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My name is Mary Lennon, I have 3 grown-up children

my daughter says I can live in the best old peoples home she can afford...

I 'may' survive the last ones teenage years.... 2010

he's going to be a famous rock star one day and keep me in luxury :o)


well I survived and he survived, he'll be 21 in April 2015 and he still isn't famous but he is in full time work with a future to it :) 2014

my beautiful son Sebastian died 9th November 2015 age just 21 years old, you just never ever know what life will deal you or when will be the last time you get to hold someone :'( we are heartbroken....

my daughter has started her own business after 4 years at Queens, she now has a lovely little boy Dylan, her new business is unique and based near Bangor, Co. Down   2014
Plant and Play on Facebook  -  Plant and Play website

   in my garden

   more photos

Vikki and Dylan     Sebastian  28.4.94 - 09.11.15

Richard the writer

I live in Bangor, Co. Down and I have 1 fish, Mo, who will be 28 years old this year (2015)

poor Mo died summer 2015 :( (it was a bad bad year)

and the newest addition to the family, Marley, a greyhound, she owns the place now. 2013

Marley has been a real comfort to me this year <3 2015



I was born in Lachine, Canada, we came back to Ireland in 1966, I went to Nettlefield Primary and Park Parade Secondary Schools and we lived in Castlereagh Place, we left Belfast for Bangor in 1972 ish and have been in this area ever since

I started a Park Parade Facebook page, come along, we have over 1000 members now and they organised a reunion which went very well

Park Parade on Facebook

       1 yo     Park Parade School    Euston St. School

My Mum and Dad

My Mum died on the 18th December 2008

my dad is 100 years old :) (19.10.2019)

My Dad died July 2020 we miss him so much, you nearly made 101 dad <3

more photos

8th Belfast HAA

I have 3 brothers and 1 sister, we found my sister in Canada after losing touch with her for over 30 years

my lovely brother Doug who we lost this year
Rest in Peace
1943 - 2019

then (70's) - Austen, Jim (drums), Doug (right)
and George (front)

less hair more belly - Austen, Jim (still with the funny hats), Doug and George

I love my life and where I live and I love my website, I get a big kick out of all the emails and guestbook entries I receive from people who have found my site helpful and I hope to continue as long as I can, besides it keeps me out of trouble :o)

life changes - I've since moved into town, its different and convenient but I still long to live back in the country, not much chance of that but I still do my numbers in the lotto every week and keep my fingers crossed

People I would have liked to spend time with.......

and my beautiful son but there would never be enough time, I just need him back again :(

things I like.......



Ambitions :-

UPDATE (see above)

I've achieved 3/3's of the main one and that is to raise my children to adulthood, after that, they is on their own!
I want to put all the directories I have online and keep the site free

apart from the above, there is nothing else I want in life

Steve Irwin aka The Crocodile Hunter

Jimmy Stewart

Herbert B. Khaury aka Tiny Tim 
April 12, 1932 – November 30, 1996

Michael Sebastian <3

please donate any amount at all, anything, every penny helps