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34 barbara hannon

Location: Cedar Rapids Iowa USA
Date: 06.01.2007
Time: 05:29:34
Spectacular. My great granparents left Belfast in 1880 to come to Iowa. You have helped provide a link to a void in our family history. Thankyou

33 Darren Wiese

Date: 02.01.2007
Time: 14:29:42
Thank you for making your extensive work available to everyone. I found the occupation of my GG Grand Father on your site which I couldnt find anywhere.

Kind regards, Darren

32 Mary Lennon

Location: Northern Ireland
Date: 02.01.2007
Time: 00:35:05
Thank you so much everyone for your lovely comments, makes it all worthwhile, if you have problems with this annoying anti-spam code, please email me what you'd like put in the guestbook and I can do it from my end, I'm sorry it's neccessary to have the anti-spam thing otherwise you'd be wading through numerous porno and enlargement adverts, Thank you for your persistance smile

31 Michael Costello

Location: Belfast
Date: 31.12.2006
Time: 12:55:03
A very useful site .Well done,you have put a lot of work into this! thumbup

30 Kenneth

Location: Castlewellan
Date: 30.12.2006
Time: 21:10:20
smile Good site .Very interesting about the Burma campaign smile smile

29 Kermit Heid

Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Date: 28.12.2006
Time: 17:17:29
Looking for information regarding Robert & Solomon Carson, born about 1820 in, I believe, the Derryvalley area.

28 Christopher

Location: Co. Down. Northern Ireland
Date: 28.12.2006
Time: 00:02:36
A great site. Loads of interesting information and brilliant photographs.


27 Bob Cook

Location: York
Date: 27.12.2006
Time: 23:31:07
Very good site - piles of info and great construction. Now on my favourites list
Thank you

26 Gary Thompson

Location: Belfast
Date: 20.12.2006
Time: 16:07:40
Excellent site. Many thanks for making the results of your hard work available to us all.
Best regards,

25 jim donnelly

Location: belfst
Date: 19.12.2006
Time: 19:00:33
just stumbled across the page and will return when more time is available.

24 George McCarroll

Location: San Diego CA USA
Date: 17.12.2006
Time: 17:25:17
Excellent site ! Keep up the great work.

23 Lyz Morrow Staman

Location: Alexandria, VA USA
Date: 17.12.2006
Time: 05:48:51
MORROW of Ballyjamesduff, County Cavan IRL & Ontario

Been researching them for over 20 years, then I stumble across your website with this entry:
Robert Morrow - Lord Farnham Ballyjamesduff
writings from the 'Family Altar' belonging to Robert Morrow of Ballyjamesduff

And I remember in 2003 I standing in a run down, over grown Presbyterian grave yard outside Ballyjamesduff, copying down this exact Robert Morrow's tombstone information. He is my direct descendant!

Thanks SO MUCH for adding more to my puzzle! Any MORROW researchers (CAN, AUS,NZ, IRL), please email


22 david wallace

Location: belfast
Date: 16.12.2006
Time: 15:41:37
great site i found my great great grandfather in the 1880s another david wallace living in lillput row in belfast i would love to try and find were he lived before that but i have hit a brick wall any help would be great

keep up the good work

21 Carrie Dickson

Location: Bangor. N.I.
Date: 15.12.2006
Time: 14:25:27
Great site . The street listings are wonderful I found my grandfather in the 1907 dir. in Charles St. S. working as a Hackler ( a rotten job combing the flax) McKissick ia a rare name so finding him I was delighted. looking forward to you finishing 1907.

20 Malcolm Calvert McCoull

Location: Belfast (Sleive Bloom)
Date: 12.12.2006
Time: 11:35:05
My Grandmother was born at 10 Donegal Place about 1869
(Clara Jury) They were Huguenots - Thanks to your
excellent site My Cousin (Peter Calvert) has done a lot of the
Donkey work in tracing my relatives in Ireland - The McCoull's
will be a harder nut to crack as there were so many ways of
spelling it - McCall McCool MacCool etc I think it all dates
back to the days before English as we know it was spoken.
Keep up the good work you are doing a good and important
job - Regards, Malcolm

19 Barry Daggger (son of Ken)

Location: Bath, Somerset
Date: 03.12.2006
Time: 15:30:17
Hello Jim - My father, Ken Dagger, saw a note from Mary in the recent Burma Star journal and asked that I should make contact with you. Sadly, Dad is in hospital having had a severe stroke but is recovering and still very much "on the ball" - I say that because he was "on the wing" for the 8th Belfast HAA Regts' soccer team (being English he must have been good!) of which he has a photograph.
Dad says he remembers you being in the band and wishes you the very best.
Congratulations on a terrific website. smile

18 tom Ferris

Location: Australia
Date: 29.11.2006
Time: 09:01:19
Thanks for your site. I found in the 1907 Directory my Granfather's name and address at 42 Belmont Avenue, Strandtown, Ballymacarrett, Belfast. His occupation - rivetter. He worked in the Shipyards of harland & Woolf on the hulls of the ships, "Olympic" & "Titanic". Trying to trace any of my Blefast relatives.
Wonderful site!

17 Shirley Mackay

Location: Canada
Date: 26.11.2006
Time: 02:39:58
Love reading this... Hope you keep adding to it. I am learning about the land of my 'fathers'.

Really appreciate the time and effort you have put into this.

16 Joy Todd

Location: New Zealand
Date: 24.11.2006
Time: 05:31:42
What a wonderful site, well done. smile

15 Frank Mallon

Location: Belfast now England
Date: 22.11.2006
Time: 19:05:16
smile Great. I almost feel at home and I found great grandfather and grandfather in the 1880's.

14 Sandra Wood

Location: Australia
Date: 21.11.2006
Time: 03:58:08
G smile reat site, glad I was told to look here thumbup

13 sam melville

Location: belfast (living in carnmoney)
Date: 15.11.2006
Time: 13:57:10
super site a must for anyone interested in genealogy
keep up the good work.

12 Pat Lawrence

Location: SURREY (born in Belfast)
Date: 12.11.2006
Time: 19:52:04
Have been trying to find Waddell's in Armagh/Keady and through your site have come accross 2. Thanks

11 Peter Killow

Location: Devon
Date: 11.11.2006
Time: 22:20:12
Well done, you have been busy with your valuable work - thanks.

10 Carolyn Sibbing

Location: Ayr
Date: 11.11.2006
Time: 15:59:08
Really good site. Loads of information to work through

9 Gary Swinn

Location: Nottingham UK
Date: 11.11.2006
Time: 12:29:45
Hi Mary,

Looking for Arthur Brown from Nottm, my Grandfather. It's a great site with loads of potential. Keep up the good work

Kind Regards


8 Joyce Mace

Date: 11.11.2006
Time: 12:01:40

looking for mace family

original entry date Mon 06 Nov 2006 17:41:47 GMT

7 Martin Crozier

Date: 11.11.2006
Time: 11:56:47


We have much information of Croziers in Ireland. We have a data base and many records. If you have any questions on Croziers we may well be able to help. Just send an email and we will respond.

original entry date Tue 07 Nov 2006 16:33:40 GMT

6 eddie kavanagh

Date: 11.11.2006
Time: 11:53:12

Never too old to learn

I have looked through numerous genealogy sites over the years, but I didn't realise this one existed. The Street Directories are an excellent source of information. It is brill to have them on-line without having to 'traipse down' to the Linenhall Library or the General Library. Thank you very much for your efforts.

original entry date Fri 03 Nov 2006 18:13:24 GMT


Date: 11.11.2006
Time: 11:50:17

the barracks lisburn 1864


original entry date Fri 03 Nov 2006 16:21:52 GMT

4 joe flanagan

Date: 11.11.2006
Time: 11:40:34

old streets

hi.. it was nice to find old street of belfast i found the street where my granfather was born looking for the rest of my family thank you

original entry Thu 02 Nov 2006 20:32:53 GMT

3 Linde Lunney

Date: 11.11.2006
Time: 11:35:57

James Stelfox

Many thanks for listing the entries online; I was able to find a citation for James Stelfox, giving his occupation; I'm writing a short biog of his son, and I needed to have his father's occupation

original entry date Wed 01 Nov 2006....11:58:07 GMT

2 robert mccaughey

Date: 11.11.2006
Time: 11:32:17

a few small houses

great site. a wonderful job. pity about a few small houses where i suspect my ancestors lived..........slan rob

original entry date Tue 31 Oct 2006 11:18:41 GMT

1 Austen Lennon

Date: 07.11.2006
Time: 23:19:32

Great web site lots and lots to read... when I get the time someday. The photos are great!

original entry date Sat 28 Oct 2006 16:56:32 BST

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