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can someone translate this please
including the date and the upside down bit at the bottom


I thought this was a beautiful post card,

another French translation if anyone has the time please?

written on the postcard it says Hurry Up Stiffy and on the kneeling lady's apron it says Stiffy Lizzie

to Flora Donnelly 1904


The Square, Comber by Jean Hadden

Kiltonga with Scrabo by Jean Hadden

The Mountains of Mourne by Jean Hadden

Mr. Frank McIlroy, Glengowla, ?, somethingross, Co. Galway, Ireland
postmark: Cheswick
from: 43 Blenheim Road, Bedford Park, London W4 May 17th 1919
Dear Mr. McIlroy, Thanks for patterns, they were not what I want, something more of a heather, ? feather fixture as tis called is what I want. Mr. Bouden? was wearing a tweed of your make when I met him last May on his way from Glengowla House, if you happen to remember it.
Yours Truly Godfrey Allen
further information gleaned by Kevin Good in Dublin - Thank you Kevin :o]

The Galway postcard is addressed to Maam Cross. There are mines nearby called Glengowla Mines but could not find Glengowla House. I searched for tailors and tweed makers without success. Found references to horses and ponies called Glengowla Heather, a type of Connemara tweed. Searched the 1911 census and found him!

Frank McCoy, Woolen Weaver aged 60 living in Glengowla!     1911 Census

"Ulster Will Fight"  Series