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original photographs are not my property and are not available

found at auction, principal names are Edith McWilliams and Sgt. V. N. W. McWilliams (Vic)
there are photos amongst this collection that I won't put online, they are taken in Singapore possibly and are extremely graphic,
of the aftereffects of a bomb

a postcard of Como - Piazza Cavour addressed to Sgt. V. N. W. McWilliams, 7897569, North Irish Horse, C.M.F.

Postcard addressed to Mrs. E. McWilliams, Silverton Hotel, The Hill, Monkstown, Co. Dublin, from Vic.

Edith McWilliams, 37 Princetown Road, Bangor, Co. Down

on back - Absentees from Group, J. L. T. Glass and L. F. McWilliams

on back - The Shrivelled up "Wart" is me

on back - 29th December 1941

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NZ/401438 Sgt. S. J. Luke, R.N.Z. A.F. 17.8.41  CWGC

In Memory of the Officers and Men of 36 Indian Division Who Fell in Arakan 1944

Glue Matches, Betterware Products Ltd.

Ulster Bank Limited, Unveiling of War Memorial, 19th November 1948
Officials of the Ulster Bank Limited who joined His Majesty's Forces during the War 1939-45
Adair, Thomas K.
Allen, Samuel E. T.
Anderson, Robert B.
Andrews, William H. L.
Armstrong, John A.
Armstrong, Robert J.
Atkinson, Norman D.

Balmforth, Desmond
Barry, James
Boyd, James G.
Boyd, William E.
Bradley, John W.
Broadberry, Desmond H. R.
Brown, George C.
Burrows, Victor

Caldwell, Charles H.
Caldwell, Thomas H.
Calvert, H. de la V.
Clarke, Eric R.
Clegg, Frederick W. C.
Colbert, Alexander
Connor, William J.
Conroy, Wilfred T.
Coulter, Herbert S.
Craig, Henry G. A.
Crammond, James
Crowe, Maurice F.
Cumins, Oliver
Currie, Harry L.

Davey, John D.
Davis, Robert
Dickson, Thomas

Edgar, Leslie J. S.

Ferguson, Matthew
Ferguson, Thomas J.
Fletcher, William H.

Gawn, James D.
Giffin, Francis
Gifford, Richard J.
Gilfillan, William
Gilmour, Bryce
Glendinning, James E.
Grant, James W.

Hamilton, Reginald R.
Hamilton, Rowan W.
Harriman, Rene W.
Harrison, Edwin A.
Hawthorne, James T.
Hayes, Thomas J.
Hegan, Hugh L.
Hazlett, Robert N.
Hobson, Robert K.
Hunter, Desmond
Hyde, Theodore H.

Johnston, George N.

Kennedy, Robert H.
Kenny, Francis M. B.
Kerr, Edwin W. H.
Kingston, Richard W.
Kirker, Norman L.

Lapham, Richard H. B.
Long, Frederick
Lorimer, Andrew
Love, James C.
Lowe, Henry L.

Martin, Arthur L.
Martin, Henry
Martin, Leonard E. H.
Martin, Norman F.
Maxwell, James
Maxwell, William
Moffet, Thomas L.
Montgomery, Percy E.
Moody, David G.
Moran, Arthur T.
Murphy, George H. C.
Murray, James D.

McAlister, William G.
McCormick, John
McCoubrey, William F. K.
McCully, Thomas A.
McElderry, Edward J.
McElroy, Thomas G. S. H.
McIlwaine, Samuel
McKeown, Robert J. W.
McMaster, John A.
McMichael, James
McWilliams, Victor N. W.

Neilly, Robert
Nelson, Gordon E. A.
Nesbitt, William R.
Netterfield, David G.

Oakman, John C.

Patterson, James
Patton, William D.
Porter, James K.
Preston, Walter

Rice, Norman J.

Sands, Henry V.
Scott, James G.
Scott, William E. F.
Simpson, Frederick
Smith, Alexander
Smyth, Frederick N.
Spence, George K.
Steele, William D. F.
Stephens, Robert
Stevenson, Samuel R.
Stewart, Alexander
Stewart, Robert H.
Swan, David E.

Thomas, Richard A.
Thompson, Thomas B.
Tombe, Edgar B.

Ussher, James N. B.

Walker, Samuel
Wallace, Thomas V.
Watson, William E.
Witherington, John H. S.
Workman, Samuel

Young, John

In Proud  Memory of These Brave Men, Members of the Staff of Ulster Bank Limited Who Having Volunteered for Active Service, Gave Their Lives for King and Country in the Great War 1939-1945

William H. L. Andrews
John W. Bradley
Oliver Cumins
James E. Glendinning
James T. Hawthorne
Frederick Long
James C. Love
Henry Martin
William G. McAlister
James G. Scott
Richard A. Thomas
William E. Watson

To A. E. Sharpe

     I hope the following may help you in carrying out your glorious duty:- (signed) M. H. ap Rhys Pryce

     "Greater Love hath no man than this, that a man spend his life in the service of his friends."  -  Jesus Christ

     "The spirit of an Army is the spirit of its Corps of Officers."  -  Clausewitz

     "The Safety, Honour and Welfare of your Country come first, always and every time.
     "The Honour, Welfare and Comfort of the Men you command come next.
     "Your own Ease, Comfort and Welfare come last, always and every time."  - Field-Marshal Sir Philip Chetwode

     Reply by Sir Arthur Wellesley to a friend who asked him how he could endure an unimportant appointment after his greater days in India:-
     "I am neemukwallah as we say in the East; that is I have ate of the King's Salt and, therefore, I conceive it to be my duty to serve with unhesitating zeal and cheerfulness when and wherever the King or his Government may think proper to employ me."

     "The Soldier who is selfish is ignorant of the rudiments of his profession." - Japanese General, 1900 A.D.

on back - Clerys & Imperial Hotel, Sackville Street, Dublin, After Sinn Fein Rebellion of April 1916

on back - The Field-Marshal Presenting Certificates to the Best Recruits
Public ? G.H.Q. Jack - Major Brookes - Major Dadson - Colonel Training
They had the band of the Inniskilling Fusiliers
Blakang-Mati - Sept. 1948

1937 Medical Unit

on back - This is where we used to live The Mount, Mt. Maunganni N.Z. 7105   on back - This is where we live now The Strand, Tauranga. N.Z.4979

Sergeants Mess, North Irish Horse, Rimini, July 1945

on back - Feb. 1949 Jack & the GD. 6. Singapore District Major Gen. Dunlop

Postcard addressed to Mrs. Mathews, 37 Princetown Road, Bangor from Vic. Clonakilty, Cork

Queen's University Belfast Officer's Training Corps.