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original photographs are not my property and are not available

Ship Inn, Mr. C. Chester - I have no idea where this is, the plaque above the left hand window says 'Cycling Club' 
I can't make out the rest of it, there is a word that could start with 'Bu____
on the back of photo - M Curry
thank you to Shaun Jones for this information:- Re the photo on your web page
It’s the old Ship Inn at Longbenton in Northumberland. The landlord in 1891 and 1901 was Ulrich Chester.
Compare the photo on this web page

Nice house, unusual windows, anyone recognise it?

this was inside the opposite photo as backing in the frame

this is as enhanced as I can get this photo, the original is faded severely, at the bottom is says ? ? Church, photo, ?? Donegall Place, Belfast
William Patterson
UPDATE: I've been contacted by Israel Abernethy whose Grandfather took the shop over:

Hello Mary – I have just finished a genealogy course at Queens and was looking through your site when I spotted the photo mentioned above – the shop is in fact in Carnmoney village, Newtownabbey, Co Antrim – it belonged to the Pattersons until the 1930s???? when my grandfather Israel Abernethy took it over and his family – my father (another Israel) and his brothers ran it until they sold it in the 1980s?  it is now a car showroom and has lost the top story – I am going to send you several more photos of the same shop and you can see how it has changed over the years (see below) as has Carnmoney village itself  - the cottage beside it was replaced with a substantial dwelling which was my grandparents house and my father still lives there at the age of 86.  Best wishes and thanks for the site I find it all very interesting – cheers Mr Israel Abernethy (Jnr.)

Pre 1930's

1930s                                                                                                1950's


says on back 'Lord Mayor's House' ?
thank you to Jacqueline Nicholson I now know it is the Gate Lodge in the Botanic Gardens, still not sure what the connection with the Lord Mayor is but Jacqueline also spotted the 'Lord Mayor's' lamps at the entrance so possibly he stayed there at some time LINK

I found the information for this photo on my own site :)
Miss Tear, H. S., M.P.S.I.. Chemist, 68 Upper Clanbrassil Street, Dublin