
Chambers, Elizabeth, 2 Thorndale Terrace
Chambers, Margaret, Balmoral House, Belfast
Clements, W. T., inspector N.S., Victoria Villas, Dungannon
Davison, James, Dundela, Jordanstown
Dean, Charles, 9 Dunluce Avenue
Donald, Sarah, Green Street, Carrickfergus
Duff, W. J., Rosario, Ormeau Road
Dunlop, Quinton, 117 The Mount
Elliott, Matilda, 6 Lower Windsor
Fee, Thomas, 1 Rathgowan, Cliftonville
Fennell, Emily, Tonagh Lodge, Lisburn
Halliday, Rebecca, 9 University Road
Holden, W. J., Cullingtree Street
Johnston, John Wesley, 13 Lawrence Street
Jordan, Jeremiah, J.P., Church Street, Enniskillen
Joyce, Henry, 92 Eglantine Avenue
Kerr, Henry, Greenmount Terrace, Ballymena
Lynn, Daniel, 48 Cromac Street
Maude, Charles, Kempton, Clinen, Knock
Mills, Jas. Alex., 22 St. Jude's Avenue
Moreland, Andrew, Woodbrook Villas, Ballygomartin Road
Morrison, Jane Neill, Richmond Villas, Lisburn Road
Morrow, Sarah A. Graham, 81 Wellington Park
McCormick, Samuel, 87 Southwell Road, Bangor
McKean, Wm., Montono, Malone Park
McLean, Annie, Clontarf, Derryvolgie Avenue
McMath, Mrs., Annalong
Neill, Abraham, 2 College Gardens
Neill, Hugh J., 91 Madrid Street
Noble, Eliza, Garnerville, Belmont
Payne, J. C. Chas., 4 Ulsterville Avenue
Pinion, James, 6 Lower Crescent
Quirey, Sarah, 12 Ravenhill Gardens
Rainey, Thos., 103 Malone Avenue
Rogers, Rev. John, Benmore, Marlborough Park
Sefton, John, Croyden, Rosetto Avenue
Shaw, Martin, Congleton Villas, Eastleigh Drive
Shaw, Wm. M., 20 Burmah Street
Simms, Joseph H., 2 Rosemount Gardens
Smith, W. J. R., Heath Lodge, Cranmore Avenue
Strain, Hugh, Craigryan, Derryvolgie Avenue
Taylor, Richard, 7 Cyprus Gardens
Watters, William, master mariner, 16 Glenallen Street
Weinberg, Isaac Julius, J.P., Fernbrae, Dundee
Young, Rebecca, Beccaville, Ormeau Road