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110 Catherine Whalen

Location: Austin, Texas by way of Dublin, London & Manchester.
Date: 21.03.2007
Time: 05:00:46
Great site. Will definitely be back.

109 nicola jennings

Location: Ireland
Date: 20.03.2007
Time: 21:29:41
R smile eally enjoyed your website. I am researching the JENNINGS family of Newry. (Armagh and Down).
Nicola smile

108 siobhan keenan

Location: belfast
Date: 19.03.2007
Time: 16:05:24
tracing family tree looking for info. about whereabouts of annie mcmahon born 1/4/1906 new dock street belfast possibly had older sister lizzie. annies uncle was a james p donaghy also from docks area. any info at all would be great thanks

107 Margaret Murray

Location: Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Date: 17.03.2007
Time: 19:50:24
Just found grandfather Andrew Murray in the 1907 Belfast Street Directory - thanks! Seeking information about Andrew's parents, Joseph Murray and Mary Lindsay Murray, who lived in Warrenpoint after their marriage in 1853, and later in Newry. Mary is said to have gone to New York after Joseph's death in 1882. If anyone has any information about the family, please get in touch.

It's a great website and I will be back. Thanks again.

106 julia

Location: Belfast
Date: 16.03.2007
Time: 18:05:35
This is a wonderful site thank you for letting me know about it

105 Abby

Date: 14.03.2007
Time: 14:43:55
Hello. I was directed to this site. I am doing some research on some dishes that were handed down to me by a great grandmother. She had worked for the wealthy colgate family in Upstate NY. They had given her some dishes that are traced back to Ireland and the info I do have as of now is this:Annesley family in Ireland is where they come from.....
Earl of Annesley of Castlewellan, County Down, Ireland
or Viscount Valentia of County Kerry, Ireland.
They are Worcester porcelain, by a good manufactuer Flight Barr & Barr circa 1820-5)
the dishes have a MOOR head on the front and words that say Vertutis Amore.
I am trying to find out as much as possible about the family and basically trace them back to the colgate and my great grandma.
Its very interesting. I have never seen dishes quite like these and I cannot find anyone else that can help me figure them out, history, etc.

104 Simon Cuming

Location: New Zealand
Date: 12.03.2007
Time: 19:21:34
I am trying to trace my fathers family - in particular my through myGrandfather,Hamilton Cuming who was born at Carryduff , near Belfast around 1845 and my Great Uncle, Adam Cuming born around 1837/38 at Carryduff. Both went to New Zealand in the 1860's. I have found their graves in NZ but I want to trace their families who lived around Carryduff Nthn Ireland, near Belfast.
They have relative a Doctor Cuming who practised in the Belfast area in the 1960's. He had a daughter Christine who was studying at Belfast University around 1968 /69. I have lost contact with them and would be grateful for any info. which would enable me to re-establish contact. question

103 Kathleen

Location: Canada
Date: 11.03.2007
Time: 18:23:41
I congratulate you for your wonderful website. I have searched for my Grandmother's Belfast folks -- Goff for a long time. Her father was in the military and later a Commissionaire. As a result of my search re their address in 1907 on RootsChat, I received the suggestion to check your website. I knew the address and found them with the spelling Gough.

As I haven't yet discovered his regiment, and know the family lived in the barracks in the late 1880's, I wonder if you can tell me whether they would be in a directory? Again, thanks.

102 Janet Morrow

Location: Warrington
Date: 11.03.2007
Time: 11:41:45
A very interesting site! My son is Robert John Morrow, the decendent of the Morrows of Rockville, Ballyjamesduff. The flag that once belonged to the quartermaster of the local militia of Bally'duff was subsequently presented to the Ulster Museum in Belfast so that it could be preserved. I was a member of a small group of Morrows who made an appointment to look at the flag around 1999 at the museum. I would be interested in any further details of the "Family Alter" by Robert Morrow. thumbup

101 anna

Location: belfast
Date: 10.03.2007
Time: 11:54:04
great site found both my grandparents in street directories will visit often.

100 robert mc cartney

Location: belfast
Date: 09.03.2007
Time: 09:55:35
brilliant site .

99 Colleen

Location: South Australia
Date: 09.03.2007
Time: 07:08:54
Love your work Mary - Congratulations.I am looking for further info on my LENNON connections.Wondering if any of this rings a bell with you.

John LENNON born 1814 Niblock had a son Henry LENNON born 1840 Niblock who married a Jane BRADY.I believe the BRADY & LENNON families were both publicans.Henry & Jane had a daughter Mary Brady LENNON born 1857 Belfast.They also had a son Henry Wild LENNON.There appears to be some connection with America with Mary Brady Lennon's parents .Her parents may have been living there at some time.
Mary Brady Lennon married Patrick Joseph DOUGAL in 1877 & immigrated to Australia in 1879.

98 Eric Cahill

Location: Louth, Lincs. ex PE ZA, ex Belfast, ex CoFerm
Date: 08.03.2007
Time: 19:55:20
A most interesting site, I'll be back.
Congratulations, keep up the good work

97 Deborah REINE

Location: Vancouver Island BC CANADA
Date: 08.03.2007
Time: 17:45:09
I am so glad to see the quality and quantity of the information. Hurray. Any one else seeking my ancestors ?MCCLOSKY/MCCLUSKY, ARMSTRONG, MCDEVETTE/MCDEVITT, MCSHANE,TEMPLETON,DUFF,JOYCE,MILLER,BROWN . They came from Londonderry, Belfast, and in the mid 1840's to 1876 Glasgow Scot, my John born 1846 s/o Edward MCDEVITTs 1871 @ 71 Tureen St, Calton Glasgow, Scot half Granny's siblings born Glasgow, my Granny (1879) and the other half born Belfast.1879 @17 Engine Place and 1883 Cavendish St. Districts, #6 + #10. Isabella Mary ARMSTRONG (1848/1849 d/o William Valentine ARMSTRONG + Hannah MILLER born Glasgow. My mother's DOYLE DOWD McGINNITY REDMOND Co MONAGHAN

96 Gwen Bird

Location: Cardiff South Wales
Date: 07.03.2007
Time: 11:25:35
I have just entered your website so am looking forward to furthering my search for my Great Grandfathers parents.I know he was born in Maghera in 1814 and his name is William Taylor.I will update this listing when I have had a look around.

95 Julyman1936

Date: 05.03.2007
Time: 23:59:28
thumbup Mary is worth her weight in Gold....

94 Linda

Location: Ards
Date: 05.03.2007
Time: 14:48:25
Love this site and check back with it on a regular basis. It's getting better all the time and has been a great help to me in my research. Thanks Mary


Location: BANGOR
Date: 04.03.2007
Time: 15:34:06

92 ed.maguire

Location: toronto
Date: 03.03.2007
Time: 03:33:22
hi mary thank you so much for your recent help and effort you put into it. great to have someone like you to bring home to us the fond memories of home. it means so much to people like me who have been away for so long and still want to reflect on past memories . you are wonderful and I commend you most sincerely and I hope you get happiness from doing this great service. it helps to bear the snow and bitter cold over here. bye for now. ed

91 Tom

Location: Marple Cheshire
Date: 01.03.2007
Time: 10:01:34
What an incredible piece of work.
The information on you site is invaluable and a great service for anyone researching Northern Ireland families

Thank You

90 Sam Martin

Location: Belfast
Date: 28.02.2007
Time: 12:36:11
Have just arrived but your site looks very interesting. I'm doing our family tree on the Samuel Martin born around 1820 in Belfast - Drumbo area. Also his wife was possibly a Conway from Glasgow area possible called Catherine, but now trying to confirm. I'll let you know how I get on. If anyone happens to know would be nice to hear.

89 Austen Lennon

Date: 28.02.2007
Time: 11:00:40
Hello cousins Andrea and Ephraim Lennon ....small world ain't it. Mary who runs the site is also a cousin.

Lennon's rule!

88 Mary Lennon

Location: Northern Ireland
Date: 28.02.2007
Time: 09:12:29
WOW is right biggrin

Hi Cousins

Will email you but wanted to say Hello as we have never met or spoke before.......


87 Andrea and Ephraim Lennon

Location: Edmonton Alberta Canada
Date: 28.02.2007
Time: 04:33:27
this is definitly a shocker to both me and my brother Ephraim. It is kind of scary to see our names put up on the internet but also really interesting to see how old our relatives are and how far back they are dated to. biggrin It will eb interesting to keep this going and to see the people after us. Pretty soon there will be another lennon added as of carolyn is getting married. Exciting. Keep the website up! Thanks for the neat information!

Andrea Elizabeth Rachel Lennon
Ephraim Scott Lennon

86 Mary Lennon

Location: Northern Ireland
Date: 26.02.2007
Time: 08:13:22
If anyone has any Look-Ups beyond the Street Directories on my site, I have a new Forum where I have 1910 onwards, there is a full list in the Street Directories thread.


Thank you everyone for your messages smile smile


85 Rick Hutton

Location: Idaho, USA
Date: 24.02.2007
Time: 18:45:32
Thanks for providing this great resource.

I'm descended from Susanna Lennon b. ~1814 - 1890. She married Allen/Alex'r Hutton/Hatton and they lived in Ahoghill Parish. Some descendants migrated to Belfast.

84 Randy Nichols

Location: Minnesota, USA
Date: 20.02.2007
Time: 01:18:53
I smile 'm signing in to let you know that I want to learn more about the subject that you have worked so hard to put up on a website.
Thank You

83 brian gibson

Location: ex shankill now living in carnmoney
Date: 19.02.2007
Time: 21:26:24
this girl mary that has this forum could not be more helpfull i have never came across anyone on the internet with as much information and i can guarantee you all that if she does have any information that will help you she will be more than willing to give it to you

82 christine

Location: Belfast
Date: 17.02.2007
Time: 12:50:03

I have just started researching the family tree and was delighted to come across your site as it verified some of the information I had on my grandfather Hugh Donnelly and his relatives. Unfortunatley my maternal grandparents details couldnt be verified as last address i had for them circa 1907 would have been Napier Street which isnt loaded yet. Many thanks for all the work you have done and shared, as it is so hard to get Irish records online its much appreciated. The telephone directory was also great..... pity you didnt have later editions

81 Cynthia

Location: Antrim
Date: 17.02.2007
Time: 00:27:50
Good luck with your site. I am sure you will get millions of enquiries regarding Norther Ireland Family research.

80 Brian Rea

Location: new zealand
Date: 16.02.2007
Time: 09:29:48
J thumbup ust came upon your site looks very interesting and will do some research later

79 Rosemary

Location: Australia
Date: 15.02.2007
Time: 06:19:58
i love this site, came upon several months ago through an aunt. I am trying to find my gt grandfather's family. He was born in the Shankhill Parish of Belfast. His father's name was David Gilliland, I have found one on STanhope Street, but he was a Hatter, I know that my David was a Gardener at the marriage of William Albert Gilliland to Susan in 1875.

William was born on May 21, 1848 in Shankill Parish. So can anyone help me find his birth certificate or details. He enlisted in the 104th Foot of Regiment on 13 May, 1868 when he was 20 years of age.

78 Terence Kelley

Date: 13.02.2007
Time: 14:44:28
I have some photos and info for for WWI & WWII pages.
Your email address did not work. Please advise of new email address.
Terence born 1944 in Belfast, now in Nebraska

77 John Steven Heron

Location: New Zealand
Date: 10.02.2007
Time: 21:32:07
I am looking for my great grand fathers birth records from Co. Down in Ireland. He was born in 1839 & has a brother David 1838 & a sister Sarah 1840. They all saled to NZ on 9th Feb 1860.

Any information on how I can obtain his birth Certicate & other family members ( parents etc would be great). I will be travelling to Ireland in September if any descendants are keen to meet.


John Heron III

76 Toni Maguire

Location: Belfast
Date: 10.02.2007
Time: 18:25:55
Hi There,

I loved the site and thought that you and your readers could help me with a research project. I am looking for the location of and any information about 'Cillini' (childrens graveyards) These sites were for the burial of unbapitsed infants and others individuals marginalised in society wink . If any one can help please contact me on mu e-mail address. wink

75 Peter Scott

Location: Dublin, Ireland
Date: 10.02.2007
Time: 12:36:52
Many thanks - while my search proved fruitless, I ahve bookmarked you for future reference. I am often asked to help trace lost and missing relatives and this is great.

All the best,


74 Arn

Date: 10.02.2007
Time: 11:16:46
Mary ,you have supplied me with a great deal of information in the past regarding the Stitt & McCann Families,thanking you once again,keep up the good work.
Arn, Ex N,ards Rd. wink

73 Paddy Barr

Location: Belfast (1939-61) Ottawa,Canada(1961-present)
Date: 10.02.2007
Time: 01:30:29
Just saying hello to do a little moseying around the1880 directory

72 James Gorham

Date: 09.02.2007
Time: 23:26:10
researching the Patton family

71 eamonn

Location: belfast
Date: 09.02.2007
Time: 17:12:28
Well done. just found my great great grandfather Edward Mckinney boot maker 16 church lane belfast.

70 terry maguire

Location: belfast
Date: 08.02.2007
Time: 02:53:40
hi mary, great site, your amazing, the research you put into this
searching you do for everyone .you are truely to be commended.
I'm from st.james's rd. and left belfast 1967.I'm in toronto now since that time and I tell you there is no place like home.married with two boys (men now). keep up the good work and happy valentine daysmile to you. terry

69 Esler Mitchell

Location: St. Martins, Guernsey, C.I.
Date: 06.02.2007
Time: 23:51:26
Amazing collection of information - much appreciated.

68 Bill Nesbitt

Location: Holywood Co Down
Date: 06.02.2007
Time: 10:31:40
smile Thank you for the time and effort you have made, This is an excellent Site

67 paddy mcmeekin

Location: out in the ether over Donaghadee
Date: 05.02.2007
Time: 02:38:45

Thanks Mary for all your input, both here and at the "Belfast Forum".
How about David Cassells, getting up of his kiber pass and listing a few streets in Donaghadee.
Thanks again Mary, for the work you have done.
I support you in the stand you took against the person who shall remain unnamed on the Belfast Forum.

66 Frank Callery

Location: Kilkenny Ireland
Date: 04.02.2007
Time: 11:16:09
Thank you for the site, I am researching a history of the Blind in Ireland and I am grateful for the information on your site.

65 Rod Butler

Location: Australia
Date: 04.02.2007
Time: 07:49:28
looks like site will be of great help to us all .thankyou..

64 bob

Location: new zealand
Date: 04.02.2007
Time: 07:20:13
always a pleasure Mary to visit your site,you bring back memories as if he was here keep it up you are one of a kind.I will give you top billing. smile

63 Pat

Location: From Belfast
Date: 03.02.2007
Time: 23:27:31
Excellent site Mary thank you.

Kind Regards

62 dennis

Location: belfast
Date: 02.02.2007
Time: 21:57:32
i have lived in england since 1974 would like to know if anywherewhere i lived is still there

61 Mr N Gray

Location: Belfast N Ireland
Date: 31.01.2007
Time: 22:03:51
I was born in Belfast at 36 Pitt Sreet Newtownards Road. I have lived in England Since 1955.

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