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498 » Tee w

Location: Uk
Date: 29.12.2009
Time: 23:47:12

How do I get to the home page to search please. The info and postings look very interesting, regards for 2010 question question

Reply: Tee w, you didn't add an email address so I hope you come back to read this

here is the link for the home page of the site

copy paste it as links aren't active in the guestbook


contact me if you need any other help

Happy New Year Everyone


497 » Roebrt Spencer

Date: 29.12.2009
Time: 17:30:06
Saw Paddy Donnell in the autographs

P.M. Donnell was my godfather manager of the Shakespeare memorial theatre in Stratford on Avon he fought with great distinction with 47 Royal Marine Commando in the war and was awarded a DSO along with my father.

he used to send me 10/- every christmas!

496 » Tom O'Neill

Location: Hillsboro,Oregon,USA,via,Glasgow,Scotland
Date: 27.12.2009
Time: 16:15:10
Great site, found my g-grandfather Hugh O'Neill Pilot St, now looking for his mother and father.

Tom O'Neill aka Tam-the-Hat.

495 » Maggie Brown

Location: Missouri USA
Date: 27.12.2009
Time: 04:19:47
thumbup Mary, hope you had a grand Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

494 » Tom Whalen

Location: Troon, Scotland
Date: 24.12.2009
Time: 10:09:59
Just browsing the Sinnett surname. I'm researching the family tree of Margaret Sinnet born 14 Oct 1947 in Bellshill, Lanarkshire. Margaret is the daughter of Stephen Sinnett and Elizabeth Morris. I suspect Stephen Sinnett born 1913 in Ireland, but still not proven.

493 » sam evans

Location: belfast
Date: 23.12.2009
Time: 14:20:47
thank you for all the help I received from you. I hope you keep providing all the relevant data that all your subscribers enjoy. many thanks.
sam evans
ps thank you for the christmas card.
a very happy christmas from me and all my family+a very peaceful new year

492 » Tom Cox

Location: Co. Laois
Date: 17.12.2009
Time: 11:56:40
My Great Grandfather, Patrick Cox, opened a drapery shop at 173 York St. around 1882. His father, Thomas, as a widower and retired Head Constable of the Irish Constabulary, travelled to Belfast from Kilkenny circa 1882 with his son PatrickAt some time therafter, according to family lore, Thomas married a woman from Co. Down and has never been heard of since. I recently did some research on the RIC archives in Kew, a fantastic resource, and discovered that Thomas died on 4 Sept 1886 in the Newtownards District and that a pension was paid to his widow Ellen in January 1887 and there the trail goes cold again as we have no maiden name for Ellen. I have found a marriage record of a Thomas Cox and an Ellen Couch/Cooche in Belfast in 1884, though the age quoted fior Thomas Cox is 56 rather than 76 and he is recorded as being a bachelor. My father, who has just celebrated his 86th birthday is determined to convince himself that this is the correct Thomas Cox, though I am not so sure. The RIC records clearly show that Thomas' Cox's pension which was paid to him in Belfast in 1883/4 was paid to him in Newtownards from April 1885. I would be very grateful for any clues on where Thomas and Ellen might be buried. Civil records don't seem to have the information. Thank you Mary for your advice and thanks to Jim Herlihy for valuable pointers on the RIC.

491 » Sue Russell

Location: Meath, Ireland
Date: 15.12.2009
Time: 15:32:19
Brilliant site - have spent couple of fascinating hours just browsing. Street Directory confirmed residence of Alexander Reeves, Stockbroker in Madison Ave in 1910. Am still looking for his descendants - esp daughter Doreen Donaldson Reevs b. 1907 in Belfast.

490 » colin seivwright

Location: falkirk scotland
Date: 15.12.2009
Time: 00:38:16
Superb site, i am getting hours of pleasure going through it.

489 » Debra Lyons nee Bailey

Location: Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia
Date: 14.12.2009
Time: 03:21:16
Thank you for your hard work. I'm thrilled to find my Joseph Bailey (Bailie) in Tandragee in 1861 as a mill wright. eek I only ever knew him as a Carpenter. Another piece in my family's puzzle. Once Again thank you. thumbup

488 » Wayne and Elizabeth

Location: Newtownabbey
Date: 13.12.2009
Time: 19:35:33
Thank you for the Xmas Card. Merry xmas and a happy new year.

Crown Defenders Mossley Online Forum

487 » Lorraine Rigby

Location: Liverpool, England
Date: 10.12.2009
Time: 12:57:09
Wonderful site. I look forward to using it to look for my mother's ancestors.
Thanks for all your hard work!

486 » george Morris

Location: Donaghadee
Date: 09.12.2009
Time: 21:01:43

Please can anyone provide ANY information about a Ralph Orridge who is in the Belfast Street Directory as a glass cutter at Berry Street and 16 Smithfield in 1819/20. Nothing other that two entries exist........

Please help

485 » Julie Wicklow

Location: Scotland
Date: 03.12.2009
Time: 15:41:23
G smile reat web site and I have found many of my family in Belfast and the Donaldson's/Blair's/McCloy's from Limavady - keep it up smile

484 » Bernadette James

Location: now in England
Date: 02.12.2009
Time: 19:20:53
Thanks to your excellent advice I have found the St. Ciarans Church Baptism register for GGGrandad Patrick Mckenna on 16/03/1840 - Father: John and Mother: Ellen by Ballygawley.
Thanks also for your Christmas Card - first this year!!

483 » Ian Macdonald

Date: 30.11.2009
Time: 16:30:14
What a fine site you've created! I've just emailed a couple of contact addresses from it and it will be intriguing to see if anything emerges.

I'm trying to trace a slightly colourful ancestor of mine (first cousin 2x removed - so not exactly close) who ended up in Belfast, or at least Bangor. John Fraser Lessels, born 1878, in Aberdeen. He became a professional photographer, styled himself "The Photo King" and had several premises in Aberdeen and Edinburgh. He married a cousin, Faith Duncan, in 1907. He was a pacifist so at the outbreak of war, moved with his family first to Dublin then to Belfast, where I imagine he set up business again. I just wonder if he appears in any of the directories - presumably after 1914.

He was living in Bangor in 1930 where http://www.belfasthistoryproject.com/belfast-timeline.html provides a couple of entries for him:
February 1930

A Mr Lessels of Bangor protested against the imprisonment of his wife during a church service in Kirkpatrick Memorial Church Bangor. Mrs Edith [sic] Lessels was in Armagh Jail for failing to vaccinate her eight children under the vaccination law on conscientious grounds. Northern Ireland, unlike England, did not include a “conscience clause” in its regulations.

In the case of Mrs Lessels of Bangor who was imprisoned in Armagh Jail for the non-vaccination of her children, on her return home her husband was committed to Downpatrick Asylum as a dangerous lunatic. Mr Lessels had stated that his wife was dead and when she appeared at their house he struck her, caught her by the throat, claimed his son was John the Baptist and that the world would end at 12 o’clock.

I've no idea if they ever let him out or when he or his wife may have died, but I guess his photographic business may not have survived after he was locked up in 1930. A son, Maurice, also became a photographer in Northern Ireland.

Hope this might amuse.


482 » Claire McGibbon

Location: Yorkshire, England
Date: 29.11.2009
Time: 11:58:08
What a fabulous site, you've obviously worked very hard to capture all the content - I'm researching my ancestor, my Grandfather was Eneas Joseph McGibbon who was born in Belfast in 1900, but I have yet to come across his birth record, but I aim to continue with my persuit, searching every angle. I look forward to perusing your site with a hope to finding something.



Location: ANTRIM
Date: 28.11.2009
Time: 01:52:47

480 » Tom Bowen

Location: Kildare, Ireland
Date: 27.11.2009
Time: 02:13:20
Good site, found my grandfather David Bowen (1882-1936) at 50 Albert Street, Belfast, Publican, on your site. Unfortunately this area has been redeveloped and pub does not exist any more so I will continue my search to find the name and an old photo of the pub. His father was Thomas Bowen (1843-1909) who lived in Drumnafern Co. Tyrone

479 » bigc

Location: carnmoney
Date: 26.11.2009
Time: 20:39:26
b smile rilliant site guys. through yous ive been able to track down my grandmothers brother, ernest buller, who fought and died in burma with the 8th haa. my interest has grown and ive now discovered finneys in carnmoney since 1660 and maybe even further!

478 » Peter Rush

Location: Belfast
Date: 25.11.2009
Time: 19:07:18
I like to thank you for the huge amount of work you've done here, without it my own efforts would not amount to much.

If you you follow this link to my web site you'll find a page on my 2nd cousin Francis John Rush a vetern of world war 2.


Many many thanks,


477 » jacinta

Location: portadown
Date: 25.11.2009
Time: 01:39:04
t thumbup his sight is great. Was looking for malones that lived in alexandra west st,and found a h malone who was an engine driver. My dad says im on the right track and would love someone to get in touch if they know this family,as im trying to find my grandfathers family in belfast to find our family history

476 » sean kelly

Location: ireland
Date: 24.11.2009
Time: 17:31:35
i would like to get information about hugh kelly born 1895 in garristown dublin he served in the boar war and ww1 he died in 1955 thanks

475 » Janis

Location: Australia
Date: 21.11.2009
Time: 00:59:07
Trying to locate George Armstrong, shoemaker, pre-1813.
Still eludes me but found others post 1851. Many thanks !

474 » Rachel

Date: 20.11.2009
Time: 22:56:28
Wonderful website - thank you so much for all your hard work. Just found a relative of someone I am trying to help with their family history.

473 » Dr. Constantin Roman

Location: Chelsea SW3
Date: 18.11.2009
Time: 11:31:09
Came across this site whilst researching family history (Ogilby of Kilcatton, Claudy).
This is a branch of the Ogilby family of co Londonderry - the Ogilby of Dungiven and Limavady.
Thank you.

472 » May O'Toole

Location: Newtownabbey
Date: 14.11.2009
Time: 20:54:56
Wonderful site,you've put such a lot of hard work into it.
Best wishes

471 » Margaret Hewitt

Location: Sydney Australia
Date: 10.11.2009
Time: 12:46:03
thank you so much that was great will visit again

470 » Dave Treanor

Location: London
Date: 08.11.2009
Time: 20:50:28
My Treanor ancestors lived in Belfast at various times and I am interested in tracing them. I have done extensive research on the Treanor family in Ireland and England, and other branches of our family (eg Kerans) which are on our website.
I woudl like to trace Lyons Kerans living in Belfast - not sure when but between 1880 and 1922, working at the bank of Ireland. Also W.V.K Treanor living in Belfast in 1916-1917.
I believe there are older connections with Ulster prior to 1740

469 » Janette Browne Crisostomo

Location: born in Belfast, now Jacksonville, Fl
Date: 04.11.2009
Time: 06:24:43
My father sent me this link. He is really into finding our ancestors, so I've dropped by to take a look. I can already say from having read some of the other guests' comments that you have worked very hard in putting this site together; so I appreciate that!

468 » Ginger

Location: USA
Date: 03.11.2009
Time: 21:57:33
Was trying to find info on Lyle & Kinahan Ltd., Wine & spirit merchants....I got side tracked because your site is so interesting. Felt like I was reading old legers..delightful ! Keep up the good work. G.

467 » roy ruggles

Location: norwich uk
Date: 02.11.2009
Time: 16:47:33
interesting, on ballykelly,found this site, just wanted to put in the fact that i was the last RAF policeman to stand on the gate before handing it over to the royal green jackets,also lived on silver wings caravan site just out side the base some good memories best of luck with the work

466 » Chuck Keenan

Location: Rochester NY USA
Date: 02.11.2009
Time: 09:17:34
Hi Mary:
Found your site while researching my Keenan family from the Ards Penninsula, Co.Down. I haven't found the town of origins for my ggg grandparents; Felix and Sarah (McQuoid) Keenan;b.1814/1809;IRL. Their son, John Keenan was baptized in Kircubbin, Co.Down in 1835. Felix took the family to the Dearham, Cumberland, ENG area about 1850 and my branch moved to Rochester NY in 1910.
Let me know if you see a connection.
Best regards from Western NY
Chuck Keenan

465 » Gina Mckeown

Location: Birmingham uk live in exeter devon now
Date: 02.11.2009
Time: 07:16:07
Love your site as my family and ancestors are from ireland thank you for this wonderful site

regards Gina

464 » geoffrey waterton

Location: London, England
Date: 30.10.2009
Time: 11:52:29
I was delighted to find the account of Sidney Ernest Wright. I met him many times when I was younger and the photo is awonderful likeness! He and my late father Frank Daniel Sidney Waterton were great pals. My late father's account of how they met was typical of the sense of humour they shared - since their names both began with W they found themselves together towards the end of every queue. This particularly suited their sense of humour since neither was happily a person at the end of any queue! With regards qyeuequeue!

463 » paula edgar

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Date: 30.10.2009
Time: 07:30:37
Thankyou Mary! Such a delightful website.....have just looked through it more......love all the birds that visit your garden....and Mr Peter the pheasant.....how lovely......sad about Mr Mouse, but lovely that you appreciate the little rodents of the world....me too.....all creatures great and small...........and your recipes too......I have just emailed your website to my dear cousin in Middlesex....she will enjoy your warm and interesting website. With Many thanks from Paula in Melbourne.

462 » paula edgar

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Date: 30.10.2009
Time: 06:42:27
Great Website! Thankyou.

461 » barrie mccallion

Location: limavady
Date: 29.10.2009
Time: 17:52:15
smile thanks i found the shoe maker who was my great-great grandfather

and a photo of my grandfather as an anti aircraft gunner

460 » Frances Young

Location: Carnmoney
Date: 28.10.2009
Time: 13:16:12
I am trying 2 help my friend find half brothers and sisters and was told from JOE GRAHAM that ur site would or could help us.I am also trying 2 find out if any one has any information or photos on a Special Care school that was in Mount Vernon North Belfast hope u will b able 2 help me with this
Many Thanks

459 » Bernadette Doherty

Location: Belfast
Date: 27.10.2009
Time: 08:31:13
Im trying to find my mothers d.o.b. she was born in Belfast between 1919-1922 her name was Elizabeth Magennis

458 » Walter Pink

Location: CALNE Wiltshire
Date: 25.10.2009
Time: 13:13:42
I am researching the military career of my father in law, the late Sgt G.H.Menary of the 21st battery 8th Regt HAA, and was delighted to find his photo in Billy Adrains Diary. A brilliant website.

457 » JoeMcAtackney

Location: Cavan
Date: 24.10.2009
Time: 00:10:31
Excellent vehicle for research

456 » Patsy Furber

Location: Belfast
Date: 22.10.2009
Time: 01:00:12

455 » ellen duffy

Location: belfast
Date: 19.10.2009
Time: 23:18:48
helpful site

454 » Joe Corry

Location: Belfast
Date: 19.10.2009
Time: 14:13:28
Does anyone any information regarding Agnes McIlwaine, formerly of 46 Upper Library Street, circa 1945. She gave birth to a baby girl at that time named Ann. If you have some info please email me at joecorry@fsmail.net

kind regards


453 » Brenda Munro

Location: Campbell River B.C. Canada
Date: 17.10.2009
Time: 22:50:50
looking for Buicks from Ballymena,
Robert James Buicks Family History. Immegrated To Canada 1874.

452 » David Rathbun

Location: Fairfax, Virginia USA
Date: 17.10.2009
Time: 06:57:47
I'm trying to research a piece of jewelry by grandfather Henry Garrett at S. Nicholl, 35 bridge Street in Belfast around 1898.
Your web site is a terrific help. Thank you for your efforts!

451 » Diana

Location: NI, UK, Canada, NZ
Date: 17.10.2009
Time: 01:44:46
Thank you so much for creating this exceptionally interesting, user-friendly and valuable research site - and making it accessible to one-and-all. I've reached a stale mate in my search for an Alexander Arnold (or Oscar Baron Arnold) who was living on Havana St, Belfast in 1918 with his wife, Mary (Minnie) Kennedy Arnold nee Moody and daughter born that year.

smile Any leads would be greatly appreciated


450 » Paul J. Conn

Location: Milwaukie Oregon U.S.A.
Date: 17.10.2009
Time: 00:23:36
Thanks for all your work. Found one family address and one other possible address

449 » William Jseoh Brown

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Date: 15.10.2009
Time: 06:30:17
Thanks Lennon, a terrific site.

I am tracing relatives from around 1900-1930 and the site is very useful. I find it important in confirming some other details I have gotten through census, birth, marriage and death records.

Thankyou again!


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