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  1932  Belfast Street Directory

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Appendix & Obituary

Corrections, Additions and Removals during the printing of the Directory

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Corrections & Additions

Agnew, Robert S., 31 Harcourt Drive

Boyle, James, manufacturers' agent, from 10 Donegall Square East to 82 Royal Avenue
British Legion, Northern Ireland Area, from 16 Donegall Square South to 13 Botanic Avenue

Capper Bros., cotton, yarn and cloth merchants, from 14 Linenhall Street to 20 Bedford Street
Code, Robert S., civil servant, from 40 Belmont Church Road to 18 Sandhill Gardens
Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society Ltd. (The), from 82 Royal Avenue to rooms 20-23 Scottish Temperance Buildings, 16 Donegall Square South
Coulter, M., from 28 Lisburn Road to 83 Lisburn Road

Donaldson & Bell, rent and insurance agents, from 44a Royal Avenue to 36 Arthur Street

Ferguson, Wm. G., from 8 Enfield Parade to 36 Loopland Gardens
Fort Street, Nos. 2-52 have been renumbered
Fuller Brush Co. Ltd., from 16 Donegall Square South to 10 Wellington Street

Gibson, N., 30 University Street
Gilfillan, E., C.I., R.U.C., from The Bungalow, Antrim Road to 43 Earlswood Road

Hardy, J. North & Son Ltd., from 14 Linenhall Street to 2 Clarence Street West
Harkness, H. P., & Co., motor accessory factors, from 59 Chichester Street to 6 Adelaide Street
Henderson, A. G., insurance official, from 38 Newington Street to 12 Lansdowne Park
Huston, Rev. C. W. A., M.A., Cregagh House, Knockbreda Road

Johnston, George, chartered accountant, 7? Donegall Square West, should read Johnston, George, & Co., accountants

Kane, W. J., 64 Martinez Avenue

Lansdowne Road, Nos. 1-57 have been re-numbered

Masonic Lodge No. 10, 16 Alfred Street, The Secretary is Major R. Stanley
Miller, W. M., barrister-at-law, from 197 Cavehill Road to St. Gilgen, Castle Hill Road
Mills, F. S. A., 54 Cabinhill Gardens, Accountant, should be paint merchant

McCormick, J. H., from 18 Sandhill Gardens to 15 Cabinhill Gardens

Persse, D., accountant and insurance agent, 26 Corn Market

Shields, Wm., from 114 North Parade to 21 Harberton Drive

United Services Fund, Northern Ireland Area, from 16 Donegall Square South to 13 Botanic Avenue


Adams, William C., 26 Agincourt Avenue
Adjey, Isabella, 44 Twickenham Street
Agnew, Mrs. E. M., 33 Adelaide Park

Balmer, Mrs. N. L., 28 Thorndale Avenue
Bell, Mrs. S. J., 31 Knockbreda Road
Buchanan, Robert, 17 Cardigan Drive
Burkey, John C., 176 Deerpark Road
Burns, Mrs. I., 58 May Street

Carmichael, Mrs., 197 Holywood Road
Carson, Jane A., 8 Myrtlefield Park
Carswell, Robt., 121 Marlborough Park South
Cochrane, Mrs. E. H., 4 Jubilee Avenue
Cullen, Rev. Edward B., 45 Ulsterville Avenue

Daley, William J., 21 Colenso Parade
Downey, Mrs. M. J., 49 Duncairn Gardens
Drage, William O., 10 University Avenue

Eaton, Mrs. Mary, 455 Cregagh Road
Edmonds, William, 39 Bloomfield Road
Ekin, John L., 12 Knocklofty Park

Fleck, David, J.P., 93 Cavehill Road
Forsythe, William R., 133 Deramore Avenue
Frackelton, Ernest C. H., 90 Ardenlee Avenue

Gaffikin, Mrs. M. E., 87 Lisburn Road
Geary, John, 122 Cliftonpark Avenue
Giffin, John, 295 Ormeau Road
Greer, Mrs. J., 192 Sandy Row

Hamilton, Mrs. Mary, 10 Cyprus Park
Harris, John, 30 Cranmore Gardens
Hutchinson, Rev. J. J., 89 Lisburn Road

Irwin, Mrs. L., 6 Chichester Road
Irwin, William, 209 Springfield Road

Jebb, Mrs. S., 40 Belmont Avenue
Johnston, Mrs. Mary, 28 University Street

Keith, James, 26 Lomond Avenue
Kennedy, George A., 20 Hughenden Avenue
Knox, John W., 8 Sandford Avenue

Lee, Rev. R. S., 3 Sydenham Gardens
Lemon, Alexander, 17 Cliftonville Road
Lockhart, William P., 6 Palestine Street
Lowden, R. H., 70 King's Road
Lowry, Samuel, 12 Shaftesbury Avenue
Lyttle, John, 1 Lisburn Road

Magill, Robert, 214 Grosvenor Road
Magill, Dr. Thos. J., 153 Templemore Avenue
Mercer, Mrs. I. F., 61 Ulsterville Avenue
Miskelly, Mrs. A., 404 Lisburn Road
Miskimin, Miss M., 426 Antrim Road

McBride, Ellen, 1 Windsor Avenue
McClelland, Captain John S., 179 Duncairn Gardens
McCullough, Mrs. Agnes, 56 Cliftonpark Avenue
McCune, J. A. W., 100 Haypark Avenue
McDowell, Mrs. Margaret, 38 Windermere Gardens
McGaughey, David, 13 Pottinger Street
McKee, F. B., 4 Ashfield Crescent
McLean, Robert James, 13 Cranmore Avenue
McMullan, J. J., 35 Osborne Park
McMullan, Mrs. A. M., 376 Woodstock Road

Paisley, James, 1 Ranfurly Drive
Patterson, John, 29 Wellesley Avenue
Patterson, Mrs. E. H., 107 University Street
Pinkerton, Mrs. E. S., 87 Henderson Avenue
Price, James A., 43 College Park Avenue

Ramsey, John, 49 Rosemount Gardens
Rea, Matthew, 3 Wimbledon Street
Rea, Mrs. M., 2 Castlereagh Place
Rogers, Mrs. A. M., 27 Deramore Drive

Saunders, George H. S., 175 Antrim Road
Scott, Mrs. H., 62 Eglantine Street
Shannon, Mrs. M., 5 Magdala Street
Sheppard, Richard, 36 Victoria Gardens
Smith, William H., 61 Tate's Avenue
Stewart, Frederick, 7 Lyndhurst Gardens
Stewart, John, 13 Bandon Street

Walker, James, 80 Fortingale Street
Walsh, Robert, 120 Ravenhill Road
Watson, Robert James, 1 Camden Villas, Lisburn Road
Wilson, Miss S., 32 Camden Street
Winnington, Edward, 153 Ravenhill Road