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445 Bobby Storey

Location: Belfast, now live in Canada
Date: 03.10.2009
Time: 02:46:55
Thanks so much for all your hard work. This site is wonderful and I have been able to find quite a few of my ancestors ... . I'm still hitting a brick wall in regards to the Storeys of Island Street. Basil and Mary ( Robinson) Storey had quite a few children .... Sammy, Andy ,William John ( Jackie ... my Dad), Bobby, Ardie and Matt. I remember visiting them in the 50's and 60's but wonder where they have all relocated?

444 JAMES patrick MC AULEY

Location: N.IRELAND
Date: 29.09.2009
Time: 22:58:33
looking for mc auleys ie
patrick `917
mary tully
bill mc auley maureen mc auley
william mc auley
mary mc guigan
any one know anything

443 tommy higgins

Location: belfast ni
Date: 29.09.2009
Time: 01:38:43
g thumbup reat wink stuff

442 Thomas (Tom) Heald

Location: Montreal Canada
Date: 26.09.2009
Time: 16:21:18
Think Evolina Street address for my grandparents is incorrect.
They lived in 27.
my father Henry Williamson Heald took possession of 27 in the late 1930's (I was born in 77 upper Mervue St in 1935).
Our family was there during the Blitz in 1941 under the stairs.
My mother Gertrude Eileen Heald nee Scott just died Jan 7, 2009 seven weeks short of her 99th birthday.
She was forced from 27 when they did street modifications I think in the 1980's

441 tommy higgins

Location: belfast
Date: 25.09.2009
Time: 01:19:34
any one from norfolk st.

440 Denis Nightingale

Date: 24.09.2009
Time: 15:19:58
Great resource - found out a few things no-one in the family knew

439 Daniel McCaughan

Location: Holywood , N Ireland
Date: 23.09.2009
Time: 10:23:39
Most interesting and useful.
As my name is relatively unusual tracking people down is possible, and Grandfather is right there in 1911, 1910 and earlier, as are relatives in Ballycastle.
Thank you for all the work.

438 dorothy wilson murphy

Location: belfast
Date: 23.09.2009
Time: 09:15:03

a brilliant site well done it was great reading streets you thought you had forgot then you see the name and it brings a lot of memories back i am trying to trace my fathers roots he was robert wilson from matilda street he was born 1922 he served in the submarines during the war he married my mother elizabeth cubitt during the war i know his father died young he had a stepbrother john mitchell also maureen joyce and jannette any help woul be very grateful thank you so much

437 Nigel Webb

Location: France
Date: 18.09.2009
Time: 04:14:25
Fabulous site. Well researched, you must have taken years to transcribe all this information. I am reseaching my partners family who are descended from the Rentouls of Manorcunningham and the McCauslands and Megaheys of Magrerafelt

436 Paul Connolly

Location: Belfast
Date: 17.09.2009
Time: 11:06:21
Super site - stumbled upon it via a link.

Extremely interesting and informative.

435 bea

Location: warrenpoint
Date: 16.09.2009
Time: 15:31:49
very interesting site, just looking, thumbup

434 gail warring stuart

Location: port colborne ontario canada
Date: 15.09.2009
Time: 22:40:14
great site....i am looking for info on my great grandfather john warring...born 1805 in ireland....that is all we know...he was an orangeman...and farmed here in canada..

433 Margaret

Location: New Zealand
Date: 14.09.2009
Time: 08:20:48
Fabulous resourse, I have already managed to trace the movements of quite a few ancestors..when ever I find a new name to check out I head for your directory to see if I can get a street address. Keep up the good work.

432 Michael Boone

Location: Belfast
Date: 07.09.2009
Time: 22:00:04
Grandson of Gnr. John Mateer, listed. Very interesting website. My grandfather never talked about the war much. Everything I find out about Belfast 8th HAA I read about!

431 David Smyth

Location: New Zealand
Date: 07.09.2009
Time: 05:57:38
This is a very valuable site. Thank you especially for the street directories. These are really excellent for tracing the movements or ancestors. I am tracing Smyth - Watters - Whitley - Scott families from Belfast.

430 Peter Farling

Location: Belfast
Date: 06.09.2009
Time: 18:40:55
I have a photograph of the 8th AA at camp in 1940 as shown on your site. I am not sure why it was in my grandparents' possession

429 Jean Hawthorne

Location: Belfast
Date: 03.09.2009
Time: 13:49:01
Great site, I am trying to find out when my grandfather Robert Kennedy Steele died, he lived at 91 Sidney Street West until 1904, before moving to Sion Mills co Tyrone to work at Herdmans Mill,I can trace him up to about 1914, then nothing.

428 Eleanor Mckittrick

Location: Northern Ireland
Date: 01.09.2009
Time: 16:32:24
Just dropped in to have a look

427 Patrick Magee

Location: Belfast
Date: 01.09.2009
Time: 12:39:02
Looking information about my grandfather John 'Joss' Magee, 1899-1968, who in the 30s lived at 12 Osman St and in the 40s at 10 Tyrone St.

426 robert orr

Location: belfast
Date: 01.09.2009
Time: 09:06:04
great site ,i was searching for my grandfathers regt online and came across this site amazing work,My granfather was in j troop 11th battery 3rd searchlight regt ra his name was gunner robert orr number 1471497 and served at dunkirk and lille,im trying to trace back of the regts footsteps from 1939 - 1949 any help would be appreciated.

425 Hugh

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 31.08.2009
Time: 09:32:27
wink Trying to find John McLoughlin Anderson st Belfast Dealer in earlt 1900s

424 James N. Mackey

Location: Thailand
Date: 31.08.2009
Time: 07:27:12
Dear Sir,
I am one of the great grand children of late Mr.Thomas Joseph Mackey who settled in Tavoy, Burma. According the family information carried from fathers to children, we know that our great grand father used to serve his militry service in Bore War (Africa). He married to a Tavoy Lady named Daw Aye and he died in 1931 in Tavoy, Burma.
I would be very glad to have his information but I don't know where and how I could find.

423 Ronnie Haughton

Location: Killiney Co Dublin Ireland
Date: 30.08.2009
Time: 23:42:44
Family History

422 Herbert Patrick

Date: 30.08.2009
Time: 20:04:13
I am looking for 1457025 gunner Herbert Patrick

421 Gerard Savage

Location: Belfast
Date: 25.08.2009
Time: 21:21:17
I am looking for imformation on Henry Savage, barber in Carrick Hill during the 1930/40, last known abode 26 Wall St, hope someone can help. Great site keep up the good work.

420 Irene Ferguson

Location: Australia
Date: 25.08.2009
Time: 10:43:34
Hi great site. Can anyone help with the tenants of 274 Newtownards Belfast around the 1900's

419 christina wilson

Location: belfast
Date: 19.08.2009
Time: 22:13:48
I have just started the family tree, and found my great grandad served with Wylie! James Meharg, his number was 8/935 and he was a private in the RIR. Is brilliant to see someone elses medal card and a cracking little page - wish my greatgrandads picture was up lol

418 Ducie Hood

Location: Tweed Heads Northern NSW Australia
Date: 16.08.2009
Time: 00:54:51
Thanks to you Len, I have finally found a long lost relative in Antrim. Your website "Down Memory Lane" has made this all possible. I also found my great grandparents wedding details and their children.
The Millar and Fleming families of Antrim are no longer "lost".
Looking forward to any more relatives to make contact.
A great site and I regularly visit to see what else is new.

Regards Ducie

417 Jake MacSiacais

Location: Belfast
Date: 14.08.2009
Time: 12:46:30
The site is a great resource. I'm trying to access listings for Townsend Street from the period 1913 to 1950 any of the intervening years. I'm interested in specifically identifying the exact location of the Soho Foundry which is variously listed from 1843 to 1880.

416 desmond perry

Location: bangor, co. down
Date: 13.08.2009
Time: 16:19:48
F smile ascinating stuff. I stumbled upon it by chance. I could see great potential for this as an aid to family tracking. I found out some stuff about my ancestors in just a few minutes smile

415 Patsy McKee Mulvey

Location: Ton Street, Belfast Now in the USA
Date: 11.08.2009
Time: 21:13:16
Just stumbled into your site. Looking forward to spending a lot more time here!!

414 John Worsley

Location: Rempstone, Nottingham
Date: 10.08.2009
Time: 18:46:16
My mother-in-law was Eileen Constance Chermside (she died this January aged 88 bless her). Unfortunately she was abandoned as a baby and was placed in foster care.

I have traced her father Thomas Arthur Fitzgerald Chermside born in Holywood 4-Feb-1869, whose father was William Dawson Chermside born Aug 1824 Belfast. His father was Thomas Martin Chermside born Aug 1792 who married Mary Dawson born 23 Jan 1799 at Shankill St Annes, Belfast. He was the co-founder of Drumaness flax spinning mill with William Davidson built 1850.

I'm struggling to find out more due to being an disabled (polio 56 years ago) and the paucity of N. Irish data.

That is why this site is so helpful - thankyou Lennon Wyle!
If anyone can add anything to this history please email me.

John Worsley

413 William H. Langan

Location: Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Date: 10.08.2009
Time: 13:41:39
Absolutely fantastic collation of all things relative to Genealogy in Belfast.
My father left Belfast when he was 22yrs old for London. We have got things back to around 1834 but cannot find the marriage of my great great grandfather William Henry to Ellen Tyson.

I am coming over next month so may have more luck then

Great site well done !!!


Location: United Kingdom
Date: 09.08.2009
Time: 01:27:03
Interesting site. I found it quite useful, but just a pity as I found my Great Grandfather on 1907 Streets index and could not find the info for 1908.

411 Patrick Pryor

Location: Ireland
Date: 08.08.2009
Time: 22:36:32
Excellent site I have found out so much about Belfast Streets.

410 Francis Rogers

Location: Crumlin Rd.
Date: 07.08.2009
Time: 07:05:27
A great site. Congratulations for a job well done

409 Hilda Baker nee Wylie

Location: Co.Leitrim Ireland
Date: 06.08.2009
Time: 17:24:37
I am looking for any information on my grandfather William George Wylie who was born in 1871 in Loughgall Armagh,father Thomas Wylie mother Frances Jenkinson both from Kilmore Armagh.

408 olive rodgers

Location: Ireland
Date: 03.08.2009
Time: 00:46:47
hi great web site. looking for any one related to Roseanne Mc stravick Nee Smyth from Newtonards road Belfast. She was married to James. I think her father was David Smyth so is there any brothers or sisters.She had a niece Nelliewho lived with her

407 William

Location: Portrush
Date: 02.08.2009
Time: 18:35:45
Thanks for all your hard work, very interesting contents. smile

406 John McAuley

Location: United States
Date: 31.07.2009
Time: 18:18:11
I have no comment at this time. Thanks.

405 J. Fox

Location: Cobourg ON Canada
Date: 30.07.2009
Time: 21:14:32

Great site discovered accidentally, loved the picture of the 22nd battery 8th Belfast - saw my dad (Archy Stevenson)sitting there next to his pal (Charlie Groves) Have some pictures I could send on.
Did you know they stopped in Durban SA on their way out to India have some photos of that stop too

404 jim magee

Location: belfast
Date: 29.07.2009
Time: 14:57:31
incredible site....still trying to find great grandparents...grandfather was involved in the coal buisness...any info welcome

403 Brendan

Location: Australia
Date: 29.07.2009
Time: 04:41:38
Great site, very informative. Thanks

402 joanne

Date: 28.07.2009
Time: 20:37:06
brilliant website, information well appreciated

401 Ann Marie

Location: Dublin
Date: 28.07.2009
Time: 18:10:41
Hi Lennon,

Do you know who Daniel Mills King left his will to? Did he have another son called Daniel Mills King. I found that my GGGrandmother was born in Kingstown to a Daniel Mills King who was an esquire.

I am trying to find out where Daniel Mills King came from? Any help would be appreciated.


400 Don Freiburger

Location: Grand Rapids, Mi. USA
Date: 28.07.2009
Time: 12:31:57
I am 84 in age. In my treasures I have a Commercial Medal with the name Master D Mc Garvey Christmas 1858. It is in the original case with John C.Parkes Die Sinker Medallist & Seal Engraver III. Lower Coombe DUBLIN. marked inside
It is 1 1/2" in Dia., 1/8th" in thickness and solid silver. This is beautiful. A youth Standing with a largebook in his hands and a man placing a wreath on his head. Does anyone know anything about this item. Thank You Don Freiburger Fax # 616-451-2434

399 Robert Cunningham

Location: County Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA
Date: 26.07.2009
Time: 21:23:52
My father was born and raised in Newry, County Down, Crobane District. This is going to provide some very essential information when I start my family history project. Thank you for all of this.
Keep up the good work!

398 jim mcilwee

Location: 26 Chatham St arydoyne belfast
Date: 26.07.2009
Time: 19:40:01
I lived in 26 Chatham St arydoyne belfast. And I am looking for
Details of th McIlwee and Mcateers prior to 1950.
I would be grateful if anyone can help. Please email me at


Thanks for your help

397 Rosemary Breschuk-Chiu

Location: Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
Date: 26.07.2009
Time: 19:05:48
Fascinating website! I am seeking and compiling genealogical info on behalf of my companion, John Henry Geoffrey Dixon (b. Apr 12 1946, East Belfast, emigrated to Canada 1965, married Mavis Harvey 1965?), and John Ronald 'Ronnie' Dixon (b. 1923 Belfast, emigrated to South Africa 1950), also Charlotte and John McMurray (labourer) last known address 29 Redcliffe Parade, East Belfast. Any leads, links, personal info would be greatly appreciated.

396 John Colin Cunningham

Location: Pittsburgh, PA (USA)
Date: 25.07.2009
Time: 22:45:36
Great web site! I'm the proud grandson of the late John Cunningham of Newry, Ireland.
I am trying to located information on any living relatives form Newry for a visit in the future.


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