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260 William Tedford

Location: Belfast Northern Ireland
Date: 08.11.2007
Time: 00:52:02
smile Interesting

259 Robin Patterson

Location: Belfast
Date: 05.11.2007
Time: 21:59:44
Fantastic site very detailed.

258 ashley freeman

Date: 05.11.2007
Time: 17:23:43

257 Bernard Mannix

Location: Liverpool,but living in Falmouth,Cornwall
Date: 05.11.2007
Time: 15:50:17
A truly awesome site,the work that has gone into it is quite mind boggling,you should be very proud of it.My wife who was born at 22 Virginia St.Belfast in 1941,screamed with delight as it brought back her childhood memories.


Location: belfast
Date: 01.11.2007
Time: 18:38:48

255 Sandra Dutton

Location: USA
Date: 01.11.2007
Time: 15:28:23
Your site has been very interesting. I was wondering if you would contact me with a way I could ask you some questions about where to find a Bally Copeland Presb. church where my husbands great grandfather was married. The Rev. was a Rev. Cauly in abt.1860.. I have run into so many walls it isnt funny anymore.
Many thanks, Sandra Dutton

254 Vicki McAlister Bastian

Location: USA
Date: 29.10.2007
Time: 21:06:23
Thank you again, Mary you helped me locate information in 2004 on myGreat grandparents, based on a street address. That was the only thing my father could remember. My daughter will be traveling to Belfast next spring and will be doing research to find the rest of my fathers family. thanks again

253 Agnes

Date: 29.10.2007
Time: 19:40:29
What a fantastic site!! I'm still looking for my ancestors but enjoying every minute.

Please keep up the good work we ALL need people like you.

God Bless. x smile

252 lorraine stone

Location: new zealand
Date: 28.10.2007
Time: 20:40:35
Thanks for your time and effort,you are obviously a very lovely and very very patient lady! Keep up the good work

251 Shirley Forsberg

Location: Belfast
Date: 28.10.2007
Time: 00:16:15
Thank you for sharing your knowledge with everyone. It is an amazing feat.

250 gerald donaghy-black

Location: belfast
Date: 23.10.2007
Time: 23:05:44
amazing, absolutely amazing. i thank god for people like you who keep the past alive and well. may god bless you. smile

249 bob

Date: 23.10.2007
Time: 03:37:51
You never cease to amaze me with your site.You go from strength to strength and we are all better people for it or we should be.Keep it going Mary

248 Bill Bowman

Location: Kent, England, originally from Belfast
Date: 21.10.2007
Time: 16:17:26
What a great site and so full of useful information - I have just started tracing my family tree and this site has been very helpful so far - just reading through the street index.

Keep up the good work

247 Jan Pearson

Location: Hertfordshire, England
Date: 20.10.2007
Time: 13:02:50
What a lovely site! I haven't found my grandfather yet, but he could be in there somewhere! Thank you for making the information available. Jan

246 Victor Johnston

Location: Carrickfergus
Date: 18.10.2007
Time: 23:21:04
An excellent site.
Thank you

245 stan pearcce

Location: belfast
Date: 18.10.2007
Time: 20:01:09
Have just discovered your fantastic site . Have so many things I would like to research , especially any concerning 8th Belfast HAA Regiment, I had two uncles who were with them at Dunkirk and Burma , and thats just a starter !
Good luck in everything you do ,

Stan Pearce

244 Sal Brennan

Location: Belfast
Date: 16.10.2007
Time: 17:00:51
This site was a great find. In attempting to locate family members on my father's side of the family I was able to identify not just my great grand parents but my great, great grand parents in the Carrickhill area of Belfast. This information has realy enhanced my search and led me to other possibly family links.

243 Liz Carnell

Location: UK
Date: 15.10.2007
Time: 21:45:31
What a fabulous resource. I've found my great grandfather John Bennett in Shipbuoy St, Belfast. Sadly when I visited a few weeks ago I found it was a car park under a flyover.

Can't wait to spend longer on this website and particularly hope to find out more about William Hyde and his four daughters and two sons.

242 william thompson

Location: dundonald northern ireland
Date: 15.10.2007
Time: 18:47:16

I was just browsing when I found your site. It is brilliant.
Congradulations! My own grandfather was in the second Bn
Irish Guards. He was Private Joseph Thompson 7039.
He was Killed 30 september 1916. He has no known grave.
He came from 81 Solway street Newtownards road.

email address updated - Mary 29.7.09

241 Peter Chalmers

Location: Ayr
Date: 14.10.2007
Time: 00:25:37
In your comparison of the covenant signings and the 1910 street directory, for Canton Street, you have missed out number 49. James Burton, my Grandfather resided there and signed the covenant in 1912

240 wylie richard

Location: Comber
Date: 13.10.2007
Time: 22:20:08
Interested in family members of John Hunter Wylie now deceased of 202 west circular rd Belfast.

239 Brernard Sancto

Location: Gillingham, Kent
Date: 13.10.2007
Time: 16:20:01
Just found this site. Will peruse in depth & comment later.

238 Jill Chape

Location: Knowle, Solihull, West Midlands. U.K.
Date: 13.10.2007
Time: 15:52:44
I am just starting, so have not used you site yet. But so far it looks good.

237 Pat Bryson

Date: 12.10.2007
Time: 11:34:36
Haven't started yet but hope to soon!

236 Deborah May

Location: Australia
Date: 12.10.2007
Time: 09:38:29
A fantastic website. As I am new to family history I am constantly astounded by the generosity and assistance provided by people such as yourself. Particularly for those of us unfamiliar with Ireland.
Thanks so much

235 Nancy Dinnigan

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Date: 10.10.2007
Time: 17:13:33
Thanks very much for doing all this work. It has been very helpful. The only thing that would help me more would be the inclusion of directories between 1881 and 1900. I saw 1887 at Linen Hall while visiting Belfast recently but it was stored off shelf, which I discovered too close to closing time (and my departure from Belfast) to ask for any subsequent years.

Thank you again.

234 eileen kelly

Location: belfast
Date: 08.10.2007
Time: 16:23:45
great site mary thank-you so much for your help in the past as you must be so busy. funny as i try to trace ellen doyle the name wylie came up. is it coinsidence?????????????

233 Ray williams

Location: Birkenhead
Date: 08.10.2007
Time: 16:14:56
A most clear and useful source material for investigation work into the Victorian period. Sources such as yours are invaluable to children building a picture of the past and the way people lived. We are now able to construct a Victorian Street with the trades and occupations accurately represented. Naturally the so called experts in the various Departments of Education would never dream of providing such a useful resource as it might actually enable children to develop the kind of skills they keep rabbiting on about in their efforts to tell professional teachers how to do their jobs. thumbup

232 Maureen Macfarlane nee O'Hara

Location: Vancouver British Columbia
Date: 08.10.2007
Time: 10:02:50
My father Joesph O'Hara fought WW11 form start to finish in the R.A.F stationed in north africa and germany he was always proud to be an Irishman from Falls Road Belfast but never talked much of the war years passed away in Canada 1991

231 John Scott

Location: N.Ireland
Date: 07.10.2007
Time: 22:28:33
An excellent source of information as I research my Family Tree

230 Peter J Burrows

Location: Norfolk England
Date: 07.10.2007
Time: 18:30:20
I have just found your very good site and have seen a picture of my dad Cpt Lionel Burrows of the 8th Belfast H.A.A Reg I would be interest to hear from anyone who can give me any information on his service record or where can I obtain this info.

229 Cathleen

Location: California
Date: 29.09.2007
Time: 02:27:04
thumbup This is a GREAT web site, very well done. I would like to see if anyone know's Patrick, John and James McAlindon from the Hilltown, Co. Down area...These are the Children of MaryAnne Farnon and James McAlindon. There must be some family somewhere out there, children and Grandchildren....Mary Anne is my Grandfather Peter Farnon sister. Thanks! for any help !!!!

228 Eleanor Mckittrick

Date: 21.09.2007
Time: 16:35:31
thumbup Just a quick visit but I am impressed went on to Eddie's site, I will be back, Congratulations on what I have seen so far. and Good Luck

227 Victoria Brann

Location: Co. Down. N. Ireland
Date: 20.09.2007
Time: 17:27:30
Thank you. It was lovely seeing photographs of my Father Norman Brann who died last year aged 90. Up until the last few years he regularly saw Jack Baillie, Harry Porter, Stuart Pollock, Robin Reade and many others from The 8th.

226 Marge Fulton

Location: Hazard, KY, USA
Date: 20.09.2007
Time: 13:57:25
thumbup What a treasure this site truly is. You must love genealogy, as do I. My husband's Fulton family from Ligoneil, left Ireland around the famine. It is hard to find records but this site brought up a few Fultons from that time period. Kudos to you!


Location: Co DOWN
Date: 20.09.2007
Time: 11:40:45

224 john hetherington

Location: Armagh
Date: 19.09.2007
Time: 21:37:02
A very interesting site.The photographs are especially evocative.
I recently was given photographs of my grandfather and his brothers from 1916.The look in their eyes says it all! I have always had a passionate interest in the first world war and was deeply gratified to find a site as interesting as this one.I am amazed that such facinating material has survived---a few lines in an old register paints such vivid pictures of daily life in the battery---laconically recorded,but this is the very stuff of living history.

223 perde

Date: 19.09.2007
Time: 10:02:35
good site thank you

222 joan melville

Location: Dundonald
Date: 16.09.2007
Time: 07:22:04
Hi thanks for a wonderful site.My father's family came from inner Belfast,but I knew nothing about them till tonight I found them on your great site Geo Nellins Paviour in teutonic st.Father is Melville ,mother is Hunt /Gaughan from mayo and Sligo but then to the Durham mines where she was born!Brilliant site.I've been living in Spain for 25 years so I imagine all these old streets are now gone.Thank you for a huge effort.Joan

221 David Mannus

Location: N Ireland
Date: 15.09.2007
Time: 00:31:56
First class site. My parents had one of these yearbooks at home and it used to fascinate me as a child. I used to wonder at the efforts made to record everything and some of the occupations. Now trying to piece together my family history the whole thing makes historical sense. Well done! thumbup

220 Anne

Location: Born Nth Ireland. Living in Australia.
Date: 14.09.2007
Time: 06:42:11
I stumbled on your pages and you are to be congratulated for the work you have done. I have been browsing here for the last 2 hours and have so much more to read. I was fascinated with the old photos and the stories. Keep up the great work. smile thumbup

219 Diane Van Ess

Date: 13.09.2007
Time: 19:17:36
I thumbup am looking for anyone who knows Leonard Van Ess. He served in the army during ww2.

218 Carol Miller Voigt

Location: Newark, Delaware
Date: 10.09.2007
Time: 14:43:13
First view of your wonderful website. Looking for record of my g-g-grandfather Thomas Miller, born in/near Belfast ca 1790, ropemaker, came to US abt 1830 with wife Mary Burton & two daughters to maintain ropes for new gravity rr hauling coal at Carbondale, PA. Could he have been son of ropemaker George Miller in 1806-1819 Belfast City Directories?


Date: 10.09.2007
Time: 09:55:37
I was delighted to find your interesting site. My father, Sidney Ernest Wright served with 8th (CoB) HAA Regiment in India. He was a Leicester man and was Assistant Adjutant and later a Battery Commander. I think I could pick him out on one of your photographs, also his very good friend Frank Waterton. My father passed away a few years ago now and Frank Waterton CBE died last year. Both had long retirements. I have my father's very personal War Diary ( a precious memento) from setting sail on the Brittanic and quite a collection of photographs and other documents.

216 Lefayre Palmer

Location: Sydney Australia
Date: 09.09.2007
Time: 02:03:10
Thank you for your wonderful work. I have only just found your site and will be sure to return. My interests are Scotts of Rathfriland, Barlows of Dublin and Wexford, and Jeffares of Wexford..

215 Yvonne Burrows

Location: Georgetown Ontario Canada
Date: 07.09.2007
Time: 16:54:42
Great site, will come back often, my Family was from East Belfast.
Thank you for all your hard work.

214 Wayne

Location: Ontario Canada
Date: 07.09.2007
Time: 02:35:52
Wonderful site, I finally found Leopold Street and Derry Street. I am researching Porters in county Antrim. Keep up the good work it is appreciated, Wayne

213 Sharon/USA

Location: USA
Date: 06.09.2007
Time: 16:59:34
Very nice website. Thanks for all the very hard work.

212 Maureen Macfarlane nee O'Hara

Location: Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Date: 06.09.2007
Time: 07:03:15
Great site looking for anyone who new the O'Hara on 142 falls road and falls water street 1928 to the 1970 elen O.Hara ansd Andrew O'Hara worked clonard confectionarys on the falls joesph and sheila o,hara nee Depo
thank you

211 shirley burnett

Location: liverpool
Date: 05.09.2007
Time: 10:57:47
researching relatives. MAINEY, WHATLEY and BURROWS. VERY HELPFUL SITE. thumbup

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