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1852 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Alphabetical List of Country Residents in the Vicinity of Belfast

Village Directory

       Ballymacarrett, is immediately connected with Belfast, and is united to it by the Queen's Bridge.  It is situate in the County Down side of the river, including an area of 576 acres, and consists of one main street, in the line of the Holywood Road, and a number of smaller ones.  A large number of the inhabitants are hand loom weavers, and persons employed in the various factories in the vicinity - viz., the Flint Glass Works, Vitriol Works, Rope Works, Tileries, Mills, etc.  Lagan Village is included with it.  On account of its immediate proximity and connexion with Belfast, we have included the reference to its streets and inhabitants in the Alphabetical Directory.

in red you will see listed several entries - these are the 'little people' those that weren't important enough to be listed, for most of us
these are our ancestors

Ashley Place

       Mr. Kernohan
       Rev. Wm. Moffatt
       Mrs. Ralston
       Rev. William Heron

       Rev. John Meneely, Manse
       Ballymacarrett Presbyterian Church - Rev. John Meneely, minister

Bridge End

       Andrew Sloan and Co., firebrick and tile yard
       F. and W. Lewis's timber pond; office, 3 Great George's Street
       L. and T. Brown's timber pond; office, 41 Chichester Street
       House and shop building; Henry Moore, proprietor
       Ballymacarrett Pottery Works; Francis McWade, proprietor
       Ballymacarrett Dispensary
       Dr. James Murray, surgeon
       Mrs. Montgomery
       James Davidson, flour miller
       Robert Patterson, lodgings
       John Higgins, spirit dealer
       Jas. Murray, carpenter and dealer
       John Higgins, grocer
       Worsted and cocoa fibre rug, mat, and matting manufactory; Geo. Phillips and Co., proprietors
                             Edwards' Buildings
       Constabulary Station; James McIntyre, head constable
       William Agnew, watch glass manufacturer
       Samuel Tierney, of George Phillips and Co.'s cocoa fibre works

       John Thompson, blacksmith
       Jane Longwill, dealer
       David Carlile's hay and straw yard
       Henry Shannon, tailor
       David Carlile's spirit store
       James Cooke, tailor
       " Elizabeth Cooke, dress maker
       " Miss J. A. Douglass, tuscan and straw bonnet maker
       Robert Black, wood turner
       James O'Neill, brick burner
       Henry Flannigan, horse shoer and jobbing smith
       William Green, miller
       Hugh Graham, grocer
       Wm. Davis, watch glass maker and glass cutter
       James Clarke, carpenter and dealer
       Hugh McAleavy, butcher
       Rebecca Boyce, dealer
       Geo. Moffatt, guard on Holywood railway
       James May, butcher
       Thomas McAleavy, butcher
       Francis McKenna, carpenter
       " Thomas Doyle, baker
       Hugh Murdoch, compositor
       Richard Kearney, basket maker
       John Kerr, carpenter
       William Kearney, basket maker
       Alex. Winn, guard on county Down railway
       Jane Nimoe
       Daniel Daly, board and lodgings
       Wm. Downing, wine & spirit stores

Chapel Lane

       thirty-three small houses
       Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. James Killen, P.P.
       National School - Jas. Magill, teacher

       William Huddleston, pawn broker, Portview House

Gooseberry Corner

       Margaret McMorran, grocer
       Thomas Sloan, grocer
       sixty-one small houses
       Andrew Clarke, grocer, Ann Street
       Frederick Lewis, of F. & W. Lewis, Great George's Street

Lagan Village

       Francis Milligan, spirit dealer
       John Canmer, grocer and publican
       Andrew Thompson, clerk
       William Busby, gentleman
       Margt. Crossen, grocer & publican
       Howe McCoppin, pensioner
       Matthew Anderson, engineer
       Edward Sloan, iron moulder
       Hugh Anderson, iron turner
       Samuel McKelvey, mechanic
       Andrew Wilson, iron turner
       Alex. McAlister, pattern maker
       Thomas Harpur, mechanic
       Henry Savage, fitter
       Neill Robinson, turner
       Hugh Watt, engineer
       David McKelvey, pattern maker
       James Boomer, fitter
       Shamrock Lodge - John Young, of Coates & Young, Lagan Foundry
       Lagan Foundry co-operative grocer shop; John McCready, manager
       John McKelvey, whitesmith
       Robert Dunlop, foreman mechanic
       John McGowan, clerk
       James Sloan, blacksmith
       John Jamieson, bookkeeper
       William Brown, tailor
       Chas. Brown, boot and shoe maker
       James Bailie, grocer
       Samuel Moore, spirit dealer
       James McMillan, grocer
       Osly Mallart, grocer and publican
       Mary Burns, spirit dealer
       Vitriol Works - Wm. Boyd & Sons, proprietors; Wm. Boyd's residence, 4 Howard Street
       Robert Davis, cashier in Lagan Foundry
       Lagan Foundry - Coates and Young, engineers, founders in iron and brass, millwrights, and smiths, proprietors; residences; Wm. Coates, J.P., Glentoran; John Young, Shamrock Lodge
       Lagan Bridge Toll bar - John Canmer, collector

       Ravenhill brick and tile works - John Moore, Donegall Arms, proprietor

Mount Pottinger

       Alex. Moore, painter, Arthur Street
       Mrs. Orr
       Henry Nichol, bookkeeper
       Captain H. Herdman
       Fras. Ritchie, proprietor chemical and felt works
       Miss Montgomery
       Aime Koch, patent flax works; Cregagh, Castlereagh
       Ami Bernard, patent flax mills
       Hugh Crawford, clerk
       Wm. Druitt, linen merchant, Donegall Street
       Rev. George Bennett
       Stephen Joseph Cantwell, Custom House
       Alexander McAlister, gentleman
       Henry Louth, in Custom House
       Mrs. Ellison
       Thomas John Martin, traveller
       Wm. Donaldson, salesman
       Wm. Hunter, mill manager
       Mr. Ross, of Ross, O'Connor, & Co.
       John Gilliland, gentleman

Mountpottinger Cottages

       John Thomas, bookkeeper
       Alexander McCammon, gentleman

              Beer's Bridge Cottage
       Miss Montgomery
       James Montgomery
       Elmgrove Mills
       R. B. B. Houston, D.L., J.P.
       William Davis, solicitor; office, Arthur Street
                  Beer's Bridge
       Owen-O'Cork Mill Company - Jas. Steen & Co., proprietors
       Wm. Malloy, land steward

McCrory's Row

       James Phillips, weaver
       Wm. McGuigan, rope maker
 12. Thos. O'Kane, grocer and spirit dealer
 11. Ed. Hanna, rope maker and dealer
 10. John Taylor, glass maker
   9. John Connor, glass blower
   8. John Wilks, mechanic
   7. Emanuel Milliken, master mariner
   6. Thomas Kenna, glass blower
   5. James Ivory, rope and twine maker
   4. Eli Richards, mechanic
   3. Mary Davis
   2. David Ferguson, cooper
   1. Francis McHannay, dealer

       Margaret Holden, dealer
       Wm. Owens, stone mason
       Wm. McCollough, shoe maker
       Andrew Tumbleton, shoe maker
       James Jones, grocer
       John Howard, glass cutter
       Thomas Howard, glass cutter
       John Burns, rope maker
       John Kane, dealer
       John Starr, rope maker
       Sarah Minteith, grocer
       Alex. Stewart, cooper and dealer
       Edward Hanna's ropewalk
                   Beach Field
       Mrs. Harpur
       Samuel M. Bryson, gentleman

       James McWha, basket maker
       Joseph Patton, gentleman, Ballymacarrett House
       Primitive Methodist Meeting House - Rev. Messrs. McFann and Wilson, preachers; Alex. Magill, caretaker
                   Beaver Hall
       John MacAdam, merchant; office, Donegall Street
       Wesleyan Methodist Meeting House - Rev. Messrs. Lupton and Bailey, preachers; John Sykes, caretaker
       Samuel McClure, grocer
       Jane Kirkpatrick, grocer
       Ballymacarrett Post Office - Jeremiah Wilson, postmaster
       John Hare, grocer
       S. S. Rankin, spirit dealer
       James Sturgeon, coast guard
       Ballymacarrett National School - David Christie, teacher
       Hugh Swain, clerk
       Thomas Brockie
       Conswater Bridge
       Thomas Morrow, horse shoer
       Adam Vance, spirit dealer

       Henry Brown, spirit dealer
       Margaret Jackson, grocer
       John Sloan, grocer and publican
       George T. Thompson, spirit dealer
       Alex. Caughey, boot and shoe maker
       James Cooper, grocer
       Campbell Sturgeon, grocer
       Jas. Kirkpatrick, grocer and spirit dealer
       Four small houses
                              Strawberry Hill
       Gawn Davison, gentleman

       Martin Perry, grocer
                           Club Row Loanen
       Margt. A. McBride, grocer

       Deborah Walker, spirit dealer
       Archd. Irwin, spirit dealer
                       Jackson Hall
       William Hall, gentleman

       Margaret Finlay, bonnet maker
       John Robinson, mariner
       Charles Forsythe, nailer
       Robert Forsythe, nailer
                          Belville House
       James Ritchie, merchant, Prince's Dock
                          Ashley Hall
       not tenanted
       John Russell, gentleman

       Ballymacarrett Infant School - B. Hanley, teacher
       Ballymacarrett Established Church - Rev. George Bennett, incumbent; residence, Mount Pottinger
       Curds and Cream Gardens - James Court, proprietor
       Edward Hampsey's ropewalk
       Patrick Hempsey's ropewalk

McLarnon's Buildings

       Edward Magee, commission agent and auctioneer
       James Frazer, land surveyor
       Short Strand male & female School; John Ritchie, male teacher; Ann Jane Ritchie, female teacher
       William Burrows, clerk
       Joseph Croft, brick layer
       John Jamieson, shoe maker

New Road
from Glass House Corner to Holywood Road

       Ballymacarrett Foundry; John Reid, proprietor
       Robert Burns, car driver
       Thomas Newton, rope maker
       Jas. McQuade's brick and tile works
       two new houses
       Thomas McQuigan's ropewalk
       David Thompson, rope maker
       Alex. W. Douglass, rope maker
       Francis Ritchie and Sons, chemists and felt manufacturers; Francis Ritchie's residence, Mount Pottinger
       side of James Lemon's ropewalk
                   Johnston's Place
       1. Mrs. Orr
       2. James McKay, weigh master in custom house
       3. Josiah Hargreave, grocer
       4. James Dewer, mechanic
       5. James Harris, sawyer
       6. Henry Killen, clerk
           Archibald Blayney, grocer and publican
           Archibald Patton, grocer and publican
       David Shields, shoe maker
       James Dunlop, moulder
       John Rainey, pattern maker
                    Anderson's Houses
       Thomas Muldoon, porter
       John Owen, civil bill officer
       Andrew Skillen, porter
       James Hood
       Alex. McMaster, attorney's clerk
       Alex. Heslop, master mariner
       John Low's coal yard

Portview or McCracken's Row

   2. James Black, master mariner
   4. Robert Quee, painter and glazier
   6. Wm. Isles, rope and twine maker
       Wm. Keenan, rope and twine maker
   7. John Scott, carpenter
 10. Hugh Scanlon, mechanic
 12. Wm. Dickson, master mariner
 14. James Ferris, in Vitriol Works
       seven other houses
                      Trainview Cottage
 16. Henry McCracken, grocer and spirit dealer

Pottinger Place

       Thomas Battersby, gentleman
       Archibald Reynolds, clerk
       Robert McCall, tailor
       Wm. Campbell, teacher
       James E. Mansfield, gentleman
       James Young, Harbour office

Queen's Quay

       Wm. Downing, wine and spirit store
       two shops vacant
       Wm. Spencer, Hibernian Pottery
       Queen's Quay and Railway Tavern, James Pelan, proprietor
       John Cuddy's oil and colour mills
       James Coey, jun., grain, and flour merchant, and soap boiler
       shop not finished
       Wm. Spencer, of the Pottery
       Patrick Hammond, Railway Hotel
       Belfast and Co. Down Railway Terminus, Thos. Ward, secy.
       Corporation goods sheds
       Corporation ferry boat stations
                    Coal Officers
       1. John Hanna
       2. Malcolm Johnston
       3. Thomas Shiel
       4. Robert Newett
       5. James Garland
       6. Thomas George
                  Coal Exchange
       7. Hugh Craig
       8. Patrick Lindsay
       9. William Massey
 10. Philip Wright
 11. Michael Cush
 12. Vacant
                  Coal Yards
       1. Robert Boyd
       2. William Newett
       3. James McFerran
       4. Ruahon and Blenkinsopp - office, 3 Castle Chambers
   5, 6. Harbour Commissioners' stone yard
       7. William Newett
       8. Robert Henderson
       9. Colville, Auld and Co.
           Harbour Commissioners' weigh-bridge; Richard Loughran, weighmaster

Roundhill Cottage

       Robert English, grocer
       Mrs. Havern

       Roundhill House - John Evans, landing surveyor in custom house
       Connswater flax spinning mill, Robt. McKibbin, proprietor; residence, Avoneil

Saltpan Row

       John Hume, manager, locomotive department, Co. Down Railway
       Thomas Barrens, engineer
       James Connolly, flax waste dealer
       twelve small houses
                              Gregg's Row
       Belfast Vitriol Works, James W. Moncrieff, proprietor
       William McLiesh, manufacturing chemist
       four small houses

Sea View Place

   1. John Hutchinson, engineer
   2. Henry Fulton, mechanic
   3. Thomas Ranson, agent for Castlebellingham Brewery; office, 5 Police Square
   4. Samuel Shaw, clerk Harbour office
   5. Thos. J. Sugars, Revenue officer
   6. James Robinson, pensioner

Short Strand

       James Lemon's ropewalk and manufactory; offices, Queen's Square
       Ross, O'Connor, and Co.'s glass works; warerooms, High Street
       J. MacAdam's bone yard; mills, Donegall Street
       Ballymacarrett Lime Works - Danl. Murray, proprietor, shipowner, etc.; residence, Lagan Village
       Richard McSherry, master mariner

Sir Henry's Building

   1. Isabella Mawhinney, spirit dealer
   2. John Nugent, pensioner
   3. Margaret Anderson
   4. James Magill, millwright
   5. John Kane, millwright
   6. Daniel McPherson, engineer
   7. James Magill, mechanic
   8. John Reid, engineer
   9. Robert McKellar, brass moulder
 10. John Johnston, carpenter
 11. George Crawshaw, engine builder
 12. Wm. Campbell, timber dealer
 13. William Murray, moulder
 14. James Phillips, clerk

Wheeler's Place

       John Reid, wine and spirit dealer
       Thomas McCormick, grocer and haberdasher
       John Jones, foreman sail maker
       John Hewitt, watch glass maker

       Alexander Murphy, grocer
       Queen View Tavern
       James Davidson, ropemaker
       John Woods, fruit dealer
       Joseph Elliott, grocer
       Joseph Girven, pawn broker
       Andrew Ferguson, dealer
       Arthur Thornton, spirit dealer
       Samuel Neill, carman
       Wm. Stavelly, dealer
                      Keenan's Place
       Patrick Keenan, farmer
       James Gelston, medical practitioner and surgeon
       Thomas Wilmot, glass blower
       Patrick McCormack, stone mason
       James Reynolds, dealer
       Elizabeth Curran, grocer & publican
       Edw. Heron, grocer and publican
       Hugh McNeill, dealer
       James Noble, dealer

Woodstock Place

       Hugh McKibbin, gentleman
       three houses vacant

Alphabetical List of Country Residents in the Vicinity of Belfast

   Abbott, Jos., Tudor House, Holywood
   Alexander, Rev. Dr., Ballynafeigh
   Allan, J. G., Collin, Ballyclare
   Andrews, Michael, Ardoyne
   Archer, Samuel, Milltown, Ballyclare
   Ash, Miss, Holywood
   Ash, George, Cliftonville, Antrim Road

   Barlow, Rev. Robert Burrows, Newtonbreda
   Barlow, William, Gasfield House
   Bates, John, Seapark, Greenisland
   Bateson, Sir Robert, bart., Belvoir Park, County Down
   Batt, Robert, Purdysburn
   Batt, Thos. G., Strandmillis, Malone
   Beath, J., Antrim Place Cottage
   Bell, Jacob, Glenbracken, Whiteabbey
   Bell, Richard, Lucyville, Whiteabbey
   Bell, Richard, Clearstream Cottage
   Bennett, Rev. Geo., Mount Pottinger
   Bernard, Ami, Mount Pottinger
   Black, Rev. T. F., Whitehouse
   Blair, Mrs., Crumlin Road
   Bland, Rev. R. W., J.P., Abbeyville, Whiteabbey
   Blizzard, David, Larkfield, Dunmurry
   Boag, Neal, Connsbrook
   Boomer, James, Seaview, Carrick Road
   Bottomley, John, Fortbreda
   Bottomley, William, Fortbreda
   Boyce, William, Laganville
   Boyd, James, Beech Lodge
   Boyd, Robert, Bloomfield
   Braddell, Geo. W., Camp Lodge, Blaris
   Bragg, Henry, Cottonmount
   Branagh, D., Everton Cottage, Ardoyne
   Bristow, Jas., Prospect, Ballynafeigh
   Bryson, Jas., The Castle, Whiteabbey
   Bryson, Samuel, Clual, Co. Down
   Bruce, Mrs., Thorndale
   Bruce, Rev. Wm., The Farm
   Bushell, Theobald, Strandtown Cottage

   Calwell, George, Lismoyne
   Cameron, James, Glentilt
   Cantwell, S. J., Mount Pottinger
   Carruthers, J., Glencregagh, Newtonbreda
   Carson, Mrs., Dundonald Cottage
   Carson, Matthew, Rosevale
   Carson, Samuel, Glenvale
   Charley. John, Finaghy, Dunmurry
   Charley, Miss, Lennoxvale
   Charley, Wm., Seymourhill, Dunmurry
   Charters, John, Ardmoulin House
   Clarke, Andrew, Grovefield, Ballymacarrett
   Clarke, E. H., Elmwood
   Cleland, Mrs., Stormount, Dundonald
   Cleland, Rev. Andrew, Dundonald
   Coates, William, J.P., Glentoran
   Coey, Edward, Merville, Greencastle
   Connell, Alex., Rifle Lodge, Whiteabbey
   Connor, David, The Cottage, Dundonald
   Cooper, Miss, Seaview
   Cordner, Rev. E. J., Derramore
   Cordukes, Jonathan, Spafield, Holywood
   Coulter, Rev. Dr., Gilnahirk
   Cowan, Samuel, Cromac Lodge
   Cowan, William, Whiteabbey House
   Crawford, Arthur, Old Lodge Road
   Crawford, Alexander, Mount Charles
   Crawford, Rev. Andrew, Manse, Ballynafeigh
   Crawford, William Sharman, M.P., Crawfordsburn
   Crawford, William, Dalchoolin, Holywood
   Crommelin, N. D., New Lodge Road
   Cunningham, John, Glenwood
   Cunningham, John, Macedon, Whitehouse
   Cunningham, Mrs., Meadow Bank, Whitehouse
   Curell, Miss, Abbeyhill, Whiteabbey
   Cuddy, John, Summerhill, Co. Down

   Darbishire, James, Cullin Grove, Dunmurry
   Darbishire, Mrs., Woodburn, Dunmurry
   Davis, William, Greenville, Co. Down
   Davison, Gawn, Strawberry Hill
   Davison, Richard, The Abbey, Whiteabbey
   Dickson, Alexander, Ballycloughan Nurseries, Co. Down
   Dillon, Mrs., Alleybrook House, Dundonald
   Dillon, William, Roseville, Whiteabbey
   Dinnen, John, Cabinhill, Dundonald
   Dobbs, C. R., D.L., J.P., Castle Dobbs, Carrickfergus
   Druitt, William, Mount Pottinger, Co. Down
   Duffield, Samuel, Summerhill
   Dunlop, C., Edenderry
   Dunville, William, Richmond Lodge, Holywood

   Elliott, Saml. McDowell, Old Lodge
   Emerson, John, Ballysillan
   English, Robert, Roundhill Cottage
   Ewart, William, jun., Wheatfield
   Ewing, P., Bankmore
   Evans, John, Roundhill House, Co. Down

   Fall, Mrs., Greencastle
   Ferguson, James, New Forge
   Ferguson, D., Botanic Garden
   Ferguson, Thomas, Whiterock
   Finlay, F. D., Ballynafeigh Cottage
   Finlay, John, Tudor Hall, Holywood
   Fitzsimons, N., Dunsona, Whiteabbey

   Galloway, William, Millmount
   Gamble, Orr R., Trainview, Whiteabbey
   Garner, Captain, Garnerville
   Garrett, Henry, Cromac House
   Gelston, Saml., Rostulla, Whiteabbey
   George, Thomas, Lilliput House
   Getty, John, Beech Park
   Getty, Robert, Beech Park
   Getty, Samuel G., Cromac Park
   Gibson, Rev. William, Cliftonville
   Goddard, James, Easton Lodge, Cliftonville
   Gordon, Robert Francis, J.P., Craigdarragh, Holywood
   Gordon, Robert, J.P., Florida Manor, Killinchy
   Gordon, Robert A., J.P., Summerfield
   Grant, James, Cregagh, Castlereagh
   Grattan, John, Merview
   Gray, William, Graymount House
   Greenfield, John, Jackson Hall, Holywood
   Greer, Mrs., Frogmore, Whitehouse
   Greg, Thomas, J.P., Ballymenoch, Holywood
   Grimshaw, Robert, D.L., Whitehouse
   Gunning, Robert, Craigavad

   Hall, William, Jackson Hall
   Halliday, Alex. Henry, Clifton
   Hamilton, Hill, Mount Vernon
   Hamilton, The Misses, Mount Vernon
   Hargrave, Jas., Maryvale, Holywood
   Harper, Mrs., Bleachfield, Ballymacarrett
   Harrison, John, Merton, Holywood
   Harrison, Henry, Holywood House
   Haslett, Rev. Henry, Castlereagh
   Henderson, J. A., Mount Collyer Park
   Henderson, Rev. Henry, Glenside, Holywood
   Henderson, Robt., Willowbank, Malone
   Herdman, Jas., Tudor Hall, Holywood
   Herdman, William, Cliftonville
   Heron, John, Maryfield, Holywood
   Heron, Wm., Ashley Place, Ballymacarrett
   Hill, Rev. George, Botanic Cottage
   Hind, John, The Lodge, New Lodge Road
   Hoffmeister, Charles, Forton Lodge, Cliftonville
   Houston, R. B. B., D.L., J.P., Orangefield, County Down
   Howden, Charles, Malone Nursery
   Howie, Robert, Old Park
   Hudson, Rev. Teape, Lisnabreen House
   Hume, Thomas, Ballynafeigh
   Hunter, Alex., The Green, Dunmurry
   Hunter, John, Tyne Cottage, Whiteabbey
   Hunter, James, Beech Lawn, Dunmurry
   Hunter, Miss, Dunmurry House
   Hunter, William, Dunmurry House
   Hunter, William, Huntley, Dunmurry
   Hurst, Dr. C., Locust Lodge, Ballynafeigh

   Ireland, James, Clifden, Holywood

   Jackson, Thomas, Cliftonville
   Johnston, Mrs. John, Albio Place
   Johnston, Philip, Turf Lodge
   Johnston, S., Railway Cottage, Malone
   Joyce, John, Thornhill, Dundonald

   Kelso, Mrs., Bellview
   Kennedy, George K., Lilliput Cottage
   Kennedy, H., J.P., Cultra
   Kennedy, Jas., Rosetta, Ballynafeigh
   Kennedy, James, Millvale, Falls
   Kennedy, John, Knocknagoney
   Kinahan, Rev. John, Knockbreda
   Kinnear, Pat., Harphall, Antrim Road
   Knox, Right Rev. Dr., Lord Bishop of Down, etc., The Palace, Holywood
   Koch, Ami, Mount Pottinger

   Lamb, John, Devis View, Malone
   Langtry, Richard, Fortwilliam
   Law, Mrs., Fairview Cottage, Crumlin Road
   Legge, Wm. W., D.L., Malone House
   Lepper, Wm., Laurel Lodge, Antrim Road
   Lepper, Mrs. F., Trainfield, Antrim Road
   Lewis, Francis, Nettlefield, Ballymacarrett
   Lewson, Wm., Willowdale, Dunmurry
   Lindsay, Robert, Cliftonville
   Lyle, Rev. John, Whiteabbey
   Lyons, Miss, Old Park

   Mackay, Mrs., Mount Collyer Park
   Macnaughtan, Miss, Cliftonville, Antrim Road
   Macnaughtan, Rev. John, Duncairn House
   Macrory, A. J., Duncairn
   Magill, Captain, Whitehouse
   Magill, Joseph, Marino, Holywood
   Major, Thomas S., Dunmurry
   Martin, James, Knock, County Down
   Martin, John, Glenview
   Millar, Mrs., Laurel Lodge, Lodge Road
   Millar, John, Ulsterville
   Miskelly, Mrs., Bunkershill, Co. Down
   Moffatt, Rev. W., Ashley Place, Ballymacarrett
   Montgomery, Alex., Mount Pottinger
   Montgomery, Hugh, Ballydrain
   Montgomery, John, Elmgrove
   Montgomery, Mr., Mount Pottinger
   Montgomery, Miss, Beer's Bridge Cottage
   Montgomery, Rev. Dr. H., Dunmurry
   Montgomery, Robert, Sandymount
   Moreland, Miss, Cromac
   Mullaghan, Mr., Warrenview, Dunmurry
   Mullan, William, Brookvale, New Lodge Road
   Mulholland, Mrs., Mount Collyer
   Mulholland, Andrew, J.P., Springvale, County Down
   Mulholland, John, J.P., Craigavad, Holywood
   Mulholland, S. K., J.P., Eglantine, Hillsborough
   Munster, Paul L., Spafield, Holywood
   Murray, George, Bunker's Hill

   MacAdam, James Jun., Beaver Hall, Ballymacarrett
   MacAdam, John, Beaver Hall, Ballymacarrett

   McCalmont, Mrs., Abbeylands, Whiteabbey
   McCance, J. W. S., Glenville, Dunmurry
   McCance, Wm., Suffolk, Dunmurry
   McCausland, Samuel, Lodge Cottage
   McClelland, Henry, Ligoneil
   McClure, Thomas, Belmont
   McConnell, William, Charleville, Castlereagh
   McCullagh, Rev. W. C., Ballysillan
   McCutcheon, Hugh, Ballybeen, Dundonald
   McDowell, Charles, Ballybeen, Dundonald
   McDonnell, Alex., Annadale, Co. Down
   McDonnell, Thos., Q.C., Eglantine
   McIlwaine, William, Millbank, ditto
   McKenzie, Rev. Joseph, Malone
   McKenzie, William, Rockfort
   McKibbin, R. D., Farmhill, Dunmurry
   McKibbin, Dr. Robert, Avoneil, Ballymacarrett
   McKittrick, William, Ashfield
   McLorinan, Daniel, Knock House, Co. Down
   McMaster, Mrs., Rose Lodge
   McMechan, Dr., Whitehouse
   McMinn, Dr., Dunlady, Dundonald
   McNamara, James, J.P., Victoria Terrace, Holywood
   McNeale, John, Jun., Rushpark
   McNeile, John, D.L., J.P., Parkmount
   McNeile, Robert, Mossvale, Dunmurry
   McPherson, Major, Fountainville Cottage
   McRoberts, W., Dundonald
   McTear, George, Hazlebank, Greencastle
   McTear, The Misses, Abbotscroft
   McTeir, Jas., Vermont Lodge, Lodge Road

   Nash, Andrew, Cavehill
   Nelson, Rev. I., Sugarfield, Shankhill
   Nelson, Samuel, Glendavis

   Orr, James, M.D., Ballylesson
   Orr, Rev. William, Woodbank
   Orr, Wm., Glennalina
   Ostend, Mr. (engineer), Britainmount
   Oulton, Rev. Richard, Holywood
   Owden, John, Brooklands
   Owens, Mrs., Maryfield

   Patterson, John, Whitehouse
   Pearce, J., Pebble Lodge, Antrim Road
   Pim, Joshua, Sans Souci
   Pirrie, Wm., Conlig House, Co. Down
   Potts, Robert, Rosemount, Antrim Road
   Prenter, N. O., Harryville
   Pretty, Edward, Mount Prospect
   Price, Francis, Lodge House

   Rea, Hugh, Killeen
   Reford, Lewis, Beechmount
   Reid, James, Cliftonville, Antrim Road
   Reid, Richard, Whiteabbey
   Richardson, Jonathan, Lambeg
   Richardson, J., Glenmore, Lisburn
   Richardson, J. G., Lisnegarvey, do.
   Riddel, John, Vermont
   Riddel, John, jun., Vermont
   Ritchie, Francis, Mount Pottinger
   Ritchie, James, Bellville House
   Robb, Alexander, Ballybeen, Dundonald
   Roberts, John, Collin
   Robinson, David, Ballyorn, Dundonald
   Russell, Frederick, Edenderry
   Russell, Houston, Edenderry
   Russell, John, Portvier (Portview)

   Sanders, Capt., Bunker's Hill
   Shaw, Captain, Whitehouse
   Shaw, James, Glenbank
   Shaw, John, Ballysillan House
   Simms, John, Ballykeel, Holywood
   Simms, Hugh, Bellview, Holywood
   Simms, Mrs., Seaview Cottage
   Sinclair, John, The Grove, York Road
   Sinclair, Wm., Milltown Lodge, Falls
   Sinclair, Thomas, Hopefield
   Smith, Geo., Cliftonville, Antrim Road
   Smyth, Edward James, Abbeyville
   Sneyd, Richard M., Cherryvale
   Starke, Lieutenant, Ardoyne
   Steen, James, Skegoniel
   Steen, William, Ashfield House
   Stevenson, John, Springfield
   Stevenson, Wm., jun., Phoenix Lodge
   Stewart, Dr. R., Asylum, Falls Road
   Stewart, John, Silver Stream
   Stewart, James, Greencastle
   Stewart, Robert, Ashfield

   Teape, Rev. Hudson, Shankhill
   Tennent, James Thompson, Hazlebank
   Thomson, Robert, J.P., Castleton
   Thomson, John, J.P., Lowwood
   Thomson, Gordon, Bedeque House
   Thomson, William, Fountainville, Botanic Road
   Thomson, Charles, Fountainville, Botanic Road
   Thompson, Robt., Tudor House, Holywood
   Thompson, Richard, The Mount, Carrickfergus
   Thompson, J. G., Garden Hill
   Torrens, James, Woodbank, Whiteabbey
   Tracy, William S., R.M., Ravenhill
   Tripp, Thomas, Brookfield
   Turnley, Francis, Richmond Lodge
   Tyrrell, Rev. G. W., Drumbeg Rectory

   Usher, R. T., Mount Prospect

   Valentine, William, Harmony Hill, Whiteabbey
   Verner, Thomas, D.L., J.P., Ormeau
   Verner, William, J.P., Loughview, Carrickfergus

   Walkington, E., Snugville, Shankhill
   Wallace, John, Edenderry House
   Wallace, John, Henryville, Bunker's Hill
   Ward, Thomas, Cherryhill, Malone
   Waterson, Wm. Thos., Seville Lodge, Strandtown
   Wetherall, William, Holywood
   Weir, Gilbert, Lodgeview
   Whitla, Valentine, Ben Eden
   Wiley, Alex., Ross Lodge, Dunmurry
   Wilson, G. S., Victoria Terrace, Holywood
   Wilson, Mrs., Victoria Terrace, Holywood
   Wilson, A., Maryville
   Wrixon, Rev. Mr., Malone

   Young, William, Bunker's Hill House
   Young, John, Shamrock Lodge

Village Directory

Ardoyne, Ballysillan, etc.
Residents in Vicinity

   Andrews, Michael, Ardoyne Royal Damask Manufactory
   Bell, Richard, Clearstream Cottage
   Branagh, David, Averton Cottage
   Dickson, Dr. S., Ballysillan Dispensary
   Emerson, John, The Mountain
   Ewart, William, jun., Wheatfield
   Ferguson, Thomas, Greenville
   McClelland, Henry, Ligoniel
   McCullagh, Rev. W. C., Ballysillan Presbyterian Church Manse
   Shaw, James, Glenbank
   Shaw, John, Ballysillan House
   Starke, Lieutenant, Ardoyne Cottage
   Stevenson, John, Springfield
   Teape, Rev. H., Shankhill Church
       Manufacturers and Traders
   Ardoyne Royal Damask Manufactory
   Campbell, Mic., Bower's Hill Tavern
   Carson, John, publican
   Emerson, John, flax spinner
   Ewart and Sons, flax spinners
   Ferguson, Jn. S., & Co., bleach green
   Hemsley, John, publican
   Johnston and Carlisle, flax spinners
   Ligoniel Flax Spinning Mill
   Townley, J., Glenwood Tavern

four miles from Belfast, Co. Down

   Established Church and School
   Presbyterian Church
   Gilnahirk Presbyterian Church
   National School - W. Gowdy, teacher
   Dispensary (closed)
   Post Office - J. Wallace, postmaster
   Constabulary Station - Const. Hicks
              Residents in Vicinity
   Blackwood, Mr., Castlekennedy
   Carson, Mrs., Dundonald Cottage
   Carson, Samuel, Glenvale
   Carson, Matthew, Rosevale
   Dillon, Mrs., Alleybrook House
   Dinnen, John, Cabinhill
   Cleland, Mrs., Rosepark and Stormont
   Cleland, Rev. Andrew, rector
   Connor, David, The Cottage
   Cooper, Miss, Seaview
   Coulter, Rev. Dr., Gilnahirk
   Cuddy, John, Summerhill
   Farrel, Mr., Rockfield
   Galloway, William, Millmount
   Gordon, Robert, J.P., Summerfield
   Joyce, John, Thornhill
   Martin, Rev. E. T., Presbyterian minister
   McCutcheon, Hugh, Ballybeen
   McDowell, Charles, ditto
   McIlwaine, William, Millban
   McKenzie, William, Rockfort
   McMinn, Dr., Dunlady
   McRoberts, William
   Quee, Doctor
   Rea, Hugh, Killeen
   Robb, Alexander, Ballybeen
   Robinson, David, Ballyorn
   Sinclair, John, Henryvale
   Long, Mrs., publican
   Moody, A., grocer and haberdasher
   McCreight, J., publican
   McCrea, John, grocer and publican
   Shannon, John, publican
   Wallace, John, inn keeper

four miles from Belfast

   Unitarian Presbyterian Meeting house
   Roman C. Chapel - Rev. Mr. McCarten
   National School - Misses Burrows and McConkey, teachers
   Post Office - Miss Burrows
   Blizzard, David, Larchfield
   Callwell, George, Lismoyne
   Charley, William, Seymour Hill
   Close, Arthur, barrister, Glenview
   Darbishire, James, Colin Grove
   Darbishire, Mrs., Woodburn
   Darbishire, Herbert, Woodburn
   Duffield, Samuel, Summerhill
   Hunter, Miss, Dunmurry Cottage
   Hunter, James, Beechlawn
   Hunter, Wm., Dunmurry House
   Hunter, Alexander, The Green
   Hunter, William, Huntley
   Lewson, Wm., Willowdale
   Major, Thomas S.
   Montgomery, Rev. Dr. H.
   Mulligan, Baldwin, Warrenview
   McCance, William, Suffolk
   McCance, J. W. S., Glenville
   McKibbin, Ross Dickson, Farmhill
   Neill, Robert, Mossvale
   Paine, Dr. Thomas
   Roberts, John, Colin
   Stevenson, Wm., jun., Phoenix Lodge
   Wiley, Alexander, Rose Lodge
          Manufacturers, Traders, etc.
   Carmichael, James, publican
   Carmichael, Mrs., grocer
   Charley, Messrs., linen manufacturers
   Craig, Edward, linen merchant
   Hall, John, grocer
   Hunter and Moat, flax spinners
   Hunter, William, jun., linen merchant
   McKittrick, Mr., grocer
   Roberts, William, linen merchant
   Simpson, John, publican
   Stewart, Isaac, grocer


   Roman Catholic Chapel
   Railway Station (Ballymena Line)
   Connor, Mrs. O.
   Gray, Wm., Graymount House
   Stewart, James, gentleman
   Cavanagh, James, grocer and publican
   Clements, John, grocer
   Lavery, William, grocer
   Mearns, Gilbert, tavern
   McCarthy, Edward, Greencastle Tavern
   McKinstry, Wm., saddler
   Stephen, Mary, grocer
   Stewart, Matthew, publican

four and a quarter miles from Belfast

   Established Church
   Presbyterian Church
   Primitive Wesleyan Meetinghouse
   Unitarian Meetinghouse
   Roman Catholic Chapel
   National School - Mr. and Mrs. Joyce
   Post Office - James Greenfield
   Constabulary Station - Constable Fitzpatrick
   Court House and Assembly Rooms
   Loan Fund
   Railway Station - Alex. Long, clerk
          Clergy and Professional
   Cosgrave, Hugh, surgeon
   Dillon, Roger, solicitor
   Flood, Rev. J. C., Incumbent
   Garrett, James, solicitor
   Gabbey, J., surgeon
   Henderson, Rev. Henry, Presbyterian minister, Glenside
   Kelly, Dr., M.R.I.A., Decca Lodge
   Kennedy, John B., solicitor
   McAlester, Rev. C. J., Pres. min.
   Oulton, Rev. Richard
   Young, Dr. G. H., F.R.C.S., Dispensary
   Abbot, Joseph, Tudor House
   Armstrong, Hugh, Shore Street
   Ash, Miss
   Atkinson, Robert, Main Street
   Bain, John, Church Street
   Bain, Mrs., Shore Street
   Bankhead, William, Hillbrook
   Batt, Miss, Crescent
   Blackwell, Robert, The Prairie
   Bullick, S. W.
   Cairns, Mrs.
   Charnock, James
   Craik, Professor, Queen's College, Belfast
   Cordukes, Jonathan, Spafield
   Crawford, William, Dalchoolin
   Dawson, Misses, Hillbrook
   Dillon, Mrs.
   Dunville, William, Richmond Lodge
   Ferrie, John, Marine Parade
   Finlay, John, Tudor Hall
   Forsythe, Robert, Shore Street
   Forsythe, John
   Foster, William
   Garner, Captain, Garnerville
   Gordon, R. F., J.P., Craigdarragh
   Greenfield, John, Jackson Hall
   Greg, Thomas, J.P., Ballymenoch
   Greer, Robert, Church Street
   Harrison, John, J.P., Mertoun Hall
   Hardy, Thomas
   Harrison, Henry, Holywood House
   Harrison, George Howard, Mertoun
   Herdman, James, Tudor Hall
   Heron, John, Maryfield
   Hodgson, John
   Ireland, James, Clifden
   Jones, Mr., Shore Street
   Kerr, The Misses
   Kirkpatrick, Robert, Spafield
   Kelsey, Mrs., Bellevue
   Kennedy, H., J.P., Cultra
   Knox, Right Rev. Dr., Lord Bishop of Down and Connor
   Leadbetter, Mr.
   Magill, Joseph, Marino
   Marshall, Dr. James
   May, Mrs., Rockport
   Mulholland, John, J.P., Craigavad
   Munster, Paul L., Spafield
   Murphy, John, Myrtello (Martello)
   McCutcheon, Mrs.
   McIlroy, Mrs., Shore Street
   McIlveen, Mrs.
   McNamara, Jas., J.P., Victoria Terrace
   McNeill, H.
   Neill, James
   Patton, Captain, High Street
   Ross, William
   Ross, Mrs., Farmhill
   Ross, Mrs. Colonel
   Rounds, Mrs.
   Rowley, Miss
   Simms, Hugh, Bellevue
   Simms, John, Ballykeel
   Simms, John, Hillbrook
   Stewart, Hugh
   Stitt, Mr., Glenside Place
   Suffern, Mrs., Churchfield
   Thompson, Robert, J.P., Tudor House
   Ward, William H., Stewart's Place
   Wetherall, William
   Wilson, Guy S., Victoria Terrace
   Wilson, Mrs., Victoria Terrace
   Wood, George P., Marine Parade (maybe Marino)
   Wood, Mrs. J.
   Young, Lieut.-Colonel, Farmhill
   Anderson, Wm., Bangor Hotel
   Anderson, John, publican
   Bankhead, Mrs., ladies' seminary
   Bellew, Miss, teacher
   Boyd, Misses, grocers
   Byres, Francis, cart maker
   Carson, Rowley, grocer
   Cavan, Mrs., haberdasher
   Connelly, Archd., grocer and painter
   Cooper, Eliza, grocer
   Davison, W., nail maker
   Gill, W., grocer
   Johnston, James, grocer
   Johnston, James, loan fund clerk
   Kennedy, Miss, ladies' school, Shore Street
   Killips, John, publican
   Killips, Mrs., grocer
   Kincade, Wm., Railway Hotel
   Langridge, James, grocer
   Lennon, David, publican
   Lennon, Mrs., lodgings
   Lennox, David, publican
   Logan, James, publican
   Magee, James, builder
   Marshall, Thos., Liverpool Tea House
   Moffatt, Thomas, grocer, Shore Street
   Moore, Mrs., lodgings
   Murray, J., spirit dealer
   McCutcheon, Hugh, watch maker
   McDowell, Mrs., lodgings
   McG. Wilson, provision store
   McKinnon, Mr., Academy
   McKnight, Margaret, green grocer
   Patton, Mrs., lodgings
   Power, John, Belfast Hotel
   Rodgers, Alex., baker and flour dealer
   Sanders, John, butcher
   Sedgewick, Mr., valuator
   Shepherd, John, smith
   Simms, Miss, grocer
   Sloan, Hugh, grocer
   Spence, John, butcher
   Thompson, Mrs., lodgings
   Tolerton, James, boot and shoe maker

three miles from Belfast

          Miscellaneous Institutions
   Newtownbreda Established Church
   Parochial School - Gawn Yeates and Elizabeth Dorman, teachers
   Newtownbreda Female School
   Library - Gawn Yeates, librarian
   Bible Depository - Ditto
   Post Office - Ditto, postmaster
   Constabulary Station - Gore Mervyn, sergeant
          Residents in Vicinity
   Barlow, Rev. Robert Burrows, curate
   Bateson, Sir. Robt., Bart., Belvoir Park
   Bottomley, John, Fortbreda
   Bottomley, William, ditto
   Carruthers, J., Glencregagh
   Hamilton, Dr. Thomas William
   Kinahan, Rev. John, The Glebe
   McDonnell, Alexander, Annadale
   Sneyd, Richard M., Cherryvale
          Traders, etc.
   Burns, Edward, publican
   Hunter, Eliza, grocer
   McClean, Samuel (late coach guard) (coast)
   McKeown, Joseph, baker

The Knock
two and a half miles from Belfast

   The Old Burying Ground
   Railway Station (two calls in the day) - Henry Campbell, clerk of do.
   National School (50 scholars) - Wm. Burke, teacher
          Residents in Vicinity
   Boyd, James, Beech Lodge
   Cox & Co.'s Flax Works
   Hazlett, Rev. Henry
   Lewis Reford's Logwood Mill
   Martin, James, Knock
   McLorinan, Daniel, Knock House
   McKee, John, Craigah
   S. Farrell & Co.'s Nursery

and Lower Whitehouse
three miles from Belfast

          Miscellaneous Institutions
   St. John's Episcopal Church - Rev. T. F. Black, incumbent
   St. John's Church School - Thomas and Margaret McQuitty, teachers
   National School - John McCrickard
   Dispensary (Monday and Thursday) - Dr. John McMechan
   Court House (Petty Sessions) - James Johnston, clerk
   Constabulary Station - Const. Lawler
   Post Office - Thomas McClean
   Revenue Station - Lieut. J. G. Morgan
   General Provision and Goods Store - David Ritchie, proprietor
          Residents in Vicinity
   Bell, Jacob, Glenbracken
   Bell, Richard, Lucieville
   Black, Rev. T. F., Parsonage
   Calvert, Joseph, flax spinner
   Coey, Edward, Merville
   Cunningham, Mrs., Meadowbank
   Cunningham, John, Macedon
   Curell, Miss, Abbeyhill
   Grimshaw, Robt., D.L., J.P., Longwood
   Grimshaw, James, Whitehouse
   Grimshaw, Thomas, Whitehouse
   Greer, Mrs., Frogmore
   Magill, Captain
   McCalmont, Mrs., Abbeylands
   McNeale, John, jun., Rushpark
   McTear, George, Hazelbank
   McTear, Misses, Abbotscroft
   Owens, Mrs., Maryfield
   Patterson, Dr., Greenisland
   Patterson, John (of A. and J. Henry)
   Shaw, Captain
   Wolfenden, Edward
          Manufacturers and Traders
   Anderson, Francis, grocer
   Bells & Calverts' flax spinning mill
   Daly, William, grocer
   Ellis, Henry, grocer
   Giffin, John, tailor
   Gray, Wm., & Sons' bleach green
   Grimshaw and Sons' spinning mills
   Gregg, M., grocer
   Hamill, Charles and Conn, butchers
   Kelly, John, grocer
   Murphy, William, smith
   McCarrol, Hugh, carpenter
   McCarthy, John, grocer
   McConnell, Sarah, grocer
   McMillen, Robert, provision dealer
   Shaw, Martha, publican
   Strickland, William, grocer
   Walker, Robert, dyer and bleacher

four miles from Belfast

   Presbyterian Church - Rev. John Lyle
   National School - Thomas Wallace
   Post Office - Mrs. Foster
   Railway Station
          Residents in Vicinity
   Bland, Rev. R. W., J.P., Abbeyville
   Bryson, James, The Castle
   Connell, Alexander, Rifle Lodge
   Cowan, William, Whiteabbey House
   Davison, Richard, The Abbey
   Dillon, William, solicitor, Roseville
   Fitzsimons, N., Dunsona
   Gamble, Orr, solicitor, Trainview
   Gelston, Samuel, Rosstulla
   Hunter, John, Tyne Cottage
   Hunter, Charles
   McIlveen, Mrs.
   Owens, Mrs., Marykeld Cottage
   Reid, Richard
   Smyth, Edward J., Abbeyvilla
   Torrens, James, Woodbank
   Valentine, Wm., Harmony Hill
   Tennent, Jas. Thompson, Hazlebank
   Boyd, John, Belfast Hotel
   Cowan & Reid, flax spinner
   Hendren, Robert, grocer
   Millikin, Robert, publican
   Smith, Wm., Whiteabbey Tavern
   Smith, James, cabinet maker
   Stewart, Mr., railway clerk