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County Down, Northern Ireland

Groomsport Primary School

A History of Groomsport Primary School

Groomsport gets a wind turbine - 02/09/2008

The Hill, Groomsport - don't know year

The Hill, Groomsport 1910 - supplied by Eastender from a book called 'A Tour of North Down.' It was published in 1989 by Friar's Bush Press, ISBN 0946872201, author Jane E. M. Crosbie

The Hill, Groomsport 1958 - supplied by Eastender 

View of The Hill, Groomsport from the Bangor end 2007 (same place as above photo 1910)

  view of The Hill, Groomsport from the Bangor end 2007  

Eastenders Gran's cottage would have been around here
see the nice stone wall? I made a background out of it, see here
and through the entrance left of the wall I took this panorama shot

view of The Hill from the Stables side

The World Famed Berkshire Aviation Tours Ltd.
(F. J. V. Holmes, Governing Director)
Beg to announce
Passenger Flights - from 5/- each
3-Seater Machine in Daily Use  10-30 till Dark
From Thursday, July 28th till Tuesday August 9th inclusive

Google Earth of The Hill Groomsport

The postcard was postmarked 1930 but I don't know if that is the date of this photograph

Memorial Stone at Groomsport Presbyterian Church for the Old School

Groomsport Harbour at Dusk - February 2008

Groomsport Cow and grass hanging from gob

This was the old caravan park at Groomsport, all houses now

Recent Photographs of Groomsport from  (Eastender)

Beach at Groomsport - (Eastender)

Harbour at Groomsport - (Eastender)

Cockle Row Groomsport - (Eastender)

Thats the house I want to live in, Mary - (Eastender)

The Harbour Groomsport - (Eastender)

View from the Harbour Groomsport - (Eastender)

Beautiful Groomsport Sunset - (Eastender)

Groomsport House Hotel, now private apartments - (Eastender)

sunset - 29th June  2007

nose rings are NOT trendy mister !

isn't this just perfect, early morning mist over the fields of Groomsport
February 2008

Groomsport Presbyterian Church

Groomsport Presbyterian Church at Dusk - February 2008

beautiful Groomsport sunrise December 2005

naturally beautiful - Springfield Road at the junction of High Bangor Road

'On The Rocks'   August 2010    How not to drive a boat at Groomsport !

Panorama from The Hill, Groomsport - Nov 2008

we grow 'em big - that's a pint glass

shift it moo-face !

Groomsport, Ireland - The National Life-Boat Institution has forwarded a new 32-feet 10-oared life-boat to this station, in place of a smaller one which was found unsuitable for the locality.  A transporting carriage has also been sent for the new boat.  The cost of the boat and its equipment is the gift to the Institution of a benevolent English lady, and at her request the life-boat is name the Florence.

  Flowers floating in the sea for Duncan McInnes, 84 who drowned in Groomsport Harbour 1st August 2010, Duncan's dog 'Bud' also died on that day 
Cockle Row, Groomsport by Fran Fit (Frank Fitzsimons)