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1868 Belfast Street Directory

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Adair, John, pawn broker, Campbell Street
Alderdice, Annie, milliner, removed from 119 York Street to Donegall Street
Anderson & George (Ready Cash Company), Castle Street
Anderson, Hamilton, removed to Dunmurry Cottage, Dunmurry
Arthur, Robert, 64 Victoria Street

Belfast and Glasgow Royal Mail Steam-Packets, A. G. S. McCulloch, 39 Donegall Quay
Bolton, R., M.D., surgeon, 8 Dock Street
Boyd, Hugh H., house and land agent, Commercial Buildings
British and North American Royal Mail Steam-Packets, A. G. S. McCulloch, 39 Donegall Quay
Browne, James C., tobacconist, fancy pipe and cigar divan, 105 York Street
Burgess, W. L., commission merchant, removed to 10 Castle Chambers
Burnside, James D. (of Dickson, Ferguson & Co., Linenhall Street); res.
Byers, Nathaniel (successor to Byers & Wallace), Bridge Street Place

Campbell, John, Copeland View House, Greenisland
Carse, Dixon & Co. (successors to G. & R. Carse), timber, tile and slate merchants, 86 & 88 York Street; res., G. H. Carse, 204 York Street; Thomas S. Dixon, Abercorn Terrace
Collier, Alfred, organist of Ulster Hall; res.
Coleman, Thomas, 4 Antrim Terrace
Crawley, R. J., solicitor, Ann Street
Cross, Thomas, grocers' canister maker, 44 Edward Street Great
Curley, Thomas, provision store, Church Lane Upper

Dalton, Charles, pianoforte tuner, Templemore Park, Ballymacarrett
Darkin, William, inspector of factories, removed to Wolverhampton, England
Darling, Mrs., dining rooms, 18 Castle Place; res., 12 Lonsdale Street
Davis, Mrs., fur cleaner, 47 Donegall Pass
Davison, William John (of the firm Lindsay Bros.); res., Rose Cottage, Strandmillis (Stranmillis)
Dobbin, William, 84 Pakenham Place
Dorrian, Right Rev. Dr. Patrick, removed from 8 Howard Street to 2 Alfred Street
Dowd, John, clerk, Stamp Office, Queen's Square
Dudley, J. Stewart, traveller, 92 Donegall Pass

Edeson, J. R., professor of music, has removed to 7 Mount Charles, University Road
Everett, Joseph D., D.C.L., Professor of Natural Philosophy, Queen's College

Ferris, J. L., commission agent, removed to 16 St. Anne's Buildings, Donegall Street
Fitzsimmons, Captain, Dunsona, Jordanstown
Forbes, William, Knockmore, Greenisland
Fraser, John, C.E., 18 Amelia Street

Gardner, Duncan, tea agent, 15 Dock Street
Gardner, Mrs., Castlelug House, Greenisland
Garrett, John, commission merchant, 2½ Corporation Street
Garrett, J. R. & T., 3 Donegall Square East
Gelston, Samuel, Rostulla, Jordanstown
George, John (of Anderson & George), Ready Cash Company; res., 17 Carlisle Street
Getty, John, Oldpark
Gourlie, Neil MacVicar, agent for Scottish Provident Insurance Co; office, 34 Arthur Street
Gray, George, Silverstream Lodge
Gray & Co., agricultural implement manufacturers, removed to 31 & 33 May Street
Greenwood, Henry, manager of marine store, 5½ George Street Great
Greer, Thomas (of J. N. Richardson, Sons & Owden); res., Seapark
Guthrie, Wm., University Square

Hartley, Wm., The Castle, removed to
Hicklin, Stephen, manager Ligoniel Flaxspinning Company; res., at the mill, Ligoniel
Hill, Dr., 82 Pakenham Place
Hodgkin, H. C., agent for the Scottish Legal Burial Society, 71 Shankill Road
Hughes, ? (of Sherry & Hughes, architects, College Street South); res., 21 University Square
Hull, ? (of McCreary & Hull, builders, York Street); res., 23 Stanley Street

Irving, David, manager for Cramer & Co.; res., 5 Botanic Avenue

Jaffé, martin, jun., linen merchant, Donegall Square South
Johnstone, Francis, Knock Lodge, Greenisland
Johnstone, Miss, 2 New Bath, Greenisland
Jones & Cruikshank, merchants, Cromac Street and Little May Street (new premises)

Kirkpatrick, William, foreman Whig Office, 1 Woodburn Terrace, Cromac Park, Ormeau Road
Knight, S. N., 185 York Street, removed to Bray

Lepper, Francis, 1 New Bath, Greenisland
Lewis, Richard (of MacIlwaine & Lewis, Abercorn Basin); res., 32 Alfred Terrace, Mountpottinger Street, Ballymacarrett
Lockwood, Captain, 36 Athol Street
Loughran, Mrs., 51 Eglinton Street

MacIlwaine & Lewis, boiler makers, engineers & iron ship builders, Ulster Iron Works, Abercorn Basin
MacIlwaine, John H. (of MacIlwaine & Lewis); res., 5 Morecambe Place, Ballymacarrett New Road
MacLaine, George L., solicitor (misplaced in p. 295), 4 Dunedin Terrace, Antrim Road
Macnamara, James, & Co., general West India merchants, 70 & 72 Patrick Street Great
Maguire, M. & S., millinery warerooms, removed from 183 York Street to 75 Donegall Street
Maguire, Michael, 6 Peel Street
Markham, Alexander, Roseville
Marlow, James, rope and twine manufacturer, 20 & 22 Edward Street Great
Martin, Mrs. Jane, 8 Dock Street
Marshall, Dr. Andrew, Gortalee, Greenisland
Marshall, John (of Simpson & Marshall); res., Botanic Avenue
Mendelssohn, M. R., merchant, 7 Clarence Place
Miller, Mrs., Ballynascreen House, Greenisland
Mitchell, Arthur, barrister-at-law, 8 Belvoir Terrace, University Street
Moss, Wm., professor of music, 93 Grosvenor Street
Mulligan, Peter, Cotfield Cottage (or House), rope maker
Murphy, C. J. M., telegraphic agent and contractor, 21 Waring Street; also, agent for W. T. Henley & Co., telegraphic engineers; res., Ravenhill Cottage, Ballynafeigh
McCammond, William, builder, 71 Denmark Street
McClelland Bros., Ashfield House, Antrim Road
McCully, Mrs., 2 Royal Terrace, Lisburn Road (see p. 114)
McGowan, Mrs., 2 Copeland View, Greenisland
McGrath, Wm., general draper, removed from 35 York Street to 41 High Street
McIntyre, Miss, 9 University Street
McKenna, E., & Co., merchant tailors and drapers, 31 Donegall Street; res., Landscape Terrace, Crumlin Road
McNeight, James, clerk, Vine Cottage, Ballynafeigh Road Old

Paterson, A., & Co., muslin manufacturers, removed to 7 Clarence Place
Patterson, Robert Lloyd, & Co., flax merchants, 22 Corporation Street
Porter, Wm. J., Bayview Cottage, Greenisland
Priddis, Alfred, supervisor of Inland Revenue
Purdon, J. & D., hatters, 64½ Donegall Street

Rea, Dr. H. P., 163 Botanic Road, Victoria Street Great
Richards, John E., interpreter, and commissioner for taking affidavits for the Admiralty Court, 3 College Street South
Robb Bros., timber, scantling, slate, tile, & coal yard, 72 George Street Great; residences, David Robb and Kennedy Robb, Ann's Place
Robertson & Murphy, yarn and linen commission merchants (successors to H. J. McCance & Co.), 5 Donegall Square West
Rule, H. G., 18 Waring Street; res., The Knock

Sherry & Hughes, architects, 1 College Street South
Simpson, Geo., Washington Hotel, 3 Howard Street
Simpson, Stewart (of Simpson & Marshall); res., 25 Queen Street
Smiles, William Holmes, 26 Skipper Street, agent
Stinson, James, saddler and harness maker, 38 Church Street
Stothard, Mathew, Lonsdale, Greenisland
Strain, Alexander, Donegall Pass
Strong, Thomas, clerk (in Lindsay Brothers), Hibernia Place, Lisburn Road

Tarlton, Mrs., 49 University Street
Taylor, A. O'D., 1 Copeland View, Greenisland
Templeton, Thomas, tobacconist, 62½ North Street
Tennant, Charles, & Co. (of St. Rollox Chemical Works, Glasgow), removed from 8 York Street and 42 Donegall Street, to new office, No. 3 Donegall Street (up-stairs)
Thomson, James M. (see p. 326), removed residence to 23 University Square
Thompson, Thomas, fruiterer, 185 York Street
Torrens, James, Edenmore, Jordanstown
Tucker, E., removed glue works to "Glue-island," formerly called Ward's Island (Ulster Canal Road)

"Ulster Examiner" newspaper (three times a week); office, 106 Donegall Street
Ulster Land, Building and Investment Company (Limited); solicitor, R. Dawson Bates; secretary, Henry McCleery, 45 York Street

Valency, Bossu de, professor of French, removed to 4 Donegall Street

Wallace, James, sewed muslin manufacturer, 21 Gloucester Street
Wardlow, Hamilton, carpenter, 42 Meadow Street
Watson, David, boot & shoe shop, 111 North Street
Wharton, Henry, Scottish Bazaar, toy and fancy warehouse, 79 York Street
Wilson, Mrs., 7 Dock Street
Wilson & Co., sewing machine manufacturers, 45 & 47 May Street
Wilson, John A., baker and flour merchant, 1 & 3 Cromac Street and 51, 53 & 55 May Street

Young, Dr. James G.


Burke, David, spirit dealer, 13 Durham Street New
Cushine, Robert, spirit dealer, Patrick Street Great
Evans, John, spirit dealer, Napier Street
Harvey, Francis, spirit dealer, 2 Donegall Square West
Johnston, James, spirit dealer, 19 Grace Street
Morrison, William, spirit dealer, 161 York Street
McComb, David, spirit dealer, 9 & 11 Glenalpine Street
Sinclair, William, spirit dealer, Argyle Street


Dempsey, Jas., wine merchant, 47 & 49 York Street
Forrester, Alex., wine merchant, 7 Arthur Street


too late for insertion in their proper places

Carntall Street
off New Lodge Road

  1. McCormick, H., coachman
  3. Griffith, John, laborer (labourer)
  5. McCabe, John, baker
  7. Ferguson, Richard, tailor
  9. Irwin, Thomas, carpenter
11. Ewart, Mary, weaver
13. Millen, Andrew, baker
15. Ward, Wm., tenter
17. Coleman, M., carpenter
      Nine houses building

Clonmel Place
Donegall Pass

13. Strain, Alex., bookkeeper
15. Henderson, Mrs. Eleanor
17. Cleland, Wm. W., stationer, High Street
19. Aiken, Samuel, clerk in wholesale grocery

Hanna Street
off York Street

  1. Vacant
  3. Gateway
  5. Blackwood, Jane, washer
  7. Sherlock, James, moulder
  9. McLaughlin, Wm., laborer (labourer)
11. Jamison, Samuel, laborer
13. Lowry, John, captain
15. Reid, Wm., ship carpenter
17. Kane, John, laborer
19. Hetherington, Wm., clerk
21. Magill, Mary
23. McIlwrath, John, preparing master
25. Dougherty, Thos., laborer
27. McCullough, William, mill worker
29. Green, Thos., ship carpenter
31. Logue, John, laborer (labourer)
33. Armstrong, Jas., mechanic
35. Nimack, Hugh, coachman
37. Black, Robert, seaman

                   [left side]

             seven houses building
32. Herd, James, painter, decorator, glass stainer & embosser
30. Vacant
28. Stewart, Alexander, laborer
26. Farrell, John, fireman
24. Johnston, James, carpenter
22. Mahaffey, Robert, laborer (labourer)
20. Gibbons, William, laborer
18. Magill, Mrs.
16. White, Saml., rail. porter (railway)
14. Kerr, Arthur, rivetter
12. Berry, Hugh, hackler
10. Bruce, John, carpenter
  8. Maxwell, James, car driver
  6. Kelly, Wm., stone mason
  4. Gallagher, J., mechanic
  2. Ryan, Thos., railway guard

Louden Street
off Dover Street

  1. Nelson, James, weaver
  3. McGeagh, Thos., constable
  5. McManus, Thomas, laborer
  7. Little, Samuel, weaver
  9. Johnston, Walter, boiler maker
11. Johnston, Wm., boiler maker
12. Vacant
10. Vacant
  8. O'Neil, Cornelius, brickyard
  6. Cassidy, B., bread server
  4. Martin, John, carpenter
  2. Madine, William

Regent Buildings
see Victoria Street

Rowan Street
off York Street

  1. Knox, James, carter
  2. Wylie, Robert, rail. porter
  3. Little, Jane
  4. Murphy, Jas., rail. porter (railway)
  5. Gilmore, R., coach painter
  6. Beattie, Hugh, bottler
  7. Carr, David, laborer (labourer)
  8. McCartney, R., rail. porter
  9. Wylie, James, foreman in yarn store
 10. Henry, William, bundler
 11. McKeown, F., engine driver
  "   Jennings, Robt., hackler
12. McClenaghan, John, preparing master
13. Mullan, John, flax buyer
14. Walker, Fras., boiler maker
15. Methvin, George, mechanic
16. McCullough, Alex., scutcher Flaxspinning mill, Rowan, John, & Sons, proprietors; Holmes, Patrick, manager

St. Paul Street
off York Street

thirteen houses building

West Abbey Street
off Hanna Street

  1. Vacant
  2. Corry, Jas., match maker
  3. Gunn, Thomas, mechanic
  4. Herald, J., machine master
  5. Hillis, James, smith

Woodburn Terrace
Cromac Park, Ormeau Road

  1. Kirkpatrick, William, foreman printer
  2. now building
  3. now building



"De Voto," John B., and not "Dovoto" (see 11 Bedeque Street p. 36), lithographer, etc.
Hyde, John, 18 Waring Street, should be "surveyor," and not "agent," for the London and Globe Insurance Co.
Mogey, "Daniel," coal merchant, instead of "David" (see 12 Brougham Street)
McTier, James (p. 134), should be "Vernant" Lodge, and not "Vermont"
"McTier's Court" (off North Street) should be called "Daly's Place" -- chiefly inhabited by artisans
"Northern Star" newspaper, instead of "Belfast Observer" (see page 378, 5 lines from top); office, Arthur Street
Rea, Hugh, of the firm of J. Macnamara & Co., West India merchants (in p. 308), should be Patrick Street "Great"
Weekly Observer should be "1868," instead of "1668"
Williamson Brothers, 84 Hercules Street, should be "curriers," and not "carriers"