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210 Hilda Baker nee Wylie

Location: Sligo Ireland
Date: 04.09.2007
Time: 16:10:01
I have been researching my Wylie family for some time and at last found most of them. They came from Loughgall Armagh.I believe the Allens family took over when William Wylie died.in 1900 or there abouts.I am still looking for my the whereabouts of my Grandfather William George Wylie he sailed to Toronto in 1906 and I cannot find where he went to after that.He left a wife and four children back in Sligo. Anyone out there have any information on my Wylie family I would be so greatfull to hear it.Thank you all.
Hilda Baker nee Wylie

209 Patrick Sheehan

Location: Belfast
Date: 04.09.2007
Time: 00:06:07
Excellent site. The Computer searching makes researching so much easier. Thanks for all the hard work. Do you know if anyone has computerised the 1901 Belfast Street Directory (assuming there is one). It would tie in so well with the 1901 Census.

208 Christopher Mulholland

Date: 02.09.2007
Time: 16:11:08
Looking for Mulhollands in cavan 1840s

207 Jim McCully

Location: New Zealand
Date: 02.09.2007
Time: 11:04:02
Just located your website through Rootsweb IRL-ANTRIM - Belfast Streets query. Yet to go through it thoroughly, I have been gathering McCully/McCulley records in a one name study for 30+ years and looks like your information will be a great help

206 Doreen Amos

Location: Winnipeg, Canada
Date: 01.09.2007
Time: 20:02:46
Just found your website so will be busy trying to find
where my grandparents lived. I think one is 112 Agnes St. and another 19 Bentham St. (surname Carberry). On my mother's birth certificate Braemer St. is mentioned. Thanks so much
for this wonderful site. Doreen

205 Nancy Holmes Simpson

Location: Gallup NM
Date: 01.09.2007
Time: 17:07:57
Thanks so much for your hard work on this ! It was exciting to find more information on the HOLMES family merchants of Ann St. Anyone with info on this family is welcome to write !

204 Joan Walker

Location: Washington State, U.S.A.
Date: 31.08.2007
Time: 22:09:12
thumbup smile
Looking for relatives in County Donegal who frequently spilled over into N. Ireland.
Your website is amazing. So generous to share all your hard work!

203 Kathleen

Location: U.S.A.
Date: 30.08.2007
Time: 04:34:50
thumbup This is a Great Web. site, and I'm having a nice time.
I'm tring to fine any information I can on John J. Carroll, born abt. 1844-45 County Cork, Ireland. His wife was Mary Casey, born 1845 , County Cork , Ireland. Her parents were Ellen and Jeremiah Casey. They came to the U.S. in abt. 1869-70, lived in New York til abt. 1879, and came out to Park City, Utah. They raised four children , Mary, Ellen, Frank and Agnes. They both died in Park City.

202 Francis Bottomley

Location: Camberley, England
Date: 27.08.2007
Time: 11:25:41
A brilliant morning. Up to now, I have had very little information about my Belfast ancestors. Today I have more than doubled what I know. Thanks.

201 George McCartney

Location: New York, USA
Date: 26.08.2007
Time: 18:32:35
I've visited your site several times. It has been helpful and informative. I will be back many times. I want to see everything.

It is a great site. Thank you for all of your work.

200 james mcilvogue

Location: llandudno north wales
Date: 25.08.2007
Time: 15:52:11
very interesting site. i was searching for my fathers place of birth i remember it could of been REA ST OR RAY ST. BELFAST in 1900 not too sure though. will keep looking
mni tks

199 arthur g mcauley

Location: herbert st ardoyne belfast
Date: 18.08.2007
Time: 21:32:26
Hi great site have just found it and will keep coming back ,
just found my grandad h mcauley hair dresser but you have his name as macauley it was in the 1907. thanks again.

198 Mary Shaw

Location: Derbyshire
Date: 17.08.2007
Time: 19:27:09
Hi, I found this site more by luck than judgement! What a brilliant site. I've found the area where my Grandparents grew up and maybe my Great Grandfather. I'll definately be visiting again.
Keep up the good work.

197 Linde Lunney

Location: N.Antrim originally, now Dublin
Date: 16.08.2007
Time: 09:31:28
Congratulations on a great site. I've been in touch with you before; my family doesn't have many links to Belfast, but my work in the Dictionary of Irish Biography turns up queries about Belfast people quite often, so I expect I'll be posting occasionally hereafter. I registered today and I hope to make use of your forum.

Have you any plans to scan in any more of the wonderful vintage Derry and Antrim Yearbooks?

196 ann kerr

Location: tiger's bay area now newtownabbey
Date: 14.08.2007
Time: 22:46:55
very helpful. am looking for anyone who knows anything about
if anyone thinks they are related to sir james galway biggrin please get in touch names on his mother's side:

here's hoping

195 Henry Johnston

Location: Wales
Date: 12.08.2007
Time: 19:26:58
smile Excellent website, full of interesting leads for me. Looking for leads on my paternal grandfather Joseph Henry Johnston - born 29 Dec 1879. Lived in his early yrs in Disraeli St., Shankhill, reputedly being brought up by an aunt and uncle. He left Belfast in his teens, put on his age, and joined the British Army, serving in the Boer War.

194 ann kerr

Location: originally belfast now newtownabbey
Date: 09.08.2007
Time: 22:51:19
thumbup interesting, nostalgic

193 David

Location: South Africa
Date: 09.08.2007
Time: 21:10:43
Have not viewed the site yet!

192 Margaret

Location: New Zealand
Date: 09.08.2007
Time: 10:05:15
What a great site you have.
I am researching Robert Samuel Stevens Royal Sussex Regt. Marr 1907 to Eliza McLauchlin in Belfast. Robert then joined Royal Irish Rifles in WW1. Received Military Cross in 1917.
Also his brother in law Frederick Samuel Guntley Royal Irish Rifles killed 01/07/1916 Battle of the Somme.
Other family is McAdams & Crothers. Stevens & Guntley families lived Harrisburg St, Belfast from about 1915 to 1926 until Stevens & Guntley & McLaughlin familes emigrated to New Zealand.
Would be interested to hear from anyone related.

191 S. Daly

Location: Bangor
Date: 05.08.2007
Time: 16:44:08
Great site. Well done to all concerned. Presently tracking a Bethel family who owned a public house (appears to have been 7 hemsworth Street in Belfast in 1880 directory) - joseph Bethel(junior) married Margaret anne Gilroy from Monaghan in 1878. Their daughter Sarah, born 1879, married a wesley anderson from somewhere about Belfast about 1900 before emigrating to New york about 1902. Any help appreciated from fellow researchers.

190 Kathleen Farnon

Location: California u.s.a.
Date: 05.08.2007
Time: 02:12:10
Great Web. Site...for Irish people in the u.s. who are looking for people in Ireland........I'm looking for Elizabeth Curren ,Farnon ,Lawrey, from county down, N. Ireland her family and there family Where are you at ???? Kathy wink

189 bob donnachie

Location: scotland
Date: 01.08.2007
Time: 17:25:16
I redface am looking for a reference to the Lighthouse that was in Belfast Lough,appaerently my great great grandfather was a keeper there,and im trying to find me Irish links with no great succes

188 kat

Location: belfast
Date: 30.07.2007
Time: 19:03:40

187 Sandra Hass

Location: Alexandra Hills, Queensland, Australia
Date: 28.07.2007
Time: 10:29:25
Fantastic site, most informative - I'm researching Ferguson and Farr from Tyrone (Desertcreat), Crossan and Reid smile from Derry (Carrydarragh), and McClelland and McCullagh from Antrim (Ahoghill).

186 Stafford Gillespie

Location: Born Liverpool, Belfast parents
Date: 20.07.2007
Time: 00:39:32
Message for Nigel Thompson #184:
Was your Frank Thompson a member of Cliftonville Cricket Club?

185 Barbara Neill

Location: Ancestors from Belfast
Date: 19.07.2007
Time: 23:07:46
I can't thank you enough for all the dedication that has so obviously gone into this site. I have reams of info I have collected about my family, the NEILLs, while they were in Scotland and London but have found virtually nothing on them in Ireland until I found your site.

Thanks again. You are doing a wonderful job!

184 Nigel Thompson

Date: 18.07.2007
Time: 17:14:17
Great site. Just started looking into the history of the regiment as both my father Frank Thompson and his brother Jack Thompson served with the 8 mile snipers. I'll try and gather what phots I have and copy them to you. Once again well done for a great site

183 Margaret

Location: Australia
Date: 16.07.2007
Time: 07:59:02
I am trying to track down Ancestors from Belfast. My Grandmother (Jane HICKEY) was born there. Her parents were Margaret BRANNEY and Samuel HICKEY. Samuel was baptised at St. Malachy's Belfast. Margarets parents were George BRANNEY/BRANEY and Sarah STARKEY.
Jane came out to Australia, so have no real knowledge of the family back in Ireland. Lived in KILLOUGH. I will be visiting Belfast in October.

182 edie

Location: orig. ny, usa
Date: 15.07.2007
Time: 07:44:07
This is a very interesting site. I am back to looking for info on Belfast relatives. Grandmother, Rebecca Barr, and brother John Barr came thru Ellis Island in 1900. I have for a great source in Ireland, some time back, that she was from #4Cavour Street. Would love to hear if place still stands, any Barr's still around and whatever else I can learn. Thanks to all, especially the Webmaster of this site.

181 Becky

Location: USA
Date: 14.07.2007
Time: 18:36:53
T smileT hanks for the wonderful work you have done with the directory for Belfast. Found my family after all the years of searching. Great job.....

180 Kevin Armstrong

Location: Naples, New York USA
Date: 14.07.2007
Time: 01:30:37
I just stumbled on your site while looking for information on Ballindullagh Ballinamallard where my ancestors came from 200 years ago. I've spent a pleasant hour here. Thank you for a very interesting site.

I also have ancestral links to Enniskillen, Dungannon, Thornhill, Londonderry and Pomeroy. I would love to coorispond with any Armstrongs, McFaddens, or Fureys respectively from those places.


179 Ellen Craineey (Nickell) Munroe Kelly

Location: Etobicoke (Toronto) Canada
Date: 13.07.2007
Time: 22:15:49
I am bookmarking this page, it is so good. My parents were born in Belfast, and many of the earlier generations were in and around Belfast, and Londonderry and Newry.

Still searching

178 Hazel

Location: Glasgow
Date: 12.07.2007
Time: 22:12:36
Found your directory by serendipity. Excellent source. I have now found information on my father in law's family from Belfast.

177 sean woods

Location: belfast
Date: 12.07.2007
Time: 21:28:58

176 DeeDee

Date: 09.07.2007
Time: 21:43:51
Well done Mary you've nearly completed yet another street directory thats some going, you really are an inspiration to us all . Thank you Mary for this it's been a great help to me and i'm sure to many others congratulations once again .

175 arlene

Location: NI
Date: 08.07.2007
Time: 16:34:35
Just want to say I think you have done a wonderful job putting the Directories online.It must have been very time consuming for you but I & a lot of people really appreciate it.
arlene thumbup

174 Lilian Tinsley

Location: Belfast Shankill road
Date: 07.07.2007
Time: 22:22:39
excellent site Mary . I have received lots of information from it . Keep up the good work. Too bad The houses on Emerson's row
front and back don't give names. that is where My relatives lived. all for now Lilian

173 Vivien Payne

Location: Etowah, Tennessee (Born in Belfast)
Date: 07.07.2007
Time: 21:09:03
A terrific site, I've been having fun looking for DUMICAN and HINDMAN relatives!

172 Simon Cuming

Location: New Zealand - live in England
Date: 07.07.2007
Time: 11:40:26
Hi Mary, I coresponded with you concerning relatives Hamilton and Adam Cuming (born Carryduff)and a Doctor Cuming living in Ormeau St Belfast( 1960's).

I have been away in Khazakhstan and neibouring countries for some time -since march 2007.
I noticed there was a response to your enquiry(re. mine) and you were attempting to contact me.

171 Chris Matchett

Location: San Francisco
Date: 05.07.2007
Time: 09:26:41
Thank you for your great work, and please let me know if anyone has info or ideas on where I can find out about the Matchetts from Robert Matchett, b. 1883 in Belfast, who later opened Matchett's Shoe Store in Vancouver. We are visiting in August and would love to meet any Matchetts.
Thank you,
Chris Matchett in California

170 dale

Location: castlewellan
Date: 02.07.2007
Time: 05:32:30
hope you have lots of heenan info

169 Tricia

Date: 01.07.2007
Time: 12:37:22
Thank you, your site has enabled me to add another piece to my ancestry jigsaw!

Great site.

168 Joe Graham

Location: Belfast
Date: 01.07.2007
Time: 12:21:10
Your site is a credit to you and a reflection of your love for Belfast, and no doubt ot is a pearl to be treasured by Belfast people around the world, as the man said, "You can take the person out off Belfast but you can't take Belfast out of the person"

167 Margaret Pritchard

Location: Perth, Australia
Date: 01.07.2007
Time: 06:36:07
thumbup Great and very interesting. Have just found your web page and spent most of this afternoon browsing insteading of boring housework. I'm looking for the Mullans of Tammyrankin. Also McERalain, Kane all who married into the Mullan family. Any info would be great. Thanks for all your help here.

166 Sue Egan

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Date: 18.06.2007
Time: 13:28:08
Thanks for your hard work and dedication in transcribing these directories. I was thrilled to find my Conn ancestors in 1880 and 1907. Also searching for Donovan, Graham, McKnight - many hours ahead!

165 William Beattie

Location: Tyrone
Date: 18.06.2007
Time: 11:14:47
very good site
many thanks for the effort you have put into organising it.


Date: 16.06.2007
Time: 16:52:07

163 Patrick Murphy

Location: Norway
Date: 16.06.2007
Time: 15:05:01
I have just started to become interested in my father's great past-time of genealogy.
My great great grandfather was James Murphy from Belfast, but tracking down the correct Murphy who left Ireland will be a challenge...

A very interesting site, and I am about to embark on interesting hours ahead smile

162 Emma Wright

Location: Wiltshire, England
Date: 15.06.2007
Time: 23:38:10
Great site - I've found a couple of relatives. I'm researching Edward McFadden and Margaret Duggan and their son Thomas McFadden, who married Cecilia McKevrigan (and numerous variations of that name) and Mary McCabe.

161 Hugh Templeton

Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Date: 14.06.2007
Time: 08:59:15
This is a great site for serious researchers. I am researching my main family names, Cannon or Canning, Sandiland, Sandlin, or Sanlon, Patton, Templeton, Fletcher, Parker.

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