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original photographs are not my property and are not available

1916 and 1922.

He's wearing a vertical wound stripe on his lower left sleeve, they were authorised for wear on 6th July 1916 and they were issued from then until 1922 when their use was discontinued until WW2. Anyone who was wounded more than once was awarded one stripe for each wound. They were initially authorised for wear by anyone who had been wounded during WW1 from 4th August 1914 the date on which Britain entered WW1, but by the end of the war they were being issued for wounds that were received in pre WW1 campaigns, but they were obviously only worn post July 1916.
{thank you to Steve for this information :)}


see first photo

could be pre WW1 according to these gentlemen - TheGreatWarForum


on back - H.M.S. Edinburgh
Photographer - Studio Belfast

some info from Graham Stewart, he thinks this is a Cadet unit possibly Church Lads Brigade or Boys Life Brigade as he believes 0030 is too, both taken around the 1920's/30's - Thank you Graham
More Information from Johnny Conn a member of the Brigade's Historical Group, this is the Church Lads Brigade Cadets from the late 1920s, early 1930s. The white cap covers were generally worn when at Summer Camp. The tallest lad at the back is Refausse, pronounced ref-o-say, he was a member of the CLB at Lisburn Cathedral. Date, late 1920s. At the All Ireland Camp somewhere like Morecambe or Heysham

on back - hard to make out, looks like photographers name..
S. Lenne, Woincourt.


Photographer - J. F. Gavin, Kildare


see above right 0022

see suggestions for this photo on the Great War Forum

H.M.S. Kent - some details on The Great War Forum

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Dublin no info - info re armoured car on The Great War Forum further information from Ernest McCall see here

both photographs found together at auction, no information, that 'could' be the same man middle row, right but the hat emblem is different

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unidentified regiment?  The man sitting front right is Henry Patrick McCann
Information relating to chancellorDublin.jpg photograph

Re the "Lost Photo" section, chancellor Dublin, It appears to be part of the R.I.C. Reserve Force during 1920/1. The Reserve Force is not the Black & Tans or Auxiliaries. The Reserve Force had a surgeon attached to them and the picture shows an ambulance which indicates that it may be the Reserve Force. The R.F. consisted of 2 x Sub Inspectors, 4 Head Constables, 200 men consisting of Sgts., Constables and Sub Constables. They travelled the length & breadth of Ireland helping local police in crowd control etc.
Ernest McCall

Ernest's book http://theirishwar.com/2011/02/the-auxiliary-division-royal-irish-constabulary/

Thank you Ernest

R.I.C. R.I.F. - Boar War? Harp on Pillbox
anyone know this gentleman?
thank you to Peter at the Old Hen House for the photo

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