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Vikki's photographs of wildlife

watch my funny worm on youtube


a county down garden 2009


I bought my son a basketball stand many years ago and after it had served its purpose and because it cost so much I couldn't bring myself to throw it out, so it lay on its side unused for the longest time until I finally decided I wanted to create some sort of cat free space for the birds to feed, adding some logs that were far too big to burn in my hearth and a length of rope, an old splatter guard for frying pans and a foil tray that last years basted turkey breast came in, a few bamboo canes poked through the holes in the frame and I found myself with a 'birdstand' now considering the birds here have taken over every corner of my houses' roof as nesting sites, not to mention the porch it seemed only fair they should have a takeaway nearby, I had no idea that area of the garden would attract so many other living things...............so I keep my camera handy and here are the 'visitors' to my café

not the most obvious of visitors, in  fact this was the only one I have seen to date (Collared Dove) thank you to Colin Henderson

Magpie, they don't usually stop on their way past

a regular, Peter, he's a real cheeky character, he taps at the windows until I feed him and he brings his Mrs. but she is much more nervous and charges off like the road runner when she sees any movement, this guy will eat bread straight from your hand, I will add photos of that later

Mrs. Peter Pheasant, you should see her go when she spots me watching her

excuse the blurry shot, 3 early morning visitors, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Pheasant and Mr. Magpie

birds so different get along

Chaffinch in foreground and a House Sparrow behind (thank you to Colin Henderson)

whereas its beaks at dawn here

Dunnock (Hedge Sparrow)                        coal tit         
thank you again to Colin Henderson for identifying my mystery birds

lots of Robins

the lodgers feeding


for 2010 photos go here

this is all I caught of a fast moving hare, you can just about see his hind legs disappearing into the trees in the very centre of the shot

what's the password ?

thankfully he doesn't eat in my garden but he does nosey over the hedge, he had a nasty temper and I have the broken fence to prove it

the other residents who live here, sadly Ali (left) died last summer

brrrrr snow

poor wee thing, I found him frozen into a bowl of water, I have now tipped the bowl on its side so bathers like him can get out easily, I also moved the piece of garden hose that I think he used to get into the bowl, it was my fault in the first place as I threw bread out the window the night before and some of it went into the bowl

the best place to be when its snowing outside, under a sheepskin rug
a dog's life eh


more tits

This is not Peter, that's the only way I can tell him from the other pheasants who visit my garden, Peter is extremely forward, he will take bread from your hand easily and peck at your shoes and follow you round the garden like a puppy, he even stands his ground when I let the dog out for a pee

black and white with the same stripe down the middle of the breast as the green tits have - Pied Wagtail, (thank you Colin)


don't leave the door open, cheeky Peter will come looking for his breakfast
I was in a hurry this time so I grabbed the camera and a bit of bread, took these shots then shooed him out and closed the door, you should have heard the plaintive screech when he saw there was no more food, I had to throw out some more in the garden - hehehehe


no more ?

seasons - brr cold

seasons - pea soup

seasons - rain and a beautiful double rainbow

seasons - autumn sunset

seasons - Scotland getting a wee drop of bad weather 8.3.09 1.30pm

seasons - misty autumn morning

seasons - summer sunset


lots of birds, glad they don't stop for food



Introducing Peter the Second or P2 for short, he's bigger but equally as cheeky and getting cheekier by the day

Scoobie usually chases and sometimes catches birds but methinks this one might be a wee bit big for him, still, he's watching him out of the corner of his eye, and the other eye is on my food

Vikki gave me a window bird feeder for Christmas, its pretty neat, if you stand still you can be as close as 12 inches from the birds, I also kitted out a cheap rose trellis (Lidl) as a feeder and I used a squirrel proof seed feeder from Poundstretchers at Springhill Shopping Centre, the big birds can't get into it and although it took a few days for the small birds to get used to it, its often crowded now.

Scoobie watching me cooking, the reason why he is ignoring P2

and what he is watching below

7th April 2010 dodged the showers and still managed to eat outside..

The first Barbq of the season, yum yum, after charging out with a brolly a few times during cooking it turned out a nice calm evening with a beautiful setting sun.....here's hoping we have a nice summer

hiding inside during a shower, wimp!

a sparrow hawk stalking my birds

he's watching that wee sparrow but I spooked him and not for the first time either, I caught him mid murder on Friday but the bird he had pinned to the ground was fighting back, not to mention screeching up a storm, a magnificent bird, I just wish he would eat elsewhere