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1910 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Removals, during Printing of Directory


Belfast Street in Wards



Abernethy, J., from 26 Lawrence Street to 95 Carmel Street
Alexander, W., from 8 Corporation Street to 58 Waring Street
Allan, B., from 102 Ravenhill Avenue to Ardenlee Parade
Allen, Hugh, from 119 Rugby Avenue to new house, Fitzroy Avenue
Allardyce, E., from 41 to 31 Stranmillis Road
Anderson, M., from 73 Woodstock Road to Nosredna, Somerton Road
Anderson & Hoy, from 8 Corporation Street to 1 Franklin Street
Andrews, R., from 56 Cliftonpark Avenue to 107 Wellesley Avenue
Apperson, F., from Normanton, Knutsford Drive, to Thornleigh, Cliftonville Road
Ardis, Robert, from 79 Ogilvie Street to 2 Santos Villas, Sydenham
Armstrong, H., from 32 Bawnmore Road to Ardlin, Myrtlefield Park
Armstrong, J., from 40 Upper Townsend Street to Armsford, Cardigan Drive
Armstrong, M., from 18 Fairview Street to 19 Annalee Street


Bailie, Robert, from 46 Ponsonby Avenue to Ellerslie, Ravenhill Park
Bamford, Samuel, from 269 Crumlin Road to 63 Mountview Street
Barlowe, J. A., from 4 Elmgrove Terrace to 3 The Lindens, Cliftonville Road
Bell, A. M., from Craimore Gardens to 4 Wolseley Street (Craigmore)
Bell, Isaac, from 131 University Avenue to 10 Burmah Street
Bell, Mrs. L., from 96 Hatton Drive to 8 Portallo Street
Bell, R., from 130 Rugby Avenue to 17 Derlett Street
Bellor, David, from 9 Altmore Terrace to new villa, Ardenlee Parade
Berlitz School, from Royal Avenue to Kingscourt, Wellington Place
Best, Wm., from 37 Bruce Street to 10 Packenham Street (Pakenham)
Black, Isaac, from 24 Fairview Street to 32 Eglinton Street
Blackie & Son, Ltd., from 44 Wellington Place to 54 Fountain Street
Blumer, ?, from Glandore Avenue to 17 Lancefield Road
Bodel, J., from 641 Lisburn Road to Lansdowne, Malone Park
Bolton, David, from 119 Mountpottinger Road to Dorothy Villa, Larkfield Road, Sydenham
Boucher, J., from 167 Albertbridge Road to 26 Castlereagh Street
Boyd, Frank, from 110 Ravenhill Avenue to 20 Deramore Avenue
Boyd, John, from 54 Farnham Street to 29 Cameron Street
Boyd, W. R., from 25 Eglinton Street to 180 Duncairn Gardens
Brady, D. A., from 44 Agnes Street to 43 Fairview Street
Brennan, T. H., from 4 Adelaide Avenue to 21 Glantane Street
Briggs, J. S., from 206 Sandy Row to 35 Eglantine Avenue
Briggs, T., from 13 Wellington Park to 14 Upper Crescent
Broadhurst, J., from 67 Mountview Street to 13 Eglinton Street
Brown, Matthew, from Beechgrove, Bristol Avenue, to 405 Woodstock Road
Brown, R., from 11 Rugby Parade to 465 Ormeau Road
Buchanan, James, from Warwick, Cavehill Road to 26 Allworthy Avenue
Buller, Mrs. R., from 4 Wyndham Street to Lillyville, Cavehill Road


Cameron, A., from 15 Twickenham Street to 93 Melrose Street
Campbell, L., from 50 Haypark Avenue to 38 Jameson Street
Campbell, M., from 1 Fisherwick Place to Osborne House, Mountcharles
Campbell, Robert, from Meynell, Deramore Drive to Tudor House, Holywood
Campion, W., from 7 Castle Arcade to 9 Union Street
Cargin, A. E., from 27 Wellington Park to 5 Eileen Gardens, Windsor Park
Carr, Miss, from Queen's Elms to Ardkeen, Marlboro' Park
Carr, M., from 82 Spamount Street to 425 Ormeau Road
Carson, John, from 16 Hogarth Street to 40 Rosewood Street
Carson, M., from 306 Albertbridge Road to 35 Crosscollyer Street
Carter, J., from 180 Crumlin Road to 52 Fairview Street
Caughey, F. W. & Co., from 79 Royal Avenue to 99 & 101 Chichester Street
Chapman, A., from 45 Botanic Avenue to 8 University Street
Charles, J. S., from 455 Ormeau Road to 10 Whitehall Gardens
Clarke, D., from 72 Stratheden Street to 87 Denmark Street
Clegg, J. J., from 28 Jocelyn Avenue to 80 Maryville Street
Cleland, W., from 123 to 147 Grosvenor Road
Connor, E. B., from 39 Burmah Street to Inglemore, Florenceville Avenue
Cooke, E. A., from 17 Eglinton Street to 349 Crumlin Road
Cooper, H., from 103 Rugby Avenue to 85 Delhi Street
Cooper, J., from 148 University Street to Dudley Street
Coote, J., from 6 Stranmillis Gardens to 19 Mountcharles
Corkey, M., from 60 Sandymount Street to 28 Rathgar Street
Corry, R., from 23 Springfield Road to 575 Donegall Road
Coulson, Thos., from Linden, Norfolk Drive to 12 Springfield Parade
Coulter, Isaac, from 42-46 Great George's Street to 159 Tennent Street
Coulter, Lizzie, from 24 South Parade to 42 Fitzroy Avenue
Courtney, R. H., from 224 Old Lodge Road to 115 Snugville Street
Cowan, Henry, from 187 to 181 Lisburn Road
Craig, Thos., from 133 Stranmillis Road to 2 Eglinton Street
Crookshank, M., from Marlboro' Park to 2 Wilmont Place
Crozier, F., from 20 Dover Street to 34 Peter's Hill
Crozier, J. A., from 10 Donnybrook Street to 11 India Street
Cumming, D., from Leigh Cottage, Springfield to 22 Canterbury Street
Cummings, E. J., from 11 to 12 Essex Street


Davis, Dalzell, from 2 Glandore Street to Ashurst, Ashley Park
Davis, F. W., from 175 Dunluce Avenue to 41 Ashley Avenue
Davidson, Miss, from 9 Hughenden Avenue to 12 Chichester Avenue
Deans, J., from 21 Wellesley Avenue to Moringa, Marlboro' Park South
Denby, W. H., from 67 Cedar Avenue to 20 Evelyn Gardens
Devlin, F., from 203a Antrim Road to 89 Limestone Road
Dickson, A. F., from 67 Wellesley Avenue to 40 Eblana Street
Dickson, ?, from 50 Jocelyn Avenue to 39 Glenallen Street
Dixon, J., from 24 Rugby Road to 25 India Street
Dobson, J., from 72 Perth Street to 15 Roe Street
Donaldson, F., from Farnham Street to 27 Agincourt Avenue
Donaldson, Geo., from 11 Eblana Street to 48 Haypark Avenue
Donaldson, J., from 74 Beechfield Street to 335 Newtownards Road
Donegan, E., from 48 Haypark Avenue to 68 Rockview Street
Donnan, W. H., from 30 Moyola Street to 47 Duncairn Gardens
Donnan, ?, from Mountroyal, Antrim Road to 133 Limestone Road
Doyle, H. P., from 12 Belgravia Avenue to 37 Botanic Avenue
Doyle, W. S., from 57 Manor Street to 11 Clanchattan Street
Dunlop, T. W., from 6 Carlisle Street to 10 Bedeque Street


Eagar, E., from 23 Agincourt Avenue to 23 The Mount
Earley, Joseph, from 27 College Square North to 17 Eglinton Street
Edmundson, J., from 145 My lady's Road to 10 Cyprus Avenue
Edwards, R., from Ocean Buildings to Scottish Temperance Buildings
Elliot, D., from 24 Lawnview Street to 364 Shankill Road
Evans & Barr Ltd., from 8 Exchange Place to 54 Scottish Temperance Buildings


Feenan, J., from 24 Clondara Street to Iveagh Villas, Sydenham
Fennell, W. J., from Deramore Drive to 101 Antrim Road
Ferguson, A. F., 16 Garfield Street to 355 Newtownards Road
Ferguson, H., from 137 Royal Avenue to 31 Donegall Street
Ferguson, J., from 107 York Street to 84 York Street
Ferguson, J., from 64 Royal Avenue to 80 Great George's Street
Ferguson, N., from 22 Regent Street to 30 Carlisle Street
Finlay, Russell, from 23 Perth Street and 39 Ardenlee Avenue
Finlay, R. H. F., from 54 Ulsterville Avenue to 31 College Gardens
Firth, E., from 4 Loughview Terrace to 11 Glenbrook Avenue
Firth, W., from 15 Southview Street to 40 Ethel Street
Fitzgerald, J. F., from 69 Ulsterville Gardens to 4 Adelaide Avenue
Fitzgerald, W., from 167 Divis Street to 22? Falls Road
Flannagan, M., from 42 Regent Street to 4 Riverview Street
Foley, E. G., from 1 Cameron Street to 5 Cromwell Road
Foord, Richard, from 29 Atlantic Avenue to 8 Cavendish Terrace
Foreman, John, from 19 Tate's Avenue to 661 Donegall Road
Forsythe, John, from Montrose, Downview Avenue, to Eastleigh, Antrim Road
Forsythe, W. J., from 100 Durham Street to 9 Ventry Street
Frazer, George, from 122 Dunluce Avenue to 340 Lisburn Road
Freeman, S., from 1 Bellevue, Landscape Terrace to 112 College Park Avenue


Gallagher, R., from 6 Brougham Street to 36 Brougham Street
Garratt, W. A., from 13 Colenso Parade to 13 Inver Avenue
Gibson, J., from 36 Stranmillis Gardens and 41 Claremont Street
Gibson & Co., from 254 Albertbridge Road to Raymount, Kirkliston Drive
Gilbert, H., from 10 Cromac Street to 5 Cromac Square
Gill, J. S., from 11 Ardmore Avenue to Wenvoe, Upper Newtownards Road
Gillespie, A. E., from 15 Ardmore Avenue to Liswyn, Alliance Avenue
Ginn, James, from 28 Jerusalem Street to 94 Dunluce Avenue
Ginneff, Joseph, from 1 Stranmillis Park to 22 Belgravia Avenue
Glass, J. R., from 26 Cedar Avenue to Dunmara, Antrim Road
Graffin, J., from 56 Sandymount Street to 12 Southview Street
Graham, B., from 72 Great Victoria Street to 118 Great Victoria Street
Graham, B., from 259 Springfield Road to 118 Great Victoria Street
Graham, ?, from 43 Brookvale Street to 6 Rosemount Gardens
Graf, F., from 126 Dunluce Avenue to 31 Ardmore Avenue
Greenless, J., from 38 Silvio Street to Wyndham Street
Grey, John A., from Mounteaston to Salisbury, Antrim Road


Hadden, W. M., from 62 Upper Queen Street to 11 Magdala Street
Haddock, Mrs. J. E., from 128 University Avenue to 158 Duncairn Gardens
Hales, John, from 7 Fountainville Avenue to 26 Malone Avenue
Hamilton, M., from 5 Oberon Street to Ulidia, Cregagh Road
Hamilton, R., from 7 Yarrow Street to 24 Albertville Drive
Hamilton, Sam., from 192 Upper Meadow Street to 76 Roseleigh Street
Hamilton, W. A., from 62 Cedar Avenue to 39 Pacific Avenue
Hanna, Margaret, from Osborne Hotel to Osborne House, Mountcharles
Hanna, R., from 11 Rushfield Avenue to 8 Haypark Avenue
Harbison, John, from 174 Manor Street to 198 Antrim Road
Hardy, Thomas, from 239 New Lodge Road to 6 Oceanic Avenue
Harper, Hans, from 3 Ulster Street to 3 Customhouse Square
Harper, M., from 3 Cliftonville Street to Minvara, Knutsford Drive
Harper, M., from 17 Chlorine Gardens to 58 Eglantine Avenue
Harrison, T., from 19 Ratcliffe Street to 13 Chambers Street
Harrison, W. J., from 15 Deramore Avenue to 20 Rushfield Avenue
Hawthorne, Margt., from 19 Upper Frank Street to Mullaghbawn, Cliftonville Circus
Heaney, W. T., from 19 Cliftonpark Avenue to 68 Donegall Pass
Hegarty, D., from 18 Fairview Street to 19 Annalee Street


Riddell, Mrs., from 5 Windsor Terrace and 13 Wilmont Terrace to 58 Wellington Park
Ritchie, A. S. & Co., from 51 & 53 High Street to Victoria Street
Roberts, J. R., from 6 Eglantine Gardens to 9 Abercorn Street
Robins, L., from 8 Wyndham Street to 29 Balfour Avenue
Robinson, Samuel, from 15 Stranmillis Park to 2 Marlborough Park Terrace
Robinson, ?, from 32 Surrey Street to 417 Lisburn Road
Rogan, K., from 42 Windsor Road to 2 Edinburgh Street
Roy, W., from 6 Jocelyn Gardens to 20 Stranmillis Gardens
Rusk, Jas. K. & Co., from 65 & 67 Donegall Street
Russell, H. E., from 79 Myrtlefield Park to Canmore, Windsor Park
Ryan, C. F., from 147 Grosvenor Street to 79 Dublin Road


Sargent, G. H., from 28 Pretoria Street to 14 Deramore Avenue
Savage, R., from 159 Alexandrapark Avenue to 1 Orwell Villas, Salisbury Drive, Ballygomartin Road
Saul, R., from 26 Adelaide Avenue to 22 Allworthy Avenue
Scandrett, D., from 85 Deramore Drive to 34 Stranmillis Gardens
Scott, John, from 48 Eglantine Avenue to 2 Elmwood Avenue
Scott, M., from 1 Bellevue, Landscape Terrace to 112 Cliftonpark Avenue
Sewell, James, from 47 Mervue Street to 24 Newington Street
Sharpe, R., from 21 Shankill Road to 355 Beersbridge Road
Shaw, W. J., from 208 Ormeau Road to 60 Parkmore Street
Shields, A., from 54 Tate's Avenue to 94 Dunluce Avenue
Simmond, H., from 18 Mountcharles to 19 University Street
Singleton, Miss, from Queen's Elms to Ardkeen, Marlboro' Park
Slater, A., from 12 Deacon Street to 2 Rookby Villas, Shore Road
Sleeman, J. L., from 105 Antrim Road to Carlindean, Windsor Avenue North
Smith, John, from 32 Mileriver Street to 73 Gainsboro' Drive
Smyth, E., from 5 Fitzroy Avenue to Innisfayle, Donegall Park
Smyth, J. G., from 27 Pacific Avenue to 29 Clifton Crescent
Smyth, K., from 374 Oldpark Road to 93 Skegoniel Avenue
Speers, Nixon, from 31 Marsden Gardens to 35 Indiana Avenue
Stafford, J. M., from 22 Damascus Street to 26 Fernwood Street
Stanfield, W. A., from 80 Dunluce Avenue to 25 Fleetwood Street
Starkey, B., from Upton Villas, Glen Road to 11 Hughes' Terrace
Starritt, ?, from 101 Eglantine Avenue to 2 Ashley Villas, Cliftonville
Stead, J. A., from 4 Wolseley Street to 38 Adelaide Avenue
Steele, J., from 41 The Mount to new houses Upper Newtownards Road
Stephens, J. R., from 10 Agnes Street to 1 Cliftonpark Avenue
Stevenson, W. E., from Rosenberg, Cranmore Avenue to Brooklands, Annadale
Stewart, G. H., from 49 Surrey Street to 6 Ashley Avenue
Stewart, J. H., M.D., from 4 Cliftonpark Avenue to 168 Antrim Road
Stewart, Mrs. M., from 5 Hughenden Avenue to Inver, Ashley Park
Stewart & McDonald, from 19 Lombard Street to 16 Waring Street
Stockman, H., from 34 Roseleigh Street to 10 Hollywood View Place, Shore Road
Strahan, W. P., from 255 Springfield Road to Kingsford, Knutsford Drive


Tate, R. J. & Co., from Lower Garfield Street to Brandon and Co., Donegall Square West
Thompson, A., from 1 College Park East and 5 Princess Gardens
Thompson, C. J. L., from Geraint, Bawnmore Road to Altamat, Clara Park, Knock
Thompson, J., from 469 Falls Road to Fruithill Park, Andersonstown
Thompson, L., from 17 East Bridge Street to 18a Donegall Place
Thompson, R. B., from Clonkeen, Osborne Patk to Clonkeen, Marlboro' Park South
Truesdale, John, from 13 Crumlin Road to 4 Slieve Donard, Whiterock Road
Turnbull, ?, from 44 Eglantine Avenue to 9 Chlorine Gardens


Vance, J. H., from 53 Southport Street to 161 Manor Street
Vance, J. M., from Marlboro' Park to 46 Elmwood Avenue
Verner, Robert, from 28 Landscape Terrace to Anworth, Cliftonville Circus


Waddell, W., from 41 Fortwilliam Parade to 66 Edlingham Street
Wallace, John, (Hamilton Laundry), from 2 Sandy Row to 171-181 McClure Street
Wallace, W., from 122 Rugby Avenue to 79 University Avenue
Walker, R., from 8 Tokio Gardens to 5 Rossmore Avenue
Walker, Wm., from 56 Brookvale Street to 1 Glantane Street
Walker, W. J. & Co., from 45 Queen Street to 25 Bedford Street
Walsh, J., from 17 Rochester Street to 95 Ravenhill Road
Walsh, J. M., from 25 St. Aubyn's Terrace to 194 Duncairn Gardens
Ward, G., from 44 Brookvale Avenue to 1 Clongowan, Cliftonpark Avenue
Watson, S., from 6 South Parade to Aldersyde, Ravenhill Road
Wells, C. J. & Co., 40 Hill Street to 40 Exchange Street
Wheatley, Thomas, from 5 Southview Cottages to 8 Ormeau Road
Whisker, W. J., from 49 Maryville Street to 6 Sandhurst Gardens
Whitley, H. T., from 291 Ardenlee Avenue to 297 Ardenlee Avenue
Willis, W., from 22 Churchill Street to 89 Roseleigh Street
Wilson, James, from 35 University Street to 12 Cooke Street
Wilson & Reid, from 9, 11, 12 Donegall Quay to Ulster Buildings, Waring Street
Whyte, Saml., from 49 Victoria Street to 2 Princess Street
Wortley, V., from 1 Rosewood Street to 73 Willowbank Street
Wright, D., from 27 Agincourt Avenue to Georgeville, Cregagh Road
Wyatt, F. A., from 3 Iveagh Chambers to 130 Dublin Road
Wylie, Matthew, from Gordon House, Annadale Avenue, to Cranford, Osborne Park


Young, Charles, from 182 Crumlin Road to 84 Albertbridge Road
Young, C., from 17 Tate's Avenue to 108 Limestone Road
Young, J. W., from 27 Alexandrapark Avenue to 159 Alexandrapark Avenue


Agnew, William, Harrystrand Villa
Allison, Rev. Jas. A., The Manse, Monaghan
Anderson, James, 93 University Road
Archbold, Hugh, Bog House, Carnmoney
Armstrong, Jas., 88 Hanover Street
Ashworth, John, 22 Florida Street
Beggs, Wm. Stewart, Dunluce House, Larne
Bell, Wm. H., compositor, 67 St. Kilda Street
Benson, Esther, 57 Meadow Street
Berryman, Catherine, 16 Albertbridge Road
Black, W. C., painter, 28 Castlereagh Street
Blackstock, John Kennedy, 27 Donegall Pass
Braddell, Isabella Shaw, Woodriff, Malone Park
Brennan, Hugh, 71 Falls Road
Bristowe, Very Rev. John
Bulla, Henry, 87 Wellesley Avenue
Carson, James, Emerald Hill, Whiteabbey
Christian, Sarah Neile, Balmoral
Clegg, Joseph, assistant county surveyor, Carrickmacross
Clinton, John, 41 Oldpark Road
Clow, Peter, 16 Ardenlee Avenue
Coates, William, 32 Earl Street
Cobain, St. Lawrence, 17 Greenville Terrace
Collins, John, 13 Theresa Street
Colvin, Thomas, 21 Burmah Street
Conway, Very Rev. George, P.P., Nazarath Home, Ballynafeigh
Craig, Jane, 28 Rugby Road
Davison, Wm., 3 Stratheden Street
Day, Alexander Armstrong, Rugby Villa, Strandtown
De La Cherois, Daniel Louis, Manor House, Donaghadee
Devlin, Thomas, 45 Harland Street
Doey, Captain William Johnston, 72 Kansas Avenue
Donaghy, Mary Ann, 160 Sandy Row
Donaghy, Wm. John, 79 Palmer Street
Donnell, James, 3 Richardson Street
Donnelly, Francis, 119 McDonnell Street
Donnelly, John, Upper Clifton, Bangor
Douglas, Thomas, 13 Haldane Street
Duffy, John, Kona Vista, Lisburn Road
Duffy, Rose, 43 Springfield Road
Duggan, Hugh, 154 Corporation Street
Dunwoodie, David, 301 Shankill Road
Ewing, William John, Glenvale, Cregagh Road
Ferris, James, The Crescent, Holywood
Fitzgibbon, Henry, K.C., Dunedin, Jordanstown
Fisher, Alfred, Invermore, Larne
Gage, Captain Ricka, Rathlin Island
Gavin, Wm., 14 California Street
Gaw, James, Beechlawn Terrace, Ballysillan
Gray, Hugh, 54 Raglan Street
Haggan, Saml., Albert Road, Carrickfergus
Hall, Captain Robt., Belgrave, Larne Harbour
Hanna, Robert, Ashmore, Myrtlefield Park
Hanna, Thomas, The Grove, Lurgan
Hardy, Gardiner, Ballyholme, Bangor
Henry, Major-General S. G. C., C.B., Toghermore
Houston, Thomas, Drumcree, Bangor
Irwin, Jane, 22 Landseer Street
Jackson, Hugh, 45 Spencer Street
Johnstone, John Houston, New Bath, Greenisland
Kirk, George, Edmondston, Thornfield, Carrickfergus
Kirkpatrick, Rev. Alex. T., Waterloo, Larne
Laverty, John, Roselle, Whitehead
Lee, Annie, 3 Mountpleasant
Lepper, Charles, Laurel Lodge, Bangor
Lindsay, Thos. H., Apsley Street
Lowry, James, Magheramorne
Macaulay, Samuel, M.D., 2 Annville, Bloomfield
Macauley, Alexander, Halfway House, Whiteabbey
MacDouall, Euphemia, 2 Lower Crescent
Macnaghten, Norman, Moylena Cottage, Muckamore
Madden, John, 27 Silvergrove Street
Major, Andrew, Fernbank, Holywood
Malcomson, Sarabella Jackson, Cairnburn, Strandtown
Matchett, Mary Jane, 3 Rugby Parade
Matier, Alan, Glandore, Ward Avenue, Bangor
Mearns, George, Liswyn, Antrim Road
Menown, Andrew, J.P., Regent Street, Newtownards
Montgomery, Thos., D.L., Ballydrain
Moore, Elizabeth, 8 Malone Avenue
Moutray, Wm., 3 Beatrice Terrace, Bangor
Mulholland, Robert, Avenue Road, Lurgan
Murchie, John, 34 Mountcollyer Road
Murray, Robert, Wolfhill Place, Ligoniel
McBretney, Robert, Kensington Road, Knock
McConnell, Andrew, M.D., 12 College Square North
McCurry, Isaac, 33 Cromwell Road
McFerren, Robert, Clan Terrace, Islandmagee
McGuinness, Patrick, Iveagh Villa, Sydenham
McIlroy, Thos., M.D., Newtownards
McKee, Hugh Wm., Belfast
McKee, John A., 176 Oldpark Road
McKeown, Hugh, 167 North Street
McLaughlin, Hugh, Ardvalla, Bangor
McLaughlin, John, Chester Villa, Lambeg
McQuillan, David, Dunluce House, Larne
Naylor, Rev. T. B., Cloughmore, Warrenpoint
Orr, James, Kensington Villa, Sydenham
Patterson, Benjamin, Gad's Hill, Balmoral
Pattison, Fanny, 72 Bentinck Street
Pentland, Horace, 30 Canterbury Street
Perry, Ernest, Beechlands, Parkmount Road
Pollock, John Henry, Church View, Holywood
Press, Wm., Dunmurry
Raphael, George, Galgorm House, Ballymena
Reid, Isabella, Dunluce Avenue
Robertson, Alex., 8 Marine Parade, Holywood
Robinson, Rev. David, Rockcorry
Robinson, Joseph, 199 New Lodge Road
Robinson, Rev. W. A. H., Aughnacloy
Rogers, J. O., Innisfail, Bangor
Roy, John, 238 Duncairn Gardens
Russell, Robt., Seacliffe Road, Bangor
Savage, Roland, Lisburn
Savage, Wm., J.P., Lisburn
Scott, John, Elmgrove House, Beersbridge Road
Shannon, James, 114 Lisburn Road
Shaw, John, jun., Alberta, Green Road
Simms, Charles, Plasmedyn, Holywood (Plasmerdyn)
Simms, Felix B., Dunallen, Donaghadee
Sinton, David Henry, Markethill
Sloan, James, 19 Ardgowan Street
Smart, Wm., 40 Bedeque Street
Smiley, Sir Hugh Houston, Drumalis, Larne
Stanton, Rev. Saml., Congregational Manse, Lisburn
Stewart, Eleanor, The Lodge, Dunmurry
Storey, Wm., 5 Marine Parade, Holywood
Sumner, John, 34 University Street
Todd, Henry, 33 Eglantine Avenue
Turnley, John, D.L., Drumnasloe
Wade, Anne, Redhill, Knock
Wallace, John, J.P., Lisconnan, Dervock
Walshe, Rev. Stephen, M.A., T.C.D., Ballynahinch
Wharton, Margaret Gair, 27 Ulsterville Avenue
Willis, Wm., 23 Duncairn Gardens
Wilson, Captain John, Bankmore, Whitehead
Wise, Berkeley Deane, 18 Salisbury Terrace, Portrush
Wortley, Stewart, 1 Rosewood Street
Wylie, Wm., bursar Queen's College, 8 Mountpleasant

West Belfast Division

Alexander St. West
Albert Place
Albert Street
Alma Street
Ann's Court
Ardmoulin Street
Baker Street
Bank Street
Barrack Street
Barrack St Court
Bathurst's Court
Beattie's Entry
Belgrade Street
Berry Street
Bilton Place
Boomer Street
Bosnia Street
Boundary Street
Bow Street
Bread Street
Brook Street
Brown Street
Campbell's Row
Campbell St. South
Cargill Court
Cargill Street
Castle Street
Chapel Lane
Christian Place
Cinnamond Street
Coate's Place
Coate's Street
Colin Street
College Sq. North
College Place Nth
College Place North Court
College St. West
Crane's Court
Cross St. South
Cullingtree Road
Currell's Place
Currie Street
Derby Court
Derby Street
Divis Street
Durham Place
Durham Street
Dysart Street
Emma's Court
English Street
Falls Road
Francis Street
Frere Street
Galway Street
Garfield Street
Gilford Street
Hamill Court
Hamill Square
Hamill Street
Hastings Street
Haslett Square
Hope's Place
Institution Place
Inverness Place
Irwin Street
Johnson Court Sth
Johnston Street
John Street
Jude Street
Killen Place
Killen Street
King Street
King Street Place
Lemon Street
Letitia Street
Lettuce Hill
Little Sackville Plc.
Little Sackville St.
Marquis Street
Mary Street
Massereene Street
Mawhinney's Court
Melbourne Street
Milan Street
Milford Street
Mill Street
Milton Street
McIvor's Place
McMillan's Place
Nail Street
Ormonde Street
Ormonde Place
Peel Street
Pound Street
Quadrant Street
Raglan Street
Ross Place
Ross Street
Roumania Street
Royal Avenue
Sackville Street
Scotch Street
Scotland Place
Scotland Street
Scotland St. South
Servia Street
Smithfield Market
Steel Court
Steel Street
Tanner's Court
Townsend Place
Townsend Street
West Street
Whitehall Court
Wilson Street
Wood Street

East Belfast Division

Abercorn Road
Abercorn Quay
Ardilaun Street
Ardgreenan Drive
Armitage Street
Aston Gardens
Avon Street
Banbury Street
Bathgate Drive
Belmont Avenue
Belmont Ave West
Belmont Church Rd
Belmont Road
Bethany Street
Brandon Terrace
Bridge End
Cable Street
Campbell Pk Ave
Campbell's Row East
Carew Street
Castleview Terrace
Central Street
Chadolly Street
Chater Street
Chelsea Street
Cheviot Avenue
Cheviot Street
Church St. East
Circular Road
Clonallen Street
Clonlee Drive
Colvil Street
Connsbrook Ave
Connsbrook Street
Connswater Street
Convention Street
Cuba Street
Dalton Street
Dee Street
Derwent Street
Downpatrick Street
Dundela Avenue
Dundela Drive
Dundela Park
Dundela Street
Dundela View
Eastern Twin Island
Earlswood Road
Eastleigh Drive
Ebrington Gardens
Fernvale Street
Finmore Street
Foundry Street
Fox Street
Fraser Street
Frome Street
Gawn Street
Graham's Place
Gertrude Street
Gilbert Street
Grampian Avenue
Grampian Street
Greenwood Ave
Harland Street
Hawthornden Rd
Hillfoot Street
Hill's Avenue
Holywood Road
Humber Street
Ina Street
Inverary Avenue
Inverary Drive
Irwin Avenue
Island Street
Josephine Street
Julia Street
Kenilworth Street
Khartoum Street
Kincora Avenue
Kimona Street
Kinaff Street
Kyle Street
Lackagh Street
Larkfield Road
Leila Street
Lisavon Street
Lomond Avenue
Lomond Street
Loughview Street
Madison Ave East
Manderson Street
Medway Street
Mersey Street
Methuen Street
Middlepath Street
Newcastle Street
Nevis Avenue
New Street off Parkgate Avenue
New Street off Belmont Road
Newtownards Rd
Newtownards Road Upper
North Road
Oakley Avenue
O'Kane's Place
Old Channel Road
Palmerston Road
Pansy Street
Park Avenue
Parkgate Avenue
Pim's Avenue
Pitt Place
Pitt Street
Pomona Avenue
Queen's Quay
Queen's Road
Ranfurley Street
Ribble Street
Roxburgh Street
Sandbrook Avenue
Saunders Street
Scotch Row
Severn Street
Shaw Street
Solway Street
Station Road
Station Street
St. Leonard's St
Sydenham Avenue
Sydenham Road
Tamar Street
Tern Street
Victoria Avenue
Victoria Road
Wandsworth Road
Welland Street
Westminster Ave
Whitestar Street
Wilgar Street
Witham Street
Wolff Street
Wye Street

West Belfast Division

Abbey Street
Aberdeen Street
Ainsworth Avenue
Ainsworth Street
Annsboro' Street
Ardmoulin Avenue
Argyle Street
Ashmore Street
Azamore Street
Ballygomartin Rd.
Battenberg Street
Belair Street
Bellevue Street
Beverley Street
Boundary Street
Boyd's Place
Boyd Street
Brady's Lane
Brookmount Street
Brown Street
Brown Square
Caledon Street
Canmore Street
Cargill Street
Cargill St. Upper
Carlow Street
Ceylon Street
Conway Street
Craig Street
Craig's Terrace
Crosby Street
Crossland Street
Cumberland Street
Cupar Street
David Street
Dayton Street
Diamond Street
Divis Street
Dover Street
Duffield's Lane
Duffy's Place
Dundee Street
Dunmoyle Street
Eastland Street
Eighth Street
Esmond Street
Falls Road
Fifth Street
Forsythe Street
Forth Glen
Fourth Street
Gardiner Street
Glasshouse Street
Glenwood Street
Greenland Street
Haddow Street
Kendal Street
Kirk Street
Lanark Street
Lawnbrook Square
Lawnbrook Ave
Lawnview Street
Linen Street
Lorton Street
Louden Street
Luke Street
March Street
Mary's Market
Maryville Terrace
Mayo Street
Melbourne Court
Melbourne Street
Merkland Street
Midland Street
Mitchell's Row
Mitchell Street
Morpeth Street
Mountjoy Street
Nelson Square
Ninth Street
Nixon Street
Norfolk Street
North Howard St.
North King Street
Northland Street
Northumberland St.
O'Haggarty Street
Penrith Street
Percy Street
Peter's Hill
Reid's Place
Seventh Street
Shankill Road
Sixth Street
Slieve Donard
Southland Street
Springfield Road
Springfield Row
Sugarfield Street
Tate's Court
Tenth Street
Third Street
Townsend Street
Tyne Street
Urney Street
Urney Street Lower
Warkworth Street
Westland Street
Westmoreland Street
Whiterock Road
Whiterock Old Road
Whiteville Terrace
Wigton Street
Wilton Square North
Wilton Square South
Wilton Street
Woodbrook Villas
Woodvale Avenue
Woodvale Road

Belfast Streets in Wards
(Compiled from Official Sources)


North Belfast Division

Adela Place
Adela Street
Albertville Drive
Alliance Avenue
Alloa Street
Allworthy Avenue
Annalee Street
Annesley Street
Antigua Street
Antrim Road
Arbor Street
Ardilea Street
Ardoyne Avenue
Ardoyne Road
Ashgrove Park
Avoca Street
Avonbeg Street
Baden-Powell St.
Ballycarry Street
Ballycastle Street
Ballyclare Street
Ballymena Street
Ballymoney Street
Ballynure Street
Ballysillan Road
Bandon Street
Bann Street
Barrow Street
Beechnut Street
Beechpark Street
Benwell Street
Bourton Street
Britton Street
Brookfield Street
Brookhill Avenue
Brookvale Avenue
Brookvale Drive
Brookvale Street
Buller Street
Butler Street
Byron Place
Byron Street
Carlisle Circus
Cavehill Road
Cedar Avenue
Century Street
Charnwood Ave.
Chatham Street
Chestnut Gardens
Chichester Avenue
Chichester Park
Chichester Road
Clifton Crescent
Clifton Drive
Cliftonpark Avenue
Cliftonville Avenue
Cliftonville Road
Cliftonville Street
Conningsby Street
Cornwall Street
Cranburn Street
Cromwell Street
Crumlin Road
Crumlin Street
Dargle Street
Deerspark Road
Derg Street
Druse Street
Duncairn Avenue
Easton Avenue
Easton Crescent
Eia Street
Elmfield Street
Elmgrove Street
Enniskillen Street
Evelyn Gardens
Everton Street
Ewart's Row
Fairfax Street
Fairfield Street
Flax Street
Fleetwood Street
Foyle Street
Garrow Street
Gilbert Street
Glandore Park
Glenburn Park
Glenpark Street
Glenview Street
Gracehill Street
Groomsport Street
Harcourt Street
Harold Street
Havana Street
Hazelnut Street
Henderson Avenue
Herbert Street
Hillview Street
Hooker Street
Hopefield Avenue
Hughenden Avenue
Hughenden Terrace
Indiana Avenue
Inver Avenue
Jamaica Street
Kansas Avenue
Kelvin Parade
Kenbella Street
Kerrara Street
Kingsmere Avenue
Kingstown Street
Kinnaird Street
Kinnaird Terrace
Knutsford Drive
Landscape Terrace
Lebanon Street
Lee Street
Liffey Street
Lincoln Avenue
Linden Gardens
Linwood Street
Louisa Street
Madison Avenue
Manor Drive
Manor Street
Marsden Gardens
Mayfair Street
Mountview Street
Newport Street
Nore Street
Oakfield Street
Old Cavehill Road
Oldpark Avenue
Oldpark Place
Oldpark Road
Orient Gardens
Ophir Gardens
Parkview Street
Printworks Terrace
Park Lodge Crescent
Richmond Square
Roe Street
Rosapenna Street
Roseleigh Street
Rosemount Gardens
Rosevale Street
Rosewood Street
Salisbury Avenue
Saunderson Street
Shannon Street
Southport Street
St. James' Street
Suir Street
Summer Street
Summerhill Street
Sylvan Street
Thorndale Avenue
Tokio Gardens
Vicinage park
Victoria Gardens
Walton Street
Waterproof Street
Westland Road
Wheatfield Avenue
Willowbank Street
Woodland Avenue
Wyndham Street
Yarrow Street

North Belfast Division

Agnes Street
Alton Street
Antrim Street
Ariel Street
Arkwright Street
Arnon Street
Bedeque Street
Belgrave Street
Blenheim Street
Bradford Street
Bristol Street
Broadbent Street
Brownlow Street
Brunel Street
California Street
California St Lower
Campbell Street
Carlisle Circus
Carlisle Street
Carrick Court
Carrick Hill Place
Cavour Street
Christopher Street
Clements Street
Clifton Street
Concord Street
Conlig Street
Conlon Street
Court Street
Crumlin Road
Dagmar Street
Denmark Street
Downing Street
Dunne Street
Eglinton Street
Eton Street
Fairview Street
Fleming Street
Florence Place
Foreman Street
Foster Street
Fortingale Street
Glentilt Place
Glentilt Street
Hanover Street
Hartley Street
Hemsworth Street
Hopeton Street
Hopewell Street
Hudson Place
Hudson Street
Israel Street
Jackson Street
Joseph Street
Kildare Street
Killarney Street
Langford Street
Leadbetter Street
Lime Street
Lonsdale Street
Lower Regent St.
Malvern Place
Malvern Street
Mansfield Street
Maria Place
Maria Street
Matlock Street
McTier Street
North Boundary St
Old Lodge Road
Park Street
Perth Street
Peter's Hill
Peter's Place
Regent Street
Richmond Street
Riversdale Street
Rumford Street
Rutherford Street
Shaftesbury Street
Shankill Road
Sherbrook Street
Sidney Street
Springmount Street
Stanhope Street
Tilley Street
Townsend St Upper
Trinity Street
Twickenham Street
Tyrone Street
Unity Street
Upton Street
Upper Library Street
Upper Malvern Street
Wall Street
Wardlow Street
Warwick Street
Wellwynne Street
Winburne Street
Woburn Street
Woodburn Street
Woodford Street

South Belfast Division

Abbott Street
Agincourt Avenue
Agincourt Street
Annette Street
Artana Street
Auburn Street
Bagot Street
Balfour Avenue
Beech Street
Beechland Avenue
Belmore Street
Bond Street
Botanic Avenue
Botanic Gdns. Park
Cadogan Street
Cairo Street
Caledonia Street
Cameron Street
Campbell's Place
Canterbury Street
Carmel Street
Chambers Street
Chlorine Gardens
Colenso Street
College Green
College Park Ave.
College Park East
Collingwood Ave.
Conduit Street
Cooke Place
Cooke Street
Coyle Street
Coyle's Place
Crawford Street
Cromac Square
Cromac Street
Cromwell Road
Curzon Street
Damascus Street
Deramore Drive
Deramore Park
Deramore Pk. Sth.
Donegall Pass
Dromara Street
Dudley Street
Dunlop's Place
East Bridge Street
East Street
Eblana Street
Elaine Street
Eliza Court
Eliza Place
Eliza Street
Elm Street
Essex Street
Ettrick Street
Farnham Street
Fitzroy Avenue
Friendly Street
Gosford Street
Gosford Place
Harrow Street
Hartrick Court
Hatfield Street
Havelock Place
Havelock View
Havelock Street
Harleston Street
India Street
Ireton Street
Ivanhoe Street
Jerusalem Street
Keegan Street
Kinallen Street
Lagan Street
Laganvale Street
Laganvale Road
Lake Street
Landseer Street
Lavinia Street
Lawrence Street
Lockview Street
Magdala Street
Malone Road
Market Street
May Street
Mornington Street
Mount Pleasant
Murphy Street
Murphy's Lane
McAuley Street
McClure Street
McKenna's Place
New Bond Street
New Street off Fitzroy Avenue
New Road off Sans Souci Park
New Street facing river
Norton Street
Notting Hill
Oak Street
Ormeau Road
Ormeau Street
Outram Street
Oxford Street
Palestine Street
Penrose Street
Peveril Street
Pine Street
Posnett Street
Powerscourt Street
Prospect Street
Raphael Street
Ratcliffe Street
Richmond Park
Ridgeway Street
Riley's Court
Riley's Place
River Terrace
Riverview Street
Roy Street
Rugby Avenue
Rugby Road
Rugby Parade
Rugby Street
Rutland Street
Sandhurst Gardens
Sandhurst Road
Sandymount Street
Sans Souci Park
Shaftesbury Avenue
Silvergrove Street
Smith Street
Southview Street
Southview Cottages
Spruce Street
Stable Lane
Stanfield Court
Stanfield Street
Staunton Street
Stewart Street
St. Alban's Gardens
St. George's Market
St. Ive's Gardens
Stranmillis Gardens
Stranmillis Road
Stranmillis Park
Stranmillis Street
Strandview Street
Turnley Street
University Avenue
University Road
University Street
Verner Street
Vernon Street
Virginia Street
Walnut Place
Walnut Street
Welsh Street
Wansbeck Street
Westminster Street
Wolseley Street
Zetland Street

East Belfast Division

Ambrose Street
Antrim Road
Brougham Street
Cambridge Street
Columbus Street
Corporation Sqr.
Corporation Street
Corporation St. Ltl.
Cross Street
Dale Street
Dock Lane
Dock Street
Duncairn Gardens
Earl Court
Earl Lane
Earl Place
Earl Street
Economy Place
Edlingham Street
Ellen's Court
Fleet Street
Fountain St. North
Garden Place
Garden Street
Garmoyle Street
Garston Street
George's St. Little
Glenrosa St. South
Great George's St.
Grove Street
Halliday's Road
Hardinge Court
Hardinge Street
Henry's Lane
Henry Street
Henry Street Little
Hillman Street
Hume's Court
Isabella Street
Kells Street
Lepper St. Upper
Ludlow Street
Meadow Street
Meadow St. Upper
Michael Street
Moffatt Street
Molyneaux Street
Murphy's Court
McCleery Street
McFadden's Place
Nelson Place
Nelson Street
New Lodge Place
New Lodge Road
Nile Street
Norman Street
North Ann Street
North Queen Street
North Thomas St.
Pilot Place
Pilot Street
Prince's Dock
Quinn's Place
Shipboy Street
Ship Street
Short Street
Southwell Street
Spamount Street
Spencer Street
Stanley Lane
Stanley Place
Stratheden Street
Sussex Street
Trafalgar Court
Trafalgar Street
Trainfield Street
Valentine Street
Vere Street
Wensley Street
York Street
York Street Little

North Belfast Division
Annadale Street
Antrim Road
Arlington Street
Artillery Street
Ashton Street
Bruslee Street
Burke Street
Burlington Street
Churchill Street
Clifton Street
Carnmoney Street
Carntall Street
Dawson Street
Donore Street
Duncairn Street
Glenravel Street
Hartwell Street
Henry Place
Lepper Street
Maralin Street
New Lodge Road
North Queen Street
Pim Street
Pinkerton Street
Shandon Street
Sheridan Street
Singleton Street
Walbeck Street

East Belfast Division

Adam Street
Albert Quay
Andrew Street
Antrim Road
Atlantic Avenue
Ayr Street
Back Ship Street
Baltic Avenue
Bentinck Street
Boyle Street
Brougham Street
Bute Street
Cambridge Street
Canning Street
Canning Place
Canning St. Place
Carnalea Street
Clanmorris Street
Collyer Street
Copperfield Street
Cosgrave Street
Craigavad Street
Cultra Street
Dufferin Road
Duncairn Buildings
Duncairn Gardens
Duncrue Street
Edlingham Street
Evolina Street
Fife Street
Garmoyle Street
Glasgow Street
Glenrosa Street
Greenmount Street
Grove Terrace
Halliday's Road
Hanna Street
Harrisburg Street
Hogarth Street
Ilchester Street
Ivan Street
Jennymount Terr.
Jennymount Street
Kilronan Street
Lawther Place
Lawther Street
Lewis Street
Lilliput Street
Limestone Road
Lothair Avenue
Mackay Street
Marine Street
Mervue Street
Milewater Road
Milewater Street
Mineral Street
Moyola Street
Nelson Street
New Andrew St.
New Dock Street
Newington Avenue
Newington Street
North Derby Street
North Queen Street
Oceanic Avenue
O'Dempsey Street
Orchard Street
Osborne Street
Pacific Avenue
Pittsburg Street
Ponsonby Avenue
Ritchie Street
Robina Street
Rowan Street
Ruth Street
Ship Street
Ship Street Little
Shore Street
St. Paul's Street
Syringa Street
Tramway Street
Upper Canning Street
Upper Mervue Street
Weaver Street
West Abbey Street
Whitla Street
York Road
York Street

North Belfast Division

Alexandra Avenue
Alexandra Gardens
Alexandra Park Av
Antrim Road
Ashley Gardens
Brantwood Street
Bristol Avenue
Camberwell Street
Castle Avenue
Castleton Avenue
Castleton Street
Catherine Row
Clanchattan Street
Crosscollyer Street
Donegall Park
Donegall Park Ave
Downview Avenue
Deacon Street
Esther Street
Fortwilliam Pk Ave
Fortwilliam Parade
Fortwilliam Park
Gainsborough Dr
Glandore Avenue
Glandore Gardens
Glandore Park
Glandore Street
Glantane Street
Glantrassna Street
Glastonbury Ave
Glenleam Street
Glanworth Street
Glencollyer Street
Green Row
High Street
Innisfayle Road
Jubilee Avenue
Keadyville Avenue
Lansdowne Road
Limestone Road
Main Street
Mileriver Street
Mountcollyer Ave
Mountcollyer Cres
Mountcollyer Road
Mountcollyer Street
Mount Street
McDowell's Row
New Nth Queen St
New Street
Parkmount Road
Parkmount Street
Parkend Street
Park Row
Parkside Street
Queen Victoria Crs
Queen Victoria Gdns
Seaview Terrace
Seaview Street
Serpentine Road
Shore Road
Skegoniel Avenue
Skegoniel Street
Somerton Road
Steen Street
St. Aubyn's Street
St. Vincent's Street
Tate's Row
Taunton Avenue
The Glen
Waterloo Gardens
Whitewell Road
York Road

West Belfast Division

Abercorn St North
Aboo Street
Abyssinia Street
Albert Street
Albert Street Place
Alma Street
Balaclava Street
Balkan Street
Bantry Street
Beechmount Ave
Benares Street
Bombay Street
Bosnia Street
Brighton Street
Cairns Street
Cape Street
Carnmore Terrace
Cavendish Square
Cavendish Street
Cawnpore Street
Clonard Gardens
Clonard Street
Clonard St. Lower
Colligan Street
Clovelly Street
Clowney Street
Colinview Street
Collingpark Street
Colinward Street
Colombo Terrace
Conway Street
Cowan's Court
Crocus Street
Cullingtree Road
Cupar Street
Cyprus Street
Dairy Street
David Street
Devonshire Street
Dickson Street
Dimsdale Street
Divis Drive
Dunlewey Street
Dunmore Street
Dunstan Street
Dunville Street
Earlscourt Street
Elizabeth Street
Elswick Street
Falls Road
Forrest Street
Forfar Street
Fort Street
Forth River Grdns
Frere Street
Garnet Street
Getty Street
Gibson Street
Glen Road
Granville Street
Grosvenor Place
Grosvenor Road
Harrogate Street
Hawthorne Street
Hertford Street
Hutchinson Street
Inkerman Street
Iris Street
Islandbawn Street
Kashmir Road
Lady Street
Leeds Street
Leeson Street
Leoville Street
Lincoln Street
Linden Street
Locan Street
Lucknow Street
Malcolmson Street
Marchioness Street
Mary's Place
Maurice Street
Merrion Street
Milliken Street
Murdock Street
McDonnell Street
McQuillan Street
New Street off Divis Drive
New Street off Glen Road
Norfolk Drive
Norfolk Street
North Queen Place
Oakman Street
Odessa Street
Omar Street
O'Neill Street
Oranmore Street
Osman Street
Palmerston Street
Panpark Street
Panton Street
Plevna Street
Pollard Street
Raglan Street
Rochdale Street
Rockmore Road
Rockville Street
Ross Street
Ruskin Street
Selina Street
Servia Street
Sevastopol Street
Shiel Street
Slate Street
Sorella Street
Spinner Street
Springfield Avenue
Springfield Road
Springvale Cottages
Springview Street
Stanley Street
Sultan Street
Tennyson Street
Theodore Street
Theresa Street
Ton Street
Tralee Street
Turf Lane
Upton Cottages
Varna Street
Violet Street
Ward Street
Waterford Street
Waterville Street
Whiterock Old Road
Whitworth Street
Willow Street
Wilton Street Lower
Wylie Place
Wylie Street

East Belfast Division

Agra Street
Albertbridge Road
Ardenlee Avenue
Ardenvohr Street
Ardgowan Street
Ardmore Avenue
Ashfield Street
Athens Street
Ava Avenue
Ava Street
Avoniel Street
Ballarat Street
Bangor Street
Beersbridge Road
Belmont Street
Bendigo Street
Bennett's Place
Blackwood Street
Bryansford Street
Burmah Street
Calvin Street
Canada Street
Candahar Street
Canton Street
Cappy Street
Carolan Road
Carrington Street
Castlereagh Place
Castlereagh Road
Castlereagh Street
Cherryville Street
Claremont Lane
Coate's Row
Coburg Street
Cregagh Road
Cregagh Street
Dan's Row
Delaware Street
Delhi Street
Deramore Avenue
Deramore Street
Derlett Street
Donard Street
Douglas Street
Dublin Street
Dunvegan Street
Elgin Street
Emerald Street
Empress Street
Euston Street
Eversleigh Street
Fernwood Street
Fitzwilliam Avenue
Florenceville Ave.
Florenceville Drive
Florida Street
Frank Place
Frank Street Upper
Frankfort Street
George's Street
Glendower Street
Gipsy Street
Glentoran Street
Glenwherry Street
Gotha Street
Greenore Street
Grovefield Street
Halcombe Street
Hamburg Street
Hamilton Place
Hatton Drive
Haypark Avenue
Haywood Avenue
Henryville Street
Imperial Street
Isthmus Street
Jamison Street
Jocelyn Avenue
Jocelyn Gardens
Jocelyn Street
Killowen Street
Kimberley Street
Kingscourt Street
Knockbreda Road
Lawnmount Street
Leitrim Street
Lismain Street
Lismore Street
Listowel Street
London Road
London Street
Malcolm Lane
Malcolm Street
Mashona Street
Maymount Street
Moneyrea Street
Moore Street
Mount, The
Mount St. Lower
Murray's Place
My Lady's Road
Myrtle Street
McMullan's Lane
Newry Street
New Street off Delhi Street
North Parade
Ogilvie Street
Omeath Street
Ormeau Park
Ormeau Road
Park Parade
Park Road
Parkmore Street
Pearl Street
Portallo Street
Pottinger Street
Primrose Street
Raby Street
Radnor Street
Ranelagh Street
Rathmore Street
Ravenhill Avenue
Ravenhill Gardens
Ravenhill Park
Ravenhill Road
Ravenhill Street
Redcar Street
Richardson Street
Rochester Street
Rokeby Street
Rosebery Road
Roslyn Street
Rosetta Avenue
Rosetta Park 1st Ave
Rosetta Park 3rd Ave
Rosetta Park
Rossmore Avenue
Roy's Court
Rushfield Avenue
Shamrock Street
Sherwood Street
Simpson's Court
Somerset Street
South Parade
Spring Street
St. John's Avenue
St. John's Park
St. Jude's Avenue
St. Kilda Street
Sunnyside Street
Sunwich Street
Swift Street
Tamery Street
Templemore Avenue
Tildarg Street
Toronto Street
Victor Street
Wallace's Row
Walmer Street
Willowholme Street
Well Street
Whitehall Gardens
Whitehall Parade
Willowfield Gardens
Willowfield Street
Woodstock Place
Woodstock Road

East Belfast Division

Albertbridge Road
Altcar Street
Anderson Street
Arran Street
Ashdale Street
Austin Street
Avondale Street
Avoniel Road
Back Row
Baltic Street
Baltic Street East
Barnett's Road
Baskin Street
Battley Street
Baywood Street
Beechfield Street
Beechwood Street
Beersbridge Road
Belvoir Street
Bennett's Road
Bloomdale Street
Bloomfield Road
Bloomfield Avenue
Bloomfield Street
Bramcote Street
Brenda Street
Bridge End
Bright Street
Bryson Street
Carlton Street
Carnforth Street
Castlereagh Road
Castlereagh Street
Castleview Road
Chamberlain Street
Channing Street
Chatsworth Street
Chemical Street
Cherry Valley
Cherryvalley Park
Chobham Street
Clandeboye Street
Clara Avenue
Clara Crescent
Clara Cres. Upper
Clara Cres. Lower
Clara Street
Clarendon Avenue
Cluan Place
Clyde Street
Comber Street
Coomassie Villas
Constance Street
Crossley Street
Crystal Street
Cyprus Avenue
Cyprus Gardens
Cyprus Park
Donegore Street
Dufferin Street
Duke Street
Dunraven Avenue
East Bread Street
Edgar Street
Edith Street
Elmdale Street
Epworth Street
Erskine Street
Evelyn Avenue
Factory Street East
Finvoy Street
Flora Street
Foxglove Street
Frank Street
Glenallen Street
Glenbrook Avenue
Glenmore Street
Glenvarlock Street
Grace Avenue
Green Road
Greenville Avenue
Greenville Street
Greenville Road
Grove Street East
Hanwood Street
Harper Street
Hart Street
Harvey Street
Heatherbell Street
Hemp Street
Hillview Avenue
Hind Street
Holland Park
Holyrood Avenue
Hornby Street
Hornidge Street
Houston's Row
Huddlestone Place
Hunt Street
Hyndford Street
Independent Street
Irvine Street
Isoline Street
Jonesboro Street
Kathleen Street
Keatley Street
Keenan's Street
Kenbaan Street
Kensington Avenue
Kensington Road
Keersland Avenue
Keersland Crescent
Keersland Terrace
Kilmood Street
King's Road
Kingswood Street
Kirkleston Drive
Knockburn Park
Knockdene Park
Knock Road
Laburnum Street
Laganview Street
Landsend Street
Larch Street
Lecumpher Street
Lena Street
Lendrick Street
Lisbon Street
Lord Street
Lovatt Street
Lowry Street
Lyons Street
Madrid Street
Major Street
Martinez Avenue
Martin Street
Mayflower Street
Melrose Avenue
Memel Street
Milk Street
Mill Row
Moira Street
Montrose Street
Moorfield Street
Moorgate Street
Mountpottinger Rd
Mourne Street
McCracken's Row
McMaster Street
Newfoundland St
Newtownards Rd
Newtownards Rd. Upper
North Road
Oakdale Street
Ormiston Gardens
Ormonde Avenue
Parker Street
Paxton Street
Perry Street
Prim Street
Queen Victoria St
Quinn Street
Quinton Street
Ravenscroft Ave
Ravenscroft Street
Ravensdale Street
Road off King's Rd
Rosebery Street
Rotterdam Street
Roundhill Street
Sandown Road
Sandford Avenue
Saul Street
Seaforde Street
Shandon Park
Shandon Road
Sheriff Street
Short Strand
Sinclair Street
Sintonville Avenue
Skipton Street
Stoneyford Street
Stormount Street
Sunbury Avenue
Susan Street
Temple Street
Templemore Ave
Templemore Street
Terence Street
Thistle Street
Thompson's Place
Thompson Street
Thorndyke Street
Tower Street
Trench Street
Trillick Street
Uniondale Street
Ulsterdale Street
Vicarage Street
Vulcan Street
Wayland Street
Westbourne Street
Westcott Street
White Street
Winston Gardens
Woodlawn Avenue
Woodlee Street
Woodstock Street
Worcester Terrace
Wyndford Street
Young's Row
East Belfast Division
Academy Street
Albert Square
Alexander Street
Ann Street
Bradford Square
Caroline Street
Corporation Sqr.
Corporation Street
Corporation Street Market
Customhouse Sqr
Donegall Quay
Drake's Lane
Edward Street
Emily Place
Exchange Street
Frederick Lane
Frederick Street
Gamble Street
Great George's St.
Great Patrick St.
Hector Street
Improvement Court
King's Court
Lancaster Street
Little Edward St.
Little Patrick St.
Little York Street
Low's Court
Magee's Lane
Marlborough Court
Marshall's Court
Nelson Street
North Queen Street
Portland Place
Portland Street
Prince's Street
Queen's Square
Steam Mill Lane
Tennent's Court
Thomas Street
Tomb Street
Ulster Street
Union Place
Victoria Street
Waring Street
York Street

South Belfast Division

Ann Street
Arthur Place
Arthur Square
Arthur Street
Arthur St. Upper
Arundel Street
Athol Street
Balmoral Street
Barton Street
Beatrice Street
Beit Street
Benburb Street
Blackwater Street
Braemar Street
Brassey Street
Broadway Lower
Buckingham Street
Burnaby Street
Calender Street
Castle Arcade Buildings
Castle Lane
Castle Place
Castle Lane Place
Castle Market
Chichester Street
Church Lane
Church Lane Upp.
Clifford Street
College Sq. North
College Sq. East
College Sq. West
College Street
Corn Market
Crown Entry
Distillery Street
Donegall Avenue
Donegall Place
Donegall Road
Donegall Sq. East
Donegall Sq. Nth.
Donegall Sq. West
Drew Street
Durham Street
Electric Street
Excise Street
Fallswater Street
Falls Road
Fisherwick Place
Fountain Lane
Fountain Street
Frenchpark Street
Genoa Street
Glengall Street
Glenmachan Street
Gloucester Street
Great Edward St.
Great Victoria St.
Grosvenor Road
Grosvenor Street
Hamilton Court
High Street
Howard Street
Irwell Street
Iveagh Street
Iverna Street
Joy's Entry
Kilburn Street
Kitchener Street
Laganbank Road
Lecale Street
Little Distillery St.
Little Grosvenor St
Linview Street
Magnetic Street
Majorca Street
Malone Lower
Malone Upper
Malt Street
May Street
Milner Street
Moltke Street
Monarch Street
Montgomery Street
Mulhouse Street
Murray's Terrace
Nansen Street
Naples Street
Neely Street
Oxford Street
Pembroke Street
Pisa Street
Pottinger's Entry
Pottinger's Court
Queen's Arcade
Queen Street
Queen St. Upper
Rockview Street
Rockview St. Lower
Roden Street
Roosevelt Street
Selby Street
Seymour Street
Seymour Row
Soudan Street
Stable Lane
Symon's Street
Tate's Avenue
Tavanagh Street
Telfair Street
Thames Street
Townhall Street
Turin Street
Venice Street
Victoria Square
Victoria Street
Wardlow's Row
Wauchope Street
Wellington Place
Wellington Street
William St. South
Wilson's Court

West Belfast Division

Academy Street
Albert Street
Bridge Street
Castle Chambers
Castle Place
Castle Street
Church Street
Clarke's Lane
Clondara Terrace
Clondara Street
College Court
Colin Villas
Commercial Court
Cullingtree Street
Donegall Lane
Donegall Street
Donegall St Little
Donegall St. Place
Dunbar Street
Durham Street
Edward Street
Eno Villas
Exchange Place
Exchange Street
Falls Road
Fountain Street
Fox's Row
Frederick Place
Frederick Street
Garfield Street **
Garfield Street**
Glen Road
Glenalina **
Gordon S**
Great Pa**
Gresham **
Grosvenor Road
Henry Square
High Street
High Street Lane
Hill Street
Hugo Street
King Street
Kent Square
Kent Street
Lake Glen Avenue
Library Street
Library St. Upper
Lombard Street
Long Lane
Milltown Row
Mill Street
McClenaghan's Crt
North Queen St.
North Street
Queen Street
Rosemary Street
Royal Avenue
Samuel Street
Sarah Street
Skipper Street
Somerville Gardens
Stanley Street
Stephen Street
Sugarhouse Entry
Talbot Street
Trelford Street
Union Street
Victoria Street
Warehouse Lane
Waring Street
Washington Street
Waverley Villas
West Street
William Street
Winetavern Street
Winecellar Entry
York Lane
York Street

South Belfast Division

Abingdon Street
Albion Street
Aughrim Street
Armoy Street
Barrington Street
Beggs Street
Bentham Street
Blakely Street
Blondin Street
Blythe Street
Boyne Square
Boyne Street
Bradbury Court
Britannic Street
Charles St South
City Street
Clementine Street
Colchester Street
Combermere Street
Coolbeg Street
Coolderry Street
Coolfin Street
Coolmore Street
Donegall Road
Dorchester Street
Dublin Road
Durham Street
Egeria Street
Egmont Street
Eureka Street
Euterpe Street
Faulkner Street
Felt Street
Fortuna Street
Gaffikin Street
Gay Street
Glenalpin Street
Glenariffe Street
Great Victoria St.
Hope Court
Hope Street
Hurst Street
Inne's Place
Isaac's Court
Kenmare Street
Kensington Street
Lawyer Street
Lincoln Place
Linfield Road
Linfield Street
Lisburn Road
Mabel Street
Madeline Street
Mayne Street
Majestic Street
Malone Place
Matilda Street
Maxwell Street
Moore's Place
McAdam Street
McFarland's Court
McGahen Street
Napier Street
Norwood Street
Oban Street
Oswald Street
Pandora Street
Primitive Street
Railway Street
Renfrew Street
Renwick Street
Roseland Place
Rowland Street
Sandy Row
Schomberg Street
Scott Street
Shaftesbury Square
St. Andrew's Sq. Est.
St. Andrew's Sq. Nth
St. Andrew's Sq. Wst
Sturgeon Street
Stroud Street
Taylor Street
Teutonic Street
Thalia Street
Thorn Street
Tierney Street
Utility Street
Watson Street
Wellwood Street
Wesley Street
Windsor Street

North Belfast Division

Acton Street
Agnes Street
Alaska Street
Albany Street
Albert Terrace
Ambleside Street
Anglesea Street
Ashley Place
Ballysillan Road
Barginnis Street
Beresford Street
Berlin Street
Bisley Street
Bismarck Street
Blayney Street
Bootle Street
Bowness Street
Bray Street
Bracken Street
Brennan Street
Bromley Street
Broom Street
Brussels Street
Cambrai Street
Canning's Court
Carnan Street
Charleville Street
Charleville St. Upp.
? Street **
   ia Street **
Derry Street
Dewey Street
Disraeli Street
Eccles Street
Edenderry Street
Emerson Street
Emerson's Row
Enfield Street
Fingall Street
Finlay Street
Geoffrey Street
Ghent Street
Glenbank Place
Glenfarne Street
Glenside Park
Glenvale Street
Grafton Street
Haldane Court
Haldane Street
Hampden Street
Harrison Street
Harrybrook Street
Hazelfield Street
Heather Street
Herron's Row
Howe Street
Huss Street
Jaffa Street
James Street
Jersey Street
Keswick Street
Klondyke Street
Langley Street
Legane Street
Legann Street
Legboy Street
Leggagh Street
Legburn Street
Legland Street
Legmore Street
Legmurn Street
Legnavea Street
Leopold Street
Lesley Street
Lever Street
Leroy Street
Ligoniel Road
Limehill Street
Limepark Street
Loftus Street
Loughview Street
Lyle Street
Madras Street
Matchett Street
Meenan Street
Meenan St. Upper
Mill Avenue
Montreal Street
Moscow Street
Mossvale Street
Mountainview Plc.
Mountainview St.
Mountview Street
Murray's Place
McCandless Street
McDowell's Back Row
Nassau Street
Oakley Street
Ohio Street
Olive Street
Oregon Street
Orkney Street
Ottawa Street
Palmer Street
Parker Street
Paris Street
Pernau Street
Post Office Row
Primrose Street
Queensland Street
Raleigh Street
Rathlin Street
Riga Street
Riga Street Upper
Rosebank Street
Rusholme Street
Salisbury Place
Sancroft Street
Santiago Street
Shankill Road
Silvio Street
Snugville Street
Springvale Street
St. Mary's Street
Sydney Street West
Tasmania Street
Tennent Street
Tobergill Street
Tudor Place
Ulverston Street
Vistula Street
Weir Street
Wimbledon Street
Winchester Street
Wolfhill Lane
Wolfhill Place
Wolfhill Terrace
Wolfhill View
Woodvale Road
Woodvale Street
Yew Street

South Belfast Division

Abercorn Street
Adelaide Avenue
Adelaide Street
Adelaide Park
Albion Lane
Alfred Street
Amelia Street
Apsley Street
Ashley Avenue
Ashburne Street
Bains Place
Balmoral Avenue
Bankmore Street
Bawnmore Road
Bedford Street
Belgravia Avenue
Botanic Avenue
Brookland Street
Bruce Street
Brunswick Street
Brunswick St. Little
Cadogan Park
Camden Street
Capstone Street
Catherine Street
Catherine St. Nth.
Central Avenue, Marlborough Park
Chadwick Street
Chaplin Street
Charleville Avenue
Charlotte Street
Charlotte St. Little
Clarendon Place
Claremont Street
Clarence Place
Clarence Street
Clarence St. West
College Gardens
Copeland Street
Craigmore Street
Cranmore Avenue
Cranmore Gardens
Cranmore Park
Cranmore Street
Crescent Gardens
Cromac Street
Cussick Street
Derryvolgie Avenue
Donegall Pass
Donegall Sq. South
Donnybrook Street
Dublin Road
Dunluce Avenue
Edinburgh Street
Eglantine Avenue
Eglantine Gardens
Eglantine Place
Eglinton Avenue
Eileen Gardens
Elmwood Avenue
Erin Street
Ethel Street
Ferndale Place
Ferndale Street
Fitzwilliam Street
Franklin Street
Frederick Terrace
Fountainville Ave
Fulton Street
Grace Street
Great Northern St.
Hamilton Street
Hardcastle Street
Harmony Street
Hartington Street
Henrietta Street
Hope Street
Holmes Street
Howard Street
Howard St. South
Hugh Street
James Street South
Joy Street
Keylands Place
Lancefield Road
Lane off Claremont Street
Larkstone Street
Lindsay Street
Linenhall Street
Linenhall St. West
Lisburn Avenue
Lisburn Road
Lower Crescent
Malone Avenue
Malone Park
Malone Road
Malone Rd. Upper
Marcus Ward St
Marlborough Park
Marlborough Gdns
Marlborough Ave
Maryville Avenue
Maryville Street
Maryville Park
May Street
May Street Little
Mayfield Street
Meadowbank St.
Melrose Street
Moonstone Street
Myrtlefield Park
McCavana's Place
Northbrook Street
Ormeau Road
Ormeau Avenue
Osborne Gardens
Osborne Park
Pakenham Street
Rainey Street
Rathcool Street
Rathdrum Street
Reformatory Ave
Russell Street
Salisbury Street
Seymour Street
Shaftesbury Square
Side Avenue, Malone Park
Surrey Street
Sussex Place
Tate's Avenue
Ulsterville Avenue
Ulsterville Gardens
Ulsterville Place
University Road
University Square
University Street
University Square Mews
University Terrace
Upper Crescent
Ventry Street
Victoria St. Great
Victoria St. Little
Wellesley Avenue
Wellington Park
Wellington Park Avenue
Wellington Park Terrace
Windsor Avenue
Windsor Avenue Lower
Windsor Avenue North
Windsor Park
Windsor Road
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