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Lost Photos - Morrow, Drumreagh

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original photographs are not my property and are not available

All these photos etc. were in a box and tin at auction, the address is 'The Stump' or 'Near Walsh's Hill', Drumreagh,  Ballygowan, Co. Down, Ireland

James Morrow, Esq.
 a pack of playing cards belonging to

Vera Morrow, Drumreagh, Ballygowan,

No idea who Adam George is to the Morrows
from Proni - The Will of Thomas M'Kenzie late of Carsonstown County Down Farmer who died 6 September 1893 at same place was proved at Belfast by Samuel M'Kenzie of Carsonstown and Adam George of Ravara both in said County Farmers the Executors. (By Judgment of County Court. Dated 8 February 1894 "M'Kenzie v. M'Kenzie).
Probate of the Will of Thomas Scott late of Ravara County Down Carpenter who died 14 April 1898 granted at Belfast to Adam George of Ravara Farmer
The Will of Samuel Piper late of Ravara County Down Farmer who died 4 January 1886 at same place was proved at Belfast by Samuel Piper and Adam George both of Ravara Farmers the Executors. 

Wartime clothing books, names on the books are James Morrow, Ruth Morrow, Mary Elizabeth Morrow, Veronica H. Morrow and Adam George, Ravara, Ballygowan - going by the Nat Reg No's on the books there were 5 in the Morrow family, James is 1, Mary Elizabeth is 2, I assume that's his wife, then 3 is missing, 4 is Ruth and 5 is Veronica. 

Spraying Potatoes - My. Henry Mullan spraying potatoes as a precaution against blight on his father's farm at Drumreagh, Derryboy, Co. Down

on back 16th May 1906

on back postcard addressed to Annie Morrow from Ruthie

on back With love to Kate from Jamie

on back Miss Christian, 56 Nevis Avenue, Strandtown

In Memoriam
Carleton - In sad and loving remembrance of my dear wife, Sarah Carleton, who died on 23rd February 1919 and was interred in Dundonald Cemetery.
Three years have passed since that sad day
Sad and bitter to recall, When the one we loved was taken by a sudden call
Ever remembered by her loving Husband and Son. T. Carleton, 37 Portallo Street

Peter Woods

no information with any of these photos but they are all part of the Morrow lot

more photos with no information